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    General Zelda Hardest Item

    I would have to say the bombchus were the more difficult items as well. Mainly because they had to be on point and then if the enemy moved the attack was pretty much useless. Also the bombs on the red dragon in WW. I always had issues aiming and making sure it was far enough or close enough. I...
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    Twilight Princess Is That Malon Singing in Hyrule Field(at Night) ?

    I think it could be Malon, but it's hard to tell. It's still pretty anyway :)
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    General Zelda What is the Most Disturbing Zelda-related Thing You've Ever Seen?

    I think the most disturbing thing I've seen is all the drawings of a three-way with Midna, Link and Ganon... I never really thought of Midna as a sex-crazed Twili, but according to many people she is...
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    Should Zelda stay Medieval or more Steampunk?

    I love steampunk a lot, but I don't think a Zelda game would be the same in a steampunk world. I'm crossed as well. I think if they did steampunk they'd have to keep swords and magic instead of guns and muskets.
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    Breath of the Wild Do You Want to Save Anywhere, or Do You Want Specific Save Points?

    I like being able to save at anytime because I like to make sure I keep my new items or the game known I've defeated a mini boss or something. ALBW was okay for me, but the dungeons were easier to move through. You could also transport to each point which made saving easier in my opinion.
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    Zelda Art Legend of Zelda: Quietgalaxy's Art

    Since I've drawn a lot of Zelda art, I've decided to post it here because on my tumblr it's a bit harder to get reactions. I don't have much, but I plan to have more soon! :) (sorry if they have bad photo qualities, I have an app that doesn't save them nicely)
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    A Link Between Worlds What is Your Least Favorite Dungeon?

    Agh, I clicked the wrong one... The Tower of Hera was easy, I meant the Thieve's Hideout. I had a hard time trying to get the prisoner out. I kept getting caught and having to go back and get her again. Plus I died fighting the boss, so having to go through the entire dungeon again was irritating
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    Do Bosses Really Have The One Item That Could Defeat Them Put In Their Temple?

    I think that the bosses clearly know there's something in the temple, which is why there's usually a mini-boss guarding the item. Also temples are usually taken over by a monster, so maybe the person who built the temple put the item there for protection and the boss can't get rid of it.
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    A Link Between Worlds So Who Exactly Is/was Yuga?

    I thought he was a servant of Ganon somewhat like Zant was, but less controlled. I feel as he had one set objective and then let power go to his head and wanted to impress Hilda at one point. That's just my two cents.
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    A Link Between Worlds Easiest Boss Fight?

    I thought Moldorm was pretty easy to be honest, just because all you had to do was run then slash at him, there was no challenge to be honest.
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    A Link Between Worlds What Items Did You Buy?

    I bought the fire rod first. Just because 1200 rupees is a bit expensive compared to the rest
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    General Zelda Do You Ever Just Solely Listen To Music From The Series?

    I do whenever I'm drawing or if I'm just in the mood. I usually listen to OoT and TP and some ST. They're all just so pretty!
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    General Zelda Which Dungeon Structure Do You Find To Be The Most Unique?

    I have to say the Temple of Time in TP just because to get through most of it you had to use your bow to move walls multiple times while navigating a huge statue to its designated transporter. And smashing things with a huge statue was awesome
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    The last game I bought was Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure for GameCube
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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Spoiler 3ds Game Collection

    I have: Ocarina of Time 3ds FIFA 13 (even though I've never played it) Animal Crossing: New Leaf Not much, but still they're nice to play
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    A Link Between Worlds Zelda or Hilda?

    To me it seems like Hilda has more of Zelda's designs from other games, but Zelda looks very innocent and like she could turn on you very easily, so I say Zelda's design is better!
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    Ocarina of Time Which Version of OoT Was Your First?

    I was super late to the Zelda games because no one I knew had an N64 or GameCube. So I first played it on 3DS, ah well still a great game.
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    A t-shirt, a magic bean bracelet, and a TP Master Sword replica
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    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Hyrule Castle TP :D
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