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  1. ScouseOctorok

    What Is the First Game You've Ever Played?

    Title says it all. For me, the first game I ever played was Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse. Those old Humongous Entertainment games were literally ALL I played for most of my childhood, that is until Nintendo was introduced by way of Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time...
  2. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Do You Only Look to Nintendo for Zelda?

    I would say Zelda definitely seems to have overtaken Mario as Nintendo's poster boy IN A WAY. In all respects to Mario, the games they are making for his IP are just call backs to classics such as Super Mario World, etc. They aren't making new titles, they're remaking old titles and calling them...
  3. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda What Do You Want from a Boss?

    Sorry mate, but I am of the complete opposite opinion. What other explanation could there be for an item in a dungeon? I think the real problem people have with dungeon items and using them for bosses is that they always contain the same basic principles of use. For example, ranged items, such...
  4. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda What Do You Want from a Boss?

    A boss is the climax of a dungeon or temple. It's what you work towards, solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and avoiding traps, to be thrown into combat against a being more powerful than your character could ever imagine to be at that point in the game. Henceforth, the boss MUST BE the most...
  5. ScouseOctorok

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    KING ZORA!! I remembered SOMEONE gave it to you, just couldn't put my finger on who.
  6. ScouseOctorok

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    Back to the tunic discussion, doesn't Shiek GIVE you the Zora's Tunic when she teaches you the Serenade of Water? Along with the Iron Boots?
  7. ScouseOctorok

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    Yeah those tunics are necessary. You just spend too long underwater in the Water Temple and too long being exposed to volcano heat in the Fire Temple to get away with not wearing them.
  8. ScouseOctorok

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Why Were These Games Generally Ignored?

    Gameboy Color / GBC Emulators - CoolROM.com - Here's an emulator. Zelda - Oracle of Ages ROM Download for Gameboy Color / GBC - CoolROM.com - Here's an Ages ROM Zelda - Oracle of Seasons ROM Download for Gameboy Color / GBC - CoolROM.com - Here's a Seasons ROM GO PLAY THE GAMES
  9. ScouseOctorok

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Why Were These Games Generally Ignored?

    I say Legend of Zelda, what are the first 5 games that come to mind? What games nowadays, which is what I was discussing, are popularized? Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, etc.
  10. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Removing Heart Containes

    It would have to be a mighty big game to encompass multiple mini-bosses, side-quests, mini-dungeons, etc. I could imagine with the time frame allowed for Zelda games that adopting this idea might possibly take away a lot from the gameplay, storyline, etc. A couple of posts talked about being...
  11. ScouseOctorok

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Why Were These Games Generally Ignored?

    It could possibly be because gamers have never heard of them. I can imagine gamers today thinking of OoT, MM, SS, etc. when you mention Legend of Zelda games, yet when you go on to talk about the Oracle series or, up until very recently, even A Link To the Past, they tend to not know about those...
  12. ScouseOctorok

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    There is a certain advertisement on this website for Novant health or whatever that's precariously located RIGHT UNDER THE FORUM BUTTON and every time I go to click that button THE AD EXPANDS ACROSS MY WHOLE SCREEN I HATE IT SO MUCH asfkljasfasdFASKFA EFasVEF ASKDFAsvdfASVDFASV DFVKASV...
  13. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Boss and Enemy and Least Favorite Boss and Enemy

    Favorite boss: Twinmold from Majora's Mask. Because I've only played all the way through MM once, Twinmold is an easy winner for me. The fight itself is epic and awe-inspiring, but then you add in the Giant's Mask and you've got a whole other battle. Just the fact that the enemy you are facing...
  14. ScouseOctorok

    Spoiler Which LoZ Game is the Most Bloodthirsty?

    I think the obvious one for potential death is Majora's Mask, as the moon is ALWAYS looming just over your head and the timer adds to the feel of haste and panic. Massive death, I think, isn't really used as much in Zelda games. You could definitely argue that the 7 year time warp in OoT and...
  15. ScouseOctorok

    Best Games for the N64

    Let it be known henceforth that this is now the Banjo-Kazooie + Banjo-Tooie appreciation thread. May you all bask in the glory that is the honey-loving brown bear and his sassy orange bird sidekick. Peace be with you. But in all honesty, the Banjo games sit atop all video games as my...
  16. ScouseOctorok

    Zelda Dungeon Steam Group

    I'll join when I can be arsed ;) But, seriously, would love to play TTT with you guys. Username is lost1ntheforest
  17. ScouseOctorok

    A Link to the Past What Should the New LTTP Game Be Called

    Just about anything other than A Link to the Past 2 will do it in my books.
  18. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    So there was a Banjo Tooie reference in this thread by Darkest Link... I realllllllllllyyyy love Banjo Tooie.
  19. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    I always play and beat games w/o guides the first time around. That is, unless I'm so completely stuck and lost I couldn't possibly hope to advance without one. And I can definitely see your point with the Blue Ironknuckles and Red Dairas. They are painfully annoying. But they are possible to...
  20. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    The only thing "hard" about AoL is the enemies. It's not easy to get lost in the over world. Once you get used to enemies attack patterns it becomes monotonous really. Now, it isn't easy to get used to the patterns, but it's much easier to deal with enemies rather than deal with the pure...
  21. ScouseOctorok

    Majora's Mask Does Majora or Termina Deserve a Return? - PLEASE READ OP

    I like the land of Termina a lot. It's small but holds quite a bit of value in what can be done and what exploration is available. If there was a way they could connect Termina and Hyrule into one game, THEN and ONLY THEN would I say that it should be revisited. There isn't much more that can be...
  22. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    Got a shocker for you guys... 1). Legend of Zelda 2). Adventure of Link 3). Majora's Mask 4). Oracle of Seasons 5). Ocarina of Time 6). A Link To the Past 7). Oracle of Ages 8). Wind Waker 9). Link's Awakening
  23. ScouseOctorok

    Link's Awakening Why Do People Hate On Link's Awakening

    Haven't really met anyone who's hated it, to be honest. I love it personally, but, then again, I love all the Zelda titles. I don't think there's too much to hate about it at all. Naysayers may nitpick at little things that annoy them in the game, but there's nothing broken or crippling in the...
  24. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Doing Away With Heart Containers

    Oh man some arguments and strife going on in this thread. All over health meters? I don't think heart containers are going to be going anywhere soon. They're an old concept and possibly a tired one but they're still great. I see no reason to take them out. Especially since you go out and EARN...
  25. ScouseOctorok

    Males Vs Females Game

    55 Looks like I need to join in now.
  26. ScouseOctorok

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Why I make bad decisions. That's always on my mind. :( Life's rough right now, guys.
  27. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Boss Fight! Who Do You Thing Would Win?

    The Floor Masters from WW are in the floor though. And they can move around while inside their little abyss/nether. You can't affect them while their in that area and they move fairly fast, if a little bit jerkily.
  28. ScouseOctorok

    Under Appreciated or Obscure Games

    You know, it's really funny that I see this now because aaallllll morning I was trying to think of Chameleon Twist 2 from my childhood.
  29. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Boss Fight! Who Do You Thing Would Win?

    Please, call me Forest :) But, seriously. I don't think there's much more that could beat a Floormaster. Especially one from WW.
  30. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Boss Fight! Who Do You Thing Would Win?

    Thread over. That's it. She has the answer and the answer is Floormaster! Good game everyone :) ((((this isn't sarcasm))))
  31. ScouseOctorok

    Help Remembering A Game!

    THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!! YOU LAD I LOVE YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!
  32. ScouseOctorok

    Help Remembering A Game!

    It's not Spyro. It's an obscure game, if I remember. Heck, it may've even been for the N64. I really can't remember much about it at all.
  33. ScouseOctorok

    Help Remembering A Game!

    99% positive it's for the Playstation. And, I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure you're character is a lizard.
  34. ScouseOctorok

    Help Remembering A Game!

    I'm sitting here at 8 in the morning going into panic mode trying to remember a game from my childhood. I was perusing through the "Under-appreciated Game" thread and remembered the shadow of a game from my past. I can't remember the name of it nor can I remember what the main character looks...
  35. ScouseOctorok

    Under Appreciated or Obscure Games

    I've got a couple I'd like to post real quick... First off, GEX!
  36. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Enemy Preference

    Enemies you're afraid to see. Whether that's afraid because of their difficulty (i.e. Leevers and the way they can quickly gang up on you) or their actual appearance/presence (i.e. Dead Hands), having that little bit of extra stress and the way your heart beats just a little bit faster is what I...
  37. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Favorite/Least Favourite Dungeon Themes

    Favorite theme: All the horror/graveyard themed temples/dungeons. The one in OoT made me throughly scared, with the music, atmosphere, enemies, and Bongo-Bongo is freaky looking as god knows what. Plus, the use of the Eye of Truth and the Hover Boots was excellent. It felt like, to me, with your...
  38. ScouseOctorok

    Spoiler Your Favorite Plot Twist?

    brb gotta play LA kbai <3
  39. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda What do you think of Tingle?

    I'd like him more if he tweeted more...
  40. ScouseOctorok

    Under Appreciated or Obscure Games

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTAlr5raV2U Enjoy that video.
  41. ScouseOctorok

    Pet Peeves

    Don't want to be nosey but why can't you ever obtain a lover?
  42. ScouseOctorok

    Pet Peeves

    "The Little Things That Irk You" Thread Everyone has them. Those little things people do or say that just rub you the wrong way. Mine would be whenever someone tells me they have to go to the bathroom or whenever someone gets way unnecessarily upset at someone/something. But share yours...
  43. ScouseOctorok

    Spoiler Your Favorite Plot Twist?

    Easily the whole fact that the island you're on in LA isn't real. The fact that you continue to gather clues and facts about what the island is and how you got there and how you leave throughout the game is a phenomenal way to develop the story. Each boss you fight gives you just a little...
  44. ScouseOctorok

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    The last game I beat at 100% was The Binding of Isaac, but the last game I just beat was Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Anybody else get teary-eyed at Scarlette's letter to Bobbery?
  45. ScouseOctorok

    Socks + Sandals: Yea or Nay?

    I haven't owned a pair of sandals in the longest time. Just wear cheap slip-ons. But, no. No socks + sandals for me.
  46. ScouseOctorok

    Majora's Mask Stream Tonight on Twitch!

    I got into the Gengame/ZD scene through the Wind Waker 100% stream that had been going on for the longest time. And now they're playing one of my favorites in Majora's Mask! Who can I expect to be on there tonight? If you've never experienced their streams before, please please PLEASE jump into...
  47. ScouseOctorok

    Link's Awakening Oracles Or Links Awakening

    I'd say LA only because I really did not like Seasons. Ages is fantastic but Seasons was just.. blech. Besides the fact that LA is the first Zelda game I beat.
  48. ScouseOctorok

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Item/ Thing to Do.

    Favourite item: The Bow, specifically, the Bow while riding Epona. I know it isn't the easiest way to use the bow but it always makes me feel so epic when I'm shooting Poes or such off of Epona. Favourite thing: Boss fights. I LOVE boss fights. They really are the pinnacle of creation in Zelda...
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