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    Do You Use the Shields?

    i don't get a kick out of artificially increasing the difficulty of the game i'm playing like some other people do, so i use everything that's given to me, including the shield. plus, i didn't realize how effective the shield bash was until the end of my first playthrough, so i basically...
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    Favorite Moment in Skyward Sword

    my favorite part is when link gets the triforce, and that part of skyloft starts falling towards the surface
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    Did the WiiMote+ Really Affect You?

    Hate to say it bro, but you're part of the problem and don't understand how the game works. WM+ doesn't use the sensor bar at all, and the "center" is all relative (not necessarily the center of the screen) to where you want it to be. Also, what do you mean by sheathing your sword? That...
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    Hardest Enemy

    A few tips: Everyone seems to be having problems with the techno-bokoblins. Idk why...just shield bash and wail on them. You can defeat any chu (regardless of size) in one shot by bowling a bomb into them. The huge moblins with metal shields: just sprint straight at their shield. Link...
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    How Long Did It Take You to Get the Heart Piece from Dodoh?

    took me much longer to beat the minigame where you have to hit the pumpkins with arrows. minigame where i lost the most money: thrill digger. never done better than broke even in a single game
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    Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?

    It's because you're moving the nunchuk too...duh.
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    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    the harp was okay. better than the howling stones for sure
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    Hardest Enemy

    i have no idea the name of the enemy i find the hardest. they're those big heads, you need to use the gust bellows to blow on the propeller on top of the head. they always get to me before i can finish blowing on the propeller
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    you need to sprint in order to advance in SS...it's the only way you can climb higher ledges and steep hills
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    Do You Want Darknuts in SS?

    Darknuts were one of the best parts of TP, imo. I really hope they appear in SS
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    6 Hearts from the Start

    I know that there's 4 pieces again, but heart pieces looked like that in TP too.
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    Left Handed Mode Confirmed

    idk if this solves anything. When I think about potentially playing this game left-handed, I think it would be awkward. I don't think it would be awkward for the swinging at all. Moving Link with the nunchuk in my right hand would feel odd. I'd probably get used to it eventually, but still...
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    Dominant Hand Issues

    I understand that left-handers are upset that they have to swing with their right hands, I get that. What I don't understand is RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE complaining because "Link has always been left-handed". A guy I know wrote off Skyward Sword and said he wouldn't play it based on that fact...
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    Spoiler Kingdom Hearts Plot in Skyward Sword

    Well, the beginnings of each story are similar, but I'm sure the stories will diverge greatly as we start to reach the middle. The biggest differences I see: Sora is a character, where Link is more of a blank slate. Groose seems like he'll have much less impact on the story than Riku did. At...
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    Sword Idea

    pretty sure there was a thread about this on this forum around the time of e3. anyway, it's been thought of (as eternalnocturne has shown us). and, if you think about it, you'll realize it's not a very good idea for the same reasons JMsmash said. Also, any added weight (no matter how small)...
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    Ghirahim's Master

    Dude, you said BOTH of those things! "In turn, that means that monster will appear early in the game and will be a normal boss." YOU said that! In this thread! I know you don't know what's going on, but every post you submit has this air of thinking your opinion is the best one.
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    Ghirahim's Master

    You need to stop talking about stuff from the game like you know exactly what's going to happen. You've been proven wrong already on a couple of things that you were so sure were going to happen a certain way. Anyway, nothing you've argued in this thread has been confirmed. It doesn't look...
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    Will You Get This Game at Midnight.

    If the gamestop near me is having a midnight release, then I'll definitely go. It's the sunday of fall break for me. So there's not really a good reason for me not to go since I never go to sleep before 3am.
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    Crossbow in Skyward Sword?

    I'm fairly certain Nintendo has never mentioned a crossbow being in SS. Also, you obviously know nothing about crossbows. Some quick research disproved almost everything you said about them. 1) Crossbows take much longer to load. 2) There is not much of a difference in terms of power. The...
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    Skyward Sword: The Use of the Lyre.

    Gah I need to check these forums more frequently, didn't know I received a reply back. Anyway, I'm right, you're wrong. First video I thought of for proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWRfQtoaq_0 You can clearly see him using the left stick to change the pitches. That song wouldn't be...
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    Spoiler New Temple?

    It reminds me more of the tower of the gods than the temple of time
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    Spoiler Skyward Sword Goron Location?

    That is false. They still had survivors, but I thought that it was pretty clear that the cold was something recent, yet it appeared that the gorons were going through hardships. There's no way the gorons would live in a permanently cold environment as a population.
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    Spoiler Save Statues

    I don't quite understand why everyone is looking at the new save system in a negative light. First of all: it's nothing like MM's save system. Just because you could save at certain points in MM doesn't make it anything like SS. In MM you had to quit when saving at an owl statue or when...
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    How Much Time is There Between SS & OoT?

    I answered "other", and the answer is simple: the developers probably don't even know yet. If they say that this game takes place only 100 years before OoT, then that limits what they can do in the game by a lot. If they leave it ambiguous, then that gives them the freedom to create whatever...
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    Spoiler Little Things About the Videos

    It's been said before, but that's okay. People also point to the tear marking under her eye and that there is some sort of symbol on her forehead. Either way, I hope we don't see any more of her until the game comes out! I want her identity to be a mystery
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    Will We Get Cinematics Like These? Possible Intro?

    The Wii can't output HD video, but it can handle cinematics of this caliber. Just look at games like monster hunter tri. The main thing about modern video games on PS3 and 360 is that the normal gameplay is HD. The Wii can't do that. High quality cutscenes are possible. However, they are...
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    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    I know it doesn't look very much like a whale now that it has legs, but it doesn't quite look like anything else either...
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    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    well after the new SS footage I think more ppl will agree with me. New evidence: -There appear to be TWO whale-esque creatures. One of them looks more like jabu-jabu or the wind fish (I'll refer to this one as the "new" whale), while the other is the subject of this thread ("old" whale)...
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    Skyward Sword DEFINITE Graphical Down-grade from Twilight Princess

    You know that's not a valid comparison, right? The TP screenshot is compressed, whereas the SS screenshot is expanded to almost twice the original size. Not to mention the SS one came from a video that was only discovered today and isn't that great of quality.
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    Um, Think I've Found Something Significant? Wind Waker - Skyward Sword Connection?

    where is that picture from (the WW one)? I've never seen it. it looks like fan art
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    Spoiler How Long Do You Think a Shield Will Last

    I don't think any LoZ game has ever had a 4th shield. I'm really hoping SS does, however. I was really disappointed there wasn't a better shield in TP. Not quite sure why, I just wanted one! Also, I'm guessing you get your first Hylian Shield as a gift or in a chest. We're not even sure...
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    Skyward Sword: The Use of the Lyre.

    I'm pretty sure every instrument in Majora's mask could do that, as well as both ocarinas in OoT.
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    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    I still can't believe that so many people think that whale is the "servant of the goddess". There is absolutely NO hard evidence to support it. All the evidence points to it being evil. That evidence is: it looks evil. That's the only evidence there is. I mean, come on. When has Nintendo...
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    Bird Riders and Hero's Clothes Suggestion

    I know nintendo reps have said the flight demo is a graduation of sorts. However, I don't think it has been confirmed anywhere that they go to a school for "knights". Almost everyone who has posted here is acting like that's the only thing that Link has been training for. But for all we know...
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    Spoiler Nintendo Talks Zelda - Skyward Sword Details, Series' Future, Wii U Demo, Etc.

    "you will visit familiar places in Skyward Sword, but they may or may not be part of Hyrule" I don't think this will happen, and I'm not even sure why I'm suggesting this...but...Termina?
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    The Moblin Mistake (Minish Cap and Skyward Sword)

    Sorry buddy, but some of the games just don't fit into one comprehensive timeline, at least not easily. Those games: any game before ALttP and some of the handheld games (mainly MC and the oracle games). We already know that there are alternate universes in the series, so the "master document"...
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    Magic Meter

    if there is a magic meter, then it will probably be similar to the new stamina meter. and by that I mean it replenishes on its own over time and only pops up when you use it
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    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    I just thought of something: what if the goddess that Ghirahim speaks of isn't as good as everyone thinks she is? I feel like everyone is just assuming that this Goddess has good intentions for taking Zelda, but if the servant put Zelda inside of a dungeon with monsters in it...idk. I just...
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    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    Now idk about that whale thing being evil, but I am positive it isn't the "servant of the goddess". It's probably a dream sequence like other people have been saying. Barring errors in the trailers, we can safely assume the scene where the whale appears is a different scene from the tornado...
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    Spoiler Zelda's Harp/Lyre?

    so far it sounds similar to the baton in WW. maybe more challenging? well, we won't know for sure until they tell us more!
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    The Fatigue Meter; Too Much?

    I like it. If you watch the demos, you can see that it refills rather quickly and doesn't really interfere with the tempo of the gameplay. A fully drained meter (something I only noticed during block-pushing and vine climbing) refills in less than 5 seconds. It doesn't go down for normal...
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    Gannondwarf Could be in Ocarina of Time

    Ganon lives that long afterward, not Ganondorf. Most fans agree that Ganon lives that long because of the triforce of power. Ganondorf didn't have that before OoT. Ganondorf can probably only live about 100 years without the influence of the triforce, since there's only one male gerudo born...
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    Koume and Kotake in SS?

    well, 400 years is 4 centuries, so that wouldn't be a plot hole if they were in SS. also, where does it say that the master sword was locked away for that long?
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    Majora's Mask Majora`s Mask...seriously?

    The timing mechanic isn't bad at all if you stop and think about it. You can make time move half as slowly whenever you want. You can also do as little or as much as you want in each cycle. I feel like people don't realize that you don't have to complete a whole dungeon in the same cycle. If...
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    Who else is Going to Avoid News As Possible?

    The way I see it is that I'll find out about these things sooner or later, why not now? The only exception is post-release spoilers. From about a week before the release date of SS until after I finish the game, I'm not going to visit any Zelda sites like ZeldaInformer, Zelda Universe, or...
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