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    Spoiler Is ALBW What We Think It Is?

    I have updated it, here you go. A Link between Worlds was an excellent Zelda game in many ways. It was a sequel to the fan-beloved A Link to the Past. It brought in new features such as the transformation of Link, and I liked this game. The first thing I noticed when I got my copy is that when...
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    Spoiler Is ALBW What We Think It Is?

    We all think that ALBW is a direct sequel to ALTTP. However, I feel otherwise. When discovering that Link between worlds had won an award, I started playing it again. Did anyone notice in the opening scene of Link's room, Majora's Mask is on the wall? This got me thinking... Is it possible...
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    Ocarina of Time Sheik: He or She?

    Has anyone considered Sheik is simply Zelda just in disguise. It doesn't take a transformation to put on a costume.
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    Spoiler The Triforce is the Controller of the Gods.

    This is most likely because the gods have no way of viewing earth/hyrule. In some religions, the gods can see whatever you do, perhaps this is not the case in hyrule, therefore they use the triforce as a sign of worthiness.
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