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    Animal Crossing Are you getting tired of logging on daily?

    For example, I get quite tired of the constant game of this game. it seems to me that you need to make pretty good pauses because you can forget what life is)
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    Animal Crossing Villager personality question

    As for me I don’t like the lazy at all. I especially did not understand the profit from them, maybe you can tell?
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    The TOTALLY Best Food In Breath of the Wild!

    cool video, even a little laugh) But how you create such videos?
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    How many tabs/windows do you tend to have open when online?

    I'm probably one of those people who have more than 20))) I open windows with interesting info and I think that someday I read and anyway they hang debugging information with reading
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    Tell a Joke

    I just started watching this cartoon) probably many of you are jealous of me because I have many interesting days ahead of me watching)
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    How are Myths made?

    For example, I really like to read the myths of Ancient Greece and it’s not at all important for me where they came from) it's cool that they are)
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