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    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    the hardest dungeon for me was the shadow temple in OOT, i just didnt remember which door was the rght one to get to the dungeon boss!! Also the lens of thruth was strange because it only reveals things within a specific range.....sooo overall a very good and challenging dungeon but a very...
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    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    stupid deku babas!!!! soooo annoying!
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    Nintendo Gives Answers to Link Having a Voice!

    link needs to have a vioce, a really high pitched one
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    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    i was introduced to zelda by an advert of OoT 3DS, it looked pretty cool, soo i got it fell in love and yeeaaaahhhh
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    Which Zelda Game Haven't You Played

    ive played most of those games soo i didnt need to tick a lot of boxes
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    More Zelda Music INSTRUMENT Replicas

    i dont know anything about the music but a DUBSTEP would be pretty cool
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    Favorite Princess Zelda?

    the new one in skyward sword is alright, shes a lot different to the 'cartoonie' ones or OoT
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    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    NAVI!!!! yeh the targeting in Oot was pretty good with navi
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    How Do You Play The Legend of Zelda ?

    i play standing up and ingame im usually ruthless
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    Zelda Cereal

    i wasnt around then but i would have loved them!
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    All Zelda Games Ever

    WOW!! did not know there was 40 ZELDA GAMES!!
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    Most Annoying Sound in a Zelda Game

    the du du du dududu when you open a chest is a it annoying but good when youve heard it thousands of times
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    General Modern Favourite Cutscene from Any Zelda Game

    yeh infront of the angel statue, that funny! i bet hes thinkin ," oooohh my god what is she....this is my chance..............WAIT WHAT???!!!!!!"
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    General Classic What Are the Worst Classic Zelda Games (besides the Phillips CDI Ones) ?

    all the games have been alright, but the adventure of link seems like you have to find out what to do without a clue why you are playing as link?? i know its to save zelda but no instructions or help, and its an RPG??!!??!??!??
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    WW-Wii U The Boss You Had Trouble with Most.

    same, kalle demos gave me some hassle, it took about 10-15 minutes....guess that shows i suck at zelda games!
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    Spoiler Favourite Mini Game

    the dog racing game in majoras mask, i often fail at it but its pretty fun!
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    The Legend of Zelda Can't Get Gravestone to Move in the Nes Classic Zelda for Gameboy Advance :(

    Cheers man, i found this and got through to get the maagic sword, soo i guess a big thank you from me too!! :)
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    Ocarina of Time Tunic Colors: Which Games' Tunics Did You Prefer?

    the new and improved graphics for the tunics for 3ds are my favourites
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    OoT-3DS Navi's Not Annoying

    i think navis very sweet and its sad that people think shes annoying :(
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    OoT-3DS Was This Here Before?

    yep, the goron dancing poster is new, ive just seen it, like 10 minutes ago????!!!!!
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    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    majoras mask for the win!!! its just an allround amazing game
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    Majora's Mask What's So Great About Majoras Mask? (Just Wondering)

    the fact that you can reset time and that certain missions are only acceptable during certain times is amazing, plus a darker mood, not as dark as TP but still menacing
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    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    probs the ball and chain, id like to bulldoze down all the bullies and bad people!
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    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Fav Version of Ocarina of Time?

    the 3ds added a better look on a truely amazing game! the graphics being what they are make it feel like a new adventure without even starting up the game!
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    Ocarina of Time What is Your Favorite Equipment Configuration?

    Koriki tunic, hylian shield and koriki boots with the master sword
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    General Modern Twilight Princess Vs Skyward Sword

    the story line was better in TP because there was just a feel of faer whilst excitement at the same time and a good game altogether!
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    WW-Wii U Wii U Wind Waker?

    i dont think the wink waker would be good on wii u, not sure why but just a feelin?!?!
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    Majora's Mask If Fierce Deity Link Played an Instrument...

    ooh yeh bagpipes!! that would be good!
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    The Minish Cap Best 2D Zelda?

    MC is a good game with very good items but i feel i could be improved in the graphics and the story!
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    General Modern Best Ganon Fight

    OoT because hes a beast! he looks awsome!
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    WW-Wii U Why Do People Hate The Wind Waker?

    I like it, i think people dont like it because its cartoony, my opinion
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    Ocarina of Time What's the Farthest You Have Ever Gotten?

    100% on Gamecube, but about 1% on MQ
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    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    Mines the part where you fond out that Sheik is Zelda and Zelda is the 7th sage (or is it the 8th sage....cant remember:/)
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    Who is the Cutest Female Character in Skyward Sword?

    Zelda has to be the cutest for me, because you can see that Link and Zelda like each other, and Zelda tries to, not really come on to him but, tries to tell Link she likes him
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    Your Favorite Three Series

    My favourite 3 series have to be 1. The Legend Of Zelda 2.Assassins Creed 3. Pokemon
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