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  1. Peeps1080

    Age of War

    Four years later, Age of War is still running and has only advanced. Our community remains tight-knit and not huge, but we would gladly welcome anyone who would like to join us! The AoW RP world has grown quite a bit since it was born, and now there are plenty of player characters around to RP...
  2. Peeps1080

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for too many reasons to explain.
  3. Peeps1080

    Destiny's Graphics

    Omg I was looking at your early stuff and your first 2 siggys are waay better than any of mine when I had gimp. I might request an avy if that's OK. ;)
  4. Peeps1080

    The Oocca and the City in The Sky

    It doesn't seem very likely to me. When I was playing the City in the Sky it seemed like the technology there was more advanced than below in Hyrule. I'd say no, unless when the oocca moved in as the hylians went to the world below, the oocca made skyloft much more advanced. Although, I was...
  5. Peeps1080

    BEN Short Film!! *very Explicit*

    I wasn't too scared and I just thought it was annoying how he overreacted. Then his friend turned around with that face and that scared me. Nice video though! I never read the text and it was still good.
  6. Peeps1080

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Wii U

    I like the WW2 idea cuz they were actually planning on doing that and it sounded pretty good. But it doesn't seem like it would work on wii, unless the gamecube controller was compatible. He would also be right handed probably, and he was lefty in WW, wasn't he?
  7. Peeps1080

    Hyrule-Termina War RPG Sign-Ups

    1: Kulo 2: Zora 3: Termina 4: age 16, average zora body, blue-purple skin, green eyes, no hair but a fish tail :xd: , zora armor Step 5: He has a spear, bombs, and a magical guitar :) Step 6: Happy, nice, caring, dedicated Step 7: Became a Zora Warrior a few years ago and likes it, and...
  8. Peeps1080

    Ah, Sweet Nostalgia...

    My first zelda game was the whole collector's disk when I was about 5. I first played the Wind Waker demo, so I guess Wind Waker is my first game ever played, although it's only a 20-min demo... then I think I tried OoT. I got to the Deku Tree but I was 5 so couldn't figure anything out, but I...
  9. Peeps1080

    Twilight Princess Creepiest Dungeon?

    Palace of Twilight... I think that was meant to be the most creepy.
  10. Peeps1080

    The Goddess

    This isn't likely, but what if it isn't a goddess at all? Maybe a symbol or legendary figure... But no, I think it is a new goddess.
  11. Peeps1080

    Sword and Shield Accesories for Zelda Wii

    it looks cool but there would be many ways it wouldn't work. One, as many people said it would just be weird using different items with the sword and shield. Two, i would probably stab a lamp or something =\ three, there's no space to plug in the wii motion plus :lol: but yes it does seem kinda...
  12. Peeps1080

    No Time, No Time, Who's Got the Time

    After seeing this it's the timeline I believe in :)
  13. Peeps1080

    What Timeline Are You?

    I forget who made it but the timeline theory I believe in isn't really a timeline at all. Instead, all the Zeldas are the same legend in different cultures' points of view. Not many people believe in that one though lol. At the same time I sorta believe in the split timeline =\
  14. Peeps1080

    ZeldaDungeon: Zelda's Adventure Boss Guide

    I never have and never will play a zelda CDi game, but after seeing all the info about rare zeldas you have put out here, I think you would do a good job making a whole site for rare zelda games :)
  15. Peeps1080

    Sage of Music

    I saw this yesterday and the first thing that came to mind was Guru-Guru. I still can't think of anyome better, but he's a pretty small character. Malon sounds good, but all she does is teach you Epona's song, right? But I'm only at the Ice Cavern in OoT so I can't be sure.
  16. Peeps1080

    Who is the Strongest Link?

    I would've said MM, but... killing a cucco? That's tough :O
  17. Peeps1080

    Open Mapped Zelda

    To me that actually sounds like a pretty cool idea, but yes, it just wouldn't be Zelda. Sounds maybe like a Zelda Online though which I think sounds pretty fun... although I know that's not happening any time soon :lol:
  18. Peeps1080

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Ocarina of Time Sage?

    Well, Darunia and Ruto tied for me... Darunia had an awesome dance but adult ruto was pretty hot :)
  19. Peeps1080

    Ocarina of Time Time Trial

    :O You got to the Fire Temple in under a day... I started playing OoT when I was maybe 5, I was in the Deku Tree for about 5 years, now I'm 13, at the Ice Cavern... on my 1st play through... lol
  20. Peeps1080

    Skyward Sword's Rating

    I hope for a T rating and it seems like it might be that. But I voted E 10 because Nintendo seems like they try to make the games for lots of ages... I never caught Ghirahim's weird quotes though but from what it sounds like, they seem T. SS doesn't seem as dark as TP also.
  21. Peeps1080

    Twilight Princess What Was the "Worst" Part About TP?

    I chose the style, because I didn't like the sad feeling it makes lots of the time. Music has always been one of my favorite things about Zelda games like in OoT, MM and WW but in TP I didn't like it as much... I didn't like Twilight much either.
  22. Peeps1080

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^Likes Hyrule Feild scenery <Agrees V Is my servant
  23. Peeps1080

    Ganondorf Pwn Game

    Toon Link gets Ganondorf onto Tetras ship and shoots him out of the barrel :P ZD : 31 Ganondorf: -16
  24. Peeps1080

    Epona in Skyward Sword

    I predict they might make it so you can't use the bird much under the clouds so it's harder to get places. Hopefully they will have epona though, but I haven't seen her in any trailers yet :( I hope to see her in SS...
  25. Peeps1080

    Defeated the Game

    Majora's Mask Skullkid vs. Tingle Tingle was so annoying the mask ripped off skullkid to escape, and Tingle, being so stupid caught it and put it on. He killed Skullkid then the rest of Termina.
  26. Peeps1080

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    I stole it (sorry) Why did I steal your window?
  27. Peeps1080

    The Zelda Claiming Game Revived

    I will claim... Characters: Skullkid (MM) Prince Komali, Guru Guru (MM) Items: Bremen Mask, Bunny Hood (MM) Places: Romani Ranch Is tht right?
  28. Peeps1080

    WW-Wii U Who Do You Think the Weirdest/most Annoying Character is in WW?

    OMG It's funny you brought this thread up I HATE that ugly old man! Always running around chasing you to talk. And then when you helped him and got his daughter he takes over the rich guy's place. >:( I guess tingle is annoying too when you have someone you can't trust using the Tingle Tuner :lol:
  29. Peeps1080

    Zelda Quote and Game

    Must be Links Awekening then, right?
  30. Peeps1080

    What's Your Favorite Early Zelda Game?

    Yea ALttP for me too. Easier, nicer graphics, more of a story ect.
  31. Peeps1080

    Link's Bird and the Hylian Shield

    I also realized there's a way to control a bird in some Zelda games, "Loftbird" in SS of couse, WW: Seagull TP: Owl What else am I forgetting?
  32. Peeps1080

    Link's Bird and the Hylian Shield

    I agree with your theory! I had already noticed Link's bird crest on his sheild, but not anyone elses, like the Rauru guy, Zelda's and even that other kid. I noticed that on zelda in OoT and TP she has a bird crest on her dress, but it's different than links, probably her's in SS
  33. Peeps1080

    What's Your Least Favorite Zelda Game

    You're not alone :) I sucked at that game and didn't like it.
  34. Peeps1080

    General Classic *ULTIMATE BATTLE* Ocarina of Time Vs. A Link to the Past

    I vote OoT... May sound funny, but, 1. Scenery: I liked the feeling in OoT's scenery more because in ALttP made me feel like I was always gonna get attacked and OoT felt more adventurous... 2. Graphics: Somehow OoT's suckish 3D graphics gave the game a feeling to me, the way the characters...
  35. Peeps1080

    Something Funny I Just Noticed in the E3 2011 Trailer

    Im really confused... I heard that the whale thingy is a servant sent by a godess to save Zelda. If its a metaphor it would mean the goddess herself saved Zelda. If the whole whale thing was just a dream, Zelda would just fall in the tornado. And I also heard from an interview that the tornado...
  36. Peeps1080

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Cuz you had nothing better to say. What was i gonna ask?
  37. Peeps1080

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it will taste like... Bad I wish I always had good dreams
  38. Peeps1080

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    It says hylian writing Why am I asking this stupid question?
  39. Peeps1080

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    I've seen you a few times today 6/10
  40. Peeps1080

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Yeah, maybe it will be released on the Wii. Why was Navi created?
  41. Peeps1080

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because shes not a Hylian... When will Ganondorf try to take over Earth?
  42. Peeps1080

    The Member Lie Game

    Hates Link, wants him dead .
  43. Peeps1080

    The Member Fact Game

    Wants to see Justin Beiber die (me 2 :) )
  44. Peeps1080

    Rate the Siggy!

    Triple Link awesomeness + Nyan Cat = 9/10
  45. Peeps1080

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but now your body is weaker, and Ganondorf or anything else can easily kill you mwahahahaha! I wish I could breathe underwater
  46. Peeps1080

    Who Still Owns an N64?

    At first I had the LoZ collectors edition for Gamecube so I could play N64 zelda on it. Recently my bro bought a used N64 :) I know some other people who still have them, it's a nice system ;)
  47. Peeps1080

    Zelda Quote and Game

    I would say Ganon too, but I dont play the 2D games much... Can I say Ganon AoL? :lol:
  48. Peeps1080

    Ganondorf/Ganon or Majora Which is a Better Villain

    I say Majora too. It is much more unique than Ganondorf because Ganon just has the usual "take over the world" motive as Majora takes over Skullkid and tries to destroy Termina for the fun of it :)
  49. Peeps1080

    Link's "LoftBird"

    Hey your right! :yes: If that symbol is all the way from Oot, it supports the theory that Hylians are Skyloft descendants. And it might also mean the creators of LoZ might have had everything planned since OoT, or before. But I'm getting off topic.
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