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  1. GoronBomb

    Breath of the Wild Would You Like to See a New Child Link in Wii U?

    i liked how in OOT, as link shifted from a kid to an adult, the world grew up too. It wasnt play time anymore.I would like to see this dramatic change of mood again in Zelda U.
  2. GoronBomb

    Skyward Sword Climbing Abilities

    i liked that it mixed climbing up, but i still feel links stamina meter depleted too quickly....
  3. GoronBomb

    The Legend of Zelda Why the Series Should Never Look Back to Legend of Zelda

    :dry:the whole burning a tree or bombing a rock business is pretty much my biggest complaint with the originals gameplay. I can see it adding game time and replay value, but now with the ability to just look things up, it really isnt too fun. Its still one of my favorite nes games though...
  4. GoronBomb

    General Zelda Items That Should Return

    I definitely would want to see the Pegasus boots again, it would make traveling a lot easier and could add some cool puzzles. The whip would also be cool to keep in the series. I see a lot of potentially cool and strategic ways to kill enemies with it, and to solve puzzles.
  5. GoronBomb

    General Zelda How Easy is It for You to Play Zelda with an Unorthodox Control Scheme

    Rolling as a goron in MM was hard with the Classic controller(at least for me)
  6. GoronBomb

    General Zelda What is It About Water Themed Dungeons?

    The lakebed temple has got to be my least favorite dungeon in TP and one of my least fav dungeons EVER. I hate that main staircase with all my heart. I don't necessarily hate multilayered dungeons but they're more often than not confusing. That's another reason ancient cistern was nice. It was...
  7. GoronBomb

    General Zelda How Easy is It for You to Play Zelda with an Unorthodox Control Scheme

    I actually got used to the SS controls pretty quick....it kind of came naturally.( though I often accidently shook the nunchuk). Touch screen controls were a bigger learning curve for me.
  8. GoronBomb

    Skyward Sword Was Revisiting a Theme a Good Choice?

    I think it's alright if you show obvious changes between the two. In general though, I'm not a fan of theming dungeons based off elements ( fire water forest) I thought skyward sword mixed it up a bit. The ancient cistern wasn't just a water temple, it changed as you went umderground. It really...
  9. GoronBomb

    General Zelda Should the Beetle Be a Stellar Item?

    The beetle added a lot of cool puzzles and exploration but unless they can come up with a backstory of why link has it in later games, I prefer it stays in SS. The boomerang IS less fun though.... I often shot the beetle off just to see how far it could go. XD
  10. GoronBomb

    General Zelda What is It About Water Themed Dungeons?

    Water dungeons always have swimming and frankly it's always annoyed me. Not until skyward sword did I feel they got the mechanics right...you didn't need iron boots to swim down you just.....swam down. Simple
  11. GoronBomb

    General Zelda Just Why is "3D" Better?

    As previously said, 3d doesn't necessarily make the game better. It does allow for diferent artistic styles to be portrayed and allows multilayered dungeons and other puzzles that require depth though.
  12. GoronBomb

    Skyward Sword Favorite Region In Skyward Sword

    The sky, specifically skyloft, felt jam packed with things to do.
  13. GoronBomb

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    My favorite is probably koloktos from SS least fav is probably the first boss in ALTTP
  14. GoronBomb

    Favorite Item?

    Bow and arrows. It's so much fun in TP :lol:
  15. GoronBomb

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Fav: OOT Fire Temple or spririt temple Leat Fav: Lake bed temple (took me forever to figure out)
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