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  1. Tak

    Swimming Across the Great Sea.

    Sailing accross the ocean was tedious enough. Now you want swimming!?! O.O I think it would be a horrible idea, but there would be some benefits. I mean, there are some points for good comedic dialogue if you keep trying to swim away from the KoRL.
  2. Tak

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    That was...creepy. *shivers* That guy is possibly one of the best programmers i've ever seen. To be able to make that is just amazing. Well, i hope he's a great programmer... otherwise...oh my.
  3. Tak

    Fat Foes

    I'm going to agree with you on this one. That boss made me laugh at how fat it was. I think I lost about 2 hearts when I was making jokes instead of paying attention to what I was doing. :P
  4. Tak

    Too Many Mario-related Things Popping Up?

    i don't actually think there are that many cameos in the series as a whole. I mean, it isnt a big problem if they include cameos from their other sucessful franchise. It's just for fun. I actually like pointing out things like "There's an enemy from mario!". It's like where's waldo, only you...
  5. Tak

    Battle of the Forums

    I visit the General Discussion the most. The Mature Section is also a favorite of mine, but I don't post there often. I prefer reading the arguments instead. It's like a book that's constantly changing. I never visit the forum games or the theorising thread. I dislike complicated arguements...
  6. Tak


    I unlike most of my friends and relatives quite enjoy coffee. I like it with about 2-3 sugars and not alot of milk. Very milky coffee or very strong/black coffee makes me sick. Too little sugar takes away the flavor and leaves it as a very piercing drink.
  7. Tak

    Hero Of Spirits Gallery Of Sigs

    Wow. Your sigs are awesome! :D I love the Infernape one, even though i'm not a huge Pokemon Fan. The 4th signiture is amazing. The lighting effects set a nice atmosphere and I think it's an overly attractive thing to look at. Nice work.
  8. Tak

    More Custom Clothing

    I am strongly with the opinion that it was referring to the multiple tunics. It just isnt in a zelda game to be customising with accessories...etc. Link is male after all, and from common knowledge, males dont wear flowers on their shirts and ribbons. :L The customising could be clothes like...
  9. Tak

    Eltich: The Elves and the Wolves (Sign Ups)

    [Please excuse if I mess something up. I havent signed up to one of these before xp] i'll be Elini's other best friend. Seeing as I'm the same age and all. [if that's okay] Name: Rayne [pronounced like rain] Nickname: none Gender: female Age: 16 Race: Elf Hair color: purple Eye color: dark...
  10. Tak

    Logo Significance

    This is probably a temporary logo put in place because the executives havent put work into the actual thing yet. I wouldnt theorize about it too much. The actual thing will probably encorporate Zordiana/Adelle.
  11. Tak

    Spoiler PH Confusion

    I think Ciela is white/yellow because she is unique to the other spirits. She split her soul in half and separated her memories of being the Spirit of Courage from her completely. This split may have caused her to become the white spirit she is today. When she got her memories back, she...
  12. Tak

    Should I Buy an Xbox 360?

    I would reccomend getting the 360 due to the vast range of great games that are available for it. The PS3 doesnt provide as many games and is more expensive to buy. The one free year of Xbox live is a great deal, and I would sieze the chance while I still could. Your $173 dollars remaining...
  13. Tak

    Ocarina of Time My FIRST Three Heart Challange Ever D:

    I tried a three heart run on OoT once. But it didnt turn out well. I could never get past the Shadow Temple. :L Good luck with your three heart run!
  14. Tak

    Fairy Companion in SS?

    ...will be the companion in SS. I don't think they'll include a second partner in the game. Possibly an attack helper, like in Phantom Hourglass (The power and wisdom fairies) but nothing more than that. I definitely would not like another Navi. Just thinking about her returning makes me *shudder*
  15. Tak

    Zelda Art A Fairy's Tale (fanfic)

    I loved it. It fills in the gap of why Navi was chosen and given to Link, rather than the Deku Tree picking someone random and telling them to help Link. It was really nice. I give it a 10/10 rating
  16. Tak

    Flying in the Sky

    I'd probably like it to play out like Falabi's Minigame. There'd be Rupees floating around and some enemies that when hit, make you loose half of the collected rupees. Though this minigame would be completely optional. (When about to fall, there'd be a 'skip' option) So I agree with Eskhandar...
  17. Tak

    Link's Face

    I think Link didnt have very feminine features in TP. Other people say he did, but I disagree. Just because he had a 'smooth' face doesnt mean he is automatically feminine. The Skyward sword version of Link is clearly different. The cel-shading has altered it slightly, but not much. He looks...
  18. Tak

    Zelda Art (Drawing) Link and Epona - Geared Up

    I prefer your serious faced Link to the contemporary smily happy Link. It shows that every hero gets annoyed at some point. Link can't always smile. Wonderful work :)
  19. Tak

    Majora's Mask End of Final Day - Reversed (mild Spoiler)

    That sounds really great. Better than i thought it would. Most of those reversed tunes don't sound very well and normally are in poor quality. Kudos to the maker.
  20. Tak

    SWORD Techniques??

    I belive that is the sword beam, which is a returning skill from previous Zelda Games. It will probably work like the beam attack from a link to the past. When you have full health, you can shoot beams from your sword. (only after you get the Master Sword). I think it will work differently in...
  21. Tak

    Skylofts Looks

    *responding to the point that Skyloft is a bunch of floating islands* I belive that Skyloft will be split into sections that are supported in the air by the same mechanism as the city in the sky[TP]. There will be bridges that connect each section and alot of trees and plants are on each...
  22. Tak

    Creepiest Zelda Song

    Zant's Theme wasnt the freakiest thing i've ever heard, but it's up there. Second to that is the Stone Tower temple music from Ocarina of time. The unnatural sounds that echoed throughout the track ran chills up my spine.
  23. Tak

    Favorite Movie

    I'm glad another girl agrees. Some people think that The Hangover is a "guys only" movie. (which is completely untrue)
  24. Tak

    Twilight Princess Majora's Mask on Cliff in TP?

    I can see it, but I think it's just your mind playing tricks on you. It was probably just a rock effect that barely resembled the mask. We the fans would just fill in the blanks and bingo. We see Majora's Mask. I don't belive it was intentional, so all I can say is: "Don't get your hopes up"
  25. Tak

    Zelda Art Zelda DSi Artwork

    I like them. The saria is my favorite of the six. A little tip: don't overshoot the ears. Try to make them a belivable size. I used to have the same problem, overshooting the ears was my specialty. Other than that: Great job!
  26. Tak

    What Happened to the Sea in ST?

    I think it should be common knowledge that the sea is in fact surrounding New Hyrule. You see it when driving through the Ocean Realm in the south east. @Aelic There is an easter egg that refers to that. When you are approaching Outset Village, from a distance you can see that the village...
  27. Tak

    General Classic OH-carina or OK-arina?

    I've seen different people from different places pronounce it differently, but I pronounce it OH-CAR-EE-NA. My friend says OCAR-NA, which I don't hear too often.
  28. Tak

    Favorite Movie

    My favorite movie is probably the Lion King or Pochahontus. (not sure if that's the correct spelling) Other than that, I like Titanic, Avatar, Paranormal Activity and The Hangover.
  29. Tak

    Which Do You Prefer?

    I'm torn between several choices, but here are each of my opinions. Salty- I love salty snacks, they taste great! Sweet- Yum. But too much makes my teeth sensitive. Sour- When combined with sweet, I love it! On its own...I still love it! Spicy-I like spicy snacks and food. But too much spicy...
  30. Tak

    Gildragon Sings "Bella Notte" from Disney's Lady and the Tramp in English and Italian

    Wow, Gildragon. You have a wonderful singing voice. We could use someone like you in our Choir, all of the Tenors and Basses are gone.:( But, I love the song, and the movie wasn't bad either. Congratulations! You've earned the offical "Tak's Thumbs Up"!
  31. Tak

    Bad Haircuts!

    Arky! That must have been absolutely horrible! At least it has grown back now. ^^ But, back to the topic at hand. A few years ago, (I was about 9 or 10 at the time) I needed the weight taken off my hair, so I went to get it cut. While there, the woman who was cutting it made a slight...how...
  32. Tak

    What do you do to calm yourself?

    To calm myself, I will normally do one, or several, of these things; 1- I will normally meditate for a short while, to clear my head of things, and to empty out everything that is troubling me. 2- I will go on a long walk to absolutely no-where. Walking for long distances (Especially around...
  33. Tak

    ~SongOfStorms Gallery

    *Amazed stare* All of your works are wonderful! You are one talented artist! I particlarly like the "Scribbletars" and the "Dark Pokemon Trainer". They must have been difficult to design. Exellent work, Song of Storms. I can't wait to see more of your works.
  34. Tak

    Conductor Link or Green Tunic Link?

    I like the look of the Conductor's outfit. It makes Link look intelligent, as from a distance, it looks like a suit. I wouldnt wear it while i'm travelling around inside a dungeon though, in that case, I would switch to the traditional Green Tunic. The Green Tunic, for me anyway, would be...
  35. Tak

    Worst Injury

    I have had many injuries, none of which I would consider serious, but some of my most recent include; 1- Burning myself with hot glue in school, while working with circuit boards. The burn was to the top of my finger, and over the last few days, the skin has fallen off, and has began to...
  36. Tak

    Your Favorite Characters from the Game?

    Well, some of my favourite characters include; Tetra/Zelda- I just loved her tomboyish personality. The signiture wink, the backtalk. I just loved everything about her! Ganondorf- The King of Evil is just brilliant. everything about him. His motive, his clothes, his powers. Just brilliant...
  37. Tak

    Favorite Quotes

    I quite like some of Sheik's quotes, they provide some helpful insights; The flow of time is always cruel... Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it... A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days... It is something that grows over time...a...
  38. Tak

    Random activities you do whilst your bored

    Well, when I'm bored, for some unknown reason, i'll whistle Zelda or other game tunes. They seem to pass the time, and then, i'll probably remix their tune and then add them to levels that i'll think of in my head. Other things I do include; -Make a sandwhich (probably tuna or ham. :P) -Go...
  39. Tak

    Spirit Tracks Opening Story

    This story seems very different to my original idea. The fact that the Demon King is not Ganondorf, clears several things up. (According to the site's guide, his name is Mallard). But this raises many questions. Were there people already living on new Hyrule? Were Link and Tetra's pirates...
  40. Tak

    3d Fan Game ......

    Alrighty then. Now that I have those details, i'll see what I can do. I'll send it to you in a PM, or else i'll post it here.
  41. Tak

    Permanently Stuck in LA

    No, I don't belive that you can get permanently trapped in Link's Awakening. I thought I was at one point, in the Third or Fourth dungeon. I had used all of my keys, and I couldn't find another, but after some thorough searching, I found it. But other than missing several of the Secret...
  42. Tak

    Invader Zim

    I LOOOOVVEE Invader Zim!! It was one of my favourite TV shows when It was still on the air. My favourite character was obviously Tak, she really made the series for me. Nowadays, I just watch tidbits of episodes on Youtube, though, I really miss the real thing. :(
  43. Tak

    What Game Had THE BEST !!! Soundtrack

    My favourite soundtrack would have to be between; Ocarina of Time- Contained some truly epic music which I could listen to over and over... Majora's Mask- Contained some of my favourite themes from OoT. And its original themes were all great. Twilight Princess- The main theme was truly...
  44. Tak

    3d Fan Game ......

    Alright then, I'll get working on some story details straight away. But first tell me, what are the key items or significant objects that it must focus around?
  45. Tak

    No HD for Wii

    This wouldnt really affect me anyways. I see no difference between HD TV and Normal TV, Only that it is brighter. I wouldnt rush out and buy any console if it was offered in HD anyway. Sometimes the brightness hurts my eyes, and I need to turn my head slightly to even look at it.
  46. Tak

    3d Fan Game ......

    ...to view and play the finished product. But, first you need to settle on your storyline before you start any development. If I think of a story for you, I'll send it to you in a PM, or else i'll post it here. *If I do decide to give you a storyline, you must credit me in whatever way...
  47. Tak

    Crazyfreak Artwork Thread

    I love your drawings of Ganondorf. They portray him wonderfully. Your Zelda and Link drawing for Spirit Tracks is one of my favourites, Zelda looks beautiful with the orbs of light surrounding her. Overall your work is brilliant. I can't wait to see more.
  48. Tak

    More Spirit Tracks Information

    I'm getting a Strong Vibe that Anjean is somehow related to Tetra. The wink, the Hairstyle? The link is obvious. In my opinion, she could be Tetra's daughter. But that is just speculation. The point about the Demon King not being Ganondorf clears alot of things up, but that doesnt clear up the...
  49. Tak

    Favorite Spirit Fairy

    My favourite Spirit Fairy would have to be Leaf, The Power Fairy. The Flaming Sword effect looked wonderful. The increased damage was very useful for finishing off hoards of enemies quickly. And, since Red is one of my favourite colors, that added to my favouritism of Leaf.
  50. Tak


    I quite liked the series, but the Third one really let it down. Here are some of my opinions; First Movie: Brilliant plotline, and introduced the trilogy perfectly. Second Movie: Probably the best of the three. When Terminator is the good guy, it remixes the entire interpretation of the...
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