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  1. Caelus

    This Game's a Joke, Right?

    This doesn't always need to be done. Fans complained about tear collecting and stealth sections, even when Nintendo reused them constantly. But they finally perfected this design in SS, and so far no one seems to be complaining about it. When I call these games **** I am insulting them...
  2. Caelus

    Dowsing: Hate It or Love It?

    It's optional, I never used it and managed to get past some portions of the game, so I remain neutral.
  3. Caelus

    Did Anyone else Have Trouble with the Graphics at First?

    On an HDTV: -turn off all enhancers -set brightness slightly lower, but color and contrast higher -set sharpness to 0 or as low as you like This should make the game look better.
  4. Caelus

    This Game's a Joke, Right?

    People are ignoring the positive changes and superb level design in favor of complaining about nitpicks, complaining with a lack of information and catering to more subjective ideas like better graphics. It's Nintendo's fault that they have a weak system but SS would have looked just as much...
  5. Caelus

    Are You Able to Carry Around More Shields

    Yes, you can, but I recommend getting the Hylian Shield so the other three become obsolete. You can't get the HS until much later in the game, though, and you have to fulfill a challenge given to you by the Thunder Dragon (not telling what it is, find out for yourself. ;) )
  6. Caelus

    Spoiler Mid Game Cutscene!

    If they spoke everything that was written they would be given lengthy speeches- remember, people read faster than they speak.
  7. Caelus

    Spoiler Mid Game Cutscene!

    Voice acting means they would have to shorten the dialogue, and since the dialogue in this game so so good I don't want for it to be truncated.
  8. Caelus

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Video Link Vs. Demise!!

    http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword---playthrough Here's a stream of the final boss.
  9. Caelus

    Spoiler Demise Is....

    Have you fought Demise? Everyone I know has said he is between extreme and moderate difficulty. Listing the strategy to beat him doesn't make him sound easy.
  10. Caelus

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    He was his Master's Sword. 30charlimit
  11. Caelus

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    He was always a sword, that was his original form. He likes serving his master just as Fi liked to serve Link.
  12. Caelus

    Spoiler The Soup Girl

    You mean ancestor. Stupid 30 character limit...
  13. Caelus

    Spoiler The Soup Girl

    I think it's cool too, apparently her name is and she's a food scientist.
  14. Caelus

    What Would Happen if You Got Too High in the Sky? (and Clouds)

    I played the game, if I recall correctly you simply can't go any higher, there's an invisible barrier.
  15. Caelus

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    This is actually his original form.
  16. Caelus

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    He's controlling the blackness on his own, but he isn't just entering his second phase. He becomes Demise's Dark Master Sword at the end, I saw the video. It's pretty cool. He becomes a black Fi, almost.
  17. Caelus

    Spoiler Batreaux

    I can confirm Batreaux is in Skyloft, and you collect Gratitude Crystals to make him human. He even has a french mustache, he definitely isn't an evil demon.
  18. Caelus


    That isn't him, Big One doesn't post like the first post.
  19. Caelus

    Spoiler Batreaux

    They have the review copy, it's been confirmed by several gaming sites including IGN and the German Gamepro. This information is from ZI's walkthrough which is fully accurate. No other proof is needed.
  20. Caelus

    Spoiler Wait..... I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!!!

    Congratulations? Many people, including me, thought this too. No need to gloat like a Groose.
  21. Caelus

    Spoiler Batreaux

    You mean, you have the game? Maybe there's a specific point where you can meet him. Go to the graveyard and ram into a headstone.
  22. Caelus

    Spoiler Batreaux

    He is in Skyloft, that's been confirmed. You go to the graveyard, knock down a gravestone and find a secret passage to the room. From Zelda Informer: Batreaux Race: Demon Home: Skyloft Occupation: Friendly Demon Related character(s): Kukiel Description: Batreaux is a demon who has a soft side...
  23. Caelus

    Spoiler Batreaux

    Why would one of the demons be in Skyloft?
  24. Caelus

    Skyward Sword Fanmade Trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw8oy9pFyQY&feature=channel_video_title Please see it, you're guaranteed to get hyped!
  25. Caelus

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Reviews Thread

    Besides the fact that it hasn't been released yet and there hasn't been more than 15 reviews, this is a poor and useless observation.
  26. Caelus

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Reviews Thread

    ...what? No it isn't. What are you talking about?
  27. Caelus

    Spoiler Zelda's Father

    We already knew her father's name was Gaepora, it was confirmed a while ago.
  28. Caelus

    Skyward Sword, My Rating

    You should probably play the game first.
  29. Caelus

    Spoiler More Dungeon Names and Other Story Stuff

    It's all true, it's from a text dump from the leaked demo. Ulp!
  30. Caelus

    Spoiler Plot Revealed in Text Dump

    All of them are true, they're text dumps from the demo. You spoiled the whole game. :(
  31. Caelus

    Skyward Sword, Will It Be Game of the Year?

    Yeah, but it may be very glitchy when it comes out, and the bugs may prevent it from becoming GOTY.
  32. Caelus

    All the Dungeons

    ^It's actually Skyview Temple Earth Temple Lanayru Mining Facility Ancient Cistern Fire Sanctuary ??? ??? ... I think the Temple of Time is near the middle or end.
  33. Caelus

    All the Dungeons

    Since they're blurring the line between dungeon and field it's going to be hard to count, but if you're talking about large, indoor facilities then I think there would be 7.
  34. Caelus

    Question About Motion Control Sword

    You don't need to flail your arm around.
  35. Caelus


    Also, the titles Demon Lord and Demon King mean nothing, Ghirahim is called the "Wizard Lord" and "Mage Patriarch" in other versions, so the names mean nothing.
  36. Caelus

    Ghirahim Not Looking Quite So Fabulous in New Artwork

    He doesn't have the black marks when talking to Link in the Fire Sanctuary, only when fighting him. His corruption seems like a choice.
  37. Caelus

    Spoiler Boss Names and More!

    Didn't you just post it? It's Tentalus.
  38. Caelus

    Is There Any Items You Think Nintendo Should Add to SS?

    There are medallions in Skyward Sword, though.
  39. Caelus

    Spoiler New Art Reveals Two Upgraded Bows and Late Game Villian

    Why would you do such a thing?
  40. Caelus

    Spoiler New Art Reveals Two Upgraded Bows and Late Game Villian

    I don't see how he can't be the imprisoned, he has the scar on the forehead, the large monster thing has a sword in his head. They have the same scales, the same toenails. He definitely looks like the leader Dark Mage of the group of demons.
  41. Caelus

    Spoiler New Art Reveals Two Upgraded Bows and Late Game Villian

    He's definitely the real form of the Imprisoned, oh crap. We have to fight this guy. I'm scared.
  42. Caelus

    Skyward Sword Art Style Medium Between WW and TP

    I'm talking about enemy and not character models. The character models look recycled from TP or look like they easily belong in that game, but the enemies don't look as dated.
  43. Caelus

    Skyward Sword Art Style Medium Between WW and TP

    Ehh? I'm pretty sure the models in SS have more polygons than in TP. I think SS looks like a watercolor painting of the first three games of the series.
  44. Caelus


    Maybe this Goron will help us defeat it? :D
  45. Caelus

    Spoiler Skyward Sword-Exclusive Origins Trailer Analysis

    We have no idea if that's really "Faron", since the English site says it's a water dragon watching over the area, but they may not want to spoil anything. Also, you can switch through shields easily in the game, so they may be changing the shields to confuse us about the order?
  46. Caelus

    Spoiler German Gamepro's Full Review

    The first three temples, is what they mean. It takes about 30 hours to finish the rest of the temples. Yeah, but your enjoyment is most likely based on hype.
  47. Caelus

    Spoiler Nintendo of America's Skyward Sword Website!

    ^ No, the red earrings.
  48. Caelus

    Temple of Time in Skyward Sword Confirimed

    I thought the desert temple would be third, I don't see why anyone would think it's the ancient cistern... Anyways, the temple of time is probably that temple in the opening trailer where Link shoots beams at triforce symbols and where Fi is dancing. Looks like an interesting place. It's in the...
  49. Caelus

    Edge Review Out Today!

    @mortekill I have no idea what you're talking about. People are overreacting over the difficulty thing, listening to the podcast, he said it was easy for him because he was naturally good at Zelda. He said the game was tricky.
  50. Caelus

    Spoiler Harp Trailer -- Zelda's Lyre Song

    I thought it was pretty obvious it was the goddess song, everyone should know that. I do think we need to play it, probably in the sealed grounds, to do some magical stuff.
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