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  1. TopherD05

    Things You May Not Be Good At But Enjoy Anyway

    things that i am not talented at but enjoy anyway are: -Playing floor hockey and other sports (baseball, football, basketball, dodgeball) -Hacky sack -Dancing and singing to music -Taking pictures -Making youtube videos -Attempting to play an instrument Thats all i can think of at...
  2. TopherD05

    Ocarina of Time Easy Rupees

    yeah this is useless to say..no offense..most people know and if not then they can figure it out or find it out somewhere else
  3. TopherD05

    A New Saving System in Skyward Sword?

    This is what i think and hope that they are for. I know that i heard a Nintendo rep at E3 say that some kind of bird statue would be used to go back up to Skyloft, which could be the statue pictured but being able to save would be nice as well.
  4. TopherD05

    ZELDA MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)

    as long as the game is structured fairly then i would give it a chance.
  5. TopherD05

    3DS: Hit or Flop?

    i just haven't bought it yet because i don't have the money. I imagine that could be why others have not bought it as well. I know i will sound like a broken record when i say this because everyone else has already said it but just give it time, it will be a hit in time.
  6. TopherD05

    New Nintendo Console: Wii U

    everyone is a little upset cause they didn't reveal anything about the console but it sorta makes sense in a way..i mean for the wii they revealed the console first then the controller..i guess this time they are just doing it in the opposite manner. I'm sure more information on the console will...
  7. TopherD05

    Ghiraham = Same Influence to Series As Ganondorf

    my theory is something similar in that i think that Ghirahim won't be in any other games outside of Skyward Sword but that he might be influential in some way to Ganondorf.
  8. TopherD05

    Spoiler Ghirahim, the Pale Dude...

    Well i guess this throws out my theory that he might be an ally. Thats ok though cause he does look like a kick *** villain =P
  9. TopherD05

    New Nintendo Console: Wii U

    the system itself was not even discuss, this is just the controller. I think the concept of the controller itself is awesome and will definitely allow for a lot of cool ideas for gameplay and also free up space on any game display. I know a lot of people are disappointed cause they thought it...
  10. TopherD05

    Spoiler Brand New Official SS Artwork

    Nintendo is so creative with the way they change up the graphics and the way that you travel the land with the different Zelda games. even more excited for the game now with the flight mechanic confirmed and the new art looks amazing.
  11. TopherD05

    Purple Dude/Villain?

    I'm actually going to disagree with everyone saying he is a villian. I think that he is an ally to Link atleast at some point. If you notice in the newest trailer, the guy and Link are not fighting each other at the end, they are fighting something together but whatever they are fighting is not...
  12. TopherD05

    Which Did You Play First

    1)Played Wind Waker first 2)I disliked Wind Waker when i first played it but started to like it the more i played it. 3) Twilight Princess i liked as soon as i picked it up to play it.
  13. TopherD05

    What is Your Favorite NonZelda Game?

    I would have to say my favorite nonzelda game is No More Heroes 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, or Red Steel 2.
  14. TopherD05

    Countdown to E3

    I really hope this is a great E3 for Nintendo unlike some of the other ones that haven't been as good..also really hope there is a lot more information on Skyward Sword.
  15. TopherD05

    What in Your Life Would You Willingly Give Up Zelda For?

    as much as i wouldn't want to..probably a paying job or my significant other would make me give up zelda if i had to.
  16. TopherD05

    Majora's Mask Fav Useless Mask

    After playing through a lot more of Majora's Mask in the last few weeks, i have grown to like the stone mask, really neat to walk around with it and not be spotted.
  17. TopherD05

    Ocarina of Time Which Temple or Place in Hyrule is the Coolest?

    I always liked Hyrule town, the field before the Hyrule castle and inside Hyrule castle when you are sneaking around. Something about it was so cool to me.some other cool places to explore are probably Kokiri Forest, the Lost Woods, and Lake Hylia.
  18. TopherD05

    What Will the Cuccos Be Like?

    I agree that attacking cuccos should make them attack you again like in OOT. However like Axle said it would be cool to have an item or maybe a song to control them and maybe even longer than you could in TP to reach unreachable areas. Of course i guess this would sorta be pointless with the...
  19. TopherD05

    Will You Watch/ Read Reviews Before Playing/ Buying?

    I will probably read and watch the reviews but it won't change if i buy the game or not..I have done that with for a lot of games that i have bought before, i more just read or watch the reviews to confirm that its going to be a great game.
  20. TopherD05

    SSBB Characters

    I agree with Wolf Link but also think that Midna with Wolf Link could be cool (inless thats what you meant then my bad) and maybe adult Link could transform into Wolf Link with Midna like Zelda transforms into Sheik.
  21. TopherD05

    What Gaming Job Would You Like to Have?

    Adventurer, Knight, or the hero of time. always thought it would be neat to discover or explore lands that i have yet to. This sorta goes hand in hand with the fact that i would always like to travel around the world someday. Traveling around Hyrule or any other fantasy land sounds like fun to...
  22. TopherD05

    Past and Present Video?

    Its just an animation for entertainment and viewing pleasure. I think its sorta suppose to be like an animated movie of sorts but that is just my guess.
  23. TopherD05

    Ocarina of Time How Will We Control the Ocarina?

    my guess is that they will use the d-pad or the new circle pad/analog stick that is above the d-pad. Heck they may even allow you to use both of them with a option in the control options menu.
  24. TopherD05

    Ocarina of Time Fishing in the 3D

    I think that it could be similar to fishing in the Animal Crossing games. Although with the fact that the 3DS is going to have a gyroscope in it then maybe the fishing mechanic will be more different than i think. I think the worst thing Nintendo can do is to take this mechanic out as it was...
  25. TopherD05

    Ocarina of Time 3D: Amazing Addition, or Waste of Money?

    I am also excited for this game and think that 3D is a great additon. In general i think that 3D without glasses is going to be great. I mean 3D without glasses is still a work in progress but i think it will bring us one step closer to virtual reality and complete immersion.
  26. TopherD05

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    the phobias that i think i have are Apiphobia (fear of bees) i freak out whenever i see one around me especially since i am allergic to them. mild Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) especially in front of crowds of 20 or 30 + other than those two phobias, i am not aware of any other ones...
  27. TopherD05

    Will You Use a Guide?

    this is usually my technique as well. I will only use a guide if i get stuck and frustrated and i really don't know what to do next. I will usually start playing the game with no guide since i usually always get it around release time then look at a guide if it is really needed.
  28. TopherD05

    Favorite Boss?

    for me by game i think it is Ocarina of time: King Dodongo or Volvagia Wind Waker: Ganondorf Twilight Princess: Fyrus, Stallord, or Ganondorf I'm not only going on the boss battle itself and all the elements of the battle but also how great looking these bosses were to look at...
  29. TopherD05

    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    I think the scorpion is a mini-boss in one of the temples. Maybe the final boss in the first temple though is something bug-related or plant-related sorta like what Blazestarre said.
  30. TopherD05

    Skyloft Vs. Hyrule

    you know that is a good point that i never stopped to think about and is another thing to think about with skyward sword. Maybe some happy medium would be cool like only at certain places.
  31. TopherD05

    Ocarina of Time When Did You Know It Was Epic?

    this is a tough one for me since i can't exactly remember but i remember first hearing about it and how it was going to be the first 3D Zelda. I had no clue what to expect from the game and wasn't the biggest fan of the 2D Zelda games at the time but i think remembered seeing some trailers or...
  32. TopherD05

    Wrestling Should Have a "Do Not Try This at Home" Disclaimer ...

    yeah thats what they refer to as backyard wrestling..crazy people..i like wrestling but i would never go that far..i'll stick to doing wrestling moves on a trampoline where i'm not going to get hurt like that. Although i did have a time in my life when i did moves onto stuff but it was never...
  33. TopherD05

    I Need an Opinion Very URGENT Please

    this sounds strangely similar to what happen with my last ex..except i was with her for almost a year off and on. She said that she was just stressed out from everything else in her life and couldn't do it anymore. I tried to reason with her for just a break but she wasn't having it so i just...
  34. TopherD05

    Lady Gaga Vs. Madonna?

    i don't think they sound anything a like..i somewhat agree with Majora in that maybe when she sat down to write the song she thought about Madonna's express yourself since Lady Gaga does draw inspiration from Madonna.
  35. TopherD05

    Twilight Princess Is Magic Armor Really That Maigical?

    my guess is that it runs off the material in the rupees and therefore the rupees get used much like any machine needs gas to run or work. this would mean that the rupees would not go to any one. I think that where it came from could be by some master craftsman..perhaps someone that worked for...
  36. TopherD05

    Skyloft Vs. Hyrule

    in my opinion i think it will be sorta like Ocarina of Time in that you couldn't become an adult till you got the three jewels that you needed for the door. I think that maybe something like this could happen where you couldn't get back to Skyloft until a certain point in the game after you had...
  37. TopherD05


    i could take or leave it myself..as some people have said its really annoying to try and aim it fast in some games but then again it can be a fun weapon to have. If they decide to not put it in then i would be completely fine with the beetle.
  38. TopherD05

    Should SS Have New Items What Would You Like to See

    hmmm i think the whip will be pretty cool to use since i haven't played the DS game with it in it yet or got to the part with it in it. I think as far as new Items..i think something sky related could be cool maybe something to glide with or perhaps a tunic that has materials that allow you to...
  39. TopherD05

    Your Favorite GAME OVER Screen

    some of my favorites are super smash bros. melees, Twilight princesses..i think there is others but i can't think of them right now.
  40. TopherD05

    What is the Meanest Thing That Someone Did to You?

    I think it was when i was a freshmen or sophomore in High school, some kid punched me in the shoulder just to be a jerk lol nah i don't remember the reason to this day now..think it was cause i wouldn't do something or cause he saw me as an easy target to pick on.
  41. TopherD05


    i'm indifferent..i seen one episode and it was alright..sometimes i don't get what all the rage is with the show but i suppose everyone has what they like when it comes to shows.
  42. TopherD05

    Most Favorite Zelda Enemy

    hmm let me see..the Darknuts from Twilight Princess because they were one of the tougher enemies to beat or the Bokoblins from Wind Waker because they were fun to beat and i liked using their own sticks on them sometimes.
  43. TopherD05

    Naming Your Character Link Vs. Something Else

    i suppose it depends..i think when i played Ocarina of Time i kept the name but i think lately i have been changing just for a little change.
  44. TopherD05


    my account name is the same as my username on here Topherd05
  45. TopherD05

    Musicals, Like Them or Not?

    This is how i feel..i suppose some are ok but sometimes they just get annoying with all the musical numbers..of course i'm only talking about tv musicals..never been to a real musical and i don't think i want to..i mean i suppose funny musicals can be ok but other than that not for me..
  46. TopherD05

    Clay Sculpture can't decide

    my reply echoes all these other responses pretty much. I would say the Hylian shield for all the reasons that everyone said plus it will be cool to see the end product
  47. TopherD05

    Favorite Video Game Cover

    some of my favorites are -Twilight Princess -Super Smash Bros. Brawl -Soul Calibur 2 -Sin and Punishment 2 I'm sure there others that i just can't think of right now.
  48. TopherD05

    What Superpower Would You Have?

    probably being able to teleport or fly would be awesome..always thought it would be so cool to be where ever i wanted to be..be cool to go to england for a couple hours or maybe even teleport or fly around the united states and hit up states that i haven't been to yet.
  49. TopherD05

    First Aspect You Look At?

    For me its the storyline or the actual gameplay for the game if its a game i haven't played yet. then i probably look at the storyline..the graphics i notice right away but its not really a big aspect that i pay attention to. I would say last would be the BGM since i don't start to notice or pay...
  50. TopherD05

    Places You'd Like to See in Skyward Sword's Hyrule

    i would like see some new locations like everyone has said but i also would like to see the temple of time, hyrule castle, and castle town/Hyrule town. those three i feel like should be in all the Zelda games in some form.
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