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  1. LnktheWolf

    Game Help Alan Wake Game Breaking Glitch?

    I started playing Alan Wake, and I am on episode 3 on my way to mirror view (i think that's what it's called) mountain to meet the kidnapper. on a bridge the right half is missing and i fell in there, and there is apparently a checkpoint right where i fell, so whenever i restart from the...
  2. LnktheWolf

    Enemies You Would Like to Have Seen in SS's Art Style

    neither of my 2 favorite enemies appeared, ReDeads and poes. the reDeads would have been epic, the poes would have been interesting, would they have gone for the puny cowardly like poes from WW or the ghastly, creepy poes like TP, or a sorta mix between both
  3. LnktheWolf

    How Would You React if the Next Zelda Game Was Rated M?

    i'd still buy it no matter what
  4. LnktheWolf

    Biggest Badass In Skyward Sword

    I would say both, Mr. Debbie, and Beedle. OOOOOOHHHHHHH you don't agree with me? Your loss, minus 10 fabulousness points
  5. LnktheWolf

    Your Favorite: Fi or Ghirahim?

    of course i would have to say the most fabulous "person" of all time, Mr. Debbie himself
  6. LnktheWolf

    Have You Ever Seen a Movie at the Theatre More Than Once?

    pretty recently actually, i went to watch the avengers twice because of how much i liked it
  7. LnktheWolf

    What's Your Earliest Memory?

    Mine was when I got my first dog 11 years ago
  8. LnktheWolf

    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    My favorite thing would probably how fabulous he is, plus the dancing
  9. LnktheWolf

    Favorite Candy Bar?

    kit-kats is my second favorite, but my favorite is a whatchamacallit. SO GOOD
  10. LnktheWolf

    Sabel27's GIMP Creations

    I would like to make a request if I may Graphic type: signature, and avatar Size: forum size Description: wolf link(game model or not, doesn't matter) Text: "there's a wolf in all of us," (not on avatar) and I trust you with the background p.s. I almost had a heart attack on how good...
  11. LnktheWolf

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    from what I found they didn't change the color of the baby khangaskhan the 3rd generation. Pokemon Crystal: pokemon ruby:
  12. LnktheWolf

    Pokemon TV Series

    the beginning was Fantastic, now it's crap
  13. LnktheWolf

    Mystery Dungeon

    I love the mystery dungeon games, first one was blue. team ACT FTW. btw I was so blown away when I realized ACT was Alakazam Charizard tyranitar (don't laugh, I was little)
  14. LnktheWolf

    Which Dungeon Did You Not Enjoy and Generally Hate?

    inside Jabu-Jabu, kinda boring
  15. LnktheWolf

    Would You Want to Be Link at All?

    of course, it'd be awesome
  16. LnktheWolf

    Majora's Mask Is Majora's Mask Unique?

    I love this game because it is so unique
  17. LnktheWolf

    Which Timeline Would You Like to See Continued?

    ALL the timelines
  18. LnktheWolf

    What Do You Think About a Legend of Zelda Game with 2 Playable Characters?

    I think it would be very interesting and awesome
  19. LnktheWolf

    Lake Hylia Skyloft Crater?

    that's an interesting theory
  20. LnktheWolf

    If You Could Have 1 Helper.

    I definitely choose midna on this one
  21. LnktheWolf


    kikwi and parella. no, just kidding, that would never work
  22. LnktheWolf

    Majora or Fierce Deity?

    Double helix all the way
  23. LnktheWolf

    Best Powerful Zelda Sword

    Of course I would have to go with the blade of evil's bane
  24. LnktheWolf

    Favourite Race/species from the LoZ Series?

    Deku used to be my favorite, but now kikwi are
  25. LnktheWolf

    Spoiler Final Boss Battle Done the "hard" Way

    I did on accident, I tried at the beginning of the fight, when the lightning came I was think that it wasn't fair that he got to use it but I didn't. I didn't even think of using it with the lightning
  26. LnktheWolf

    Spoiler Kikwi Are the Koriki?

    Really good theory :yes:
  27. LnktheWolf

    Discussion #008: Where's the Light Temple?

    from what I heard you were originally able to, but they took it out for a reason
  28. LnktheWolf

    Discussion #019: Who Are the Moon Children?

    I think it would be something created by Majora's imagination.
  29. LnktheWolf

    General Modern Which New Game Would You Like to Come Out First, Wii U or 3DS

    WiiU, mostly because I don't have a 3DS
  30. LnktheWolf

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    It's interesting, but I don't think so
  31. LnktheWolf

    Shadow Pokemon, Should They Be Continued?

    yes, of course they should
  32. LnktheWolf

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    I always keep my starter because they are normally my strongest
  33. LnktheWolf

    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    Lance. great trainer, Great guy, epic look
  34. LnktheWolf

    What Buttons Do You Press when Catching Pokemon?

    I hold the b button and and press the left or right d-pad (on tilt)
  35. LnktheWolf

    Favorite Legendary?

    I would say Darkrai, he's just so epic
  36. LnktheWolf

    This Pokemon

    I loved the old days, still do, but I don't like the show anymore
  37. LnktheWolf

    Spoiler The Most Emotional Moment from Skyward Sword.

    I would say when Zelda sealed herself in the diamond, or the thing Axle was talking about in the Lanayru desert video
  38. LnktheWolf

    Zelda Fanfiction

    I don't make my own, but I think they are pretty cool
  39. LnktheWolf

    Shiny Pokemon

    besides the in the silvers/golds I only caught 1 legit (non action replay) shiny which was a slugma in diamond
  40. LnktheWolf

    Pokemon Theory: The Player Kills Blue's Raticate

    wow, I never thought of that. great theory
  41. LnktheWolf

    Your Mom in the Game

    I loved the Idea of it, the money she had when you ran out was always helpful, plus the gifts that I could never seem to get any other way
  42. LnktheWolf

    Favorite Female Co-character In Anime???

    I would have to go with Misty, it's what I grew up with
  43. LnktheWolf

    First Pokemon Game?

    Red, had no idea what I was doing, my favorite would be Silver (the original)
  44. LnktheWolf

    Least Favorite Boss/temple?

    My least favorite boss was probably tentalus. I just didn't like him that much. For the dungeons I would have to say lanayru mining facility
  45. LnktheWolf

    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    I was about 9 when I started playing with TP, but I had been watching my mom play Zelda games since I was real little
  46. LnktheWolf

    Favorite Ocarina Songs?

    song of healing song of storms
  47. LnktheWolf

    Spoiler Multiplayer Zelda

    I think it'd be interesting, but no story
  48. LnktheWolf

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    Farore wasn't bad, the Lanayru was a little scary, Eldin was HORRIFYING. I was scared out of my mind whenever I ran out of time and had a flyer after me (the first time... I kinda...screamed)
  49. LnktheWolf

    Wii Motion Plus (WMP) Ruined Skyward Sword

    there's got to be something wrong with the remote because I only had to recallibrate it if I had played for a long time
  50. LnktheWolf

    SS Bokoblins. Did You Dislike Them Too?

    I don't think they were bad, but they were overused
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