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  1. DuckNoises

    Spoiler The Return of Demise?

    This thread is mostly speculative and has a lot of "wouldn't if be cool if x happened" sorts of things; try to remould this into more of a direct theory. If the thread remains primarily speculative, I will close it down the road.
  2. DuckNoises

    Majora is a Female?

    This thread is getting out of hand and off-topic; most people have already made their arguments, and further posts have not really been necessary. I'll close this thread.
  3. DuckNoises

    Spoiler Termina

    The OP's question has been answered, so there's nothing really left to discuss that's relevant to the original post. I'll close this thread.
  4. DuckNoises

    Adventure of Link With Sleeping Zelda's Curse Lifted, What Kind of Life is in Store?

    Welcome to ZD, and congratulations on a good first post! Unfortunately, this isn't in the right section, so I'm going to move this over to the Zelda Games section.
  5. DuckNoises

    Zelda Theory-Kaepora Gaebora

    In a recent interview with Aonuma on SS, this question was asked, and Aonuma replied that they built the character from the ground up, and he inadvertently ended up bearing resemblance to Kaepora Gaebora, so the development team continued along that track primarily for the Easter Egg factor. The...
  6. DuckNoises

    Spoiler Spirit Tracks Backstory= Skyward Sword Backstory?

    It's an interesting theory, but the problem is that both SS and ST have confirmed places in the timeline (both before and after the new "timeline") that are certainly distinct, and the areas in question are different because of their place on the timeline. The legend in ST definitely takes place...
  7. DuckNoises

    Gossip/Sheikah Stones - What Are They All About?

    This doesn't really belong in Zelda Theory, so I'll move it to World of Zelda.
  8. DuckNoises

    The Tetraforce

    The "Tetraforce" has no substantial evidence or arguments and has been confirmed to be a fluke by developers. There isn't really much room for discussion, so I'll close this thread.
  9. DuckNoises

    Is Skyward Sword the Very First Game in the Storyline?

    Skyward Sword has been confirmed by Nintendo to be the first game as of present.
  10. DuckNoises

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    This is the problem; Zelda operates under B-time theory, not A-time theory, which is seen in Back to the Future. Never cite Back to the Future to explain time in the Zelda universe. Under A-time theory, OoT would not function because the space-time continuum would be ruptured. It is because...
  11. DuckNoises

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    Following your argument, this would create four or more timelines, not three; by that logic, shouldn't every little detail you change cause a different split? There should be a split for every change you make as a child. Since much of this is optional, this would result in a completely different...
  12. DuckNoises

    Is Skyward Sword the New Start of the Timeline?

    Link's Awakening is a confirmed sequel of ALttP and often the Oracle games, featuring the same Link from ALttP. In the LA manual, it states that Link set out to sea after defeating a great evil, referring to Ganon, who Link defeats in both ALttP and OoX. LA also has many references to ALttP...
  13. DuckNoises

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    Before I start, we have to come to a basic understanding of what a timeline is. Imagine the "official" timeline is a jigsaw puzzle and every game is a puzzle piece; as theorists, we try to complete this jigsaw puzzle but there are always some missing pieces that will never be found. Every time...
  14. DuckNoises

    Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess

    This is the primary problem; why would hundreds of years have passed if he was in a different dimension? At most, three days would have passed, because that was the amount of time allowed to pass in Termina (although not the amount of time Link spent in there, that is significantly larger)...
  15. DuckNoises

    The White Sword (?)

    Well, it's exactly that, that it is one "back" from the Master Sword; it is a sword of recognizable prowess, but not inherently important. Considering most placements of LoZ/AoL, it's unlikely that it could be the Master Sword, since it has either been "laid to rest" after ALttP on the common CT...
  16. DuckNoises

    OoX Placement Found

    This placement is extraordinarily unlikely; OoX has to follow a sequence where Ganon is dead and Koume and Kotake are alive. Koume and Kotake were defeated and sent to the afterlife by the Hero of Time on the Adult Timeline, so placing it there does not make sense. As many arguments as you may...
  17. DuckNoises

    Why I Believe There is Only 1 Link:

    Since the question has been answered, I'll be closing this thread.
  18. DuckNoises

    Story Order???

    Please consult Mosley's Timeline guidelines before posting a timeline thread.
  19. DuckNoises

    Is FSA Really a Prequel to ALttP?

    The notion of the Gerudo hadn't been thought out by the time of ALttP, so we can't expect them to be present in ALttP; however, this does not mean that they do not exist elsewhere in the world of Hyrule. It is apparent that FSA takes place sometime before ALttP, even if it is not the Seal War...
  20. DuckNoises

    My Majora's Mask Theory.

    The Theory Section is for offering your perspective on how the Zelda games are interconnected, using in-game evidence. Please use as much in-game evidence as possible when creating a theory; you haven't really constructed a theory, but more of a story. Please look at some of the other threads in...
  21. DuckNoises

    Spoiler "Flawless" Timeline...

    Please don't make a thread just to ridicule people on the internet.
  22. DuckNoises

    The Trouble with Tridents

    Are you suggesting that we use differences in how the tridents are designed to infer information about the timeline? Generally, aesthetics of any given thing are secondary to things like the state of the Triforce or analysis of a given game's backstory. What is the initial argument here?
  23. DuckNoises

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Discussion Thread (OoT and SS Spoilers)

    In order to explain the ending of Skyward Sword, we must first acknowledge that there are two primary views on the nature of time, called A-theory and B-theory respectively. A-theory, the more common theory (and what is generally considered the “mainstream” theory on time), is generally not as...
  24. DuckNoises

    Who is the Hero's Shade?

    I'm closing this thread because of the arguments that are going on here; keep debates to a civil tone.
  25. DuckNoises

    Where Does the Past Stage of OoT Take Place in the Timeline

    There isn't much more that can be discussed in this thread, so I'll be closing it.
  26. DuckNoises

    Spoilerish(?) Are There Males?

    As a heads-up for everyone, please try to avoid just replying to another post with a single sentence; put some explanations and quotations into your post, rather than just choppy one-sentence rebuttals.
  27. DuckNoises

    Spoilerish(?) Are There Males?

    The Sheikah are merely an organization of Hylians who swore fealty to the Royal Family of Hyrule, and are entrusted with the duty of protecting them. The Sheikah are fairly secretive, so it only makes sense that we haven't seen many of them; in fact, most of them had either perished or abandoned...
  28. DuckNoises

    Notice to All Users Posting Skyward Sword Theories

    With the release of Skyward Sword, we will undoubtedly see an influx of Skyward Sword theories; however, we want to make sure that everyone has their facts straight before posting them. Before you post a Skyward Sword theory, it is absolutely essential that you have beaten the game beforehand...
  29. DuckNoises

    Quad Link Theory

    Can you provide an explanation for your theory, please? What evidence do you have that it transports him to different timelines? What's more, how would there be four splits in the timeline? Please supply in-game evidence.
  30. DuckNoises

    Spoiler Ruins of Tower of Spirits (Spirit Tracks) in Lanayru Mining Facility (Skyward Sword)?

    Both developers and in-game evidence have confirmed that WW occurs after the adult reality of OoT, whose events are subsequently followed by PH. The events of ST take place roughly a hundred years after PH on an area found by the Tetra and the Hero of Winds, called New Hyrule. This much has been...
  31. DuckNoises

    Ghost Ship = OOT Forest Temple

    The Ghost Ship merely has similar mechanics and inhabitants to the Forest Temple; other than similarities, there is no concrete connection. The Ghost Ship also has no connection to Termina, other than being in what are considered alternate realities. Remember that similarities are often...
  32. DuckNoises

    SS Timeline Placement

    Nintendo has stated explicitly that Skyward Sword is first on the timeline; there really isn't room for discussion at this point. Thread closed.
  33. DuckNoises

    Chuchu Theory

    This is really a question for game design, and not timeline placement. The presence of an enemy comes down to the developer and how they want to design the layout of the overworld or dungeon, and it usually has little basis in timeline theory. As others have said, SS is confirmed to be before...
  34. DuckNoises

    Jabun= Jabu-Jabu

    When has this been confirmed? Please cite your source material.
  35. DuckNoises

    The Best Way to Assemble a Zelda Timeline Theory

    Please don't make general timeline guidelines; you are free to discuss your thoughts on various groupings, but try not to merely list connections without explaining them. If you want to make a legitimate guideline, discuss it with the section moderators, who are myself and Locke. Thread closed.
  36. DuckNoises

    Spoiler How Does Ganondorf Get ToP?

    This is a fairly common question that we get; here is an answer I gave that outlines the entire connection between OoT and TP.
  37. DuckNoises

    How Did Link Travel to Termina?

    The Hero of Time arrives in Termina by means of some inter-dimensional rift that he stumbles upon, à la Through the Looking Glass. It is stated in the MM manual that Termina is an alternate reality parallel to Hyrule; the Hero of Time merely stumbles across the portal and goes straight in. There...
  38. DuckNoises

    General Art Sparks

    The goal for this spark was to find a phrase from MacBeth and use it to inspire a piece of creative writing; I chose the phrase "Make thick my blood." Make Thick My Blood April 13, 2010 The American gets what he dost demand; Cheeseburger, fries, and milkshake Brought mouthward with a steady...
  39. DuckNoises

    Spoiler Zelda Half Sheikah?

    There is nothing in the game that explicitly states Zelda uses magic to adopt the persona of Sheik; it is also not stated in the game that Sheik is a "boy." The game explains it as a disguise or persona; the only thing that appears remotely magical is the flash of light when Zelda changes from...
  40. DuckNoises

    Spoiler Zelda Half Sheikah?

    Zelda had to become a master of disguise to escape from Ganondorf; she takes advantage of lots of smoke and mirrors to alter her appearance, in addition to more traditional disguises. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the king had an affair with Impa; there are much simpler ways to...
  41. DuckNoises

    How Come Medigoron Remembers You After You Go Back 3 Days?

    Since the primary question has been answered, there is little left to discuss. I'll be closing the thread.
  42. DuckNoises

    Do You Think They Will?(make MM 3d?).

    There are already many MM3D threads. Please use the search function to search for pre-existing threads before making new ones.
  43. DuckNoises

    The Mysterious Clock

    There isn't enough evidence here to warrant a theory thread. The stopwatch is a gameplay mechanic, that is completely separate from theory and timeline discussion. Thread closed.
  44. DuckNoises

    Skyward Sword/Four Sword/Master Sword, All the Same Blade?

    Please construct your theory using as much in-game evidence as possible; if you haven't played the games in question, I recommend playing them before posting a theory based on information that pertains to them.
  45. DuckNoises

    Windfish Theory, Good or Evil?

    Since this thread is primarily speculation, there is not really anything to discuss. Please keep threads in the Theory Section limited to information derived from games that have already been released; in other words, don't bother to base a theory on evidence that we can't be sure exists yet. It...
  46. DuckNoises

    Sleeping Theory

    This discussion probably isn't going to go anywhere, so I'm going to close it. The reason we never see Link sleep has nothing to do with theory, because it is primarily a gameplay factor. Sleeping would be anticlimactic and cumbersome on the player, and would dramatically inhibit anyone's...
  47. DuckNoises

    General Art Sparks

    Sparks were a writing exercise done in my Grade 11 English class that worked like so: A word, phrase, or sentence was written on the board, and you had to use what was written as inspiration to write a creative writing composition within 5-10 minutes. They didn't have to be of any particular...
  48. DuckNoises

    Spoiler How Can TMC Be the Beginning of the Split Timeline?

    This brings me back to my very first post on Zelda Dungeon, discussing the feasibility of TMC placed first in the timeline. I'll merge this with that.
  49. DuckNoises

    Twilight Princess Why Was Almost Everybody Dissapointed in Twilight Princess?

    There is a long, very insightful discussion from a while back on why people were disappointed in TP that can be found here: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?12520-I-Think-It-s-the-Weakest-Zelda&highlight=weakest+zelda
  50. DuckNoises

    Twilight Princess TP e/e10

    This thread was requested to be closed, so I'm closing it.
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