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  1. Meego

    Tutorials Need to Be Removed from Zelda

    The skip option would definitely be useful, I can't argue with that. But I think if a game was on an entirely new console with a different control style, then there should be a tutorial for sure. For example, you have to be taught how to fly a loftwing in Skyward Sword because it's a new process...
  2. Meego

    Was Motion Control Any Good ?

    I'm kind of 50/50 on the whole motion controls concept. I think that's mainly because I can't fly the loftwings at all. Seriously, the first time I tried, it took me ages to actually comprehend how to fly one. I just kept falling through the clouds and not going anywhere. I don't think so much...
  3. Meego


    I really don't think Skyward Sword should be classed as the easiest Zelda game. Has anybody here played Spirit Tracks? I think the motion control makes it just that bit more difficult and some of the enemies are sufficiently harder to defeat. When I was first slashing my sword at Deku Babas and...
  4. Meego

    How to Pronounce Fi

    I think the first time I saw her name I just automatically registered it in my brain as being pronounced as Fie. And I think when someone tells me otherwise it sounds wrong. I think I just read it like that because it was literally written like that. I think Fie sounds nice anyway. I don't think...
  5. Meego

    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    I think a lot of people have a lot of time and can't put it down. And this is a Zelda fan site after all. I got it on the 18th but I'm somewhere in Eldin. I actually got to Eldin on like the 20th, I just haven't had much of a chance to play it because of my brother hogging the Wii, school work...
  6. Meego

    A Jung Personality Quiz

    Interesting, seems pretty accurate. I am social, extremely so. Interesting, I got ENFJ like Nicole but I am a different type. I've taken this test a few times and got the same results each time.
  7. Meego

    The Goddess Cubes...

    I like the idea of the Goddess cubes, and when I first came across them I was eager to know more. It reminded me of Phantom Hourglass, with all the random, optional islands spread across the sea chart. Again, the whole treasure collecting idea also reminded me of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit...
  8. Meego

    What Do You Think of Flying the Loftwing?

    So it appears that flying your loftwing is the main way of travelling from land to land in Skyward Sword. Link dives off the edge of somewhere, or warps with the sailcloth from a bird statue and whistles to summon his bird. During the ceremony where you have to catch the golden bird (which...
  9. Meego

    Who's More Annoying, Fi or Navi?

    So Skyward Sword comes out in the US today so I thought I could post this thread now. Obviously, I have had the game for a couple of days now and already a common debate among my friends and I, is how 'annoying' Fi is. I've seen this mentioned on other sites and YouTube as well. To be honest...
  10. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    This^ You've kind of been avoiding us when we've asked you what happened.
  11. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    Take an even closer look. If you see, there are three colours in this game. Orange, light blue and dark blue. I first stated that usually orange is 3rd party. Secondly that I thought light blue could be townie. I suppose my wording wasn't great, but in the last part of my post I was referring to...
  12. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    Wrong, Miss. I said that USUALLY orange represents 3rd party roles. I never said that this time it did, I was making an analysis of previous games. EBWODP - Kind of like a "what if..." situation. You have to do that a lot in mafia games.
  13. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    *Ahem* May I hear whyyyy? Also, David...wat.
  14. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    Firstly, judging by the lack of activity and what Justeazy said, some people did not send in their PMs. Secondly, orange usually represents 3rd party roles and light blue appears to be town. I would say mafia or maybe some other kind of role? (If that's even possible.) And finally. I'm not...
  15. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    We can all see you have votes on you. And that whole post was kind of un-necessary. I know a lot of people haven't been posting lately. And I'm no longer lurking but why did you place the vote? You need some sort of reasoning, surely. Observing the game isn't difficult, if you want to play...
  16. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    Gah lurker votes already >_> First of all, ark, the point of this particular game thread is the lurker votes and that is a way of ruling out the game being ruined by lack of activity. At the point I've come in there really isn't much else to say. We need more people to post, and now it's just a...
  17. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    Um. You're being a little bit over the top, SoR. It's only a game... Meh. Not being able to vote for SoR is annoying me but I guess that's up to the other lot.
  18. Meego

    M9: Oracle of Mafia

    What...? This is an advanced game, if you're new you should be in Beginner's Mafia. I suggest you read up on rules and roles. Anywho. So I guess we got to wait until more people post.
  19. Meego

    What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?

    I think I'm going to a party. But I'm dressing as Near from Death Note. (Haters gonna hate.) And I'll get some fake blood or something.
  20. Meego

    Show Your Swag! Make People Jealous!

    My nerdy wall of nerdy things Some random nerdy things. Plushies,manga,magic cards and DVD's.
  21. Meego

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    So at the start of every Pokemon game you receive a starter Pokemon. This usually (for me) goes on to be one of my strongest Pokemon that I stick with for the rest of the game. But once you have an opportunity to leave it, do you? Like when you can obtain stronger Pokemon over Global Trades of...
  22. Meego

    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    Jynx. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was little and just hating it. My sister had a Smoochum and she went around saying how cute it was. I remember the rapid pressing of "B" with screams of "Nuuuuuuuu!" When it tried to evolve. And then again in the anime....*shudder* I really...
  23. Meego

    Favorite Eeveelution

    I do love them all so much. I played through one game just using Eeveelutions. Glaceon is up there with Espeon as my favourites. I think Leafeon is absolutely adorable though, and I love grass types so that'll be why Leafeon is my favourite. Probably also because my sister was the first to show...
  24. Meego

    Favorite Starter Type?

    Grass. Every game I have played I have started with the grass type, just because I had preferred them but now I usually just go with them. I like the grass type moves and the way most of the types look. I was never too keen on Treecko so I went with others that time. But in Pokemon White, Snivy...
  25. Meego

    Favorite Generation

    I don't think I have a certain favourite, I can barely remember my very first game. But I do actually enjoy the recent games. I prefer generation IV to V at the moment but I think those games where what totally and utterly got me into Pokemon. I played the earlier games as a kid but then had a...
  26. Meego

    Your First Pokemon

    I've known about Pokemon from a very early age. There were Pokemon cards at school and Pikachu was just everywhere. I think at my cousins was where I first played Leaf Green or one of the similar games. I remember my cousin being really mean and owning me xD. I went on to buy a lot more and play...
  27. Meego

    Mafia 9: Sign-Up Thread!

    Confirmed, ready to play .
  28. Meego

    Mafia 9: Sign-Up Thread!

    I'm in if I made it in time. Yay :3
  29. Meego

    Destiny's Graphics

    Hey, Destiny. Can I please request a signature made with some of the eeveelutions? I'll leave it pretty much up to you, as long as it has some of/all of the various eeveelutions in it. Could the colour scheme possibly be blue, though? And Meego being the only text. Thanks~
  30. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Unvote Makes sense, really. If you used it last night anc ark did in fact target you then it all adds up. However, I'm not 100% certain that's the case. Because of the way this game is working, is there a possibility that ark is some other kind of role altogether?
  31. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    What ark said. GDL, claiming in a lazy sort of format kind of makes you really suspicious... colour, role, anything? I'm not even fishing for your role but you look pretty bad right now. I'll be sympathetic if you're ill but you do seem to have some excuse every time, like ark said.
  32. Meego

    Writing Community Competition Week 21

    I'll extend this, got no entries. Come on guys! Keep the competition alive!
  33. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Vote: Go_Dark_Link Unless you can change our minds. You've been suspicious from the start. I know a lot of people have been fairly inactive (even I have been...for reasons.) But you seriously need to defend yourself or something. You're just not doing anything...You make a rare post that...
  34. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Ark, perhaps you should reveal you target? It may prove useful, like you said, if they're fairly inactive then why were they protected? It just might help us a bit. It might not, but we need some sort of progress.
  35. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Possibly... do elaborate. But in some ways the fact that you were role blocked makes your earlier clame seem more legitimate.
  36. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Not saying it's a bad thing or anything. But...why did you claim?
  37. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Well bandwagoning can be a useful townie tactic, and this vote is probably for a good way forward. Viral needs to respond. Vote: Viral Maze
  38. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    So I was absent and I apologize for that because I know how inactivity ruins games but I am going to be a lot more active now! ^^ Basic analysis... ark, why did you kill Keyshe? To me she seemed to be acting rather like a townie. I'm just curious, because obviously your claim could be fake...
  39. Meego

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Get Easy Rupees?

    I'm asuming you just mean Ocarina of Time in general? There are quite a few ways to get easy rupees, I suppose my definition of obtaining them 'easily' may differ from other people's. Obviously you can run and slash tall grass, throw rocks, jump across the stepping stone type things in Kokiri...
  40. Meego

    Ocarina of Time Why?

    Firstly, I think this is slightly angrier than required. Secondly, I believe there are many reasons why Ocarina of Time was re-made for the 3DS. It was Zelda's 25th Anniversary, what better way to celebrate that by re-making what is considered the best Zelda game and improving it (in some ways)...
  41. Meego

    A New Life for Zelda

    I guess it's hard to tell whether it will be sufficently more difficult or actually just different. I'm sure people will be happy about this though, it does get a bit old constantly knowing what to do once you reach a boss. A bit more of a challenge is needed. If it takes effort but it's simple...
  42. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    AHEM. I was in the middle of nowhere and it took me like 20 minutes to post one thing and as time went on the connection fizzled out all together from both of my parent's iPhones. Which looks totally suspicious so lol whatever. Also, I am reading up now so gimme a minute.
  43. Meego

    Writing Community Competition Week 21

    So... Writing Community Competition Week 21 Saria My apologies for failing to actually post up this...but I shall continue it normally, it won't happen again. Only one entry this week but that's okay :) We just need some more later! ZeldaHuman Was it the way she looked? Was it...
  44. Meego

    General Art Quilt for Justin

    Literally just got back but am working on mine now :) This is a lovely idea :3 EDIT: Here it is Direct link: http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/7476/feelbettersoon.jpg
  45. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    I hate not being able to make an actual long reply. -.- However, I think ark chose the wrong way to go about claiming, but nobody has counter claimed and tonight many things could happen. If the doctor protects then ark could be roleblocked but that could clear him in a way; we can judge it by...
  46. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    I have low connection here and can only just load the page. I saw ark's claim and I think I believe it, besides, he can alwas prove it when night comes.
  47. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Vote tallies... Indeed but we have better leads to be honest. I suppose this is both a good and a bad point. RVS...I used to dislike it but to be honest it gets the game going and the ball rolling, people can respong in certain ways which may reveal suspicions. And it's something to fill the...
  48. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    Yes but when he does see this thread he will be more likely to actually post something because he was voted for and he will want to change that.
  49. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    I think it's just to grab their attention, to get them playing and get the game started. But tbh, this is day one, RVS...anything could be happening for any reason.
  50. Meego

    Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Game Thread

    This is partly true but why were you examining what Xinnamin said? It wasn't suspicious and you drew pointless attention to it.
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