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  1. Atheistbigred

    What type of cell phone do you use?

    I don't see the point in spending $600 on a phone, but that's just my opinion. I'm not picky on which phone I get or have as long as it serves it's purpose of calling or texting. Anything extra is just a luxury, so the Acatel AT&T go phone is all I really need.
  2. Atheistbigred

    Music at work yay or nay?

    At my workplace we're not aloud to wear headphones, but that doesn't mean we cannot listen to music. I work mostly in the backroom all day and sometimes I'm out on the sales floor. It really depends on where they want me. Out on the floor, the only music I listen to is whatever Walmart has...
  3. Atheistbigred

    Breath of the Wild What do you want out of the boss battles in ZeldaU?

    I cannot agree with you more. The boss fights should feel like boss fights, not just another enemy. In Twilight princess, none of the bosses were really challenging and they were heavily dependent on the dungeon item to beat them. To take your idea a bit further, the humanoid bosses should have...
  4. Atheistbigred

    Anime or Cartoons?

    If i would have lived somewhere else as a child, i'm sure my decision would be bit different. I choose Cartoons mainly because of nostalgia. I grew up to The looney tunes, The Flintstones, the Jetsons, Yogi Bear etc so i have it in my mind that they were the greatest joys of being a child. I...
  5. Atheistbigred

    Males Vs Females Game

  6. Atheistbigred

    Xbox One Announced!

    Well i shall put my two cents in and be on my way. I'm not too impressed with the new Xbox, but i do want it. Sure it's not much to look at and it might have some faults, but it was made with the idea of entertaining everyone. Microsoft is trying to get the casual players in with new ways to...
  7. Atheistbigred

    A Link to the Past Tell Me Why I Should Play This Game.

    As Shadow blade said your best bet would to find the source of where it is, or to simply download a new emulator that is more reliable. Either way, i think it is against Zelda Dungeon rules to discuss emulators, so i would recommend you find somewhere to chat with someone. Everybody is...
  8. Atheistbigred

    How Far Have You Travelled?

    The furthest i have ever been was somewhere in Virginia. i was required to go there to pick up my sister from some military thing at Fort Lee. I haven't traveled very far in my life, but one day i plan on seeing what Ireland is like.
  9. Atheistbigred

    Breath of the Wild Zelda WiiU Poll

    I'm not voting because i don't give a crap about the graphics. Zelda games have never been about the graphics, but about the story, gameplay and other things that make a difference in a game. I still don't see why people make a big fuss over a realistic zelda game.
  10. Atheistbigred

    What Gen Team Will You Make?

    Depending on how good this generation is, i might use some of them. I will most likely try out a new team from various generations instead of the same six i have been using these past 9 years.
  11. Atheistbigred

    A Link Between Worlds Thoughts on the Audio?

    I wasn't a big fan of some of the music in ALTTP, but i still enjoyed it. It matched the feel of the game fairly well. With this game coming out, i think they wanted it to match the feeling that you are playing a sequel to the original and not just a new game entirely. Between the remixed and...
  12. Atheistbigred

    A Link Between Worlds Am I the Only One Who is Disappointed?

    Well, posting my opinion in this thread would be like swimming with sharks in a meat suit. Nonetheless, i shall share what i feel about this new Zelda title. The original A Link To The Past was not one of my favorite Zelda games, but i still liked it. It was a new experience compared to it's...
  13. Atheistbigred


    The only thing i have ever dissected was a lamb's heart. This occurred during my 8th grade year in some sort of science class (can't remember). I remember the smell of it today just as well as i remembered it back then. It was an awful smell and it made me throw up. I would like to dissect...
  14. Atheistbigred

    General Zelda Which Handheld LoZ is Your Favorite?

    I think i replied to a thread similar to this quite some time ago, but seeing as it's been a while i shall enlighten you all on my favorite handheld title. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was my favorite for many reasons. Although i haven't had the chance to enjoy it in all it's glory on...
  15. Atheistbigred

    What is the User Above Most Known For?

    uh... apparently known for being a fan of Tails.
  16. Atheistbigred

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Luigi's Mansion is my favorite game on the NGC. I am also looking forward to the new Luigi's mansion. I have to say that these are very well made. Keep it up, Linknerd09, you are doing a fantastic job!
  17. Atheistbigred

    WWHD an Update That Warrants a Purchase?

    Are you kidding me? If a game cost that much, then i'm gonna quit buying games. The Wii U games go from $40-60 USD. Back on topic, does this make me want to buy the Wii U just so i can play the remake? YES. The Wind Waker was my first zelda game and i loved it so much, i over played it. A...
  18. Atheistbigred

    Do You Curse Often?

    I TRY to hold myself back when it comes to saying the "BAD" words, but i sometimes fail. I only curse when i get hurt or when something bad happens. I think it's a way of reliving stress in my opinion. Of topic, but in my opinion only young adults and adults should use curse words. It just...
  19. Atheistbigred

    Top 10 Things You're Looking Forward to Seeing in Wind Waker HD

    Oh my glob you guys have no idea how excited i am about this remake i shall go over the things i am looking forward to...........starting............NOW 1. The bosses! Especially Ghoma 2. The HD cut scenes! Especially awakening the master Sword at the Earth Temple. 3. The great sea 'nuff said...
  20. Atheistbigred

    Heard the News?

    This is phenomenal news! Wind Waker was my first Zelda game and now, it's going to be that little push i needed to get the Wii U. When i woke up 10 minutes ago, i looked over at my computer screen and you know what i saw? A facebook status update from ZD sharing a photo of Link and Tetra in...
  21. Atheistbigred

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  22. Atheistbigred

    Dying or Fainting?

    If your pokemon was dying or dead it would be in lavender town. I prefer the term "fainted" as should every Pokemon fan.
  23. Atheistbigred

    What's Your Favorite Kind of Nut?

    I love me some Cashews. I think they're the bomb-diggity.
  24. Atheistbigred

    Why Do You Like Music?

    This is a complicated topic (for me at least) and i think i'll have a tough time explaining why i listen to music, so here it goes. Music to me is a "feeling" in which i have to feel the music in order to enjoy it. Without it, it would be bland and boring and not worth my time. Some genres are...
  25. Atheistbigred

    Before You Die/ While You're Still Alive

    This is basically a bucket list, i think i'll give it a try. I'm not sure what i'll be doing in the next 50 years so i'm not really sure if i will have completed my life goals before my time is up. Here are just a few... I'm in the same boat (No pun intended). I would love to overcome my fear...
  26. Atheistbigred

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I used to watch this show on adult swim back when it had cool anime. I am currently watching Lupin the third. I haven't seen with it's native voices, so it's a bit different than what i expected.
  27. Atheistbigred

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    This is an older movie which i haven't noticed until the other day. The Girl who Lept Through Time I found this movie quite interesting, mainly by the title. As i started watching it, it felt like a Studio Ghilbi movie which i absolutely adore. I wasn't a huge fan of the selfishness the main...
  28. Atheistbigred

    Do I Need to Play Metal Gear Solid Before Metal Gear Solid 2?

    Metal Gear Solid 1 is a very good game and it is somewhat required to get into the story. Konami did make a port for the PS2 but it's a collector's edition thingy. The collector's edition comes with Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. I'm sure if you have some extra cash...
  29. Atheistbigred

    Games NOT Starring Link?

    Actually we had 3 games starring Tingle. Personally this would be a great idea, if done correctly. I think Nintendo is reluctant in making side games due to the fact that "The Legend of Zelda" is one of their most prized series (in my opinion).
  30. Atheistbigred

    If You Had a Time Machine, What Would You Do?

    Theoretically it is impossible to travel back in time. Time's river only flows forward. If i could get into a time machine that is capable of going back in time, somehow, i would go back in time. The butterfly effect is a terrible thing, but it won't really affect much if you know what you're...
  31. Atheistbigred

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Why yes, yes i am good looking. Thank you! < Has a belly button v doesn't have a belly button
  32. Atheistbigred

    So... What Do You Guys Think of the New Legendaries (so Far)?

    I've said this sevral times and i shall say it again. Xerneas reminds me of that deer spirit thing off of "Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke " I actually like the look of the new legendary Pokemon. Lately we have been having nothing but legendary dragons, it's good to see something...
  33. Atheistbigred

    Pokémon X & Y: Favorite Starter Design

    This is actually the first time since Jhoto that i have been interested in the starter Pokemon. Fennekin would be my choice because IT'S A FOX. We don't have that many fox Pokemon and for one to be a starter makes it all the better.
  34. Atheistbigred

    Pen or Pencil?

    I prefer a pencil. The pencil has the ability to erase mistakes and is not permanent like a pen. It is much easier knowing that if i make a mistake i can easily correct it without worrying too much. I do however, use a pen when i'm done with the drawing to outline the picture for better detail.
  35. Atheistbigred

    Pokémon X & Y Discussion

    From what I've seen these games look promising. I don't really care if the new Pokemon are crap, I've been waiting for a Pokemon game like this. Ever since Pokemon Colosseum, i have always wanted a 3D Pokemon game adventure to be just like the games in the handheld series. I'm not sure about...
  36. Atheistbigred

    What Would You Do when There's Nobody in Your House Except Yourself?

    Things i would do when nobody is else alone? The raises moral questions as well as regular ones. Would you do it if you were alone? Some people would, as for me if it is wrong i wouldn't do it. When i'm alone, i do what i normally do. These things include eating, playing video games and doing...
  37. Atheistbigred

    What is Gold?

    I think the old system worked like this, but i'm happy that it is coming back. I can't help but wonder what will be available once the new market is ready.
  38. Atheistbigred

    Say Something Nice About the Above User!

    You have a nice belly button
  39. Atheistbigred

    Do You Have a Creative Fuel?

    I'm not really sure that i have any imagination so at times i get stuck when making something. The thing that fuels my creativity when i do decide to do something is music. Not just any music will do, i have to have zelda remixes to do my best.
  40. Atheistbigred

    How To Stay Awake

    Yeah they taste good and give you a boost of energy, but you tend to "crash" after an hour or so. If you're going to drink energy drinks, make sure you savor the drinks so they can last for hours. My definition of an All nighter is staying up throughout the night, then going all the way till...
  41. Atheistbigred

    Are You In Love?

    I don't think i have ever been infatuated with someone of the opposite sex, so i don't really know what love is. I know that i love my family, but that's not the love everyone is talking about. I once had butterflies in my stomach when making out with one of my ex's, but i think that would be...
  42. Atheistbigred

    Funniest/Dumbest Death You've Had in a Zelda Game?

    I think the funniest thing i have seen was watching Bokoblins drown or fall of cliffs in Twilight Princess. I would use the Gale Boomerang to get their attention, then they would come running after me only to die a weird death.
  43. Atheistbigred

    What Were You Like in School?

    You asked me what i was like in school, i would say it depends on which school i attended. In elementary school i was Shy and scared of other kids but i still managed to make friends. I even had my first kiss in Kindergarten (eww). When i moved i went to another elementary school in which i...
  44. Atheistbigred

    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    I think i explained this in another thread but since it died i shall give my reason again. My username comes from years of being called names in school. "Bigred" refers to "Clifford The Big Red Dog" and "Atheist" refers to my non belief in a deity. I chose this username because it best suits me.
  45. Atheistbigred

    What Did You Get for Christmas?

    This year we had a pretty tight budget. In any case i am grateful i got anything at all. I got... Assassin's Creed 2 Call of Duty Black ops 2 Halo 4 Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (wii edition) Scrabble (board game) and $20 from my father.
  46. Atheistbigred


    I have been using Skype for almost 3 years thanks to Dark Master. At first i was a bit reluctant because i had satellite internet, but as the days went on i discovered Skype had many features. Back then, thanks to my crappy internet, every time i would join a call i would have problems. When...
  47. Atheistbigred

    Trading Card Games

    My favorite has always been Yugioh. I had quite a collection until i gave it all away (which i regret). I promised myself to stop playing when i got the "Dark Magician Girl" card. Now i find myself wanting to get back into the game, but the cards and rules have changed. I miss the old Yugioh...
  48. Atheistbigred

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Really well done in my opinion. You should do the rest of them. I would love to see how to do Rainbow dash seeing as she's my favorite character.
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