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  1. Peace Of Heart

    Your Thoughts on "Five Nights at Freddy's 2"?

    That's beyond crazy, he literally only had SECONDS to wind up the music box and defend himself against all of the animatronics. Must have been the longest 6+ minutes of his life haha XD. His skills are amazing! Thanks for sharing :) Maybe I could do that eventually...haha.
  2. Peace Of Heart

    Your Thoughts on "Five Nights at Freddy's 2"?

    After playing Slender for the first time last year, I vowed to never play Horror games again. However, I broke this vow to take on the challenge of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. I'm yet to play the first game. I like it! Though I get horrendously scared each time I play the darn game, I get...
  3. Peace Of Heart

    Did You Ever Cry After a Sad Cutscene in a Video Game?

    Haha the exact thing happened to me XD> That was such an epic cutscene, I almost cried too! However, the most tear-jerking cutscene(s) that I've ever seen in gaming is from Final Fantasy X. The ending was just unbearably impossible to not cry over, and throughout your journey they give you...
  4. Peace Of Heart

    MM-3DS Saddest Moment in Majora's Mask

    YES. I felt so many things at that moment when Anju and Kafei realized their fate and faced it together, it was so cool :). Another moment that made me feel "sad" was the reunion of Pamela and her father. Though it was a happy thing that occurred, with the Song of Healing playing in the...
  5. Peace Of Heart

    MM-3DS What Mask Would You Like to Own?

    The obvious choice is the Bomb Mask. ...Just kidding lol. I personally would LOVE the Mask of Truth. I could speak to practically anything and get all the inside info :o so cool! Plus, the mask has great style ^^.
  6. Peace Of Heart

    MM-3DS Any Ways They Can Take Advantage of 3D to Improve the Experience?

    I'm actually afraid to say this, but the moon and the whole game itself will be in 3D almost for sure. I think that Nintendo will do something special with the moon considering its infamous reputation among gamers....as far as the 3D effect goes. As if I still don't have nightmares from my first...
  7. Peace Of Heart

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Hey guys! I don't know if any of you remember me but I joined this site over 2 years ago and left shortly after for 2 years. I recently returned back home and am happy to chat with you all once again :). That's what is on my mind. :P Also, College can get difficult at times!
  8. Peace Of Heart

    Hidden Triforce

    Ah there it is! Nice find! I don't think it was a mistake. I mean, you would have to know something about illusions to make something like that right? I think it was intentional because your eyes "finds" it for you. I'm probably not making much sense but I think it was intentional lol.
  9. Peace Of Heart

    Hidden Triforce

    @_@ I can't see it! :( Could you use "paint" or something to help us locate or high lite where it is? You could try to describe it more in detail I'm sure I can follow along :). Sorry for saying nothing really useful but I need extra help to find these hidden pieces of the Triforce.
  10. Peace Of Heart

    Ganon/dorf's Namesake?

    Interesting claim! This would make sense and would fit into the Gerudo lifestyle and culture(seemingly). I don't think that there is any strong proof to kill off this theory but I think it has a chance. I haven't played every single Zelda game so I may sound ignorant. But from my personal...
  11. Peace Of Heart

    Vote for Majora's Mask!

    Final Fantasy X was my first FF that I played and beat.....It has so much Nostalgia for me I played it when I was like 10-11 years old. If I was going to vote I would vote for FFX but it's a hard choice nonetheless. MM has a lot of nostalgia for me as well.
  12. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time The Kokiri: Nice Kids or Twisted Maniacs?

    Lol! Just had to say that your comment made me laugh XD. @Kaynil, yeah I see what you mean. That does make sense as far as Saria goes.
  13. Peace Of Heart

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: Boss Favorites and Constructive Criticism

    I agree with that. Riding those rails were so much fun =P. Having like train-track-things for the spinner in Hyrule field would have been cool. Anyway, I also agree that the Stallord boss was epic. He may have needed a more powerful attack but other than that he's ok :).
  14. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Pronounce Gerudo?

    I pronounce it "jerudo" simply because it looks like it. You know how to pronounce words you've never seen before in your native language because it's just second nature. However, with a name it can be tricky because names don'y obey any rules. At any rate, when the "g" is followed by a "er"...
  15. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time The Kokiri: Nice Kids or Twisted Maniacs?

    I was actually going to post that. But sadly, that's not creepy in today's standards lol....And I agree. That kid, or the dude who programmed him, had some issues lol.
  16. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time The Kokiri: Nice Kids or Twisted Maniacs?

    Yes that makes perfect sense. People can be so different from another through past experiences. Haha! That's a funny way to look at it =P. Thanks for your posts guys, I guess to Kokiri aren't that creepy after all ;).
  17. Peace Of Heart

    Unlockable Ideas and Customization (For Purely Cosmetic Reasons)

    I like this idea, but Nintendo would have to make SS a game that will last, much like multiplayer games(and even MMO's). If any of you have played Demon's Souls for the PS3 then you should know what I'm talking about. I think that things like this, especially when you can unlock certain things...
  18. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time The Kokiri: Nice Kids or Twisted Maniacs?

    That may be Djinn, but that one Kokiri girl laughing about that chicken lady's brother being turned into a Stalfos is kind of odd. Could it be that she takes pride of what the power of the forest can do? Or is she just a weird child/spirit? The thing that highly resembles children is their...
  19. Peace Of Heart

    Tetra-A Family Name?

    Really? Such a terrible misunderstanding on my part. Can you tell me where it says this? I bet it's in the manual or something like that. If someone answers or if it takes too long you can lock this thread please?
  20. Peace Of Heart

    Tetra-A Family Name?

    Hm yes. Seeing that SP is approximately 50 years after PH(Wikipedia), it makes sense that it's the same exact Tetra. It's weird how an ocean that big disappeared so quickly though....maybe the power of King Hyrule's wish with the Triforce? But that's for another thread I suppose. Even if...
  21. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time The Kokiri: Nice Kids or Twisted Maniacs?

    I don't know about you guys, but I think they made the Kokiri people(children) a little creepy.... I must admit though, when I first played through the game who-knows-when-I was like 9 or 10 or something-, I didn't think anything of it. I'll break this down, explaining what I mean. First I'll...
  22. Peace Of Heart

    Tetra-A Family Name?

    ~Note: There are some spoilers so if you haven't beaten Spirit Tracks then proceed at your own risk~ At the end of Spirit tracks, Zelda calls upon Tetra, a descendant of hers, for strength to call to the light inside her body to once again be whole. This is an obvious connection to the adult...
  23. Peace Of Heart


    My list of priorities when boredom occurs: 1. computer games/forums/whatever else is on the computer(pointlesssites.com :) lol) 2. Video games 3. eat 4. Lay in my bed and read 5. Lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling? 6. Hopefully I won't get this far lol It's nice to have your priorities...
  24. Peace Of Heart

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: Boss Favorites and Constructive Criticism

    Oh my goodness. To be honest it was a fair fight between Stallord and Blizzeta to be my favorite for me. Stallord's battle was fast-paced and I loved every second of it. But needless to say Blizzeta is my favorite for reasons stated in the original post =P. Mhm, mhm I love this! I've always...
  25. Peace Of Heart

    The Legend of Zelda Now That is Some Serious Zelda!

    Whoa that's awesome! Nice find, I wonder who took all that time to do that!? That is so cool.
  26. Peace Of Heart

    The Skyward Sword- Evil?

    It's unoriginal in the sense of the hero being led by someone who we considered a friend until the end of the game. But the rest is completely original in my opinion. I would love this storyline. it not only makes sense, but it's a clever way of showing how the Master Sword came to be. It would...
  27. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time Running Man Time Paradox

    Thank goodness! I'm actually relieved to find out that it's fake. Thanks for informing me :). I'm a very gullible person believe it or not.... Hahaha! lol! There is no way that I would try this, even if it was real lol. By the way, what do you guys mean he had a hacked "copy"? Did someone...
  28. Peace Of Heart

    Ocarina of Time Running Man Time Paradox

    You know the running man right? The one with the unbecoming short pants? Yeah, him. Anyway I just saw a Youtube video showing someone beating the Running man in OoT to the bridge in the Lost Woods. As many of you know, it was before thought impossible to beat him because right when you...
  29. Peace Of Heart

    Special Beta Game Releases

    Hey guys! I am a collector of games and I love doing it as much as I love playing them! I have been thinking about the Beta games recently wondering how cool it would be to play the beta versions of your favorite games. I think it's an awesome piece of history to see what they planned...
  30. Peace Of Heart

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: Boss Favorites and Constructive Criticism

    ~Note: This thread may contain spoilers so if you haven't beaten Twilight Princess yet, then proceed at your own risk~ Bosses bring new life into an area that your in. They can bring a sense of nostalgia, epicness, irritation, and most importantly-fun. This thread will be talking about bosses...
  31. Peace Of Heart

    Are All Gorons Males

    It's anyones guess really. But I don't think it could be too far from the truth if I said that Gorons are born from volcanic rock or even molten rock. What determines who has custody of the child is beyond me. Just a little idea to think about =P.
  32. Peace Of Heart

    Spirit Tracks: Very Impressed!(Spoiler Alert!)

    Yeah sorry that's what I meant. Every boss in the Zelda series are only/mostly killed with the weapon you find in the dungeon where they lurk. It makes the battle way too easy. I'll edit that into the original post. Edit: Ok, I guess I can't edit my original post anymore lol. Oh well.
  33. Peace Of Heart

    Multiple Endings

    Oh my goodness....I hate games with multiple endings. I hate going through 5 different endings wondering which one is the "true" ending if a sequel is made from that game(although games with multiple endings are common when there is no more planned for that series/game). And even if there...
  34. Peace Of Heart

    Zelda Art I Made Some Zelda Stuff

    I love the boomerang and the spiritual stones! the boomerang has so much detail, and the stones just look cool to look at =P. You made Zora's Sapphire perfectly! Very nice, you have some great crafting skills. Something that I will never have lol =P
  35. Peace Of Heart

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    I see what you're saying. I have played some games in the past that "boasted" their "superior technology" way too much. Nintendo is very happy about the Wii Motion Plus, and I agree that it's a great achievement. And I fear the same as you, I fear that SS will be dictated by sword swinging for...
  36. Peace Of Heart

    I'm Scared

    I never associated Nintendo for doing this extremely common criminal act in the gaming world. People just get lazy and it ruins everything. But I have full confidence in Nintendo. Look at Wind Waker, look at Twilight Princess! They are still going strong and do their utmost when creating their...
  37. Peace Of Heart

    The Gibberish

    Personally, it takes some voice acting skills to make gibberish actually sound like some form of speech lol. Personally(again lol), I think that the Zelda series is very special in the way that it doesn't need formal voice acting. There are actually three types of voice acting in games that I...
  38. Peace Of Heart

    Majora's Mask Cool Majora's Mask Easter Egg

    Ah man! I was hoping it wasn't the Star Fox thing, but it is. Oh well. But what I would like to know is whether it was intentional or not by Nintendo.
  39. Peace Of Heart

    Theory About Oocca and the Creation of the Hylians

    I'm going to have to go with Djinn on this one. It seems very probable but we just don't have enough information. The city in the Sky is only inhabited by Oocoo's, while in Skyward Sword they say that Link is a resident of Skyloft. Too early to tell, but I wouldn't be surprised if Skyloft and...
  40. Peace Of Heart

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword- Possibly Hyrule?

    Haha! Twinrova as a couple of annoying, funny little girls always getting in your way =P Kind of like Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7!(For those of who who play FF =P). I like the fortune telling idea! It's a nice creative way of using their differences such as their manner of dress(color) and their...
  41. Peace Of Heart

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword- Possibly Hyrule?

    Mhmm yes I like the sound of that. That would bring so much nostalgia seeing them younger undergoing some magic training. I would actually want for them to appear along the main storyline though not as main characters like you said. I think Twinrova could be used again(In another form other than...
  42. Peace Of Heart

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword- Possibly Hyrule?

    Please forgive me if a thread has already been created concerning this topic! ============================================================================================================= "But I'm only 400 years old!" That's what the twin sisters say after you kill them in Ocarina of Time. 400...
  43. Peace Of Heart

    Triforce Beasts

    I think ganondorf's transformation capabilities is self-explanatory. The Triforce of Power seems to be the most powerful of the three and it gives the holder tremendous offensive power. So it's not a huge mystery as to why Ganon can do some pretty weird stuff. And as for Link transforming into...
  44. Peace Of Heart

    Spoiler The Happy Mask Salesman- The Dark Tribe Remnant

    I knew someone sharp would find this =P. I actually have no idea or theory as to why Majora's Mask doesn't work in Hyrule while the fused shadow does. The main point that I wanted to make with relating these two items was that both Tribes mentioned in both games are one and the same. The true...
  45. Peace Of Heart

    Spoiler The Happy Mask Salesman- The Dark Tribe Remnant

    Hylian knight, I doubt you read my thread and allowed it to sink in. I only created this thread a couple minutes ago. Please read my whole thread before posting thanks.
  46. Peace Of Heart

    Spoiler The Happy Mask Salesman- The Dark Tribe Remnant

    The Happy Mask Salesman is a guy that everybody loves just because he is a fun character to watch. However, behind that never-ending smile of his is a person with a very dark genealogy. I believe that he, The Happy Mask Salesman is a remnant of the Dark Tribe spoken of in Twilight Princess. I'm...
  47. Peace Of Heart

    Ice Arrows Problem

    There is actually enough keys to unlock all of the locked doors in the training ground. The only hindrance you have is if you choose the wrong side(Right or left) in the room where the chest is. If you choose the wrong side, you will have to find close to 100% of the keys laying around...
  48. Peace Of Heart

    A Link to the Past Curse of the European Zelda

    I haven't played four swords either, mostly from the lack of friends without the game or transportation issues(the cable is like, 8 inches long or something like that lol). So I'm curious about the GBA Four swords as well. But I am planning to get the Gamecube version(You just need more...
  49. Peace Of Heart

    A Link to the Past Curse of the European Zelda

    If truth be known, I have "officially" started collecting a few weeks ago myself :). I collect games with their boxes(and everything included such as manuals) as well. When I was very young, my uncle gave me(and my other siblings) his NES along with a few games including Super Mario bros 3. I...
  50. Peace Of Heart

    A Link to the Past Curse of the European Zelda

    Ah ok. Well at least you know what exactly you're buying even if the artwork is exactly the same. And thanks! I can't play versions from other countries because they apparently have some differences in the way they run through the N64 console. So in order to play them, I need the N64 consoles...
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