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  1. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Link

    nice ^^ don't see as much traditional art out there as it used to be. good job
  2. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Fairies and Triforce

    XD oh cool, definitely gonna be something special when it's finished
  3. IHateAnts

    Pokemon Art Pokémon Idea Evolutions

    XD still creepy and awesome.
  4. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Playing in the Forest

    XD yet another commission from dA I think this is my best piece yet :clap: For more of my art see EveryonesFanGirl on DeviantArt. :)
  5. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    @pinkfish GAHAHAH XDD Oh niiiice Now you make me feel bad for the poor octorock @Raindrop @DragonofTime ^^ thank you very much
  6. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    @Pinkfish Lol XD well you sound like you're quite good at it. @Dragonfly Yeah it was the commissioner's OC XD and thank you
  7. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    XD oh, I never thought of it as sneezing hahah :lol:
  8. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Wind Waker Wizzrobe!

    Oh wow, now that's really cool
  9. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    lol XD yeah, another octorock bites the dust
  10. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Hero of Hyrule

    Woah! definitely one cool piece
  11. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    XD a point commission i did on dA yesterday. I like it except his eye came out WAAAY huge :( For more of my art see EveryonesFanGirl on Deviantart :clap:
  12. IHateAnts

    Pokemon Art An Idea for a New Pokémon

    XD looks a little spooky, not one i would want to meet in a dark alley that's for sure. hehe
  13. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Just a Far Out Dream of Mine...

    XD that's so neat
  14. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Makar: Crochet Stuffy

    Oh, that is just precious. Sadly I don't have anything constructive to say, but still, that's awesome that you made the pattern yourself and all.
  15. IHateAnts

    Favourite GameBoy?

    I like both the Gameboy Color and the SP, I wasn't that fond of the size of the regular advance, and i never had the chance to try any of the earlier versions of the gameboy.
  16. IHateAnts

    Zelda Art Kikwis

    Aww, they are adorable XD
  17. IHateAnts

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    Hmm, first game i ever played... well it is a combination of two because we got them at the same time and i can't remember which i started on first. Super Mario Brothers Deluxe, and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening both on gameboy, I never had a console video game until last Christmas.
  18. IHateAnts

    Is Mario Kart Worth It?

    Personally the game really bores me. But it can get pretty entertaining if you have someone else to play against.
  19. IHateAnts

    GBA Sp

    XD yeah, GBA SP's are pretty durable from what I've experienced.
  20. IHateAnts

    Most Hated Game

    I have to agree with the SMG comment there, the game is incredibly boring!
  21. IHateAnts

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    My nicknaming strategy all depends on how i start a new file. if i name my starter Pokemon, then the rest of my Pokemon are named to match it some how. and same goes for if i don't name it, then i wont name the others either.
  22. IHateAnts

    If You Were a Pokemon, Which Type Would You Be?

    I would be either Normal or Ghost type
  23. IHateAnts

    Favorite Eeveelution

    I always went with Vaporeon because it fit my battling style and my team of choice. But also because I've always had a soft spot for it since my first lv 100 Pokemon was my Vaporeon, Ahh memories~
  24. IHateAnts

    What Should I Get

    Any of them would be a good choice, it would all depend on which story line you liked more.
  25. IHateAnts

    Is Ash Immortal?

    Oh god, it's TRUE! :lol:
  26. IHateAnts

    Who's Your Favorite Evil Organization from the Games?

    Team Rocket, for sure.
  27. IHateAnts

    Which Game to Start With?

    I was always partial to Ruby and Sapphire, but I'd have to agree with the majority of everyone else, fire red or leaf green would best to begin with.
  28. IHateAnts

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Item?

    XD double clawshots or any of the ocarina. Playing songs is the best~
  29. IHateAnts

    Majora's Mask 3D or Majora's Mask 2?

    I second. :)
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