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  1. Emrys412

    Which Game Has The Best Trailer

    BotW. I am totally biased though. I only got into Zelda after SS was out, so BotW is the first trailer I've really been hyped about.
  2. Emrys412

    Game with the best items

    TP introduced several great new items such as the double clawshots, the dominion rod, and the spinner. But the game with the best items overall has to be LttP.
  3. Emrys412

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeon in Twilight Princess?

    My favorite is City in the Sky. (best challenges, item, and boss) Least favoritte in Forest Temple. (the infamous monkey dungeon)
  4. Emrys412

    If You Could Meet Any Zelda Character, Who Would It Be?

    Probably SS Zelda, she's wise and has a strong sense of duty, but she is also kind and funny.
  5. Emrys412

    If You Could Design Your Own Mask, What Would it Be?

    An invisibility mask. Duh. For those times when you only have half a heart in a room full of enemies.
  6. Emrys412

    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    A guy once trid to explain to me why Zelda is for three years olds... I thought it would be funny to see any young kid try to get through the water temple. Ha!
  7. Emrys412

    Is It Weird for Girls to <3 LOZ

    I think it's awesome when girls play Zelda. Zelda is for anyone who wants adventure.
  8. Emrys412

    Zeldas you've played (in order)

    SS, TP, HW, WW, OoT, LoZ, MM, AoL, LttP, MC
  9. Emrys412

    What is your favorite way that Link wakes up?

    BotW's wake up scene seems really interesting and cool. Can't wait to get more details! Why isn't TP's wake up scene an option?
  10. Emrys412

    If You Could Be Any LoZ Character, Who Would You Be?

    TP or SS Link because they've got good lives and people they care about. Also, both of them are capable of beating the crap out of pretty much anything in Hyrule.
  11. Emrys412

    The Scariest Looking Character?

    Ghirahim and the guardians from SS. Dead Hand from OoT. The puppet things from TP.
  12. Emrys412

    Best Zelda remake so far?

    Twilight Princess HD of course! It even has its own amiibo!
  13. Emrys412

    Sexiest Zelda Character

    TP Midna, SS Zelda, HW Lana. (don't hate me for liking Midna in both her forms)
  14. Emrys412

    Best Outfits in Zelda

    I like Zelda's outfit is SS and Link in TP.
  15. Emrys412

    Hyrule Warriors The Most Powerful Character?

    What if my favorite IS the most powerful??? :eek:
  16. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild The Best Improvement We've Seen?

    Gliding, slow motion shooting, so many weapons! But seriously, the best is shield surfing. Seriously.
  17. Emrys412

    Hyrule Warriors The Most Powerful Character?

    Sheik is my favorite mainly because of all her combos. Especially the water shield thing that prevents you from taking damage.
  18. Emrys412

    Hyrule Warriors The Most Powerful Character?

    Link and Ganondorf are probably the most powerful, while Sheik and Lana are also pretty strong characters.
  19. Emrys412

    Nintendo Switch News and Discussion Thread

    The mini d-pad is the + button (start) the - button is select.
  20. Emrys412

    A Link Between Worlds - Underappreciated?

    It's a great game, and was ranked highly in reviews. I just don't think that many people played them.
  21. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild Returning areas

    Castle town and Kakariko Village. I loved Snowpeak from TP too!
  22. Emrys412

    A Zelda...Movie?Show?Anime?

    I agree that they could pull off a live action film or tv series if they got perfect casting and spot on effects.
  23. Emrys412

    How Many of the Zelda Titles do you OWN?

    SS, TP, WWHD, HW, MC, LttP.
  24. Emrys412

    Did you play the remakes first?

    I played the originals first on all but Windwaker. Unless virtual console counts as a remake.
  25. Emrys412

    What Games Should be on the Nintendo Switch?

    Besides BotW, I'd like games like Skyrim and the Witcher 3, as well as upcoming things like Red Dead Redemption 2.
  26. Emrys412

    Favorite Zelda Song

    Wait, I forgot Midna's Lament!
  27. Emrys412

    Favorite Zelda Song

    Ballad of the Goddess LoZ Theme WW theme
  28. Emrys412

    The thing in Zelda you love but everyone hates

    Forgot to mention the motion controls in SS! I loved them when they worked, and when they didn't I just had to recalibrate. Also, TP is the best Zelda game so far.
  29. Emrys412

    The thing in Zelda you love but everyone hates

    I liked Fi from SS. She was a great character at the end of the game. It was really touching.
  30. Emrys412

    Favorite 3D Zelda Game

    Twilight Princess all the way! Best dungeons and great combat on the gamecube and wii u versions!
  31. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild looks far better on the Nintendo Switch

    I will be playing it on the Switch, but I might also buy it for Wii U after I get some Switch games. Looking at you Skyrim! But not until I'm finished with BotW!
  32. Emrys412

    Wii U vs. Switch

    The Switch is exciting and it is clearly a new console by Nintendo. The Wii U was not. Nintendo is doing a better job with the Switch than they ever did with the Wii U, and they have only released one preview. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my Wii U, but I am beyond ready for something new. If the...
  33. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild Will you play Breath of the Wind on Wii U or Nintendo Switch?

    I will be playing it on the switch without a doubt. This amazing Zelda game, plus being able to play it anywhere? I'm sold.
  34. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild The Giant Moblin From The Switch Footage

    Did anyone else notice how Link's bomb arrow did nothing to it? That's messed up. Also, it looked like they were fighting in a giant rib cage.
  35. Emrys412

    TPHD-Wii U Was TP HD in need for a remake for the wii u?

    I don't think it was necessary. But it was awesome, and it was successful. Knowing that Wolf Link's health in BotW corresponded to the challenge in TP provided enough motivation for me to buy it despite having played the wii version the previous year.
  36. Emrys412

    Favorite/Least Favorite Mini Games

    I also liked the Star challenge in Twilight Princess, even though it made barely any sense. You used the clawshots to travel from wall to wall in a giant cage picking up bits of light along the way. You were rewarded with a bigger quiver... What? No archery mini game? Okay. Whatever.
  37. Emrys412

    Favorite/Least Favorite Mini Games

    It may not count as a mini game, but I liked the boss challenge in Skyward Sword. I mean, it's optional, and you earn good stuff, so why shouldn't it be a mini game? My least favorite was delivering spring water to the Goron in Twilight Princess. I kept throwing the barrel when I meant to set...
  38. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild How useful do you think the handglider is going to be?

    I know I will be using it a lot in conjunction with the bow. You can jump off of anything, pull it out for a microsecond then go into slow motion bow shooting. Super useful, extremely epic.
  39. Emrys412

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    I liked City in the Sky from TP. Challenging puzzles, Awesome item (Double Clawshots), and an epic boss fight (Argorok). My least favorite is probably death mountain from the original LoZ. Took me forever.
  40. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild What kind of arrow would you want to see in BOTW?

    Probably a noise arrow to distract enemy camps, I also think light arrows should return. What about a darkness arrow?
  41. Emrys412

    How old were you when you got into Zelda

    My first Zelda game was Skyward Sword a few years ago. I loved it and immediately Got Twilight Princess (which has the best dungeons so far), then Windwaker HD. I have played several more since then, and am super hyped for BotW!
  42. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild Heart increase methods?

    Nintendo did confirm heart pieces a while back, but I still would have liked to see something like a level-up system similar to that of games like War in the North and the Batman Arkham series.
  43. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Release Bundle Rumors - What would you want to see?

    I'd be happy to pay an extra $100 or so for a Zelda themed one that includes BotW and has more storage space. Whether or not it comes with the amiibo isn't really something that matters to me, as I will buy the Zelda ones anyway.
  44. Emrys412

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Sheik: Awesome ninja who play a harp. Need I say more? Tingle: I think he is a creep, and I hate how much attention he gets. He'd be much more bearable if he wasn't worshiped by so many people.
  45. Emrys412

    Hyrule Warriors Speculation: HW2 or a remake on NX?

    I doubt they would remake it yet again for the Switch, at least not for a while. It is more likely that they make a sequel.
  46. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild What would you do if this game came out and it completely SUCKED?

    It wont be a bad game. They have worked on it too long for it to be bad. However, it it was just terrible, I would be extremely depressed and might give up on all games.
  47. Emrys412

    Breath of the Wild Will we see Link's iconic tunic in BotW?

    I am of the opinion that it will be some kind of side quest reward, and that it will have some kind of cool ability. Maybe double damage? Stealth abilities? Let me know what you think.
  48. Emrys412

    If you could choose to live in any area/place from the Zelda series, where would you pick?

    Faron Woods or Skyloft from SS Ordon Village from TP
  49. Emrys412

    Nintendo Switch News and Discussion Thread

    I literally couldn't stop laughing after watching the trailer yesterday! After everyone speculating when and where Nintendo would reveal the NX, they drop a YouTube video. Only Nintendo. I am so excited for this. I can play BotW on a portable device? Not to mention a hugely popular game like...
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