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  1. Dr. Plague

    October Contest Grand Prize

    Thanks! :]
  2. Dr. Plague

    October Contest Grand Prize

    I know a lot of people have been asking about the announcement for the prize from the contest back in October. I had forgotten about it, to be honest, until Masse contacted me on Christmas day and told me I had won the Grand Prize - The First 4 Figures WW Ganondorf. Well, I received him today...
  3. Dr. Plague

    Hyrule Encyclopedia

    I saw this as well. I'll try to get my hands on it just for the sake of adding it to my library.
  4. Dr. Plague

    Do you wish you could live in a Zelda world?

    I frequently wish that I could live in fantasy worlds. Of course, our conception of them is that they so dangerous, what with ancient evils and such, but if you were to look at it like another world similar to our, except more medieval and fantastic, then yes.
  5. Dr. Plague

    Favorite Overworld Theme?

    I like most of them in their own right, for their own proprietary reasons. Each overworld theme (by which I mean the main hub, i.e. Hyrule Field / Termina) is indicative of its own game and the elements contained therein. OoT Is the standard by which we judge all others though, I feel like. I do...
  6. Dr. Plague

    Favorite Room in Zelda

    Hmm, I'm not really sure how to answer this. I think it would have to be when you first enter the Temple of Time in OoT. The size, the music, all lending to it's solemnity and mystically. You just knew there was something about that place.
  7. Dr. Plague

    Favourite Zelda landmark?

    I don;t think you can really get away from Death Mountain. It's quite iconic, making its way in many Zelda titles (not necessarily under that name, per se, but still in some other sense). However, my favorite might have to be Gerudo Desert's Mirror Chamber from Twilight Princess. I remember the...
  8. Dr. Plague

    Is There A Characteristic Which You Hate?

    Dishonesty. I'll take a lot, but won't tolerate lying at all.
  9. Dr. Plague

    What Are Your Major Goals/Dreams?

    Man, I've had a lot of different goals and dreams. I think though that after some time, I've come to the conclusion that my ultimate goal is to have a job that I don't hate (at least I like it more than I hate it), that pays enough for me to support my wife and eventual children, with a bit left...
  10. Dr. Plague

    Where'd the Graveyard Kid Go?

    I'd like to think that he fell in to an open grave and got eaten by a ReDead. Never liked that kid. I mean, how did he even 30 rupees to pay for that mask? Seems pretty shady.
  11. Dr. Plague

    Food in Loz

    Hearts, man. http://www.hejibits.com/comics/heartless-horticulture/
  12. Dr. Plague

    The Scariest Zelda Enemies

    Along with everyone else here, I hated the ReDeads as a child, playing through OoT. I was overjoyed when they gave us a way to neutralize them with masks in MM. As an adult, I find more wall masters and like-likes more frightening. Like-likes not because they're outright scary, but when they...
  13. Dr. Plague

    New Zelda trading cards

    Yeah, just for collection, but that does;t keep me from wanting them. Basically, anything Zelda related that I can get my hands on. Except that I have no money ;-;
  14. Dr. Plague

    Goron biology

    Similarly, Zoras would need something like the Gorons. Probably a solid sound transmission because they can have no air spaces within their body. As they dive down, those spaces would compress and cause them pain and probably biological damage. Think swimming down to the bottom of a pool, how...
  15. Dr. Plague

    Goron biology

    I think that this is a great theory! I love bringing in real-world biology to make sense of things like this. It would make more sense to have a solid sound transmitter, i.e. bone, rather than a tympanic membrane and fluid. This would also allow Gorons to have extra-sensitive hearing because...
  16. Dr. Plague

    Game with the best items

    That's a pretty difficult decision. On the one hand, I feel like Ocarina of Time has to be a contender because it brought all of these beloved items - the hammer, the hookshot, the bow, etc. to the 3D world. Then you have Majora's Mask, with all of it's utility masks, many of them allowing for...
  17. Dr. Plague

    How old were you when you got into Zelda

    My first intro to a Zelda game was the Ocarina of Time; I was 10 years old. Been a huge fan of it for the last 18 years.
  18. Dr. Plague

    Legend of Zelda Graphic Novels

    It is debatable as to whether or not they actually are canon. I think that we can all agree that the "Hyrule Historia" is absolutely canon, no questions asked. That being said, one of Akira Himekawa's graphic novels appears in the Historia, itself, lending to the idea that these novels, have...
  19. Dr. Plague

    Majora's Mask 3DS Let's Play

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  20. Dr. Plague

    Majora's Mask 3DS Let's Play

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a good Let's Player that has done Majora's Mask for the 3DS? I've tried watching a few, like Sullypwnz, but couldn't get far in because of his racial stereotyping of the different races in the game, and I can't stand ZeldaMaster's voice. Suggestions?
  21. Dr. Plague

    Zelda attire

    To be honest, I don't know the difference between crochet and knitting, so there very well may not be any crochet patterns for Link's hat.
  22. Dr. Plague

    Zelda attire

    Actually, I do not have any LoZ clothes, sadly. However, when I have a bit of free time, I really want to learn how to crochet and make Link's hat.
  23. Dr. Plague

    Best Outfits in Zelda

    Personally I've always liked Telma's outfit from TP. Not for her obvious... *charms*, but for the level of detail and creativity that is there. Layering, different colors, etc. She's one of my favorite characters from the entire series, tbh.
  24. Dr. Plague

    Did you play the remakes first?

    Nope. I actually don't think I've played any remakes... My first was OoT on the N64, then Majora's Mask and on. I suppose I have played a remake, if you count the Gamecube ports of OoT, MM, LoZ, and AoL as "remakes."
  25. Dr. Plague

    Favorite Zelda Song

    This is one thing that I have always loved about The Legend of Zelda - it has amazing music. Koji Kondo is a master of creating an atmosphere within the digital world. On my iTunes, I have the albums of OoT, MM, TP, and WW all in a playlist back to back. It's mellow enough that I can work to it...
  26. Dr. Plague

    Favorite Kind of Science?

  27. Dr. Plague

    F4F KoRL

    If only I had the money ;_;
  28. Dr. Plague

    N64 Major's mask vs the 3Ds one

    I have not played the 3DS version, so I can't speak to that. I've tried to find a few different Let's Plays of it on Youtube, but I can't find a player whose commentary does;t drive me mad. That being said, the changes I've seen (The improved graphics, different item locations, new saves) all...
  29. Dr. Plague

    Favorite game or current favorite game.

    All time favorite - tied between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess When not playing either of those: probably The Binding of Isaac. I've got over 600 hours logged on that...
  30. Dr. Plague

    What do you regret selling/giving away/losing?

    I also had a really nice pocket knife that just disappeared one day. No idea where it went.
  31. Dr. Plague

    If You Could Be Any LoZ Character, Who Would You Be?

    A gossip stone. I could sit and watch people and rarely, if ever, interact with them.
  32. Dr. Plague

    The most annoying bugs

    My first thought, too.
  33. Dr. Plague

    Did WW Link fail?

    This a great theory. When combined with another theory that the Old man from BoTW is King Hyrule, it would make sense that he is still around if Link failed.
  34. Dr. Plague

    Your Favourite NX Qualities?

    My favorite NX quality? Hard to say seeing as how it does't officially exist.
  35. Dr. Plague

    Breath of the Wild What is calamity Ganon? (all data and theory)

    I hope you're right; Demise was the WORST. Also, that's the most apt title I've ever seen for him.
  36. Dr. Plague

    What is Navi's story?

    I think you mean Fi there. As for navi, I don't know that there is anything official about her original, but I've read an interesting theory that leads in to Majora's Mask from Ocarina of Time: with all other fairies, they disappear (probably die) once their purpose has been fulfilled. This is...
  37. Dr. Plague

    Favorite 3D Zelda Game

    It's really a tie between Majora's Mask and Twilight princess for me. Then tied for second is Ocarina of time and Wind Waker. Skyward Sword isn't even on my list. I hated that one.
  38. Dr. Plague

    What is you favourite glitch you've performed in a Zelda game?

    Creating an unbreakable deck stick in OoT.
  39. Dr. Plague

    Spoiler Cows on the ranch in MM

    No, Romani says it happens every year at that time.
  40. Dr. Plague

    A 1st Person Zelda Title..?

    I feel like Bethesda has the cornerstone on First-Person adventure games. I would't be that in to it, anyway.
  41. Dr. Plague

    The 20th Zelda game

    Implying that making a new Zelda game is not "special"?
  42. Dr. Plague

    The thing in Zelda you love but everyone hates

    I'm a Navi fan. I didn't necessarily mind her chiming in, tbh. Fi, on the other hand... ugh.
  43. Dr. Plague

    What is/are your favorite holiday(s)?

    Hallowe'en is one of mine; I like decorating, carving pumpkins, etc. I like the eeriness of this time of year.
  44. Dr. Plague

    Apple or Android?

    I have iOS, basically because I don't know any better / have no interest in the technical side of things.
  45. Dr. Plague

    The Fat Goblin

    Yeah, like Cthulhu said, pretty sure it's the same Bulblin. He has progressively shorter horns as Link chops them off with every meeting. TBH, I was astounded at the end of their final meeting - one of the best scenes in the game for me.
  46. Dr. Plague

    If You Could Destroy One Zelda Enemy, Who would it be?

    The Adventure of Link Darknuts are game enders, but I love battling them in TP. They look so cool.
  47. Dr. Plague

    If You Could Destroy One Zelda Enemy, Who would it be?

    Tektites are some of the most annoying enemies in just about any title entry for me. *poof* Begone, spidery-hop-monsters!
  48. Dr. Plague

    The Binding of Isaac

    The Lost is a walk in the park compared to the Keeper. It forces you to play the entire game differently, which, while I applaud the designers for implementing a system to force the player to do so, it is easily the most difficult thing I have ever done in a game.
  49. Dr. Plague

    Do you prefer a harder or softer mattress?

    I suppose in the middle. Too soft hurts my back, and too hard is just uncomfortable...
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