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  1. ChuyMasta

    Twilight Princess Was Better Than Skyward Sword

    SpiritofZant is Boss!
  2. ChuyMasta

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Day 1 for me. Pikmin 3 was enough to convince me. Which reminds me, Pikmin 2 comes out in three days. Gotta get that too!
  3. ChuyMasta

    Twilight Princess Was Better Than Skyward Sword

    The only thing I miss from TP on SS is.... swinging the sword while walking. I can't understand why that was taken away. I do feel like the art Style in TP was indeed limited by the hardware. Geometry felt toned down. The world was more organic....but it still looked gamey because of huge flat...
  4. ChuyMasta

    Your Gaming Setup, Let Me See It.

    Before: Now: Had to do some minor re-arrangements. Hid the cables, lowered the TV, etc. Wii only for the moment. Can't wait to get a new console by the end of this year....are U ready?
  5. ChuyMasta

    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    Also, this thread fails without pictures on the OP
  6. ChuyMasta

    Twilight Princess Fishing

    Ahh! This is one of the things left for me to do on my Zelda marathon. I already finished Tp, but I havent done the fishing quest properly. Or the roll ball game.
  7. ChuyMasta

    Brawler's Corner

    Added MasterSword
  8. ChuyMasta

    Least Favorite Fast Food?

    Mc Donalds The hamburgers are so small =(
  9. ChuyMasta

    How Old Are You?

    Huh. Bunch of kids around here =\ Do your homework, stay in school, don't do drugs etc etc.
  10. ChuyMasta

    What is the Last Book You Read

    The last one was Radical Honesty. Going through Think Rich right now
  11. ChuyMasta

    Brawler's Corner

    Hah hah. Im up for this.... ChuyMasta - All is Brawl
  12. ChuyMasta

    What Gaming Console/Handheld Do You Own?

    Wii GameCube N64 SNES NES Ohh, and PS3...though my brother is borrowing it for the time being
  13. ChuyMasta

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Not really PLAYING them. More like revisiting my saved files and just going through one level or two. Right now my gaming time is going to:
  14. ChuyMasta

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Xenoblade....haven't started it
  15. ChuyMasta

    What is Your Nickname

    Depends who you talk to: My family: Lalo My friends: Chuy My fiance'e: Fuzzball
  16. ChuyMasta

    Twilight Princess Were You Annoyed by This?

    This was the reason I got the Magic Armor as soon as possible. Whenever I ran out of space in my wallet, I'd equip the armor, blow up myself with some bombs and then collect the ruppees inside. Painful, but effective. No chest was unopened!
  17. ChuyMasta

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Not gaming related, but I like it:
  18. ChuyMasta

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    Still love Zelda. Always will.
  19. ChuyMasta

    Did You Know...?

    hah hah. Right! Auto correct strikes again!
  20. ChuyMasta

    Did You Know...?

    I'll get some pictures later, but here's other facts: The three goddess statues in WW used to create the golden triangle across the sea resemble the red, yellow, blue pikmins from the PIKMIN games. Ears, mouth and nose. The Ocarina of time and Wind Waker Atlas maps almost match completely...
  21. ChuyMasta

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword Quick-Notes

    Speaking of cats. There are four additional cats somewhere on Skyloft: I didn't go through the whole thread. If this has been covered already.... is there more to the cats? I always thought there was only one (The cat from the beginning of the game) but seeing these furry friends made me...
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