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  1. Link 2 the past


    I know a lot of people will hate this system because it's so similar to the horrendous saving in MM. But it really doesn't have the same problems as the game, you are permanently saving for one thing, they are much more common than in MM and you get them inside dungeons. Also unlike a lot of...
  2. Link 2 the past

    Replaying Skyward Sword Right After You Beat It

    Just beat it, not sure if I'm going to play it again right away, but I definitely will be doing the Hero mode at some point.
  3. Link 2 the past

    Ever Died in the Game?

    I suck I died countless times. I think I need to get used to the way the shield works in this get and the way you can get hit while attacking. Maybe if I can focus more on thrusting my shield more.
  4. Link 2 the past

    How Long?

    71 hours, no major focus on side quests but I did a few. I tried not to follow walkthroughs unless I really did not have a clue what to do, or I'd been wondering around forever making no progress (the latter happened quite a lot). I may start another playthrough soon where I'll try for 100%.
  5. Link 2 the past

    Majora's Mask Is Majora‘s Mask a Bad Game?

    Only real issue I can think of other than the saving is that maybe the game is a little too easy when compared to OoT. Typically I will die maybe once, twice at most in a single play through, compared to maybe half a dozen or so times in OoT. Those that say it breaks from the formula, it...
  6. Link 2 the past

    Majora's Mask Is Majora‘s Mask a Bad Game?

    The only flaw I can think of in the whole game is the saving. Otherwise it's all awesome!
  7. Link 2 the past

    Spoiler Ganondorf or Zant?

    Aside from Gannon, Vatti is the only re-used villain to date. He he as only in the four sword games. So if they did bring him back I think it would only be in a sequel in TP.
  8. Link 2 the past

    Majora's Mask I Just Completed the Anju and Kafei Sidequest.

    I don't think there is any question of that, heck! name a better side quest in the history of the series! !
  9. Link 2 the past

    General Classic Dungeons That Effect the Over World

    Other than the four in MM, can anyone think of other dungeons in the series where, when you complete them, something changes in the over world? Of course it’s common for you to be able to do new things after you complete a dungeon because you have a new item. But aside from MM, I can’t think...
  10. Link 2 the past

    Majora's Mask A Little Game We Can Play in MM

    I guess I've been watching too much of Slumdog Millionaire! I'd say no just because people do have lives. I didn't know that could happen! Maybe empty out the bank, play the song of time and make note of what stage of the three day cycle you are at when the bank is full. That way if can be...
  11. Link 2 the past

    Majora's Mask A Little Game We Can Play in MM

    Play the song of time to go to dawn of the first day. Go out into Termina field and start collecting rupees any way you want, as long as you don't leave Termina field, unless it is to go back into clock town. Once your wallet is full, go deposit them in the bank and make a note somewhere, then...
  12. Link 2 the past

    Four Swords Final Boss of Cave Place

    They'd have been better off just making all colors visible.
  13. Link 2 the past

    Four Swords What Do You Think About the Anniversary Edition?

    With the new Lttp LA and LoZ levels, I kind of wished they used the actual sound effects and enemy models from those game, rather than the FS ones.
  14. Link 2 the past

    Four Swords What Do You Think About the Anniversary Edition?

    With the new Lttp LA and LoZ levels, I kind of wished they used the actual sound effects and enemy models from those game, rather than the FS ones. I also find a little annoying how many times you have to kill a bunch of enemies.
  15. Link 2 the past

    Four Swords What Do You Think About the Anniversary Edition?

    One thing I really love is how much more useful rupees are in this. How many time have you opened a chest in a regular Zelda game and been really disappointed to find it's just rupees. But in this game, you really can never have enough of them! It begs for an online mode though.
  16. Link 2 the past

    Four Swords How to Defeat Vaati?

    Keep throwing bombs into the tornado, if you do it right it will get shorter. Quickly throw two more in so that the tornado is gone. This will stun him so slash away like crazy! Repeat until defeated (or at least it looks like he's defeated).
  17. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess Ball and Chain: Too Good?

    I never used it unless I had to. So no, not too good.
  18. Link 2 the past


    Something that uses the motion plus a lot. That way the people that don't like that kind of thing can just bypass it.
  19. Link 2 the past

    Upgrade System Video

    1:01 wait are they going back to the MM style of saving your game?
  20. Link 2 the past

    Ocarina of Time Why?

    It's getting attention because it's just come out, nothing wrong with that. Remakes help to give a new generation of gamers a chance to play the game. So a new generation of gamers get a chance to play it. You know a new Zelda game is coming out in two months time right?
  21. Link 2 the past

    WW-Wii U 100% Run Help Needed

    Not complaining at all, all this info is great. I don't need to know where they are, I can take care of that myself. lol I hadn't thought of that, I might give that a go.
  22. Link 2 the past

    WW-Wii U 100% Run Help Needed

    I kind of need to know how many there are of each collectable so I can be sure I have them all.
  23. Link 2 the past

    WW-Wii U 100% Run Help Needed

    I'm going to attempt to do a 100% run of WW. But could someone just clarify for me everything thing there is to get in the game, just some I can be sure it is truly a 100% run.
  24. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    "Whatever I see I shall devour!" :)
  25. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess Wii Version: Does Anyone Feel The Same?

    Conbat would have been harder if Link and the enemies used the same hand to hold their weapon.
  26. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    The only time I use epona when she wasn't mandatory was getting to the hidden village. Into Palace of Twilight now (almost time to face those dam hands!) time is 23:01 (although I did leave it running for 2 hours yesterday because I'm lazy) 4 game overs so far The fight on the bridge of Elden...
  27. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    Into the city in the sky now. One more really stupid game over in the temple of time (Now four in total) when I stood too close to the statue while I was having him use the hammer.
  28. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    I'm pretty sure these are all required to beat the game. Unless you are talking about a glitch.
  29. Link 2 the past

    General Modern Is This Odd?

    Minish Cap had a lot of good things in it good dungeons, cool side quests, and the interesting experiences of turning minish. It seemed to me like the handheld equivalent of MM with less dungeons and more side quests. The problem was that the over world wasn't really big enough to contain all...
  30. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    Ok I'm through the Arbiter's Grounds now, only three game overs so far.
  31. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    I don't really anyway. I already have two bottles, I'll have to just not use them. No upgrades doesn't really make things much harder, I don't think I've ever run out of bombs or arrows I did try that once, just couldn't get through the gate :( I've also picked up two heart pieces by...
  32. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    I've just started a 3 heart challenge and I'm finding it pretty easy so far (I'm in the Lakebed Temple currently). So does anyone have any advice on how I could make a little harder for myself. For example should I get the magic armor?
  33. Link 2 the past

    Why Do Most Games Begin with Link Waking Up?

    PH would be another one where this is the case, unless you believe that the events of that game were a dream, and LA is the same thing. Anyway the other games where he doesn't wake up, the two NES game, the Oracle games and ST.
  34. Link 2 the past

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple Overrated?

    This implies that the Water Temple is highly rated, when in fact most fans seem to hate it. Anyway, the whole thing with the iron boots and changing the water level has been talked about to death, but you do get probably the best item in the game in this dungeon, one the best mini bosses in...
  35. Link 2 the past

    Three Heart Runs, How They Annoy You

    I found out the other day that you can't do a three heart run for LttP. The quest item won't appear until you pick up the heart container, that's lame!
  36. Link 2 the past

    What's Your Least Favorite Zelda Game

    FSA isn't great as a one player game and is too long for a multi-player game. Other than that I've liked them all (unless we are counting the CD-i games but I've not played them myself), but the one liked the least was probably PH, due to the short dungeons.
  37. Link 2 the past

    A Link to the Past Playthrough

    For me the main reason Lttp is the best game ever is because of all the different items. I think it also has the most dungeons of any of the games.
  38. Link 2 the past

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    It's werid, I never had any trouble with him as a kid, but it took me like four tries in the 3D version. I kept missing with my spin attacks also, this might be something just in the 3D version, arrows don't seem to work when he is punching and I can't never get out of the way in time. I've...
  39. Link 2 the past

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I know you probably are not thinking about this right now but get Caleb to be at the next Zeldathon!
  40. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess Benzaie: Why Twilight Princess Sucks

    It seems Nintendo can't win when it come to the graphics in Zelda, everyone seemed to hate the cartoon look of WW and everyone hated the more realistic look of TP. I thought they both looked amazing. As for this guy, most of the problems he had were either nitpicks (like not using dungeon items...
  41. Link 2 the past

    What Game Have You NOT Played Yet but Are Interested in Doing So?

    I've play them all, but not completed them all. Unless you count the crossbow game or the CD-i games, or the Gamecube version TP (which I hear is a little better but I don't see how since the control for the Wii are much better).
  42. Link 2 the past

    Spoiler Most Useless Zelda Item

    OOT has a lot of fairly worthless items, the silver arrows, the giants knife, the silver and golden scales, the huge rupee for getting all the gold skulltulas (if that counts as an item), the golden gauntlets, farore's wind, the song of storms, the masks and the bombchus.
  43. Link 2 the past

    General Classic Minish Cap Complaint.

    MC has maybe too many side quest and not enough of a main quest for a hand held. The game is short even for a hand held, they clearly went for quality over quantity here. The bosses are pretty easy but also a lot of fun.
  44. Link 2 the past

    Spirit Tracks Spirit Tracks Afterthoughts

    Outside of the train, which was too slow, had a terrible warp system and doesn't really make sense when Link has moved about on foot of other games, there isn't really anything major wrong with the game. Nothing you do on the train is much fun, but the annoying thing is, some of the things you...
  45. Link 2 the past

    25'th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda

    The first game didn't come out till 87 so it's a while yet.
  46. Link 2 the past

    How Would You Die?

    Holding the bomb arrow for too long (TP)
  47. Link 2 the past

    Nintendo Says the Final Released Version is Going to Look Considerably Better.

    I don't know why they feel the need to change them, graphics look fine to me.
  48. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess The Room Where You Fight Morpheel is Rarther Odd

    Not at all. The game is the game and the story is something completely separate IMO. If the game is awesome but the story is terrible (e.g. ST) I'm not at all bothered. I never mentioned anything about Gannondorf or the Master sword.
  49. Link 2 the past

    A Day in Spirit Tracks

    Maybe it's done in real time! I hope not.
  50. Link 2 the past

    How Was TWW Good?

    I always find it odd that this seems to be the one everyones loves to hate, it seems to center around three issues, the graphics, the sailing and the game is too easy. The graphics look amazing, the sailing does take a bit too much of the game but it does help to cut down on the loading times...
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