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  1. angelkid

    General Zelda Look What I Gone Did.

    To you and to all else whom it may concern me, the friend that helped me build this and another, are currently working on a playable PC adventure map of The Great Deku Tree. Hopefully it will be up and running within a month. The shell is already 50% built. The map will be a fully functioning...
  2. angelkid

    Spoiler What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    ...I own) is so buggy. I love the actual game though, I've just never got round to getting the 3DS version. So even though I love the game It makes me ****ing angry. I do also think it has a weak storyline for a 3D zelda game. So I'd say my favourite part of OoT is the Biggoron sword and the...
  3. angelkid

    General Zelda Look What I Gone Did.

    Great Deku Tree me and my friend built in Minecraft. There's a chest with sticks in the shape of a boomerang, a hole in the floor filled with spider webs leading down to a watery level with a spawned spider (which would be called Queen Gohma if spawn eggs and anvils were in the Xbox version at...
  4. angelkid

    Ocarina of Time Which Ocarina of Time Dungeon is the Hardest?

    I would have to say that the water temple is the hardest for me. It's not that it's more difficult as such, more that it is so infuriatingly tedious that I find it difficult to actually continue playing past that point. I never want to actually go inside. I waste hours upon hours finding heart...
  5. angelkid

    Tattoos: Where to Put 'em

    I have a Hylian Crest tattooed on the left side of my chest. Right next to my heart.... I was a fair bit younger then, and even though I rarely have time to play Zelda anymore, I don't regret it. It's a reminder of something that was a HUGE part of my childhood. Plus I do intend to eventually...
  6. angelkid

    Favorite Item

    I'm not sure if it qualifies as an item, but I was very fond of the Abyssal Armour from the first game. It was fun to collect, it really did give a helping hand (especially on Apocalyptic) and it looks awesome. What's more, the ability to transfer the item when you started a new game is a great...
  7. angelkid

    Nordic Games Buys Darksiders IP

    Funnily enough, you were my first choice.
  8. angelkid

    Should I Buy Darksiders?

    If you're the kind of gamer who is willing to give a game more of a chance once you have bought it, I'd suggest buying it before you play it. My reason being that the beginning of this game, while being awesome, gameplay wise makes the game out to seem like a pretty repetitive hack and slash...
  9. angelkid

    Nordic Games Buys Darksiders IP

    From what I have read, they outbid Crytek games and there is rumour that they are dubious of what to do with it. Well that's nice, if you didn't know what you were going to do with the franchise the least you could do is let it go to it's makers. I just hope they don't leave it around...
  10. angelkid

    Do You Think You Could Ever Be Too Old for a Video Game?

    I reached a point with Pokemon Black and White where I just became sick of the same formula with a different look in each game. Three starter pokemon, get a rival, 8 gym leaders, Team _____ is up to some evil doings! You must stop them, Elite Four and then a pokedex that you can't complete...
  11. angelkid

    What Happened to the Reputation?

    Okay well I guess that does make sense :). Thanks for the info and I see the like system now I somehow managed to miss that... It's also great to know it could come back so thanks again.
  12. angelkid

    What Happened to the Reputation?

    Hey I have recently returned to the dungeons after a few years of hiatus, and I was just wondering, to any of those members who were here last time I was, what happened to the reputation system on the thread or am I just missing something? Not to be facetious, but I liked receiving...
  13. angelkid

    Origin of Raiku, Entei and Suicine.

    My friend posted this picture on facebook today: My mind was absolutely blown. Is this true? I'm not so hot on my pokemon knowledge anymore.
  14. angelkid

    The Harvester Scythe (Darksiders I)

    The Harvester Scythe. The first thing I am going to say is that I'm talking Darksiders: Wrath of War here, as I haven't yet played Darksiders II. For those that don't know you obtain the Harvester Scythe by entering the code 'The Hollow Lord' in the 'Enter code' section of the options menu...
  15. angelkid

    Silitha Appreciation Thread

    I replayed this portion of the game again today on Apocalyptic and I have to say, I breezed through the dungeon in about 35 minutes, but Silitha wiped the floor with me about 4 times. I'm using the harvester scythe and trying to level that up, but I had to revert back to my chaoseater, equipped...
  16. angelkid

    Silitha Appreciation Thread

    I have to agree with the post above. Silithas battle was extremely easy and I have to say that all the teleporting really did was make things seem very hectic when really the fight was simple and easy. You never lost track of where Silitha was, not just because of targeting but also because she...
  17. angelkid

    If Nintendo Bought Vigil Games

    Then we would be forced to play Darksiders III on an inferior nintendo console, and what's more we'd be tricked into buying 'Darksiders 3DS!'
  18. angelkid

    Female Gorons?

    I can think of a few possibilities that haven't been mentioned. The first and most likely is that they are like the Dwarves from Lord of the Rings, there are females, but they look exactly the same. For example, half of the Gorons in death mountain in any game could easily be female but we just...
  19. angelkid

    Ocarina of Time Dodongo, Link's House, Time Travel Theory

    No offence, but my post completely disproved your theory. Both of these points prove he was definitely sent back to sometime during the time over which the child part of the game takes place, you said that the drawing was done somewhere before the events of the game (as it is there at the...
  20. angelkid

    Ocarina of Time [SPOILER]Continuity!?!

    Was just re-watching the ending scenes of ocarina of time when I noticed a continuity fail which I would like to share. Upon saving her Cuccoos Anju thanks you and goes on to say that she couldn't of done it because she can't touch them (always seemed a little strange to me but fine.) Then in...
  21. angelkid

    Ocarina of Time Dodongo, Link's House, Time Travel Theory

    I like your theory, but I'm sorry it doesn't really make sense. Zelda sends Link back to before to enjoy the seven years he spent in isolation. It's hard to pin-point the exact time that she sent Link back to, but we do know that it falls somewhere before Zelda and Impa flee Hyrule castle -as...
  22. angelkid


    I don't think they would do it for the timelines sake. However, it does make sense, and Nintendo knows anything they do will pretty much make sense as this is the first tittle in the series so they don't have to worry about timeline clashes at all. Nintendo do love to rehash and Volvagia is one...
  23. angelkid

    Do You Think the "key" Tells More Than We Think?

    I think the point in the Key being shaped the way it is, is going to be a new way of adding structure and linearity to the temples. Instead of us only being able to access one locked door at a time, now I think specific keys will only fit specific locks. So we'll have to find the exact key for...
  24. angelkid


    In the 'Do You Think the "key" Tells More Than We Think?' thread TheCongressMan1 mentioned the key resembling volvagia, and it got me to thinking. SS is supposed to be set before any other Zelda and it's stated in OoT by the Goron named Link that Ganondorf resurrects Volvagia, meaning he had...
  25. angelkid

    E3 on tv?

    HDMI cables can be pretty expensive if you don't already own one...
  26. angelkid

    A Link to the Past Link to the Past Blooper: A Mistake That Most Only Make Once

    Nice, I found this pretty funny. It would have been really good if at the end he walked around a bit and fell for it again. Good though, keep them coming.
  27. angelkid

    Spoiler Could Agahnim Be Ganondorf?

    While I don't really think this is what you were getting at, it is partially true. The way I see it Ganon/dorf created Agahnim as an extention of himself (whether he actually fully created Agahnim or just possessed an already existing being I am unsure) and while his intention was not to use him...
  28. angelkid

    Franchise with Best Music in Brawl. Version 2.0

    I went for Zelda purely because I beat All-star mode with Ganondorf yesterday and the Gerudo Valley theme made me SOOOO happy when it played. My second choice was Animal Crossing though, the theme for that is just so relaxing.
  29. angelkid

    General Modern Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass: "So Close, Yet So Far Away"

    I'd like to add that while Spirit Tracks seems restricted because of the train tracks, in truth there is a lot more freedom then in Phantom Hourglass. What I'm getting at here is that while in PH you can sail and sail to your hearts content, there are such a limited number of islands, there's...
  30. angelkid

    4 Swords Adventure

    I'm not sure of the reason. I would very much like to see a FSA section. Then again, I would also love to see a section for Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and I seriously doubt that that is ever going to happen :P.
  31. angelkid

    How Would You Feel if Nintendo. . .

    I'd say that would be a complete waste of time. The only remakes/ ports to date that I can think of have been to re-release LoZ, AoL and ALttP on Gameboy Advance, OoT, MM, LoZ and AoL on Gamecube and now OoT on the 3DS. The only reason for remaking these games is that the consoles they were...
  32. angelkid

    Pre-order Bonus for Skyward Sword.

    i'll tell you what I would absolutely LOVE to see with something like this, and it would be cheap to make. If we're talking replicas Link figures or ocarina's are either gonna be lame or too expensive too include. No offence but the ocarina that came with the Greek version of OoT 3D looks so...
  33. angelkid

    General Classic Minish Cap- Kinstones?

    Aside from the fusions that are needed to continue the game, and the specific fusions that will always give you the same results I think kinstones fusions and what they give you are fairly random. In other words you can never really tell who you're going to fuse with and what you will get. Also...
  34. angelkid

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    Doctor who is a Family show, so they know that kids are going to see it, and a VERY big portion of the show is aimed at kids. If you don't believe me, just look at the merchandise, you wouldn't see and adult buying most of those things. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Doctor who, I will just happily...
  35. angelkid

    Character Models Influencing Timeline Theories.

    NOTE: I will not be including SS as part of this debate as I don't count it yet as it isn't released. NOTE2: I've been a little out of touch for a while so if I make some batant mistake, cut me some slack, I'm just going on what I and the majority of other members considered to be true at the...
  36. angelkid

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    That's a really good one. Though It would spoil the series for me in a completely different way. Purely because despite the fact there are lots of more mature players, Zelda is a video game series, and there always is and always has been children players and the series has always had a partial...
  37. angelkid

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    There isn't much They could change that would put me off the series. I would say I would hate a Zelda game without Link, but I LOVE Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and that is essentailly a Zelda spin-off without Link. I would say I wouldn't like a Zelda game without Zelda, but then again there is MM...
  38. angelkid

    Pre-order Bonus for Skyward Sword.

    Did a quick search and I couldn't find anything on this. I've been doing a bit of research and there are several rumours that over here in the UK we're going to be getting some form of golden case. It's highly debated whether it's going to be a metal case or just a coloured platic one like...
  39. angelkid

    Favorite Zelda Villain?

    I voted for Ganondorf, Vaati and Dark Link. Ganondorf, is just THE classic villain. As games with repeat antagonists go I think he tops all. His Genius and Power make him an exceptional character to play against and to look into. His personality (or the little of it that we get to see) is...
  40. angelkid

    Skyward Sword Goes to the City?

    Okay so the tittle of this thread is in reference to 'Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City' which for anyone outside of the UK I believe is called 'Animal Crossing: City Folk.' Anyway, the point of this thread is that I have recently purchased 'Let's go to the City' and from reading online...
  41. angelkid

    Easiest Zelda?

    ...middle of exam period, thus it was very rare I would be able to dedicate 2 hours of solid playing as I spent most of my time in exams or revising *cough*.... Anyway point is I can remember several occassions where I would have to stop halfway through a temple and save, and let me tell you, it...
  42. angelkid

    Classic Zelda Commercial

    Oh My God. If they made this an advert today. This would make NO sales. Lol, who was this aimed at? People who hadn't seen the advert? Or failed white rappers? Lol. Honestly one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.
  43. angelkid

    Temple of the Ocean King

    There was one thing that I really disliked about the Temple of the Ocean king. That was the fact that it always tricked you. When you entered your hourglass would flip over and it would say something like '15 mins' or any time. This would make you think 'ahhh only 15 minutes :)' 1 hour later and...
  44. angelkid

    Ocean King Speed Guide

    I found out it was possible, and I almost did it. I was on something like 24 mins and 48 seconds in the VERY last room. Unfortunately, I sneezed, tapped the screen and threw the safe-zone pot somewhere VERY un-useful. I ended up using about 20 seconds in total as there was a +30 pot in that...
  45. angelkid

    Who Would Win?

    You said that about TP Link. I have to say, that doesn't just contrast my opinion. That is just plain wrong. Of the items that TP Link would actually use in an epic brawl, he has the Bomb arrows, highly explosive and damaging and VERY powerful. He has the ball and chain which is possibly the...
  46. angelkid

    Mixing Items

    I liked the idea. It's been done before, but I'd really like to see it done to a bigger extent. For example, what I would really like, would be if you were allowed to mix every single item in your inventory with every other item in your inventory. You could therefore make LOTS of different...
  47. angelkid

    A ZD Timeline Project

    There's no real reason for Link's clothes in MC, and if you actually think about it, they could be his pyjamas given that Zelda wakes him up, and he was sleeping in his tunic. MC Link started the hat trend amoung Link's, but arguably, he didn't. If you say that OoT Link's tunic is not based of...
  48. angelkid

    September Artwork and Plushies

    The Twilight Minish picture was inventive, creative and original. I really like it, I think that whoever thought this up (Tawny) is clearly a very talented artist. I'm not so sure about the Agitha piece. Is it supposed to be some sort of Princess Peach/ Agitha crossover? That's what I saw it as...
  49. angelkid

    The Legend Theory: Is There a Timeline?

    I have to admit it's possible. I don't like it though. I don't think it is something that Nintendo would do to us. Forseeably though, it is something they could pull out of the bag, if they were to run out of ideas that they could explain away using 'a few hundred years later' they could say...
  50. angelkid

    Who Would Win?

    True. He didn't though go Ganon, and I'm sure if he would, WW Links brains and guts would be on the floor and in Ganon's mouth in seconds. Heck, TP Link would have even been screwed if he didn't have the ability to change into Wolf Link. Light arrows? TP Link could block them with his shield...
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