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  1. The7thLokomo

    Sonic: Colors Wisps

    What is your favorite species of wisps? Mine are the shadow wisps because they make Sonic look cool and do alot of damage.
  2. The7thLokomo

    Would the Moon Also Kill the Salesman. Also, is the Door a Time/warp Zone.

    Mike Heide thats my theory too, pretty much. Yeah, its just funny to watch and one of my friends bet me 10 bucks to see if I would actually do it so yep, wait a minute did anyone see my post, if you didn't you should its pretty accurate compared to yours, Mike. Ghosi I don't really remember that...
  3. The7thLokomo

    Would the Moon Also Kill the Salesman. Also, is the Door a Time/warp Zone.

    I kinda leaning towards no. 1, Because he was still probably in a forgotten part of Hyrule, and the door to Clock Town was maybe, a warp zone to Termina, or something. 2. There is no time limit when you're out of the door to Termina. 3. #2 probably acted with #1. Give me your best answer. If you...
  4. The7thLokomo

    Spoiler The Seal War: Link to the Past Vs. Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time definitely: Great story, great graphics and in 3D and will be enhanced in the 3DS remake, very lengthy, some good side quests, and a moderate difficulty which was greatly enhanced in Master's Quest.
  5. The7thLokomo

    A Link to the Past What is Your Favorite Medalion?

    2 words Quake Medalion its sooooooo awesome
  6. The7thLokomo

    Will SS Be the Last Zelda Game?

    First of all, GETAHOLDOFYOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second of all, you should've made this a poll. Finally of all, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The7thLokomo

    Majora's Mask Which Mask Represents Your Personality?

    Probably the Zora Mask beacause I love water and another is the MAJORAS MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beacause I like spreading terror wherever I go.
  8. The7thLokomo

    Lets Count to 1000!

    640 Awesome, more than halfway there
  9. The7thLokomo

    General Classic Most Annoying Character

    I got used to both of them, I thought the old man and shopkeepers were annoying
  10. The7thLokomo

    Who Has Seen the Ghost Ship on WW

    I seen it it was creepy now I know where PH got Ghost Ship fromo.o
  11. The7thLokomo


    One of these days im going to make a computer game where you can punch tingle dont hate me for doing it
  12. The7thLokomo

    Bongo Bongo What Did You Think?

    Bongo Bongo was a good boss for LoZ
  13. The7thLokomo

    Ocarina of Time Which Sage is Your Favorite?

    Princess Ruto is just meh idk I just lik the part with the Zora Engagement Ring thing
  14. The7thLokomo

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    Either Minish cap or Kingdom Hearts
  15. The7thLokomo


    Zant's probably not coming anytime soon they're probably going to bring him back when they decide to bring Midna back. Majora was just pretty much a one time Final Boss. Plus, that thing was in Termina. Ganondorf is pretty much the only person to bring darkness, cruelty, hate, and evil to the...
  16. The7thLokomo

    Ocarina of Time to Earn a 3DS Remake

    The graphics actually look better than the original
  17. The7thLokomo

    Release Date?

    It's probaly going to be released close to Pokemon Black and White. Also, cuz mai birthday's in March. Or, maybe we will a get lucky and it comes out in January and it's still good.
  18. The7thLokomo

    Will SS Be Better the TP?

    It's like a mixture of Ocarina and Wind Waker
  19. The7thLokomo

    Your Username

    The7thLokomo its kinda simple just 6 Lokomos and i'm the 7th
  20. The7thLokomo

    Where Do You Live?

    I live in Chanute, Kansas its a small town
  21. The7thLokomo

    Zelda MMORPG?

    A Legend of Zelda MMORPG? Should someone make a Zelda MMORPG? I say yes
  22. The7thLokomo

    Stallord, Blizetta, Armagohma, or Argarok?

    1. Stallord all-around difficulty. 2. Armogohma easy but it was funny and weird at the end. 3. Argorok easy but, fast paced. 4. Blizzeta just too easy.
  23. The7thLokomo

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Minish Cap is a game I grew up with it cuz when I was seven that's when my dad got it for my birthday it was my first Zelda game ever and i've had it ever since then.
  24. The7thLokomo

    My Timeline, Don't Kill Me This Time

    Sry but i just dont agree with your timeline at all
  25. The7thLokomo

    Which is Harder? ST or PH

    PH was easier it took me a day to beat however ST took me less than a week P.S. M500 maybe you should make this thread page a poll LOL :P
  26. The7thLokomo

    Stallord, Blizetta, Armagohma, or Argarok?

    1. Stallord 2. Blizzeta 3. Armogohma Last and definatly very last Argorok
  27. The7thLokomo

    The Best Song?

    1. Bolero of Fire 2. Nocturne of Shadow 3. Requiem of Spirit 4. Serenade of Water 5. Final Duet or Song of Birds if they make a long version
  28. The7thLokomo

    Favorite Boss in ALttP

    Trinexx It's one of the hardest boss to some people But to me its the funest boss in the game
  29. The7thLokomo

    What Was Your Favourite Item on Spirit Tracks (not Including Swords and Shields)

    Its like ice wand and fire wand, now its SAND WAND, awesome randomness nintendo. 1. Whip 2. Sand Wand 3. Bow and Arrow of Light But, what would be awesome if they made a mirror shield in a DS platform Zelda game
  30. The7thLokomo

    Twilight Princess Was Midna Key to the Story of Twilight Princess?

    Hell, yes. like finding breaking the mirror and held the fused shadows, let you into the shadow world, and hints that kept you away from death, teleporting you and other items, turning you into a wolf and back
  31. The7thLokomo

    The Spinner!

    Like Axel said there were some creative items in TP aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddddd I agree
  32. The7thLokomo

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    also in TP they remixed music from OoT and put it on TP
  33. The7thLokomo

    Favorite Boss from Ocarina of Time

    1st Morpha---------Weak He is a big :cucco: 2nd Bongo Bongo-------- so :lol: 3rd Twinrova------------:devil:ish
  34. The7thLokomo

    Times You Thought "Hmm..."

    MM could have been longer and have no time limit but all Zelda games are tricky so
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