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  1. StrangeWig

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    I wish the game would release tomorrow! Seriously, i'm starting to bite my own flesh to control my desires over this game! xD And who else is planning to get the special golden wiimote plus? =D
  2. StrangeWig

    Improvements in SS Graphics in the GDC Trailer

    O.o Seriously? I didn't know about that! What kind of fool would give up on Zelda because of the graphics? And by the way, I like colorful graphics much more than dark ones. I liked it better when SS used stronger colors. Well, no real problem with the new pallet since it's only a little bit...
  3. StrangeWig

    Spoiler New Trailer

    HOLY MOTHER YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!! xDDDDDDD Fanatic reaction aside, it seems the new instrument this time around will be an harp. I don't think the white guy at the end of the video is one of the interlopers, but that's based on...
  4. StrangeWig

    Skyward Sword- Too Easy or Too Hard?

    I find Lttp to have the most balanced set of difficulty in the whole series, so I'll vote on it. The big problem I see in AoL is not really it's difficulty. I don't get pissed at games that are hard, but I do get pissed at games that make me waste my time in unnecessary challenges (which gets...
  5. StrangeWig

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    I think implementing motion controls this way is a natural evolution. Well, anyway, we still need to see the final result. And to finish, something I posted in another thread some time ago: "Just to add something I believe is funny about all this motion control stuff. I'm not disagreeing...
  6. StrangeWig

    It's Official, Skyward Sword Now a Post-E3 Title

    yeah, it's a possibility. But either way, we'll still need to struggle a not xD By the way... OMFG! New Kirby game classic style!!! o.O
  7. StrangeWig

    Is There Really a Split?

    Wow, suddenly a doubt has appeared in my mind. I might have just forgotten, but how is it that Ganon from the Child Timeline got to get the Triforce of Power? He didn't have the chance to do so since Link and Zelda got the king to arrest him before he could invade the Sacred Realm. My mind just...
  8. StrangeWig

    Not All Links Are Related

    As long as I know about the history of the games, the heroes do not necessarily are related. Unlike with Zelda and Ganon, as all the princesses are from the big royal lineage of Hyrule, and Ganon is actually the exact same guy all the time, the Links are completely different people, excluding...
  9. StrangeWig

    Which Look for Link is Your Favorite?

    I like the more realistic but not dark Link. That would be the ones from OoT and SS, either as a kid or adult. After that, the Toon Link from WW won my heart! 1. OoT's and SS's Link 2. Toon Link 3. 2D Toon Link 4. TP Link 5. Retro Link
  10. StrangeWig

    What SHOULDN'T Nintendo Do with SS?

    I'm tired of gimmick boss fights too. All you need to do is use an item, usually (ok... ALWAYS) it's the one you found inside that same dungeon, expose it's weakness, hit it, and it's done for. Absolutelly NO skill is necessary, or almost none. They also die too quickly. A good boss battle must...
  11. StrangeWig

    Link Talking Would NOT Be the End of the World As We Know It.

    I wouldn't like it if Link got to talk by himself. My reasons, though, are different from most people. I don't think it would break Link's purpose of being the player's avatar since, at least for me, he never did this role properly (by the way, is there anyone out there that really feels like...
  12. StrangeWig

    Triforce Hole

    This is the theory of the Tetraforce you're talking about, there's actually a lot of speculation about this and it's not a completely random theory like some may think (even though, personally, I still think it is very unlikely). Here's a useful article about it if you want some further...
  13. StrangeWig

    Spoiler What Beast Ganon Looks Coolest?

    OoT's Beast Ganon is the best! :yes: I don't like TP's Ganon because he just looks like a very big menacing animal, not like the king of darkness n stuff. And I don't know why, but Pig Ganon just doesn't interest me.
  14. StrangeWig

    Collective Wanted Features Thread.

    The thing I want the most is for the return of sidequests in the Majora's Mask style. Really deep stories (like Anju & Kafei's quest) that demonstrate people's backgrounds. It would be great. :cool: And I'd also like the bosses to be, not just hard, but DEADLY hard! :devil:
  15. StrangeWig

    Sword Swinging On SS... Yay or Nay?

    I think being able to use motion to control the master sword is a VERY good thing! :yes::) Just to add something I believe is funny about all this motion control stuff. I'm not disagreeing with anyone, I'm just pointing it out because I think it's interesting: I remember, as a kid, that I and...
  16. StrangeWig

    Minimalist or 100%?

    I think the challenge's difficulty depends on the Zelda game you're working on. For example, in the gameboy color Zelda games, doing a 100% run is very easy (I 100% all of them in the first run), but doing so in OoT is much harder.
  17. StrangeWig

    Would You Like it if the Next Zelda Game Takes Place in the Future?

    I wouldn't like the next Zelda game to take place in the future simply because I like fantasy better than scifi. :yes::cool: (even though I like scifi too...)
  18. StrangeWig

    Zelda Art Possible Look of Princess Zelda

    The first pic is amazing! The second one is very good too, but she looks just too childish, which is unlikely to happen since we already know Link and Zelda will be a little older in SS. Anyway, very good drawings!
  19. StrangeWig

    I'm Scared

    Well, I think there's absolutely no chance that Skyward Sword is going to suck. It might not be a definitive masterpiece, but it's a given it will be at least "good". That was how I felt with TP.
  20. StrangeWig

    Do You Think This is the Plot of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword?

    This is actually a pretty interesting theory, and it makes sense from a lot of viewpoints. The only problem I can see with it is the one Master Kokiri pointed out. @rubiick Perhaps Nintendo is going to launch SS in a bundle with a Wii! =D
  21. StrangeWig

    The Lack of Detail in SS, Due to Impressionism

    I don't think the impressionist influence is going to make the game have less details. There has already been a pretty long time since the E3 demo, and I'm pretty sure the graphics will have improved by it's release. By the way, I remember I read somewhere that one of Miyamoto's (and probably...
  22. StrangeWig

    Standing Up While Playing SS.

    In my opinion, there's no way standing up is a requirement to play this game. I like to play WSports Resort while standing up, but Nintendo is not crazy to make a game 30/40 hours long, and where it's players usually play for at least an hour straight, that requires to be standing up all this...
  23. StrangeWig

    Goddess of Time

    I'm going to bring another argument in favor of Nayru being the goddess of time. :) During the Great Deku Tree's explanation of the creation of Hyrule, he tells about what each of the goddesses did to contribute to the genesis. Din's role was to "With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated...
  24. StrangeWig

    Which Goddess Would You Worship?

    Just one point before I give my answer: I think Nayru doesn't stand for love, just for wisdom. It's OK in OoT there's an item called "Nayru's Love", but throughout the series (correct me if I'm wrong), Nayru is associated to wisdom, Farore to courage, and Din to power. There's no relation...
  25. StrangeWig

    Combo System

    @Eternal Nocturn Well, for the combo thing (did I forget to add this?), if the player is able to land the first hit on the enemy, then it would be stunned so that the rest of the combo can be performed. I like this system a lot, but like Michael said, it must be implemented carefully, otherwise...
  26. StrangeWig

    January, to See Something New or Game Release

    It would be nice to have the game earlier, but I think, even if the development in going so well, the game must not be rushed by any means. Actually, in the state I am right now, even a new screenshot would be enough to make me cry. :lol:
  27. StrangeWig

    Miyamoto Says Skyward Sword is Coming Along Like Gangbusters!

    Wow, these are EXCELLENT news! If Miyamoto, the very master of game development of all times, says that a game's progress is going very good, this means it's going to be, at least, fantastic! :yes::D Oh great, now my hype is soaring!
  28. StrangeWig

    Combo System

    I had this idea recently, and I think it would be really good if it were implemented in SS. Since OoT, Zelda games have Link do sort of a sequence of attacks if the player presses the button (or moved the Wiimote, in TP's case) quickly as a primitive combo. Considering this time around we...
  29. StrangeWig

    Dark or Happy?

    Allright! :) If you watch One Piece, you know that a story doesn't need to be dark to have a completely awesome and complex plot that absolutely blows our collective minds to space, builds up a huge amount of excitement and emotion, get impressed at "how the hell can this thing actually get...
  30. StrangeWig

    Dark or Happy?

    Neither Dark, nor Happy... I'm voting for EPIC! :yes: :) Anyway, I want a happier Zelda game. I'm sort of tired of dark games. I think it doesn't need to be dark to have a good storyline (anyone watches One Piece?).
  31. StrangeWig

    Could We Find a Different Abbreviation for Skyward Sword?

    Completely agreed. I think that, instead of trying to run away from the old meaning of this acronym, we should actually hit it straight. Let the next generations remember "SS" as an incredible game produced by Nintendo called "Skyward Sword" :) , instead of that stupid Nazi organization. :yuck:
  32. StrangeWig

    Skyward Sword's Ratings

    I think Skyward Sword should be rated E. I don't agree with T because I think this rating is sort of misplaced by industry. Here's the best example I can think of: Harry Potter. Those who have watched any HP movie know about the contents this series carries. Well, these are supposed to be aimed...
  33. StrangeWig

    Expansive Overworld Or Denser Overworld?

    Excellent topic! :) I much prefer a dense overworld over a vast one. My favorite overworld of all the Zelda games is the one of LttP. It was extremelly dense and completely filled with secrets to find and things to do. If you consider that the equivalent to Epona in Lttp would be the pegasus...
  34. StrangeWig

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    I love Navi too. :) She may be a bit annoying, but most of the time she's extremelly helpful and funny. She turns green to warn you about secrets, she turns red to alert you about danger, she Z targets for you, and many other things. Hating her feels sort of ungrateful to me. But my...
  35. StrangeWig

    Dual- Layered Disc?

    Shouldn't replacing your motherboard and disk drive for a newer one be a good thing? (of course, unless you're into piracy) As for the saves, can't you simply keep them safe inside an SD card?
  36. StrangeWig

    Do You Plan on Buying Kirby's Epic Yarn?

    You kidding me?! Of course I'm going to get it!!! :yes::cool:
  37. StrangeWig

    Best Game Franchises List (My Opinion)

    The only pokemon games I liked were the original ones (red & blue), probably because everybody liked pokemon, and as a kid, you HAVE to go with the other kids! :xd: Anyway, my top ten franchises: 1. The Legend of Zelda Do I need to explain anything? :) 2. Shin Megami Tensei The fact...
  38. StrangeWig

    THE Skyward Sword

    I'm guessing there won't be a physical change, nor a spiritual change. The sword will simply be renamed by the sages (or something like that) for it's great deeds, and it's new role of protecting Hyrule from evil - sort of like a promotion. I don't know about you, but I think this way is cooler...
  39. StrangeWig

    Is Zelda Skyward Sword Being Un-Original

    + Add these two quotes and you have the correct answer. :yes::lol:
  40. StrangeWig

    I Want Magic!!!!!

    I want magic back too! It's was great, it added more complexity to an already excellent gameplay. I think bringing magic back to the game can only possibly be good for it.
  41. StrangeWig

    How Will The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Change the Zelda Series?

    (Sarcastic) Well, I think Zelda shouldn't revolutionize the face of the gaming industry... just for a change. :dry: :lol::lol: Seriously now, it's hard to think about something right now, that we have almost no content to work upon. Anyway, I'm guessing Zelda SS will be the first...
  42. StrangeWig

    Dekus, Kokiri and Other Lost Races in SS

    One thing I think is important to be remembered, since we're discussing the return of all these classic races, is "fan service". I don't want Nintendo to put them inside the game just to make an appearance so fans can drown in nostalgia. The comeback of these should be to bring improvements to...
  43. StrangeWig

    A Link to the Past Why People Don't Like It That Much?

    What I mean is that most Zelda fans hold LttP as a very good game. And that's it. From my point of view, and careless how much times I play through it, this game is WAY beyond just being a very good game. I take this feeling of "underaprecciating" (notice it's different from "underrated", as...
  44. StrangeWig

    A Link to the Past Why People Don't Like It That Much?

    Well, of course I know each people has it's own opinion, but anyway, I'd like to discuss about LttP. Let's go: TP is a pretty controversial Zelda game. Some people love it, some people hate it - I'd say it's the worst main Zelda, even though I'm sure I don't HATE it - but I think "LoZ: A...
  45. StrangeWig

    Best-To-Worst Zelda Games List

    I'll make a list just with the main ones: 1. Ocarina of Time 2. Link to the Past 3. Majora's Mask 4. Legend of Zelda 5. Twilight Princess (I still have to play WW) I don't really understand why people like TP so much. It doesn't care how much critically I analise it, the other Zelda games are...
  46. StrangeWig

    Against Dark Link + New Fighting Mechanics

    This idea just came up my mind after posting on another tread. Here it is: I guess with the new 1:1 WMP swordfighting mechanics SS has to offer, it would be a PERFECT chance to bring a battle against Dark Link (or any other similar incarnation it has) back. Picture it: you're fighting...
  47. StrangeWig

    New Combat System in Skyward Sword.

    Wow, you actually think that? :hmm: I mean, one of the main purposes for the creation of the Nintendo DS and the Wii is exactly to make the controls more straight forward so casual players can have an easier time getting the hopes of it. Instead of inputting a complicated sequence of buttons...
  48. StrangeWig

    Dekus, Kokiri and Other Lost Races in SS

    Completely agreed! :cool: Actually, I think that basically any Zelda game has a HUGE potential for a good story, simply because of the incredible amount of mysteries and questions that surrounds the franchise. Zelda is the most (if not the only) highly discussed videogame series I know...
  49. StrangeWig

    Do You Want New Jumping Animations in SS?

    Yeah, maybe it'd be cool, but like others said, I think adding more jumping animations should be Nintendo's last priority. Actually, this must have been the reason for these cool jumps to be added in the game. MM's was made using the engine of OoT, this way the group must have had a lot of free...
  50. StrangeWig

    How Do You Think Link Gets the Hero's Clothes This Time?

    Well, perhaps this Link is the one that created the original legend, so maybe his clothes are not the "Hero's Clothes", since this is the time they'll get their name.
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