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  1. TheSerpent

    What Kinds of Dungeons Do You NOT Want in SS?

    As said by someone on the previous page, I would like this game to have unique temples. The typical forest, water, fire temples get a little repetative. Also it would be cool if the temples/dungeons blend into the game a little bit more. Instead of the usual "go into this ancient temple and get...
  2. TheSerpent

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    I died when I saw the title. Well, I don't really mind it here, but in my other forum that I am on, it was spammed half to death by these eggs. So, obviously, I don't think of them very highly. Well, continue. (even though your red dragon looks quite fat. No offense)
  3. TheSerpent

    Most Annoying Battles

    The suit of armor from snowpeak mansion. Even when I hookshotted near him, I kept dropping on his ball and chain!
  4. TheSerpent

    Rare zelda games

    Some of these I haven't even heard of yet. But could you please use the enter key when you make lists like this? It makes it easier to read.
  5. TheSerpent

    What Do You Think of the Forsaken Fortress?

    Yes, it was kind of spookey. Although, if you clear out all the monsters after ganon was defeated, it would actually be pretty comfortable.
  6. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    I've traded Oocoo for the King of Red Lions with Oocoo watcher via PMs, you might want to update the list.
  7. TheSerpent

    The Guy in Western Hyrule Town

    If you give him 1000 rupees, you get a heart piece. hint- have lots of golden bugs, so you can just go to agitha and get more rupees.
  8. TheSerpent

    First Three Dungeons?

    Which game was this in? 50 charecters...................
  9. TheSerpent

    City in the Sky Hate?

    The only thing that really did annoy me in there were the helmasaurs. Stupid little rhinos kept knocking me around.
  10. TheSerpent

    First Three Dungeons?

    For some reason, I have the idea of a Stable, which is connected to some little caves, as a dungeon. Maybe to get to epona. And wasn't there a color dungeon in one of the 2d games?
  11. TheSerpent

    City in the Sky Hate?

    Yes, I knew about this connection already. :) I do agree that the boss could've been better, though. It was way too easy for a last normal boss. (as in, not a final boss or something)
  12. TheSerpent

    City in the Sky Hate?

    I've heard a lot of dislike about this temple, like that it is "boring", or "too hard". Personally, I really like the idea of a city high up in the sky, and the double clawshots. I like the archeteture (spelling), too. It reminds me of an abstract painting. But I didn't find it too hard at...
  13. TheSerpent

    The Difficulty Issue Sorted Out

    I did this on wind waker my first try. Not to make it harder, I just didn't think Z-targeting was that important. I didn't understand how easy the game was with it.
  14. TheSerpent

    The Darkest Hour

    The bombers are idiots. Link: Quick, kids, the moon is falling! Please let me into the observatory so I can save the world! Bombers: No! You have to play hide and seek with us first!
  15. TheSerpent

    Fairy Problem

    You mean that little hole that you sink in? Try the electric barrier.
  16. TheSerpent

    Shooting Pair of Eyes on Top Floor of Spirit Tower

    Are you charging your arrows so they are light arrows? Hold down your stylus and you will see the bow glow, then shoot. I had some trouble finding that out too, the game didn't really specify how to charge them.
  17. TheSerpent

    The Zelda ABC's

  18. TheSerpent

    Phantom Hourglass Trivia

    A rupoor. (and another reapling) Does this belong in the "help" section, though?
  19. TheSerpent

    Hardest Boss

    I don't see him on the poll... Anyways, Gohdan was very hard for me the first time I played this, but only because of a stupid mistake. This was my first game, so I didn't know how much more useful Z-targeting is (L targeting?), and I didn't use it. So, I kept trying to manually aim an arrow at...
  20. TheSerpent

    Twinmold i hate the most

    Just use what the above post said to defeat "them", to make a sig, you must have photoshop, GIMP, paint, etc. Just look up tutorials. (GIMP is free, I suggest using that)
  21. TheSerpent

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    Blæ'ᵫb 50 ©ℏ@®℈℃⅂℥℟ Ⅼⅈℿℹℸ! Good luck pronouncing mine... it's hard...
  22. TheSerpent

    What Would You Say is the Funniest Moment in LoZ?

    Adamwestlapdog is awesome. I love his parodies. :)
  23. TheSerpent

    Wouldnt LINK from Twilight Princess Make an Awesome Boyfriend?

    He would, and he is pretty nice, if you exclude the "I'm going to break into your home and smash your pots for money"
  24. TheSerpent


    IT'S NOT JUST A PLANT IT'S A WATER PLANT! Seriously, though, I was wondering the same thing... maybe it's just because he's like a giant octorock?
  25. TheSerpent

    Who is the Cutest Character in TP?

    No offense intended, but how come you need to include a picture in all of your posts?
  26. TheSerpent

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but they're not bad... they're TERRIBLE! I wish I could claim the Happy Mask Salesman... :(
  27. TheSerpent

    MM tune Oath to Order: Something I noticed

    He teaches you the elagy of emptyness. You need to replay it! XD
  28. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    NO. You can't get volvagia until I get my happy mask salesman!
  29. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    Sorry, but I've already claimed Volvagia. Speaking of which, the list needs to be updated, I dropped the MM postman for Volvagia a while ago.
  30. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    I don't think it's fair for you to claim link from a specific game, because 1. we had a huge argument about this a few pages ago, and 2. Link has already been claimed numerous times.
  31. TheSerpent

    Weather Changes

    Ok, so I was reading a science fiction about an asteroid knocking the moon closer to the earth, therefore disrupting weather, causing blackouts, etc. So, the moon basically controls the tide, magnetic field (If I'm not mistaken), and most weather patterns. I was thinking, if the moon is...
  32. TheSerpent

    Locations From Past Games That You Think Should Return in Zelda Wii

    Great Bay, but maybe it could have a lusher, more beautiful look to it. Rather than greenish water filled with ugly blobs of spam (my view of the likelikes)
  33. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Favorite Forum Members

    Okay, let's get this straight. TriforceHunter, I own you. You do not own me. You can tell me to do your slave work, but I WILL revolt. And it will be using the fierce diety mask that I have in my possession.
  34. TheSerpent

    Vitality Sensor?

    It should be optional to use it or not. And like petman said, I don't want something clipped onto my finger the whole time. I get rashes easily, too. (even my watch gives me one) And also, it might mistake adreneline for fear, and both make your heart pound faster. Adreneline makes you fight...
  35. TheSerpent


    That would be awesome. Also, if it is true that it will be a sequel to MM, maybe someone can stumble across majora's mask, and somehow make it more powerful, and ganondorf and link must team up.
  36. TheSerpent

    Do You Think and Want the Hero of Time to Return?

    Yes, I denfinatly want a sequel to Majora's Mask. That would be awesome.
  37. TheSerpent

    What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?

    Vitality sensor- same reason as above, and how can it tell fear from exitment? From what I know, both adreneline and fear make your heart go faster. And also, if so, it will most likely make the bosses harder if you get "scared" (the sensor will sense your pulse). But adreneline makes you fight...
  38. TheSerpent

    Most Annoying Battles

    I forgot about both of these! I hated the malludus/cole battle, when phantom zelda gets possessed, every time I take out the boomerang, her long-range sword hits me, she walks over to me, hits me, rinse and repeat. Until I am back where I started. As for gyorg, I couldn't climb back up onto the...
  39. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    23 pages. Midna is one of the most popular charecters in the game. Yes, I'm pretty sure midna is taken.
  40. TheSerpent

    After the Game

    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but it's basically used to make battles much easier, if you decide to re-battle the bosses. (MM gives you the option to rebattle them if you reset the 3 days)
  41. TheSerpent

    As if Ikana Were Creepy Enough... *shrudders*

    It's the Ikana valley music backwards. That's all.
  42. TheSerpent

    Most Annoying Battles

    Normal enemies- Wallmasters/floormasters Redeads (especially with other, faster, enemies) Bosses- wart from MM (I didn't get a lot of pink things off him, so the battle was hell. Odwala from MM- I forgot that I had the bow, so I kept trying to slash him in time when he did the tribal dance thing.
  43. TheSerpent


    I want a mix. Bosses like you said, but I want longer, harder, more fun bosses. Most of them in TP were incredibly easy.
  44. TheSerpent

    As if Ikana Were Creepy Enough... *shrudders*

    Funny, because I just stumbled across the video the other day.
  45. TheSerpent

    Structured How?

    I want More-Longer, but also a ton of sidequests. You know, a game I can play for years without getting bored.
  46. TheSerpent

    Your Favorite Zelda Songs

    I'm not ordering them, but I like Midna's theme Windmill hut (song of storms) Song of Healing Stone Tower Temple Kotake and Koume's theme Farwell Hyrule King (WW) Astral Observatory (MM)
  47. TheSerpent

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    I go to bed pretty early, so I haven't stayed up that long. Some may laugh at me, but then when I get to school, I can laugh at the people complaining that they're very tired, or are hungry because they didn't have enough time for a good breakfast.
  48. TheSerpent

    Biggest Noob Thing You Ever Said

    I was fighting an enemy... I knocked him right next to the ledge, and I yelled "THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAAAA! and knocked him over with another slash.
  49. TheSerpent

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    But I don't want bunny link! :( I'll trade him for the Happy Mask Salesman. But good luck getting him.
  50. TheSerpent

    Did You Like Twilight Princess

    I like it, it didn't disappoint me, except it didn't fit in as well with the rest of the games... but I still liked it. I hated the "tears of light", though. Out of all the menacing creatures that could have taken them, they had to go with the same repetative bugs?
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