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  1. Vampire Squid

    Have You Ever Been Incarcerated?

    How'd you describe the experience? How long were you incarcerated? What for?
  2. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Strange Happenings in Hyrule?

    Well, it does take place in a period similar to our own middle ages, where tainted drinking water was per the norm.
  3. Vampire Squid

    Red & Blue Vs. FireRed & LeafGreen

    FR and LG, I enjoyed R and B when they came out, but the sprites are quite ugly.
  4. Vampire Squid

    General Modern VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 59!

    Besides being 3D, OoT wasn't all that different than the previous two games. Some people go so far as to call it ALttP 3D. In that regard, ALttP was a natural step up from the original game. Really, just going down the line there is a natural progression in the series, and no one magic game...
  5. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Using pieces of crashed planes and sunken ships in the ocean, I was able to graft new robotic implants on my body after the giant grenadier attack. I may still pass soon but I am able to keep going a time. I also have a plasma cannon attached to me if the philistine tries to come back.
  6. Vampire Squid

    Animals You Dislike?

    Giant grenadiers.
  7. Vampire Squid

    Are You Misunderstood?

    I'm just a soul whose intentions are good: Oh Lord! Please don't let me be misunderstood.
  8. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    The part of me inside a giant grenadier's stomach. On that note: my imminent death.
  9. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I was gravely injured today in a giant grenadier attack, at my advanced age I may die soon from the injuries.
  10. Vampire Squid

    A Link Between Worlds Should It Come with a Physical Map?

    ^ I really miss those days in gaming...
  11. Vampire Squid

    Cloud Strife VS Link

    Cloud is a more fleshed out and interesting character, no doubt, more so than any Link incarnations. In a battle it's hard to say coming from very different worlds. Cloud probably has access to a greater array of weapons, armor and abilities. However, he's also a textbook case of Schizophrenia...
  12. Vampire Squid

    Oblivion, is There a Way This Game is Enjoyable?

    That's the Shivering Isles expansion.
  13. Vampire Squid

    Ocarina of Time Top 5 Reasons Why People Should Stop Looking to Ocarina for a Great Game

    A few people have made the allusion that those who put OoT atop their list are doing so purely because of nostalgia, or are fanboys. I find those comments insulting. It's as if some fans and ZDers can't accept that someone may like the game for legitimate reasons. If you don't, great, there are...
  14. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    When that venting is an attack on a member, it isn't right.
  15. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Is this Zelda Dungeon or another teen high school drama on the Disney Channel? I forget sometimes.
  16. Vampire Squid

    Pot Noodles

    Perhaps one day we could develop technology that could take a pot noodle and turn it into food.
  17. Vampire Squid

    White Knights

    I find the concept racially insensitive.
  18. Vampire Squid

    Parents: Strict, Laid-Back, or Happy Medium?

    Mine were non-existent, in my species parents don't raise their young.
  19. Vampire Squid

    Do Folks in Power Positions Need to Be Stern?

    I actually don't, I feel I cannot talk to some of the moderators about an issue I have with them directly, I feel if I write anything to them it will be shared around with the entire community. If you have been on skype long enough you'll know they tell a lot of people what goes on behind the...
  20. Vampire Squid

    Best Relationships/romances in Gaming

    None really, I don't understand relationships, especially romance. They are all interesting at some level to me in an academic sense, but I can't really accurately gage which are more realistic or better. If I had to choose, games with stories like Final Fantasy IX where the relationships move...
  21. Vampire Squid

    Majora's Mask I'm Worried MM Remake May Not Come to Pass

    I have my copy of MM on N64 and that's all I need.
  22. Vampire Squid

    Skyward Sword About the Sheikah

    The teardrop explanation came in the OoT manga, and is thus not considered canonical to the regular series.
  23. Vampire Squid

    The Member Fact Game

    Is a fan of "To Kill A Mocking Bird" I presume?
  24. Vampire Squid

    Where Are You Really From?

    The Pacific Ocean
  25. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Things That Don't Make Sense.

    Ganon being dead after ALttP/OoX/LA but being alive again in LoZ with no explanation.
  26. Vampire Squid

    Difficulties Admitting You're Wrong? :)

    Impossible. I'm never wrong.
  27. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda How Do You Like Link's Character?

    I prefer a vague backstory. When I play a game I like to get into the characters head if possible, as I am living the game through the character. If everyone knows Link but I don't know them it takes from that experience some. Link knowing some people is fine and realistic, but I prefer it to be...
  28. Vampire Squid

    A Link Between Worlds Preorder Bonus

    Zelda themed underwear.
  29. Vampire Squid

    Xbox One Announced!

    Of course it's all about money, it's capitalism. Nintendo isn't some altruistic grandfather entity, you know, they want money just as much as Playstation or Microsoft.
  30. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Potions, Fairies, and Miscellaneous Healing Items for Foes.

    More likely it would be a visual effect. For instance a light surrounding the enemy showing a healing spell was cast. A text box would be unnecessary and jarring during gameptlay. I have no issues with that.
  31. Vampire Squid

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    I've often wondered who'd go to Kansas for any reason.
  32. Vampire Squid

    OoT-3DS Two Things About Zelda Oot for 3Ds

    Most of Navi's 'interruptions' are in the Deku Tree, the first dungeon of the game which serves as a bit of a tutorial dungeon. All in all, there aren't many forced interruptions by her in the game at all. On repeated playings it can be annoying going through it all again, but they just take a...
  33. Vampire Squid

    General Classic VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 55!

    I enjoyed both Oracles immensely and equally, and prefer them to LA. I usually view them as a single title. However, I chose OoA in the end, as I enjoyed the time travel mechanic and it's use in the narrative of the game. Going back and affecting history is fun, and this game is full of that.
  34. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Potions, Fairies, and Miscellaneous Healing Items for Foes.

    Gameplay mechanic. Simple answer. I'd be interested to see bosses and high level enemies with healing spells though. It could be a nice challenge if implemented well.
  35. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Hyrule Map Requested

    The problem with the above map, and question in general, is Termina is in an alternate universe and wouldn't appear in the same world as Hyrule, Holodrum and Labrynna, and as such wouldn't belong on any map outside of a portal location or something. Holodrum and Labrynna are known to be...
  36. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Is the Sky Cannon from TP the Groosenator?

    This is accurate. Not to mention the time gap between SS and TP makes this even further unlikely. I doubt there is/was anything left of the Groosenator at that point.
  37. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda Cryptids in Zelda

    Yes, it adds to the lore and atmosphere of the individual game which is always a good thing. I'd add that while it may not specifically relate to the topic, the mysterious claw marks on the tree in Lake Hylia in OoT came from an as of now unknown creature.
  38. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I've been curious about possibly conducting a new study. Of course, we all know Godwin's Law: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." I'd like to purpose another hypothesis that states: As a discussion involving and...
  39. Vampire Squid

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Why Were These Games Generally Ignored?

    I believe he means non-Zelda fans who play video games. Unless he is referring to the 1983 American drama film, but since Zelda didn't even exist then I am hesitant to believe that.
  40. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    You are well within in your rights to alert the police if you believe an attempt is imminent.
  41. Vampire Squid

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Why Were These Games Generally Ignored?

    It's a shame, they are two fantastic titles, and in my opinion among the best games the GBC had to offer. Certainly it was better than Link's Awakening, which is something to be said.
  42. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Most people don't say anything to me. They just run away or try and kill me.
  43. Vampire Squid

    A Link Between Worlds Time Travel?

    Maybe Nintendo can use time travel to make another timeline split, because lord knows we don't have enough of those.
  44. Vampire Squid

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    No one is free from societal pressures.
  45. Vampire Squid

    Do You Have A Best Friend?

    My left tentacle.
  46. Vampire Squid

    Things That Blow Your Mind

    That humans can live past a hundred. My species tops out at 30 or so.
  47. Vampire Squid

    Things That Blow Your Mind

    No you.
  48. Vampire Squid

    How Affectionate Are You Towards Others :)

    I am incapable of empathy and affection. It's a human emotion that has so far eluded my understanding. Maybe, some day, someone can teach me the meaning of love. Until that day I will remain mystified by this aspect of human behavior.
  49. Vampire Squid

    General Zelda If You Could Change Him (Link)

    When are people going to learn that you just can't change a man. It never works out. Accept him as he is or move on.
  50. Vampire Squid

    Accents That You Like :)

    I've always had quite the fondness for Argentinian accents.
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