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  1. KickinBird

    Majora's Mask Name Question

    Haha I actually never thought of that.. I mean I knew about the "tattle tale" thing and all but I always thought it was just a random pun in the game. I guess when you put it that way it actually makes some sense why they chose to do that.. pretty clever
  2. KickinBird

    Can't Enter Goron Room...

    Push his statue out of the way. There's a hint to this... either a sign or Navi will say something about it or something like that... but yeah push it out of the way and it'll pretty much take you right to the Temple, just hookshot your way across a broken bridge.
  3. KickinBird

    Link, in Powerpuff Girls.

    Ashamed that I know this, but yeah the episode had something to do with like zombies or something... and the mayor guy was playing... I don't remember the name of the episodes, but I think it was an early one cuz this is going way back when I was little. Used to freak me out cuz the zombie...
  4. KickinBird

    I Wanna Be the Guy

    Looks really interesting... I'm actually gonna give it a try right now *Edit: After about 5 minutes of playing, Can't beat the first level.... WTF
  5. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    No mine has a lot of commentary... I know what you mean about the ones where people just upload themselves playing with no talking.. what's the point in that? I try to make mine fun and let the fans interact as much as possible..well more on that if I get bigger and decide to keep doing this...
  6. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    Really? Yeah dude they're totally awesome. They're called Legacy of Goku (There's actually a ton others like Supersonic Warriors and stuff but they're mostly just fighting or card games which bore me real easily haha.. The LoG series are RPGs and really well done I think) But they won't work on...
  7. KickinBird

    3 Girls..or Goddesses?

    Hahaha yeah, it's just a reuse of the character designs and names. Not the actual Goddesses, but yeah the guy who rents the houses out is also Ingo, the guy who takes over Lon Lon Ranch in OoT. They're completely different characters though, I wouldn't worry about trying to fit them together in...
  8. KickinBird

    Hoping to See This Guy Return?!?

    I'm not really sure about Vaati... well, logically anyway. We pretty much saw his rise and fall during MC, I don't see how he could have another story associated with him. But, you know, if they wanted to just throw him in there without trying to make it work with the timeline, then yeah I think...
  9. KickinBird

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    I know there have been lots of threads on this, but none of them had polls. I really only started this to get an accurate idea of what fans thought of her through the poll, instead of reading how many good/bad posts were made about her. Thanks for combining them though, if that helps alleviate...
  10. KickinBird

    The Joseph Ducreaux Game

    Ughh... I hate that I was able to figure this one out Is it that "Drop it like it's hot" song?
  11. KickinBird

    The Joseph Ducreaux Game

    Stairway! Kick ***, Green. I don't know how to do this either, just thought that was awesome.
  12. KickinBird

    Ocarina of Time Big Scratch at Lake Hylia

    Yeah, it was definitely there before Gannondorf took over the world, so it has nothing to do with that. Even though I would have liked that theory if it were true. Anyway, it's most likely just something the game developers put in cuz they were bored or something... or what bbevington said about...
  13. KickinBird

    Majora's Mask Great Bay Temple

    Well I actually haven't played a whole lot of Zelda games, and I still thought the GBT was pretty easy. I'm also very easily confused and am never really able to figure out these complex puzzles. The temple just seemed really linear in my opinion, quite to the contrary of a lot of posts I've...
  14. KickinBird

    Google Me!

    HOW did this come up in an image search for TheGreen?? Go figure...
  15. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    What's Earthbound? I'll have to look that up. I would do games like Pikmin (I remember when it first came out, I really wanted to play it but never got to) but the problem is I only have a N64 controller so far so I can only play games that can be converted to that. So I'm thinking SNES/Gameboy...
  16. KickinBird

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    I started this post like 3 months ago... didn't think it would come back up again
  17. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    Wow Zero, thanks for all the advice! I'll try to keep it in mind when I actually start this thing, which I've decided to do. About the obscure games thing though, I quickly realized this would be an issue after about five minutes of searching OoT at Youtube, and getting 100s of Let's Plays on...
  18. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    Yeah that's very true. I was kind of thinking about, if I did do OoT, if I should do 100%... but I hadn't thought about 3HC. I already finished one before, so I know I can do it no problem. Sounds like a good idea, and can probably even set me up for some cool bloopers videos down the line haha
  19. KickinBird

    Dekus, Kokiri and Other Lost Races in SS

    I'm starting to believe that SS will do to nostalgia what TP did for fan service. If that's true, then we'll pretty much be seeing everything you talked about-- going back to old characters that we haven't seen for years and the like. I personally really hope they go for this, since you are...
  20. KickinBird

    DragonBall Z Fans? I've Got a Question

    Ah, right, Instant Transmission! I completely forgot about that. I also forgot how Goku proved to be just a strong as Trunks when he landed, so I guess it is perfectly possible he could defeat the two of them on his own. Thanks for clearing that one up for me. I guess I guess I was just confused...
  21. KickinBird

    DragonBall Z Fans? I've Got a Question

    Something I don't really talk about too much here, is that I'm a huge DragonBall Z fan. At least, I was when I was younger. I watched the series all the time, from Raditz in the Sayan Saga, all the way up to the Buu saga (but started to lose track and never really followed after Kid Buu was...
  22. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    Haha thanks for the feedback guys. Well I'd totally agree with Athenian that people seem to misunderstand the point of the Let's Plays (at least from what I've seen), in that they watch expecting a walkthrough-type video. If you want a good walkthrough, and actual website dedicated to doing...
  23. KickinBird

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    I just recently discovered the magic of free Camstudio, which finally allows me to record events on my computer screen for the whole internet to see. I've considered starting a "Let's Play" for OoT and MM on my emulators or something, but I kind of get the feeling there's already too many of...
  24. KickinBird

    Majora's Mask Is It Just Me?

    I totally agree with you on that one! Whoever did it most likely did because he thought it would be fun (and because..well, he could) But there's really not a doubt in my mind he had at least a small idea of trying to bring this game back out into the mainstream. He could have done this with any...
  25. KickinBird

    Zelda Art The Rise of Evil

    I'm actually really looking forward to reading these! I've only read about half of the first chapter; I don't really have time with so much school work to do right now, but I'll get around to it eventually. Looks very interesting. Also, I don't mind the links, I'd personally suggest you keep...
  26. KickinBird

    How Do You Hook Up an N64 Controller to Your Computer?

    Awesome, I'll buy it right now. Thanks for the help!
  27. KickinBird

    Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Charizard's been my favorite since I first played Red Version... man that must've been at least 10 years ago. I've always stuck with him though. He's just so awesome! How can you possibly beat the original fire dragon pokemon?
  28. KickinBird

    How Do You Hook Up an N64 Controller to Your Computer?

    Ah ok, so it is mostly likely the adapter then. Well that's ok, after all I did get it for like 8 bucks, so not much of a loss there. Any suggestions of how to tell the difference between quality adapters and cheap ones? Also, I did end up getting a new TV... turns out there was a crappy spare...
  29. KickinBird

    How Do You Hook Up an N64 Controller to Your Computer?

    Oh there's test programs? That would be pretty helpful, do you know of any? I guess I'll try a google search for them. And my USB cord thing only works for N64 controllers and Playstation controllers... I don't own a playstation or xbox. And I'll probably just end up getting a new tv but I like...
  30. KickinBird

    How Do You Hook Up an N64 Controller to Your Computer?

    What other programs could I use the N64 controller with? And thanks for taking interest enough to give some advice!
  31. KickinBird

    How Do You Hook Up an N64 Controller to Your Computer?

    I have a ROM of OoT and MM (I own both cartridges, so it's legal) and I bought this USB cord thing that you can hook an N64 controller into. I plugged everything in and loaded up OoT, and the controller didn't seem to work. None of the buttons respond, and when I try to program them to keys on...
  32. KickinBird

    Ocarina of Time What's Good and Bad About the Water Temple?

    The reason why people thought the Water Temple was hard is because they tried it WITHOUT a walkthrough. If you used one your first time, I don't think you can really comment on the difficulty of this temple. That's just my opinion.
  33. KickinBird

    Ocarina of Time Gameplay Time OOT

    I've never tried glitching, so without it I'd say about 6 hours... not too sure though cuz I've never actually timed myself. I might pull an all-nighter for a speed run some day to find out. I've actually been meaning to for a while now..
  34. KickinBird

    HOLY CRAP! Pokemon Live Action!?!?!

    I agree that the effects simply look to bad for it to be an official release... if such a huge corporation like Nintendo decided to make a Live Action movie about Pokemon, they would probably at least invest in CGI, and not those puppet pokemon. I still found it hilarious though, if it is legit...
  35. KickinBird

    Game Ending Glitches

    I've always wondered about that... because my N64 freezes like ALL the time. So what I have to do is basically save every time I do something (like accomplish certain parts of a dungeon, or after REALLY long cutscenes). Since Zelda's story is reeeally long, I always save right after talking to...
  36. KickinBird

    Creepy Game Glitches or Console SNAFUs You've Experienced

    I just have to say, that is quite possibly the creepiest thing I've ever heard in my life!
  37. KickinBird

    Zelda Vs. Mario

    I think Mario more represents Nintendo just because the Mario universe is about a thousand times more crazy and spontaneous than the Zelda universe. Zelda is a lot more realistic compared to Mario: there's classic elements of the medieval setting, based mostly on swordplay, archery, and magic...
  38. KickinBird

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    I always use "Link" in my first playthrough of a game, and then usually use my name on other files (like when I'm doing 3 Heart Challenges or whatever) just to differentiate between the original and other files.
  39. KickinBird

    Ocarina of Time Biggoron Sword

    I LOVE the Biggoron Sword. I just love running around dungeons swinging this massive blade around and screaming at the top of my lungs haha. I always get it right after getting the Hookshot and Epona (never thought of using Din's Fire to kill the skullwalltulas, but with the Hookshot I always...
  40. KickinBird

    OoT 100% Complete Questions.

    The Hylian Loach is from OoT, same name as in TP. Also, the frogs give you two heart pieces, so he obviously already did it if he has 20 hearts.
  41. KickinBird

    The Sheikah Are Hylians

    I agree that the Sheikah, along with the Gerudo, or not a separate race from the Hylians like the Gorons, Deku, Zora, etc. are. They're just different ethnicities and nationalities. Biologically they are the same, but their individual cultures give them distinctive traits just like how us humans...
  42. KickinBird

    Survey: Vision

    My vision is HORRIBLE, and somehow they keep "changing" which my eye doctor basically hates me for lol. Every time he gets me new contact prescriptions they last about 3 months before they don't do anything to help my eyes at all and I need completely different lenses. It's totally weird and a...
  43. KickinBird

    Triforce of Courage..of What?

    Hmm I never thought about what Mr.Mosley pointed out. That makes a lot of sense, so maybe the ToC doesn't really do anything to help Link on his adventures :/ but then again, we know that Ganondorf was still pretty powerful before acquiring the ToP, and the same with Princess Zelda and her...
  44. KickinBird

    Help beating gannon!!!

    So it is true you need to MS to kill him? I was starting to think so when I tried it and well it worked haha. I didn't know if it was just coincidence or not. The thing is I've never seen that in any guide or anything I thought it would have been mentioned at least somewhere....
  45. KickinBird

    Which Ganon/Ganondorf Did You Like Best?

    I like how you mentioned this, because I'm pretty sure that this is basically the only reason anyone chooses TP Ganondorf over OoT's version. If OoT were remade with the graphics capabilities of the Wii, He would probably be everyone's favorite in the series. Except for WW Ganondorf because...
  46. KickinBird

    Triforce of Courage..of What?

    It seems that the ToC has the power you described.... Link always seems to be able to perfectly use all the crazy, random stuff he finds in all the dungeons. But I think the ToC is just supposed to grant.... well... courage. It allows him to explore the dark, dangerous dungeons(alliteration not...
  47. KickinBird

    Adventure of Link Story What?

    That's actually a really good theory and would sure explain a whole lot! But unfortunately, I don't know of any evidence to this. If you know of any, please let us know because I like this theory a whole lot better than any others I've heard.
  48. KickinBird

    Adventure of Link Story What?

    I think that's about right... although I do agree that the description in the booklet is VERY confusing. I thought that the Prince hired the Evil Magician to try to scare Zelda into talking... which would make the Prince evil. Not sure if that's true, but it's just how I interpreted that part. I...
  49. KickinBird

    Most "painful" or Memorable Death...

    Most memorable death: OoT. Dodongo's Cavern. 'nuff said, but i'll explain anyway Yes, I died once in Dodongo's Cavern... quite recently actually, on my current run of the game. I guess it was just a combination of my N64 controller (which has been spazzing randomly for a couple weeks now...
  50. KickinBird

    Are the Carpenters in OoT Gay?

    Jiro the Carpenter calls ADULT Link cute.
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