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  1. Len

    If You Could Cosplay...

    :O really? AWESOME. i've only cosplayed Light yagami from death note and L, though my lack of money and time makes it difficult to me to make a semi-profecional cosplay T_T. If i could i would cosplay ikuto from shugo chara :D
  2. Len

    Swimming Across the Great Sea.

    1. No, i would waste time and health, im not patient when im doing this kind of stuff in a game, sorry. and crossing the Great Sea by just swimming is probably the hardest thing i ever had to do, really, i don't know how i would react to that. like wha!!?? 2.- you mean something like: "Hey...
  3. Len

    Who Was Your First Made Up Character?

    To be honest i made some sort of neko boy named Elliot, with the ability to cast any spell by just simply playing his cello (playing some specific music sheets of course), then i drew the "World of Symphonia" (a magic land with the willpower of music). i had drew a lot of other characters to...
  4. Len

    Link....Using Guns???

    Guns... i got speechless for a moment when i saw this. Using guns (depending of what type of guns are, muskets, western, modern etc.) would really really make dissapear the feeling of a "Zelda Game" , bang you kill ganny with one shot and that's the end of the story, you know what i mean, it...
  5. Len

    Death Note Theme Song Rant

    Gotta agree, it ws way better the first opening and ending, the song screws up with the look, i dunno why they put this song, maybe they where trying to make it scarrier... or somethig like that, the song is not death. it's Nu by the way.
  6. Len

    What Videogame Magazines Do You Read?

    E.G.M. (electronic games monthly) Nintendo/Power GameInformer Not too much updated magazines per day, i have a bunch of them. the old ones are most from 2003 - 2007 , i keep them in a box.
  7. Len

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

    Guitar Hero has changed a lot in this one, what is most interesting is that the game has now a new guitar desgin, something like an axe as a guitar controller, a story added to it, since G.H. was allways about tours, fans, and all that band business, seems very interesting though, we'll soon see.
  8. Len

    McDonalds Vs. Burger King

    Nah, i preffer B.K. since Mcdonnies fries puts me on my nerves... B.K. is good, Mc. don't i don't eat fast food too much, sometimes i preffer to avoid both and have a healthy daily meal.
  9. Len


    ah, the beautiful animation of japan, yes. all i have watched/watching right now, my list. Futakoi Rosen maiden Chrno crusade Zombie loan one piece Futakoi alternative Sakura card captor K-on Sayers...
  10. Len

    Name the Song Stuck in Your Head

    Disciple -in the midle of it (where in the midle of it NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!) Sum 41 - walking dissaster (far as i can tell, are these voices in my head, am i talking to myself 'cuz i don't know what i've just said) and my favorite song; Apocalyptica Ft. three days grace - i don't care, i know the...
  11. Len

    Guilty gear series

    LOL, yeah i've been wondering why did developers create bridget like that. i use that character but not too often, since the damage i deal with his 'yo-yo' is so small, i prefer axel and/or sol, sol really deals huge ammounts of damage. another characters i want to talk about is order sol i...
  12. Len

    Stephen King

    oh... i guess... you are talking about the movie... CLOWN IT?... well that movie did really scare me when i was a small dude. i read "carrie" (the only book i've read from his creations) he's got some real scary wrtiting abilities, i love his works.
  13. Len

    Super Mario Bros Z

    *tsssu* those videos are like food for my little bro, he loves the series, some kind of funny, because it's brutal has some humor of course, i don't say i don't like them, i just in neutral possition for it, not good not bad you know, my bro viewed them all and re-viewed again, somehow it keeps...
  14. Len

    Systems You Played to Death.

    the only, only, only system i played 'till broke was my big fat Old Nintendo Ds, the touch screen was a little damaged, so it couldn't help not a small time playing some games on it, in fact the touchscreed did loose the touch signal, and the shell did crack from the upper screen left corner...
  15. Len

    God of War Series

    oh yeah, i did played I and II, still i am getting chains of olympus for the psp, my favorite is G.O.W. II wich i consider awesome, by the way i love the button presing secuence for the game, next time we will get God of war III, this title has a promise, more awesome awaits for this next...
  16. Len

    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    Yes, in fact it helps me alot, since disorder only makes me search crazy for my lost and scattered games, i do organize them by genre, then next to it's console. I do allways keep the console box for some reason, i like to be organized.
  17. Len

    Pac Man

    i just like to mess with pac man 2 the new adventures for snes (yeah i know its for kidsd but at least makes me laught) i own the konami collection arrangement for the psp and i can say that pac man arrangement is pretty cool and awesome, its 3-D and it has much cooler stages, this classic...
  18. Len

    What Games Are You Playing Through at the Moment?

    at the moment i am on some games playing on: guitar hero 5 (xbox 30) rock band beatles edition (wii) the world ends with you (nintendo ds) link's crosbow training (wii) disney pixar's up (wii) metal slug 7 (DS) well for me i have known that i've been playing most games of guitar hero than...
  19. Len

    The Killers

    ahh at last a thread to post well as the albums i looked for where cool like: hot fuss sam's town day and age and the songs i loved are: when you where young mr. brightside spaceman human goodnight travel well all these things i've done as my point of view i liked first their single: sam's...
  20. Len

    Green Day

    tell what song of 'em you like i love their singles: dookie nimrod warning and 21 st breakdown and the songs: boulevard of broken dreams (i walk alone) know your enemy 21 guns warning castaway maci's day parade time of your life minority waiting deadbeat holyday holyday wake me up when...
  21. Len

    Mario and Luigi RPG Series

    for my point of view mario and luigi rpg series was and its still is my favorite games of all time, and so, you look it childish? ok the cover and the graphics looks for kids but look again, they have a cartoon look but is not inofensive cartoon not even when it comes to bros. attacks (wham bam...
  22. Len

    Favorite Actors/Actresses or Directors

    for the favs i choose: actors: jim carrey, ben stillen, will smith, johny deep, tim burton, spepen speilburg (the goonies) brad pit, jackie chan, jack black, nicolas cage...its all that i can thinkl about right now. i just like actors that are funny (like jim carrey) i love to laught at their...
  23. Len

    Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne

    ozzy's number one for me hit: i don't wanna stop (yeah we like ozzy and black!) it has come to me that both are the same cool for me, allthought i like all that is at the side of the rock genre (metal, alt, classic, pop rock, etc.) just to make know that i like more ozzy osbourne, they have a...
  24. Len

    Are You in a Band? (rock) or Do You Play the Guitar/bass?

    i have know that some people are member of a rock band or metal band i am the leader guitarrist and singer of my band (we play rock,alt and metal), its called: Dragonbreath, (though we wanted to be called black dragon or Ink Heart) are you on a band or you just play the guitar/bass/drums. or...
  25. Len

    What element?

    there i go: i have known that fire is my element and fire is: Strong Powerfull And some kind of out-of-control and unstoppable allthough i like that element, fire is power and power is fire, and if fire goes out of control then... i would not extinguish it. fire represents power and power...
  26. Len

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    hmm hard choice to pic up well here is my menu: rawk hawk from paper mario TTYD (he would be a beat on the battle!) or maybe arthur from ghost n ghouls (he would kick the game out to k-o) i really would like to see arthur on the game, he is my favorite classic character of all time (after...
  27. Len

    Chrono Trigger

    talk about difficult the game is awesoeme still (well i didn't finish it) well this game was my first fav of the rpgs and still is, i know it was a bit of difficult but i still give it a 10/10 great game. i have known that it has many endings (how you play it, it would choose the path for you)...
  28. Len

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    i allways liked history (its some kind of interesting for me) it has a lot of things about what and why things happened, about presidents like abraham lincon, G. washington (not readed all of his history really) and many lots of infor about the american history.
  29. Len

    Music In The Car?

    well my friend and me we like to listen rock (not too loud b is not allowed where i live) AFI alice in chains beck blink 182 foo fighters fuel green day goo goo dolls harvey danger the killers the used the smashing pumpkins three days grace weezer yellowcard all of them we listen to (my...
  30. Len

    Four Swords Adventure- What Did You Like and Dislike?

    well i like: the arsenal (specially the hammers and the swords) the dungeons and levels i didn't like: the you have to get GBA's to play multyplayer that is what i did hate of all PS: if nintendo will make another multiplayer game i would appreciate them to use the formal controlls to play...
  31. Len

    If You Were Link

    if i could be link: lets see there are many things i would do (depending if there's princess zelda requesting help of course!!) i would wear the green and actual tunic, the mirror shield the hero's bow and the MS i could take many enemies with a single bomb!, (i would like to see more hammers...
  32. Len

    Favourite Disney Movie

    i think is aladin petter pan alice in wonderland wall-E pirates of the caribean (my top ones) better pirates of the caribean, i like the movies because has a lot of action and adventure, really good movie.
  33. Len

    Disney Pixar's Up

    thsi threat is to know if you did like the movie: actually i did like the movie, i loved the story indeed, the characters (charles muntz blimp is cool! spirit of adventure) as same with: russel, Carl Fredricksen, dug and charles muntz. did you liked the movie? it is awesome? tell us. (note...
  34. Len

    The 'annoy' and the 'bug'

    yeah we know facts that bugs or annoys us from a game, me: i hate to run fast out of hearts, allways travel to different islands to set my sail, set the wind up right and wait untill i get to that island, pay for a decifration of 15 hyrulean charts....its your time to tell us what you did not...
  35. Len

    Luigi Kart DS

    i think that whorever had that idea was thinking of a new gameplay, well as my point of view luigi kart DS looks like more far away from a normal game, since the title was allways 'mario' kart, you see, the gameplay of crush is something that a race game never had, well... only crash nitro kart...
  36. Len

    Remixed Vs. Original Music

    first of all remakes are sometimes pretty awesome, when some don't make our expectations go up, since not all remixes are cool, there will allways be a bad one that we will not like from, i really used to stick more to original music themes than remakes for example, mario and luigi PIT, final...
  37. Len

    Favorite Video Game Music

    this is a cool post: lets see the banjo tooie soundtrack was my firts favoryte (i really loved witchyworld circus tune) then has come paper mario (n64) the main battles music was really nice and cool and from then comes: super mario galaxy (wow, orchestral music is really cool) the legend of...
  38. Len

    Shows You Watched During a Younger Age

    i have watched: goosebumps tv series thomas the train (yeah used to love and dream about trains) scooby doo tom and jerry tiny toons arthur the super mario bros. 3 show bannanas in pajammas sesame street dragon tales maya & miguel where in the world is carmen sandiego? bob the builder hey...
  39. Len

    Monster Hassle

    electric chu chus and those...fire bats, i really hate chu chus, i hate both electric and dark (they die in 1 shot of a light arrow, yep they die) love to shot "em down really i hate chu chus, so annoying for me, if i could call 'em howhever i could call them jelly chus (where and why the chu...
  40. Len

    What Language(s) Do You Know?

    i know: english (yeah i know, this is dunno) french (studying) african (its too easy...for me) spanish (not too easy i must say) and finnally: danish (i have learned this by my own)
  41. Len

    2012 Movie

    brrr... and... the WATER APOCALIPSIS is... holy!, well... as my dad (rest in peace, among with mom) said "if you fear something, face it", so i am going to go to see ti, this movie is not going to make me scared nor cry, maybe i agree with you in the fact that is "scary" but i love to face my...
  42. Len

    Traveling on the Train

    not sure.... its supose that the train move on rails, i do agreed the idea of moving freely but... i say: the train looks sustentable to the fields (of course, we need rails to make a train go to a dessired direction, when do trains have a steering wheel or something like that?, the rails has...
  43. Len

    What Song Reflects You?

    there,s only one (and its my fav too) if you like alt. rock you gotta hear this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRUCLlZMNmk
  44. Len

    Favorite Things to Do/Hobbies?

    nice threat, to talk about reading: i like to read, (allmost ant genre, and type of book...no, not magnazines, im talking about old and interesting books) drawing: ah yes who loves a good original drawing, i like to draw character from videogames or well my own, i really love to draw skating...
  45. Len

    Other Forums You Are a Part Of

    i have been posting on many forums such as: (i don,t remember the names too clearly) 1: rockstars forums (a place where i can know different ways to learn how to play a guitar and all the rock instruments, they talk about rock music "country, metal, alt etc." 2: tony hawk,s followers (skating...
  46. Len

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    im current listening to rise against - the dirt wispered great song indeed!
  47. Len


    i used to play tennis (i love it), i am a supertar pro ace "nah just kidding" but at least im good for that sport, i like to make good speedy serves "haha my opponent can,t dodge that!" i used to win like 2 times for each round, lets say i am an "above average" player
  48. Len

    Worst Mario Game.

    i have only hated one: mario,s time machine (SNES) who made that one? who?, well my expectations weren,t so far when i played it, i think that you are luigi and you have to find mario doing a bunch of thins in a city of....somewhere, far away from mushroom kingdom, "really boring and with no...
  49. Len

    Favorite Books

    ok i,ve only ones for the moment favorite of all the books i have readed: goosebumps: hey i like non-scary horror tales, these books are awesome for me, r.l.stine made these and other terror books from "the dead girlfriend to night phone calls" he made a lot of cool horror books indeed classic...
  50. Len

    Where Are Your Ancestors From?

    no, i have no outside-country family, i am an 100% american guy (american prevail, as same as american proudness is the same, toghether makes a big and true difference about life)
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