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  1. sailorgirl221

    Do You Wear a Watch?

    I wear my betsey jhonson ones lol.. only sometimes though. it's handy if i can't readily check my phone but they also look neat-o with what ever out fit i wear lol..
  2. sailorgirl221

    Fast Food Places You've Eaten at

    I don't eat alot of fast food anymore.. it's very rare when I do and when I do it's: taco bell wendys popeyes any type of chinese.. that's prettty much it in a nut shell lol. i prefer to cook my own food.
  3. sailorgirl221

    Enjoying Things You Dislike

    wrestling... and not the greco-roman but I mean WWE... I think it's fake and the acting and grudges are forced.. though whenever I watch it I like the fights.. or "fights?" I'm jstu really confused about it. I like it but I don't at the same time... lol I mean dose this look fake to you?? but...
  4. sailorgirl221

    Two Cents

    well i never used that phrase before lol.. though when I give my opinion i would like to think that it's worth something more than two cents.. though i'm pretty sure that it's not lol. So whenever someone asks for my opinion i give it regardless of it's worth lol.
  5. sailorgirl221

    Worst Item You've Lost

    I remember losing a poison ring that my mother gave to me when i was a late teen... well i'm 24 now and i know that i will never find it again and it still breaks my heart.. :(
  6. sailorgirl221

    Getting Over People

    for me it's either really hard to get over someone or it's incredibly easy. if i really liked a person though and through but they hurt me? i can get over it pretty quickly. That's because how could it work out or how could it go any further it they could just hurt me like that with no...
  7. sailorgirl221

    Have You Ever Crushed on Somebody from ZD?

    yep i did and do!!! i had the biggest crush on Mases lol! but it died down and i'm cook with it and 'm pretty sure he is to lol. and the current one?! not telling it's a secret to everyone...
  8. sailorgirl221


    despite all that I have gone though and being pushed down and thrown out, broken and rebuilt, broken and rebuilt and broken again. I have no regrets at all.. i messed up things that changed life for me as i knew it a shook up how i looked at my self. but they were such lessons that needed to be...
  9. sailorgirl221

    Best Advice You Ever Got

    life's not fair, then you die - my mom if you see something you don't like about your self in the mirrior you lie to your self and say that you love it anyways- my sister i want you to find a man that will treat you like a queen because you deserve nothing less- my daddy life is just to damn...
  10. sailorgirl221

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    i watched a very good chunk of it from begging to end lol. i made sure to watch the finaly part of it though. that stuff was so great and i can't wait to watch it again next year lol.
  11. sailorgirl221

    Do You Believe in "Soulmates"?

    I believe that there is a soul mate out there for some one. they don't necessarily have to be lovers though. I say this because I believe that my best-friend and I are soul mates. since the day that we met we had a bond like no other, on that just can simply be broken. i truly believe that we...
  12. sailorgirl221

    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    i don't trust people untill they prove to me that they deserve it. how can they prove it? i don't know lol. I have to know this person to the point that i can feel it in my gut with out a doubt that i can trust them. so when i know they will know lol.
  13. sailorgirl221

    Planning For The Future

    honestly I've been out of high school for about three years now and I've done and seen alot of things that most people couldn't even dream up.. and i still don't know what i want to do with my life lol. right now i'm focusing on getting a better job and education and after that i would like to...
  14. sailorgirl221

    Favorite Midnight Snacks

    i try not to eat that late at night, but when i do it's a snack bar and water lol.
  15. sailorgirl221

    Colors of the Things You Own

    all the frunituer in my living room is black lol.. and the things in my bed room is black and beige. my bathroom is purple though because what is life with out whimsy!
  16. sailorgirl221

    Remembering Names

    I am just awful with names. i'll forget them in a heart beat if i'm not paying attention.. though if I am paying attention than i'm ok with names lol.
  17. sailorgirl221

    Paper or Plastic?

    i haven't seen a paper bag since I was a wittle young'n!! I didn't chose because i have the reusable bags. and i bring them whenever I go to the store. i just prefer them because I don't like having a ton of plastic bags in my house 1 i only use them for the smaller trash cans and when I...
  18. sailorgirl221

    Are You A Picky Eater?

    nope i'm not pick at all, lol I love food and I love to make it and I love to feed people! So I can eat all sorts of food! I can mix my food just fine especially if i'm at a Mexican restaurant i love to mix up the beans and rice and cheese.l i mean cheesy bean and rice?! yum!! lol if there...
  19. sailorgirl221

    What Makes You "lose It" ?

    That doesn't make you a terrible person cause my sis and half my friends are the same way! sometimes during movies I cry more when animals die to but I won't lose it. stupid people only make me roll my eyes. I dealt with so many stupid people that i'm to the point of "well damn.. they are here...
  20. sailorgirl221

    Attachments to Animals

    I have a pretty big attachment to my cat... that's because she's the only one living with me lol. So it's pretty much me and her against the world lol. I love her to tears.. even though she makes me want to pull my hair out!! I still love her.
  21. sailorgirl221

    Would You Ever Want to Have Lower Abilities Than What You Have

    I can't afford to be dumbed down any more than I already am.. Life is hard enough as is lol.
  22. sailorgirl221

    What Makes You "lose It" ?

    So I'm watching cops right now and this officer was called to a house about a baby. Well, when he get's there the baby is limps and barley breathing in his fathers arms. the father started shaking him a little bit and I shouted "DON'T DO THAT!!!" then the tears started rolling, uncontrollably. I...
  23. sailorgirl221

    Are You a Clingy, Needy Type

    the only way I cling is like static.. i'm a cereal cuddler do i need validation though?? no not really i'm fine with who I am as a person and I don't need compliments or anything like that. (though they are nice to hear at times)
  24. sailorgirl221

    How Long Does It Take for You to Get Dressed

    well I don't have very many clothes lol.. so it can take me as little as 5-3 min to get dressed lol
  25. sailorgirl221

    Physically Attractive Traits

    you know I never had a consistent type of guy that i have been attracted to.. though there are two things that I like in a man. 1: Height- he has to be taller or just as tall as me and i'm like 5'7 so it shouldn't be to hard. 2: he has to have some big arms! and some muscle weight on him! I'm...
  26. sailorgirl221

    Hair Styles You Like and Dislike

    I only have two styles lol. when my hair is flat it's down, or in a ponytail. and when it's curly it's pulled back lol. my hair is to dark to dye it and i'm to plain for anything else lol..
  27. sailorgirl221

    Dude, Bro, Homie.

    no I'm not offended by any of the words stated lol. Though I have never been called any of these things really except "dude" and that is mainly when my mom called me that lol.
  28. sailorgirl221

    Terms of Endearment

    yikes. I feel like the black sheep lol. I don't mind it really, actually where im from and most of southern USA people will hardly call you your name it will just be an affectionate nick name. Sweetheart, sweety, babygirl, sweetbabygirl, sweetbabyman, baby, all sorts of nick names though it's...
  29. sailorgirl221

    What Other Tabs Do You Have Open?

    right now it's just Wikipedia lol. i had to look up somethings before I could give an opinion on something lol
  30. sailorgirl221

    What Entitles You to a Boyfriend/girlfriend?

    well as I never looked for a relationship, ever, they found me. have I ever felt entitled to a relationship?? I don't think so.. I never felt that I was entitled a particular person because that makes little since to me. how are you entitled a person? I never felt like I was ever entitled to...
  31. sailorgirl221

    Animals You Like

    I like swans, they are so beautiful, their necks look so graceful! I like that they mate for life, even when there partner is dead they wont try to find another one. I know that they are mean as all get out though lol and that they are so territorial AND that when they are babies that they are...
  32. sailorgirl221

    Do You Kiss With Your Eyes Open Or Closed?

    I kiss with my eyes closed. cause i kinda see it as a distraction to do it with my eyes open and it helps me focus.. and if i catch someone kissing with there eyes open i feel kinds offended honestly lol. because i feel like they are trying to distract them selves and I feel like there is...
  33. sailorgirl221

    What Are Three Things You Are Truly Afraid Of?

    death- i'm terrified for any of my family or any one that I particularly care about dying because I consider my life nothing with out them. Immediate Danger- i don't care if its me but more for my family I don't want anything to happen to them ever. I would do anything to keep them safe and I...
  34. sailorgirl221

    What Defines a True Friend?

    To me a true friend are the ones that can stand by you though the test of time. I met my friends when I was in the 7th grade and here we are a few years out of high school and still going strong! yeah we may not talk that often and see each other even less but when we see each other it's like...
  35. sailorgirl221

    What Sort of People Do You Surround Yourself With?

    I surround my self with people who make me happy. that's because I feed off of that and when I feel good then I can make them feel good and then we feed off of each others good energy and we zoom off into a world of happiness!! yay!!! lol those people are mainly my friends who are just random...
  36. sailorgirl221

    Favorite Time of The Day

    i like the sunset hours. because it's starting to cool down and things are beginning to mellow out for the day and so that makes me feel mellow
  37. sailorgirl221

    Medieval-to-Sword Fighting

    LOL!! I do medieval reenactment! lol though I don't do the fighting part of it. It's called the SCA and it's pretty cool, I love it. try this site! Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. I do the dancing and the arts portion but I know alot of fighters! it's so fun! if you have questions let me...
  38. sailorgirl221

    To Have Siblings or Not

    I have a younger sister and we are only a year apart.. I remember when we were younger we fought like gladiators.. yes gladiators, and that's because we would get weapons she would grab a boom and I would grab a chair.. yep that bad! she provoked me ALL the time and she even knows it. lol...
  39. sailorgirl221

    Animals You Dislike?

    ducks... I hate ducks! they are mean!! I don't care what anyone says! I swear up and down that one bit me on the knee when I was little!! when ever i'm around ducks i feel the over whelming need to shout at them to go away!! I hate ducks so much... grrr.. I'll never forgive the duck race ever...
  40. sailorgirl221

    Fist Fights

    I don't like fist fighting at all and I will try to stop them at any cost when I see one.. but if I am personally involved in one and there is no talking my way out of it then I will not be afraid to finish it. when I was younger i used to fight all the time I was angry all that time and I had a...
  41. sailorgirl221

    Favorite Word?

    "heartbeat" I don't know why I like it so much I love the sound of it and the way it rolls off the tounge.. heartbeat..
  42. sailorgirl221

    Worst Job You Have Had?

    the worst job i ever had has to be working in an elementary school cafeteria... yikes.. I was the dishwasher pretty much and it sucked... so bad!! I only worked three hours a day for min wage which was 5.15 at the time. and i only got paid once a month! not to mention that my boss was so...
  43. sailorgirl221

    Who Here Collects Stuff?

    I collect books lol.. I love to buy books, I love to read them as well. I also love to collect belt buckles lol! i have three zelda ones and I have like 15 others lol!! I just love them!
  44. sailorgirl221

    Have You Ever Felt Like You Spend Too Much Time on the Internet?

    yeah but I online shop lol.. Well more like window shop lol, i don't buy anything really unless I got the money and it's something i need for my house lol... then there is the you tube because I watch lets plays and walkthoughs like sitcoms... then there is the Facebook and social networking...
  45. sailorgirl221

    Keeping Relationships "spicy"

    well i'm not in a relationship and I haven't been in one for a LONG-O time.... lol! though I would think it would require some spontaneity?? maybe?? or something like a date night or something like that.. like i said it's been a while and seeing as how much i'm starting to love cats it's going...
  46. sailorgirl221

    What Do You Do Most Often?

    my time is pretty much 50/50 online shopping and reading.. with some netflix lol i'm watching Xena warrior princess lol!!
  47. sailorgirl221

    Are You Misunderstood?

    Oh H-E- double hockey stick yes!!! lol! when I'm walking around I could be so happy and my head is hanging to the ground and I look as if i'm in pain. And sometimes i do stuff that I don't mean to, like really mean things and I won't know why and I'll try to explain but people wont give me the...
  48. sailorgirl221

    Are You Independent?

    I'm financially independent all the way, got my own apartment and car, buying the furniture for my place putting food in my fridge and all that jazz.. Even if i'm struggling I refuse to take a dime from my family or loan places if i can help it. I hate having to borrow money. Emotionally I...
  49. sailorgirl221

    What's Your Least Favorite Word?

    "motivated" or the phrase "get motivated" it just plain makes me want to punch someone in the face... lol
  50. sailorgirl221

    What's the Coolest Website You Know Of?

    aside from zd? lol. but i think actually the revamped myspace is pretty cool I went to my old one and it was completely different and I really like it lol. and amazon.com lol!! just because I love to shop!
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