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  1. zeldusfanaticus

    The Imprisoned

    how many other people did this. it was way easier and quicker. all that i see on guides is people doing it by way of the toe, very inefficient if you ask me
  2. zeldusfanaticus

    Next SSB Characters

    what i've thought would be a good idea for nintendo is for them to develop the game with the same setup as previous games, have characters and unlock more to fill the roster. BUT steadily start releasing downloadable expansion packs that revolve around a specific series, this would include...
  3. zeldusfanaticus

    Hylian Bone Structure

    besides it being a videogame so natural laws don't always apply, ALL hylians are magic inclined im pretty sure it says that somewhere. so link, having magic in the blood, and being the goddesses chosen hero, would undoubtably give him some abilities and characteristics beyond the norm
  4. zeldusfanaticus

    Maps and Timelines

    well now i have come up with an alternate theory (since this one is so totally wrong), and frankly its more of an observation than theory. we know that MM occurs in a parallel universe. thing is, a parallel universe is just an alternate series of events, an alternate timeline D: oh noes, a...
  5. zeldusfanaticus

    What Zelda Games Have You Completed/Beaten?

    all exept four swords, minish cap, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks. i really dont have much of an interest in the handhelds anyway
  6. zeldusfanaticus

    Funniest Zelda Game to Date?

    i was defininitly impressed by the amount of humor in the game. it seemed like every character had some quirk that compleely took you away from the main objective. i thought that ghirahim was actually the most comical character, the scene where he was talking about his arms had me and my...
  7. zeldusfanaticus

    Timeshift Stones

    as i was playing through the desert area, i was really hoping thatthere would be a giant timeshift stone that would put the whole desert back in the past. i was a little disapointed
  8. zeldusfanaticus

    Spoiler Theory About Future Zelda Games According to One Fi's Comments

    please note that the triforce wasn't actually "in" Skyloft. the triforce is found in the silent realm within sky keep, that is only a technicality. something else to consider; the method for entering the silent realm is by using the master sword to open the path, the silent realms are...
  9. zeldusfanaticus

    Maps and Timelines

    i was a little worried no one was going to touch this one. thank-you FD. but i'm surprised that no one is challenging this. for the love of god give this thread some activity!!
  10. zeldusfanaticus

    Maps and Timelines

    Part 2. with a little bit of crazy PART 1 there have been many instances where people compare the overworld maps from the zelda series in order to find some sort of continuity between them. so far i have not seen any new new ones since the release of skyward sword so here's mine *do not pay...
  11. zeldusfanaticus

    Tenrai 9 Hole Ocarina of Time Replica

    DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. zeldusfanaticus


    between the time demise released his curse and Oot has been over a thousand years. between the curse and present skyward sword is AT least a thousand so there, so would make sense that the race carrying the antagonistic side of the curse would start showing up (that timeframe is given a few...
  13. zeldusfanaticus


    or recycling... whatevs. so link, zelda, impa, and beedle are the obvious reincarnated characters that appear frequently throunghout the series, and headmaster Gaebora we can strongly assume to be Kaebora Gaebora. i had a crazy thought while playing(and beating) skyward sword today...
  14. zeldusfanaticus

    So What's Next?

    since there has been a game that explains the origins of things maybe we can have a grand finale type, i'm not saying soon only someday. just thinking about it i already canthink up a simple start to it. hundreds of years in thefuture very modern; planes, cars, economic crisis, etc. the...
  15. zeldusfanaticus

    Interesting Dialogue

    i've only played for a short time, but i've noticed a few thing that seem a little fishy. both being dialogue, first one is right before the loftwing ceremony the teacher (who looks very much like a rito from WW to me) says that, "this is the 25th anniversary of of fine institution." i see...
  16. zeldusfanaticus

    Once Upon a Time.(ABC)who Watched the New Show on Abc

    i watched it a few days ago on imdb.com. its looks interesting, although it does seem like its one of those show that would work better as movie
  17. zeldusfanaticus

    Monster Hunter Tri Usernames

    Specify your region. write your name, id(maybe), and HR Knil,******,31, America
  18. zeldusfanaticus

    Why Don't You Have Your Homework

    "don't worry, it'll show up in about seven years" "i gave it to some old woman so i could buy some potions." "i turned into a dog yesterday, where do you think it is?" "Oh crap, i knew i lost something in that stupid water temple."
  19. zeldusfanaticus

    The Wonderful World of Timbersports

    i have, as of last summer, become involved in this "sport". it's alot of fun, medical insurance won't cover it because it's a "high-risk sport", i've become quite ripped, and i've been able to hold my own with the best of the best. have any of y'alls heard about/compete...
  20. zeldusfanaticus

    Majora's Mask Tatl and Tael

    crazy japanese and their hidden meanings.
  21. zeldusfanaticus

    Biggoron sidequest

    warp song make you have to start over, but just warping won't. instead of traveling to death mountain go to the lost woods in the kokiri area. if you know what path to take you will find two arches(doors) each in different areas. One takes you right outside zora's domain, and the other takes...
  22. zeldusfanaticus

    The Good, the Bad...

    third post here, wow. the good: met a girl in drivers ed. we got along great lots of laughs, lots of talking. i definitly felt something (not sure about her) the bad: come the last day of driver's ed me the girl and my carpool "buddy" are waiting for our parents to take us home. my...
  23. zeldusfanaticus

    General Art Great Fairy Fountain Theme -- Vocalized!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, amazing, that is very good. kudos to the girl with the voice of angels ( if thats not too creepy...)
  24. zeldusfanaticus

    Ocarina on the "B" Button, Wtf?

    you're done, just start over, is all i can say to you right now
  25. zeldusfanaticus

    The Legend of Zelda Rupee Shortage, Any Secrets?

    this is the method i use. complete the first few dungeons, use the items to get the extra hearts, i think you need 7 hearts, go "to the man beneath the waterfall" , get the Lv2 sword, go to dungeon 3. the first and second rooms are filled with Big Blobs and when you hit them instead of...
  26. zeldusfanaticus

    Titles and what you're known for.

    i have been known by many titles. for a short time at school i was known as "the Warranty Fairy" (oops, this warranty is voided, sucks to be you) im also the guy who knows everything My sister and some of her friends call me "Boy Wonder" yesterday my mom and sis came up with a new one. My...
  27. zeldusfanaticus

    Where Do You Live?

    i live in Veneta, Oregon. if you've heard about this town it's probably because of the Country Fair, the other Woodstock(freakin' every year). i've never been(not a hippie, so the fair and i arn't on best terms), but if any of yous are hippiesque, not too much, and you plan on coming then you...
  28. zeldusfanaticus

    How Would You Feel If…

    DON"T EVEN JOKE what if your house was made of cheese
  29. zeldusfanaticus

    How Would You Feel If…

    very pleased, cconsidering my epic story ideas how would you feel if you woke up and was stuck in a cartoon world, (not zelda 'cause that would be awesome)
  30. zeldusfanaticus

    The Good, the Bad...

    THE GOOD me and the girl are friends again, IMA SO HAPPY. we tight :) YAAAAAAAAAAAY. infact we better than tight but that's my bizness not yours. we watched "The Gods Must Be Crazy" last night THE BAD the salami in my fridge has gone bad, so i had to throw it out, G*DD*MM*T, and i got my...
  31. zeldusfanaticus

    The Mask Man, the Mask Manipulator.

    Methinks he may be some sort of demigod, right. he vanishes without a trace, he can travel freely between realities. there are many myths aboout being able to completely change one's identity via the use of animal skins or MASKS. Perhaps the mask salesman in infact a Loki like character; a...
  32. zeldusfanaticus

    Monster Hunter Tri

    hey Oni you beat Urugaan yet, i would expect that you have. truth is i have not yet killed him, i just captured him. Im having lots of diffuculty with some of the end-game urgent quests, any advice from anyone
  33. zeldusfanaticus

    Has Anyone Noticed This?

    im not really surprised, what with all the giant MALE PARTS around the ikhana fortress dungeon.
  34. zeldusfanaticus

    The Ask a Member a Question Game

    Toad on a scale of 1 to 10 how badly do you want to kick Ronald Mcdonald in the family jewels(mcnuggets?idk)
  35. zeldusfanaticus

    The Good, the Bad...

    THE GOOD i finally told the girl of my dreams how i feel about her. it felt really good to tell her after i had been keepng my feelings locked away for so many years. THE BAD thanks to so much stress from school and that this girl had not talked to me in a few days, i got drunk and sent her...
  36. zeldusfanaticus

    Game Recomendations Thread

    wow, lots of great games, but im surprised that that no one has mentioned this one, ETERNAL DARKNESS: SANITY'S REQUIEM this is quite possibly the best gamecube game ive ever played. its a fairly simple game, but the story is incredibly indepth. Plus epic dialouge, my favrite quote, "I am the...
  37. zeldusfanaticus

    Monster Hunter Tri

    i has killed every offline monster, WOOT. question for you players, Whats your favorite weapon class? i favor the long sword, always have; decent damage, good speed, wide attack range, godly spirit combos.
  38. zeldusfanaticus

    2010: Nintendo's Year.

    you seem to be forgetting SADNESS, one of the first games announced for wii and has been in production ever since. but it comes out Q3 2010, my joy abounds.
  39. zeldusfanaticus

    Emphasis on Number 4 in Majora's Mask

    that is very very insightful. and MM is filled with all other kinds of symbols found throughout the game, so it makes sense that this is another important one
  40. zeldusfanaticus

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    the longest i ve syayed up is about a week, i used to wander the house at night to keep myself occupied. and if i stay up too late i get the giggles and from descriptions i act like im super wasted. Some facts about sleep. lack of sleep will cause halucinations and can cause serious...
  41. zeldusfanaticus

    That Hylian Loach...

    i can't help you with catching it, but all that i know is that you have to get the sinking lure, which is in one of four places around the pond. once you get that, then the loach is either right under the log the sort of curves or it isn't there at all. the first and only time i saw it was...
  42. zeldusfanaticus

    How Do YOU Open a New Game?

    the nearest game shop of any kind is about 30-mins away. So when i get a game, i get it the car, i open the packaging all slow-like, thinking of all the things i could do to it... wai- what? oh sorry. then i flip through the manual and admire the epicness that im about to unleash, then i get...
  43. zeldusfanaticus

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    my sister tends to use zelda and meta knight alot, she has become quite godly. some questions, what are the details of this system, and how does it really work . what sort of help would you give me. and how would the giving you my wii console number help, meaning would i have to be...
  44. zeldusfanaticus

    Hardcore Nintendo is Neglecting the Wii

    For as long as i can remember, nintendo has been all about quality over quantity. their "hardcore" games have a lot more time spent on each indivdual one. they're not cranking out games that are just repeats of prior games with maybe a new gun or something. Wii is not being "neglected", its...
  45. zeldusfanaticus

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    i usually set a game as 3 level nines, 5 stock, all characters random. i feel ive acheived adequete skill with most if most all characters and when i finally get wii-online i will probably get pwned
  46. zeldusfanaticus

    Have You Beaten AoL

    the first time i played i got all the way to the lava path, then after dying so many times, i quit and deleted the file. then i started a new file, just "going hunting" as shadsie puts it. i got my levels up decently, went through the first few dungeons, not killng the boss, cause i need the...
  47. zeldusfanaticus

    Snowpeak Snowboarding

    it was an awesome mini-game, nuff-said. yeta was a pain
  48. zeldusfanaticus

    Time Travel

    here be a bit of an explanation into einsteins ideas about space-time imagine space-time as a flat plane ---------------------- this plane coulb also be percieved as a flexible sheet gravity pulls in the space around it, right. so why not time as well, space-time being a single...
  49. zeldusfanaticus

    How do you play Brawl?

    i use the GC controller, it has a comfortable grip feel, it has easy acess buttons, and the C-stick smash attacks are the best kind of cheating. The wii-mote for me is a little difficult because of my lack of jumping skills with the D-pad and joystick, thats all
  50. zeldusfanaticus


    is anyone watching season 5 'cause, its awesome 10-14-2009 episode features the elusive tooth fairy, a 5'10'', 350lbs, pink tutu wearing, tooth stealing bit o' crazy and a half demon half human
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