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  1. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: ........Lozoot?

    Nice! I like it! Things seem to have matured from last time, but that's a given I suppose. Now, I really must get back to my Health assignment.
  2. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: ........Lozoot?

    Nice!! It's fantastic! Let's all celebrate with schmancy alcohol for the ending of the Child saga!! :D I can't wait for the adult one, you guys are all great authors. :)
  3. Zelda's_Child

    The Band Thread

    Forming a Band I'm in the middle of a bit of a dilemma. You see, ever since I started singing, I've wanted to join a band. Or make a band. I wasn't fussed. I always thought I could team up with my friends and become a band and play some music, but it seems I've been left behind. My best...
  4. Zelda's_Child

    Any Anime Fans?!

    I found the awesome part of ZeldaDungeon!! I lubs my anime, especially romance/comedy. I used to watch a lot of Naruto, and other stuff, Lucky Star was the first anime I ever watched, but at the moment, I'm quite into the Haruhi Suzumiya series, The World God Only Knows (I'm reading the manga...
  5. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art Incarnations: The Return of Zelda

    Woo hoo Nee-chan~ can't wait for moar. I also want to see how the rest of teh Dungeons reacts to your story!! :D
  6. Zelda's_Child

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1128) Wait for your youtube to load. -.-
  7. Zelda's_Child

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1106) Do your science homework.
  8. Zelda's_Child

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ What, as in the animal, the Australian Football League team or something else? < Listening to Chocolate Rain v Listening to?
  9. Zelda's_Child

    Hylian - A Way to Speak?

    So, this is something I've been thinking about alot. I recently became weirdly obsessive about codes and different languages (eg. piglatin orfay ethay inway!!) and looked up Hylian translations. It seems that all the games that have Hylian script in them apart from Twilight Princess are a code...
  10. Zelda's_Child

    Spoiler Majoras Mask: Where Are The Sheikah?

    There is a theory that Kafei is a Sheikah descendant or something, otherwise they could be hidden in unexplorable parts of Termina. After all, there was, like, only one real sheikah in OOT...
  11. Zelda's_Child

    What Does Zelda Mean to You?

    To me, Zelda is my ex. So it kind of makes me sad to play some games, but I got over it quickly. I really think Zelda has changed me as a person, I'm far stronger mentally, and I cope alot better with things, I think it has to do with the stuff that happens, the main characters go through so...
  12. Zelda's_Child

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    Hehe! So happy that my thread is sucessful!~ My dad's pretty much the same as a lot of mums, he barely gets over the fact that Link isn't Zelda. :D
  13. Zelda's_Child

    Ocarina of Time Favourite Quote

    I love Shiek's quotes, especially the three already posted. They're so heartfelt and true, I wonder, is Miyamoto a poet?
  14. Zelda's_Child

    Link's Recent Voice Actors: Epic Fail?

    I've gotta agree with Erebea. Zelda is made in Japan, and if you've ever watched any anime, you would definetly think that they WEREN'T Japanese. It's just a Jap style to draw people looking western-ish.I personally think they've done a great job with Link's voice, and I don't really pay...
  15. Zelda's_Child

    Does Toon Zelda Like Toon Link, Vice Versa SP?

    Hmm, well the fangirls and fanboys of this world would like to think so (as long as they don't ship something spooky like ZeldaXTeacher *shudder*) All the evidence is there, and seeing as Skyward Sword is likely to have romance, I think Nintendo was kind of leaning toward that idea. I personally...
  16. Zelda's_Child

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    My favourite character(s), I can't choose between them! Impaz and Yeta from TP!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! KYAAA~ Sorry, just in a fangirl mood. *sweatdrop* My favoutie boss? ARMOGOHMA!! Definetly the most dedicated to the job, and I got to do all the things I liked! Arrow, and Dominion Rod...
  17. Zelda's_Child

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Nugget in a biscuit. Need more be said?
  18. Zelda's_Child

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I don't really have a suggestion, but I feel this new header layout is too cramped. I guess I'll get used to the change in time, but at the moment, I feel overwhelmed with the amount of things along the header. I guess it's a little messy, in my eyes. I also don't really like the fact that...
  19. Zelda's_Child

    Spoiler Alex's Tentative Legend of Zelda Timeline Theory

    Fantastic timeline! This looks like it would have had a lot of research to be done! There's something in the adult timeline that I would like to discuss, though. Not having played the original Zeldas, I don't really have a basis to stand on, but as far as I know, in TLOZ, there is NO form of...
  20. Zelda's_Child

    Four Swords Are You Getting Four Sword for Dsi/Dsi XL/ 3DS?

    ZC is sad... it doesn't come out in Australia.... *sniffle*
  21. Zelda's_Child

    Favourite/Eccentric Ways to Kill Enemies?

    So, yesterday I was playing Majora's Mask, and I just got to the Great Bay temple. You know the room with the big waterwheel? (I've barely started it, forgive my n00bish-ness) And you know the platform with the thirty two rupees on it, and the skulltula? Well, I was a' going to collect the...
  22. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art Spiritual Stones for the Other Tribes of Hyrule

    Will you make moar and sell them? Because I would buy them. Seriously. But, I really like the necklace idea, I'm sure they wouldn't look that bad with the thing screwed in it... :) They're great!
  23. Zelda's_Child

    Untitled Fan-Fic Sign-ups

    :D I miss signing up for fanfiction!! :) Name: Chelsea Gender: Female Age: 13 Race: Half Hylian/Half Rito (if it's allowed, I don't want many of the bird traits anyway!) Hair: Brown with light streaks, tied in a ponytail. Messy, wavy hair. Eye: Vibrant green Clothing: White blouse...
  24. Zelda's_Child

    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    I have to pick the Fishing Rod. :D The spinner could get me home after school... (no more walking home!! :D) the double clawshots are kickbutt, the bombs are kinda destructive... >.< and the Dominion Rod is just plain cool. :) But seriously, I like them all... but I'm leaning toward the bow...
  25. Zelda's_Child

    General Modern Will They Ever Re-use the Concept of the Dominion Rod?

    I had a theory about the dominion rod... what if it's Navi's spirit? Seeing as she DID leave through that window in OOT... maybe you possess a statue with her spirit and it FOLLOWS YOU AROUND LIKE AN ANNOYING FAIRY THAT I WILL NOT NAME...cough cough navi cough cough. I'd like to see it...
  26. Zelda's_Child

    General Modern Fails/Mistakes/Dumb Things You've Done in Modern Zeldas

    My biggest fail was the one that got me onto teh Dungeons in the first place... It was during Spirit Tracks (first game whoop whoop) and I was in the Ocean Temple (is it just me, or does that temple have a severe lack of OCEAN?!) and was on the fifth and sixth floors. You know that bit Well, I...
  27. Zelda's_Child

    Do You Think Nintendo Will Ever Make a M Rated Zelda Game?

    To be frank, they already have where I come from. In Australia, Twilight Princess was rated M. Now we have a different game rating system to America, which goes: E, G, PG, M, MA. Twilight Princess was classified M, and I was actually too scared of what would happen in the game if I played...
  28. Zelda's_Child

    General Modern Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass?

    I suppose, reading the last comment, that people usually side with their first ever game, that might actually be half the reason why I chose Spirit Tracks. The game has a level of nostalgia for me, as it was my first ever Zelda game. In Spirit Tracks, I really did like the story alot, because...
  29. Zelda's_Child

    The Goddess

    That sounds like a very good idea to me, but it must have been Ghirahim that was Power. My sister and I had a theory of what the statue was, but it slipped my mind for some weird reason. It has connection with either TP or OOT, I think it had something to do with Skyloft or the Oocca... I'll...
  30. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: ........Lozoot?

    Haha, another great chapter from you three. Happy 15th, John!! Hope the two little ones didn't bug you too much. ;)
  31. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    True. So, since we only have one way to kill, and the mafia have two, (assuming there's no vigilante) we need to make a good decision. Congratulations, captain obvious *shoots herself in the head* Also guys, I'm going to be away for three days (three days lol) because I'm going on school...
  32. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    Yea, I'm a total newb. But how was my post 'urg?' Was that just you not knowing how to describe it? Or was it for some other reason?
  33. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    How the heck do I always manage to make people suspicious of me even though I don't realise it myself?! I sincerely SUCK at this game. And I got FOS'd. Last mafia game it got me nightkilled. *sigh*
  34. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    Hmm, okay, I'll remember that about your play strategies. I'm leaving my vote there, though, for safety reasons, because role-claiming this early? May just be part of your strategies, but it seems like a big no-no to me. Meh, who am I to care? I don't have any strategies yet, I'm a real newbie...
  35. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    Vote: Zenox Dude, you are getting seriously worked up over nothing. This is beginner's mafia, and we're allowed to make mistakes. Meego, SoL, HoM, Axle and Baysiderulez will help us out if we need it.
  36. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    Hmm, yes, this random voting thing has never been my cup of tea. It also, if lynched unsuccessfully, gives the mafia the upper hand. Which is NOT reccomended. :P Alrighty then, let's get this party started. Also, if I don't post, I'm very sorry, time zones are really awkward for playing web...
  37. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks Sign Up Thread

    Alrighty then! Could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a message if I don't post for a while, I'm generally known to forget about things like this. :3 Thanks!!!
  38. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks Sign Up Thread

    M'kay, sorry about the hold up guys, I blame time zones. I've got it, just gonna read the rules and we're good to go!! :D EBWODP What required questions? All I know is that I've got my role, and I know how to play, so yeah? That's it? Get it? Got it. Good.
  39. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art Ochi's Art Junk

    Wow... *cannot understand how people can do such great work using a mouse* I am inspired! I will rush off to do great things!! * * * Maybe not. But seriously though, your art is AMAZING. Repeat. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
  40. Zelda's_Child

    What Instrument Do You Play?

    Well, I am a magical wind conductor, I play the Ocarina, pan pipes, grass blowing, howling, drums, guitar, wooden butt-organ... But seriously, I can play the recorder, flute, piano, guitar, and I can sing! I can also actually blow grass, I can blow tunes into it, I don't know whether you can...
  41. Zelda's_Child

    What is Your Dream?

    Ya know, I'd love to be a ninja. A Naruto ninja. Because that would be awesome. Or maybe I'd like a job with Nintendo. Or maybe I want to be in the anime making business. Or maybe one of those famous youtubers!! But really, I'd like to be special. Someone that no one else is. Be able to do...
  42. Zelda's_Child

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks Sign Up Thread

    Hey guys! Havn't been around here for a while, ne? If there's still space... I'm definetly in! I'm... what you could call... very VERY inexperienced. I played one game before, but I was nightkilled on the first night out of somehow giving away that I was mafioso, when I didn't realise it myself...
  43. Zelda's_Child

    The Member Fact Game

    Their home is an unknown location.
  44. Zelda's_Child

    Why Did You Start Zelda, and Why Do You Still Play?

    I started playing Zelda when I was 11, my old boyfriend told me about this game, and I wanted to have more to talk about with him at the time, so I got the game for Christmas, and I was hooked! I still play because I still love it, even though it sometimes hurts to think about who started me...
  45. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: ........Lozoot?

    :xd: I love it. :) Although, I did have to go look up what no Hime meant. But I found it. :D
  46. Zelda's_Child

    If You Could Roam Hyrule...

    OH NOES! I HAVE TO CHOOSE?! Well, if it was Twilight Princes... I'd be pretty much happy to spend a day anywhere. Actually... I would spend my day riding around on mah pony. :xd: But ANY GAME?! I would go anywhere in Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker, and Spirit Tracks. Favourite games FTW!!
  47. Zelda's_Child

    Destiny's Graphics

  48. Zelda's_Child

    Destiny's Graphics

    Thanks Destiny! I can't wait! :)
  49. Zelda's_Child

    Destiny's Graphics

    Ahh. Alrighty. Well, when I used to make my own stuff, my template was 879x496. And just have fun with it, mkay? I honestly prefer a lot of effects (just not too many), but just do what seems right. Thanks!!
  50. Zelda's_Child

    Destiny's Graphics

    Hey Destiny!! You're waaay better than me at these things, even though I'm not a beginner! And I know, when you first get the program, it's so fun just to keep going and going and going. :3 ANYWAYS! I am here to request a wallpaper. If you could do that, I would be very happy. I'd like...
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