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  1. Mercedes

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Is that any good? I loved Until Dawn but keep hearing mixed things about those ones. Don't know if they're worth it or not!
  2. Mercedes

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    Don't think my brain is designed for this game, I make a plan of "Right I am 100% going to go here and do- oh neat, a shrine!!!" and then on the way to the shrine it's like "oh cool a giant monster" and then it kills me in like one hit and then my brain just resets and all the previous plans are...
  3. Mercedes

    How should horse registration be handled in BOTW2? Should it be global or local?

    i don't think there'd be much fun factor in being like "now which stable did I board Jon Bon Pony in.........." hopefully nintendo makes horses have a bit more to them and there's plenty of things they could add and improve, but 'realism' isn't high on the list imo. let me get my horsey from...
  4. Mercedes

    Do You Get Sick Of Music You Like?

    no not me, I will still get down with my bad self if one of my favourite songs come on. good music never grows old to me, no matter how many times i hear it :3
  5. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild Will BOTW kill traditional 3D Zelda design?

    I don't think it's dead, They still do the fun top-down Zelda games sometimes and stuff. i think theyll try to merge them a bit more imo. you can still merge BOTW exploration and gameplay with traditional big dungeons and gear. so maybe after the sequel they'll look to change it up by...
  6. Mercedes

    If you could choose only one, which would you choose and why?

    Basic for me!! I love customisation, ill sit in a character creator for about 5 hours and plod around in terrible armour if it makes me look absolutely slamming :3 but Link's Link. he's hardly a full cup of personality , but I still like him. So i'd be happy with us given a Link that's sort of...
  7. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild So Apparently the Yiga can pull the Master Sword

    that's hilarious (: so Link pulling the master sword out can potentially kill him! he needs to be strong if he's going to survive it and wield such power... meanwhile this Yiga on the other hand just pops it into his pocket like he found some money on the ground and then walks away whistling...
  8. Mercedes

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I met a schnauzer and sausage dog mix today. Which is literally just a tiny, elongated schnauzer. He was called Bertie and I love him. If I saw Bertie every day I'd be a happy lady :3
  9. Mercedes

    If you could change the writing of any character in the Zelda franchise, who would you change and what would you change?

    Easy one!! I'd pick Tetra. Tetra was awesome and i couldn't wait to see where she'd go in the story. She was a very different kind of character than Link would usually bud around with and so I didn't know where it'd all end up, i was loving her. but then she just got dumped away, told to hide in...
  10. Mercedes

    If you were in a story, what role would you play?

    i'd be Batman :cool:
  11. Mercedes

    Nintendo Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Announced

    If I needed a Switch I'd get it since it's better!! ofc. the storage is really nice. but with mine still working i don't see any reason to go out and buy this new model, especially for more than i paid like 4 years ago too!
  12. Mercedes

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Majora's Mask 3D! been too long since i played it, going to get eeeeevery mask. although I'm not sure if I'm bad now or child me was just a baller but it's harder than I remember.. .
  13. Mercedes

    What's your approach to getting stuck?

    I speedrun the 5 stages of grief in record time, but instead of acceptance as the last stage I have a "drink wine until everything feels okay again" stage. Then I sit back down calmly and try again. rinse and repeat until I complete the bit I'm stuck at (with some help from google) or I end up...
  14. Mercedes

    What Zelda Game Have You Replayed the Most?

    probably BOTW! I remember playing Ocarina and Majora quite a lot but i don't think i finished them that often. Short attention span!! but BOTW you can be like "okay i'm done now, time to end!" since you have that freedom. so i found myself going back to it much more since when I'm kind of done...
  15. Mercedes

    What was the Zelda dungeon that you had the most trouble with?

    It might be because I was so young and it's probably cliche at this point but oh my god 10 year old me had an absolute nightmaaare trying to finish the Water Temple in OoT. I think it took me like a week. I did a room a day basically. It taught me a valuable life lesson though! that you should...
  16. Mercedes

    Do you own more than one controller?

    It is a shame local MP has kind of dived a lot, I almost never buy multiple controllers now except for Nintendo consoles. Feels like only Nintendo keeping it alive, so I have 4 controllers for the Switch. The Joycons, two pro controllers, and a cheap knockoff pro controller for my nephew...
  17. Mercedes

    Thank yoou :)

    Thank yoou :)
  18. Mercedes

    What would you do if there were a Zombie Apocalypse?

    i'd kick the stairs in, nail some little ladder bits so only i can get up and hold up for as long as possible. Then when it's a bit safer i'd dig out a big ass moat around my house. Every zombie show has people build walls that inevitably come down. Nobody ever just digs a moat. What's a zombie...
  19. Mercedes

    Do You Want To Go Beyond Hyrule?

    Yes!! I love BOTW because you can explore so much so I need that again. I like to see how areas change so I don't mind if they're using same stuff from BOTW here and there, show us how the world changes, but hopefully there's so much more now we're on the Switch fully this time!
  20. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild Inactive Link

    Yeah he was much more expressive and stuff in WW despite not speaking too, so its not the lack of speaking that's the prob. Be nice to get some of that WW personality back for BOTW2. :)
  21. Mercedes

    SSHD Those who haven't played Skyward Sword

    Never finished it!! Wasn't good at the whole waggle waggle thing, and there's no waggle waggle. So I'm really excited to play it on Switch. Finally will finish it. Been a red blip on my completion list for too long!
  22. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild Do you go for every Korok seed?

    I once tried to get them all. I lasted till about 500 seeds and it was too much so I decided to just go hit Ganon in the face. Don't think I'll ever have the attention to get them all :)
  23. Mercedes

    I think they're just intimidated by a sexy, strong, independent black woman like yourself who...

    I think they're just intimidated by a sexy, strong, independent black woman like yourself who don't need no man.
  24. Mercedes

    Steam Summer Sale 2015

  25. Mercedes

    Which Beatle?

    Okay, so, prefacing this by saying I love all of them! But it would be between John and Paul for a favourite. I love Paul's ballads and slower songs, and his new music has been great recently too, but I think John's music is better overall and I thought he was the funniest Beatle as well. Old...
  26. Mercedes

    Your pain level

    It's hard to say for me, really. I like to think it would be quite high, all the times I've hurt myself or been ill I've never had much issue with it, I don't ever take paracetamol or any kind of pain-killers and I think contributed to this, but at the same time I've never really been hurt...
  27. Mercedes

    How hot or cold can you manage to consume food and drinks?

    Cold drinks, no problem. I much prefer that, most of the time, always like some ice in my drink and never had any issue. Hot, big problem! There's a lot of waiting and a lot of blowing before I put any of that in my mouth. I've sat there for 20 minutes blowing on a cup of hot chocolate before...
  28. Mercedes

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    There was a wall with a sign saying "Do Not Touch" today. Being the loose cannon that I am who doesn't play by the rules and looking for my daily adrenaline fix, the junkie that I am, I touched it, and nothing happened. Why did some higher being wish for me not to touch that wall?
  29. Mercedes

    Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93

    So sad. :( Telegraph
  30. Mercedes

    Zelda Games Need Guilt

    I suppose in some ways, I agree. It would make the story a lot more powerful than everything always being okay. I think every game story I've really enjoyed has had those sort of strong moments which show you what you, through your character, have wrought upon people. If anyone's ever played the...
  31. Mercedes

    Soul Calibur 6 at E3?

    What a hilarious reason for a game's development to be halted. :) At least they've got their priorities right!
  32. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild More Labyrinth-Like Dungeons

    I'd be down! :) Seems like a good way to help move the game forward, rather than at the stand-still I've feel it's been on.
  33. Mercedes

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    Coldplay. Don't give a ****.
  34. Mercedes

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Friend's birthday tomorrow, off out for a nice meal. For a while now I've been cutting off drinking so much, and has been going well, but we agreed that the odd party is my 'cheat day', so to speak. Wine will flow.
  35. Mercedes

    Halo 5

    Buck! Buck no, don't hurt the Chief Buck. :( I wonder if any of the other guys from ODST will turn up, it'd be pretty cool. Loved that game. Everything sounding good anyway, and I never expected free map packs so that's a welcome surprise. They've also said there'll never be a Halo without a...
  36. Mercedes

    If you could be a part of any Youtube channel...

    Rooster Teeth! Looks like one of the most fun places to work, and they've got lots of different stuff going on to get stuck into.
  37. Mercedes

    What Style Do You Use?

  38. Mercedes

    Cabbage vs Lettuce

    Lettuce. Lettuce brings a strong game.
  39. Mercedes

    Halo 5

    Great news. I felt like Halo's always remained a great single-player and I'm happy that'll likely not be changing, but, yeah, the shift in MP wasn't for the best. The Beta seemed solid and free map packs will be a great addition. This might be a bit of bridge building after the Master Chief...
  40. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild Dark or Light? Maybe Humor?

    Considering the art-style they've gone with, very stylized and bright, I'd assume the story and world won't be too dark, either. And I'd rather that, too.
  41. Mercedes

    Favorite Lyrics in Songs

    Whatever - Oasis I'm free to be whatever I Whatever I choose And I'll sing the blues if I want I'm free to say whatever I Whatever I like If it's wrong or right it's alright Because **** all this depressing music kids listen to nowadays. :)
  42. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild The bow as the only item?

    I don't think this will be the case, no. I might be one of the only people who feel the bow was shown like that for the simple fact that it looked cool. I've seen Zelda fans look into it pretty deep, but imo it was more of a style thing rather than some hint as to what we can expect.
  43. Mercedes

    the witcher 3

    Oh, awesome. I suppose they chose that as it's not so far away to be impossible for Geralt to travel to, and Nilfgaard has no claim on it. :) Good! Screw Nilfgaard.
  44. Mercedes

    the witcher 3

    Can't wait for those expansions to release. Just wonder where they'll be set. I'm hoping at least one of them will be around Kaedwen or Upper Aedirn, perhaps Loc Muinne too, so we can see what's become of it after Witcher 2 and re-visit my babe Iorveth. I suppose it's a pipe dream to hope we...
  45. Mercedes

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst just announced, and will be hitting PC, PS4, and XB1 sometime in 2016, developed by DICE, just like the original. This is planned, or said to be, a reboot of the series, rather than being Mirror's Edge 2 which was announced at E3 a while back. Press release...
  46. Mercedes

    Breath of the Wild Camping in Zelda U

    This is something I've always wanted in an open-world game, but, not Zelda U. I think there'll be a lot of exploration and discovery, of course, but there's not going to be any survival. And I think camping like that lends itself to more survival-based titles, where you need to find somewhere...
  47. Mercedes

    Do you prefer baths or showers? And how often.

    Showers. And I take my sweet time in them, too. I tend to always like to have a shower before bed! I dislike going into bed feeling sweaty and dirty after a long day, it's nice to be refreshed, nice and clean, and then have a lovely, relaxing night! And I like to have showers before I go out...
  48. Mercedes

    Would you change anything about your appearance?

    I think I'm at the first point in my life where I wouldn't really change anything. Just happy with what I have! But if I had to think of anything, first that comes to mind are my eyebrows. There's not huge, buuuuuut they're bigger than I'd like them to be. Not a huge issue, just needs a lot of...
  49. Mercedes

    Halo 5

    The only thing I want put to rest is, who will we be playing as? There was a lot of rumours and leaks about it being a Metal Gear Solid 2 type deal, where we'd play as Chief for only a bit of the game and Locke would be the main character. Which I'm torn on, but I suppose Locke does look like an...
  50. Mercedes

    Most terrifying spiders in gaming

    The big spider in Limbo. Screw that thing. :(
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