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  1. shogun_zidane

    Which Will Be Your Starter?

    Chespin so when I get charmander I will be set
  2. shogun_zidane

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Chrono Cross, RAGE, Skyrim again for like the 4th time, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Brutal Legend and some poker game for my mom.
  3. shogun_zidane

    General Zelda What Music from Any Zelda Game is Your Favorite?

    Song of Healing, Song of Storms, Stone Tower Temple or Gerudo Valley.
  4. shogun_zidane

    What Do You Get when You Guzzle Down Sweets

    A massive sugar high followed by a headache.
  5. shogun_zidane

    Which GameCube Games Would You Most Like to See Remade in HD?

    Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem and Twilight Princess. :p
  6. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Ways to Unwind in a Zelda Game

    In Skyward Sword I like to base jump from Beetle's Island to the little island to the west and land into the little pool of water. I can literally do it for like 20 minutes straight. XD
  7. shogun_zidane

    Skyward Sword How Useful Did You Find the Skyward Strike to Be During Combat?

    I found it pretty useful especially in hero mode even though I am only at the sandship. (on hero mode)
  8. shogun_zidane

    Coolest Boss Music?

    Blizzetta's theme.
  9. shogun_zidane

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Xenoblade Chronicles, and it totally exceeds my expectations. Probably going to be a long journey but I will see it through.
  10. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Clothes

    I dress in three completely different ways. When I am at home I just wear basketball shorts and any t shirt that is clean. When I am out and about I either wear fitted pant and polo/dress shirts with my hair in a ponytail or I go polar opposite and wear tighter or skinny jeans with sleeveless...
  11. shogun_zidane

    Ever Goofed Around when You're Alone in an Elevator?

    Yes I sing "I believe i can fly"... lol a cookie for whom ever gets that reference.
  12. shogun_zidane

    Resident Evil 4 - Review

    I totally agree that it is great game, I actually just finished the wii version along with seperate ways last night and had a blast. I have officially beaten every version of the game. GC, PS2,3, PC, 360 and wii. I think there is a mobile version too. Great game. I also think that it is way...
  13. shogun_zidane

    What`s Your Favorite Video Game Series?

    Besides Zelda? Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Hard choice.
  14. shogun_zidane

    Which Do You Prefer, Villians to Be Mysterious or Have Some Sort of Backstory?

    So I got back in to my survival horror roots and have been playing Silent Hill and Resident Evil and I thought to myself, "wow pyramid head is terrifying". He just pops in at random and you have no idea who or what he is. Nemesis on the other hand has a little backstory, you know he is a Tyrant...
  15. shogun_zidane

    Main Characters You Hate in Games You Love

    Hate me for saying this but I could not stand Wander from Shadow of the Colossus he just seemed to girly for what he was doing. Maybe it was the way he swayed his arms while running. lol
  16. shogun_zidane

    Are You a Day or Night Person?

    I am a creature of the night who will evaporate in the sun light. Thank god for gamefly. lol
  17. shogun_zidane

    Are You The Only, Oldest, Middle, Or Youngest Child?

    I am the youngest of three but I didn't grow up with my two brothers and don't keep in touch so it is as if I was an only child.
  18. shogun_zidane

    How Old Are You?

    I will be 21 on the 15th of February and I already feel old. :(
  19. shogun_zidane

    MM-3DS What Mask Would You Like to Own?

    The stone mask so I can slip out of uncomfortable situations.
  20. shogun_zidane

    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    将軍 means shogun in japanese and zidane is the only 3d final fantasy character that isn't whiny imo. but every one I know calls me shogun in real life, even my mom. my real name is justin and im native american lol
  21. shogun_zidane

    Super Mario 64 Paintings.

    So I was thinking this morning about the paintings in Mario 64, what are they? Are they wormholes or portals to a different region within the mushroom kingdom? Maybe they are something else but whatever they are, it is a mystery to me. Discuss what you guys think they might be.
  22. shogun_zidane

    New Zelda Games Vs Old Zelda Games

    I totally prefer the older games over the newer ones. I am pretty sure it is nostalgia that drives that factor for me but who knows.
  23. shogun_zidane

    Breath of the Wild Boss Fights - What Are You Hoping For?

    I would like to see more humanoid boss fights. It just feels a little more believable that Link could defeat say Ghirahim over the likes of.. let's say Morpheel from TP. I loved Phantom Ganon and Ganondorf but more sword fighting suits me.
  24. shogun_zidane

    What Group Do You Want to See Return?

    I want to see the Gerudo make a bold return, not just Ganondorf but the whole race.
  25. shogun_zidane

    Are You Left Handed, Right Handed, or Ambidextrous?

    I am right handed but I broke my right wrist as a young teen so I was in a cast for like a month. I had to write in school and do everything with my left so I just kept it up even after my cast was removed. Obviously I can't do everything perfect with my left hand but if I had to write with it I...
  26. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Temple Theme?

    My favorite theme of a dungeon is probably water. I really have enjoyed every water dungeon throughout the series especially the Great Bay Temple because of how the actual water is used throughout each respected dungeon. As for a theme I would like to see... maybe like a "dream" type dungeon...
  27. shogun_zidane

    Most Anticipated Games of 2013

    Mostly Tomb Raider and Rainbow 6 Patriots.
  28. shogun_zidane

    What Character(s) Do You Really Want to See Come Back?

    Honestly I want to see Kafei make some sort of appearance again. I wanted to see him as an adult so bad, the whole story arc of Anju and Kafei just captivated me as a child. There were many characters I considered for this answer but it ultimately came down to Kafei for me. Hopefully we will see...
  29. shogun_zidane

    Midnight Releases, Do You Go?

    I have only been to two, Twilight Princess and Resident Evil 4 (GC) but do you go to them regularly or occasionally? What kind of times do you have in line? What crazy stories do you have?
  30. shogun_zidane

    What's Your Favorite Anime?

    I have three Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop and Shuffle... I know I know.
  31. shogun_zidane

    What's on Your Christmas List?

    Friends! and maybe hungry hungry hippos to play with said friends. lol
  32. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Christmas Song

    August Burns Red-Carol of the Bells
  33. shogun_zidane

    OPINIONS: Is Music Becoming an Overused Part of Gameplay?

    IMO music and Zelda go hand in hand. If it weren't for Zelda I don't think I would have as much interest in VGM. As for using instruments in the core gameplay, I don't feel it is overused.
  34. shogun_zidane

    Are There Any Silent Hill Fans Left?

    I hate it when people say that Resident Evil strayed too much as it went on but Silent Hill... Really? IMO Silent Hill 1 was WAY scarier than any Resident Evil. I know this isn't a comparison thread but c'mon they are the fathers of the survival horror genre. But Silent Hill after 4 is just a...
  35. shogun_zidane

    End of the World Poll

    Still.... I would die for all of you. :)
  36. shogun_zidane

    End of the World Poll

    Yup! :p
  37. shogun_zidane

    A Link Between Worlds (Rumor) Majora's Mask 3DS to Be Announced Friday

    That would be amazing Zelda history!
  38. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Version of Princess Zelda?

    I shall steal this answer because they are also my thoughts. :p
  39. shogun_zidane

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Thank You! it is perfect!
  40. shogun_zidane

    Music You Like To Play

    I make Zelda arrangements on guitar sorta like youtubes FamilyJules7x without the recording and such. Also I am in a band and write original music and instrumentals. I also play drums, bass and do backing vocals.
  41. shogun_zidane

    Zelda Toys

    I used to have a Majora's Mask Link that was on the back of Epona!
  42. shogun_zidane

    How Tall (short) Are You?

    6 ft even :p
  43. shogun_zidane

    Wind Waker with Realistic Graphics.....

    Like I said in another thread I don't think it would work. I certainly would play it of course. Wind Waker would feel foreign without it's cel shading IMO. I would certainly like to see Twilight Princess with Skyward Sword's graphics, that would be crazy.
  44. shogun_zidane

    Best Game of All Time (Voting Thread)

    I would say SS I guess if I am restricted to the list.
  45. shogun_zidane

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 32!

    I did! It took me forever to find all of the cables and gbas. The hardest part was finding friends to play with because most of my friends are haters of Zelda. But I succeeded and found some people and had a blast! fun times..
  46. shogun_zidane

    What Video Game to Movie Adaptation Do You Think is Most Faithful

    I would have to say... MORTAL KOMBAT!
  47. shogun_zidane

    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Sidequests?

    Majora's Mask is ONLY side quests.... that's why I love it! :)
  48. shogun_zidane

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Fearful and zoned out. :(
  49. shogun_zidane

    Most Disappointing Game of 2012? + Most Surprising Game of 2012?

    I expected Darksiders II to be the best ever but they added elements that I thought the first game was perfect without, so that disappointed me. As for surprising me? That goes to Resident Evil 6! Even though I just got it like a week and a half ago I still play it everyday.
  50. shogun_zidane

    Who else Would Like to See Majoras Mask in Toon Shading?

    be different but I am sure I wouldn't like it as much. I feel as though the artwork and visuals in that game suits it perfectly. I guess it could be compared to The Wind Waker having the same artstyle as Twilight Princess. IMO would not work well.
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