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  1. ChargewithSword

    General Art Random Paints by Charge 1

    This is Suzaku, the vermillion bird of the south. (He is known as Suzaku in Japan; in China, it's just The Vermillion Bird.) It is one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellation. It represents the fire element, south, and summer. Though the bird has been illustrated multiple times...
  2. ChargewithSword

    General Art The Little Waterbender [PG] Adventure

    Power of Suggestion In a quiet part of the sea, Katara was being led to her grotto by Suki and Toph. They kept ahead of her and would constantly giggle. Whenever Katara asked then why they were taking her there, they would immediately shut up, as if she wasn't there. It was fortunate that...
  3. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    I hope I was not too harsh, and I hope that you find creativity and enjoyment in the process.
  4. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    No, the entirety of the 5th-8th.
  5. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    After, "I'll exploit your weakness..." and before "Oh ye who fate forever forbids me befriend..."
  6. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    I believe your poem got a little repetitive in context and it drags on to become an info dump at times instead of being a bold claim and boast. However, the best of times are the best, these being the beginning and early middle which really act out as a poem and boast befit to a sort of montage...
  7. ChargewithSword

    Would You Date a Zora?

    If she has a good personality and is nice, sure. I really don't care until I am disgusted or disturbed upfront. Edit: Another thing; it isn't bestiality since they are humanoids. Animals are creatures that cannot speak our mortal languages and have smaller brains than us. If the creature walks...
  8. ChargewithSword

    General Art The Little Waterbender [PG] Adventure

    Down Home After the incident with Zuko, life went on as normal under the sea. Time did not stop and the passing of the storm was only a minor hindrance to the grand festival that followed. Then, like most things, it was eventually forgotten; as is the flow of time. Something was missing...
  9. ChargewithSword

    Phantom Hourglass Is Phantom Hourglass Worth It?

    Phantom Hourglass is worth a first purchase for the sake of it being a Zelda game. In order to properly love it, I suggest you don't compare it to the other Zeldas for it is the weaker of most of them.
  10. ChargewithSword

    General Art Chargewitsword's Grammar/Writing Tips

    I've updated the list with, "Character speaking."
  11. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Deniro's Zelda Art

    I like how you try to mimic the MM shading style, it really adds a lot. This weightier version of Igos is strange, but it definitely fits for your style of art. His right hand and right pinkie toe seem strange, but aside from that, it's good.
  12. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Great Fairy (TP) - Art Nouveau Style

    A beautiful piece of work here. I love the smooth connection between the different parts of the fairie and the color usages. The slight brownish gold overlay really makes the work seem more like a natural piece. I also love the lighting used on the liquid; it makes the wine look very delicious.
  13. ChargewithSword

    Dungeon Teleportation Like Oocoo

    I would actually prefer the method used in Ocarina of Time with Farore's Wind. That one allowed for more free reign on where to go in the dungeon and could also serve as an exit tool. I was disappointed when something similar never showed up for any of the newer titles. Oocoo seemed like a major...
  14. ChargewithSword

    Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

    We also see Anju who looks just like the Cucoo Lady, and Gormon who looks like Ingo. Just because we see lookalikes means nothing. We also see Tingle in Oracle of Ages and in Four Swords; that would suggest that there are multiple Tingle's. A postal system could have developed anytime in...
  15. ChargewithSword

    Majora's Mask 3DS?

    Since reusing a similar engine and already having the concept down to make a sequel would cost next to nothing for Nintendo, chances are they will. They obviously will hire the third party studio that did this version of OOT to do an MM3D so as to improve more third party relations. This would...
  16. ChargewithSword

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I have on three cases I believe. The first time was after a lot of non-100% runs and I decided to go all out. So after a long time, I did it. I never got the 100% in Master Quest since I've never played Master Quest.
  17. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Malladus As Princess Zelda

    Well, here's the version I uploaded to Deviantart. While I find it to be better than the last, I am still not totally satisfied with the job. I think I did Zelda's spirit a lot better in the other one. Oh well, at least it's not as pixelated as the last.
  18. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Malladus As Princess Zelda

    Here is a temporary colored version of this pic; I won't post this on deviantart though.
  19. ChargewithSword

    General Art The Little Waterbender [PG] Adventure

    Impossible Dreams The chaos of the other night parted away to reveal the calm of day. There was not a cloud in the sky, leaving the sun to bask the ocean with its warm touch. It was on this day that Katara had finally managed to return Zuko to the shore of the human world. She traveled...
  20. ChargewithSword

    Tentative Rule Vote

    That's alright, I've changed my stance as well. I'm on the B side of the situation now. I feel spoilers should be watched out for but no punishment. A punishment for such an easily missed policy is probably not a good idea. But I still stand on the idea that there should be some sort of policy...
  21. ChargewithSword

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    The simple answer for me would have to be changes that deviates so far from the normal formula of a Zelda game that I can't recognize it outside of the main characters. I'm not against any changes to the character roster as long as the game feels like a Zelda game and still revolves around...
  22. ChargewithSword

    Twilight Princess Does Twilight Princess Deserve to Be Called a Disappointment?

    The game was held to unbelievably high standards, and Nintendo is to blame for a lot of the hype surrounding it as well as the players. The game offered the opposite of the Wind Waker style which was something that many of us fans begged for. They made each trailer bigger and bigger until the...
  23. ChargewithSword

    Tentative Rule Vote

    I chose rule A, but I agree with Axle on that it needs changing. My suggestion is to follow the three act structure in order to determine what spoilers are. In a story, there are three acts. The first one is made to introduce characters and conflicts. This is normally the part of...
  24. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition...I Think It's Week 11.

    This is definitely and interesting choice; I'll have to go with Justeazy on this one; while I feel his story is a little script-like he brings an interesting view for the setting. Ark, your story is good as well, but I find it to be a little dry in certain areas. While flowery words are not...
  25. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art The Lost Woods

    I thought this story was good for a mystery. You successfully brought across an exciting story that leaves the reader longing for more. The style of switching perspectives using words is pretty neat as well, and is a very nice replacement for the normal dots. I think your narrations could have...
  26. ChargewithSword

    General Art Writer's and Artist's Block Advice

    We as writers and artists all know what it is like to have a visit from those two horrible experiences. We also have our own methods of dealing with these problems. That's why I decided to write this, for those who feel like trying something new for dealing with their particular blocks. You can...
  27. ChargewithSword

    If You Had the Choice to Be Immortal, Would You Take It?

    No, I wouldn't, not unless I can kill myself. I would never care to suffer the stagnancy of immortality unless there is a way out of it.
  28. ChargewithSword

    Tong (A Short Horror Story by Chargewithsword) PG-13

    I'm not that cruel. Nor would I do such a trollish thing on this forum.
  29. ChargewithSword

    Tong (A Short Horror Story by Chargewithsword) PG-13

    Now here is a review if I've ever seen one! Yes, it is true. I write in a very archaic style, and have reverted to using a lot of description. I say reverted because recently I haven't been being very flowery with my writing. Seeing as this was one of my first times writing a horror story, I...
  30. ChargewithSword

    Tong (A Short Horror Story by Chargewithsword) PG-13

    Yes, it definitely has the suspense part down. I wanted to start off slow but I just couldn't think of something. I wanted to bring a lot into uncanny valley, but was left with awkwardness, it's just like how Meego felt this could've have shorter paragraphs. This was my first time doing horror...
  31. ChargewithSword

    Ocarina of Time Sheik

    Sheik is an alias that kept Zelda close to Ganondorf. The point of the Sheikah is stealth and espionage, which serves the purpose of Zelda to keep Ganondorf under watch. She knows that he would be searching feverishly for the Triforce of Wisdom, probably knowing that she would have it. So the...
  32. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition Week 10

    I thank you Meego, and other members. I hope that this victory spurs more competition next time and greater triumph for you all.
  33. ChargewithSword

    General Modern Best Graphics/Style Of Zelda Game?

    I found the cel-shaded to be my preferred tool, but not my favorite art style. My favorite would have to be the Skyward Sword style. It uses light colors and has well built character models that are very fun to look at. I also prefer the lighting to the endless bloom of Twilight Princess.
  34. ChargewithSword

    The End of One Era, and the Birth of a Next.

    The video game industry has been going on for a very long time, and has noted many numerous successes and failures. There are those who were there to see the Odyssey get released as the first real video game console. There were times when people could enjoy the Atari 2600 and its wide selection...
  35. ChargewithSword

    Spirit Tracks What Did You Think of Zelda Being a Ghost?

    It was a nice idea that offered character development for poor Zelda who has long been left on the sidelines for simple fan speculation.
  36. ChargewithSword

    Tong (A Short Horror Story by Chargewithsword) PG-13

    Yes, well I'm glad you like it.
  37. ChargewithSword

    Why Are Japanese Games the Best?

    I'm afraid so Athenian, the world is changing to meet the new age of virtual technology, and video games are slowly passing into that age. Soon, the idea of physical games will become a niche for only collectors to pick up, as the rise of indie games brings up the birth of new development and...
  38. ChargewithSword

    Why Are Japanese Games the Best?

    Many J-RPGs as of recent times have become stale in my eye, they mostly boggle down to a lot of grinding and cliche stories. The greatest ones were from the PSX era, when the titles were in such demand that the endless grinding wasn't bad, and there were no cliches. Now, Bioware stands as the...
  39. ChargewithSword

    General Classic Which Well Do You Think Was Creepier, The Bottom of the Well or the Empty Well in MM?

    The Bottom of the Well had better music. It also has something the Empty well doesn't have: mystery. It is definitely a long time fearing place; where the empty well is just a maze with some undead, which are easily bypassed by wearing a mask. The thing that makes the Bottom of the Well so...
  40. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Shadows of Time Fan Fic

    Well, the story definitely has potential. I urge you to continue making this, but to try using a little more flourish in your words. You're definitely good in the grammar section for the most part, but a little flourish goes a long way.
  41. ChargewithSword

    What if the Graphical Style Changed in Game?

    Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. The intent behind it is bad, but the idea itself is pretty good. Then again it could also be done in a different way to emphasize the graphical change. This idea could be done but only if the developers were willing to put out a lot of cash.
  42. ChargewithSword

    Dungeons And Dragons.

    I always wanted to play it, but I've never had the chance to get a group together. I guess not that many nerds hang around here.
  43. ChargewithSword

    AP Exams

    I took AP English and US History. I bet I passed the first and failed the second. That's all I can really say though.
  44. ChargewithSword

    Tong (A Short Horror Story by Chargewithsword) PG-13

    Thank you, HP Lovecraft listening inspires one to write things like this.
  45. ChargewithSword

    Tong (A Short Horror Story by Chargewithsword) PG-13

    Whether this story is frightening or not, I do not know. I will have this hidden in spoiler tags though. I don't want to risk the chance that this is scary enough to make someone panic. So, now that, that's out of the way, enjoy, Tong!
  46. ChargewithSword

    General Art The Little Waterbender [PG] Adventure

    You know, I got that same criticism from another person. I'll have to work on that for subsequent chapters ahead. Thanks for the advice.
  47. ChargewithSword

    Is the ESBR Biased?

    Well, the ESRB can vary to degrees depending on whats on the cover or who writes the story. For franchises they often refuse to bat an eye at times before delivering their rating. Other times they just look at the cover and are done (Braindead 13 is an example of a game that should've gotten a T...
  48. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Malladus As Princess Zelda

    Thank you for that. The angle was definitely important, and very difficult. This is because Zelda is a deformed human, but thankfully, since the WW style doesn't need large hands and their heads have almost no definite chin, this was a good for me. You're free to color this if you want.
  49. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Malladus As Princess Zelda

    Its probably the whole persona feel to the thing.
  50. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Malladus As Princess Zelda

    That would definitely be something interesting! Perhaps you could draw it out and I may see it. Evil characters being possessed always interests me, so I like your concept.
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