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  1. Deniro

    Zelda Art Looking for Artist to Do Art for Skyward Sword LP

    taking the imprisoned if I can just credit me by my ZD username
  2. Deniro

    Retcon in Zelda

    you seem to misunderstand what retcon means, a retcon is when something is changed from what it canonically was
  3. Deniro

    Hero of Time Bloodline

    I think that at least Oot and TP, and maybe AlttP and WW link are in the same bloodline Oot and TP because of the Hero's spirit says something like: "these techniques doesn't leave our bloodline" and I beleieve it has been confirmed that the hero's spirit is Oot Link WW link because some of the...
  4. Deniro

    Retcon in Zelda

    key elements of adventure of Links backstory was retconned with the official timeline in Hyrule Historia
  5. Deniro

    The Beings of Twilight?

    this theory doesn't make sense, the dark interlopers were banned before the sacred realm was sealed off, while link returned from termina long after
  6. Deniro

    Favorite Creepypastas

    Luna game is pretty darn freaky, especially the last (luna game 0), as the others is mostly just screamers
  7. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

  8. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    is this ever gonna be finished? it had so much potential and was really fun too
  9. Deniro

    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Theories

    any of the battletoads B: tounge B>: goat ram B^: Wrecking Ball Bv: punch into ground Final smash: Scooter (really fast, deadly touch) Smash attacks: big boots, mega punches etc alternate colours: look like the other toads I know they are owned by RARE, but it would've been awesome Lil' Mac...
  10. Deniro

    Most Nostalgic Video Game Music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4qCyNQ9Aao&feature=related apparently it's called "Puzzle Room" Thought of another one too, the Opera Battle from Sly 3 dubbed in norwegian
  11. Deniro

    Twilight Princess "Twilight Princess is a Good Game, but It's Not a Good Zelda Game"

    that wasn't really what I meant, I meant that it was pretty silly creating your own scale for judging Zelda games and then giving your least favourite 8,5 out of 10
  12. Deniro

    Four Swords Any Walkthroughs for Single Player Mode?

    the stages are generated everytime you play or something like that, so a walkthrough would be pretty difficult, it's pretty straigth forward though, so you'll probably manage :)
  13. Deniro

    General Art My Drawings: Advice Welcomed

    my guess would be that he refers to the harsh edges on the MS paint pictures... The edges have very pixelated lines, and are not very smooth, so saying he's being a jerk is pretty much, well, being a jerk and to crimson, your gimp art is very good :) you should try experimenting a lot with...
  14. Deniro

    Twilight Princess "Twilight Princess is a Good Game, but It's Not a Good Zelda Game"

    I think the "having a different scale for Zelda games" thing is a bit silly unless you give your least favourite Zelda a 1/10 I must also say that I completely love Twilight Princess, to me, it felt as the most "true" Zelda game since Link to the Past, and while I can agree that it took a lot...
  15. Deniro

    Most Nostalgic Video Game Music

    the professor's house theme in Wario Land 4 and Wild pokemon battle
  16. Deniro

    GDC 2012

    wich is indeed more than we know now, I'm hoping that it is sprite based, but I don't think that will happen
  17. Deniro

    EarthBound or Nintendon't Get Paid.

    I played some Earthbound on an emulator, but the emulator was really bad, so I quit, it was pretty fun, had a lot of soul, but I wouldn't stop buying Ninty games until I get earthbound
  18. Deniro

    Cooking Mama Series - Is It Worth to Buy These Games or Not?

    it depends on what kind of gamer you are, my sister and my two younger cousins had a lot of fun with cooking mama 2, but getting all of them seems pretty strange WarioWare, on the other hand, is pure gold, WarioWare Touched is one of my all time favourite video games, and wariware DIY is...
  19. Deniro

    GDC 2012

    my guess is that ninty will reveal more about the new 2D mario
  20. Deniro

    My Thoughts on the Wii U

    according to IGN (and we all know how reliable their next-gen news are) the NeXtBoX will be about 20% (insert pony reference) stronger than the Wii U, wich is almost like Gamecube to PS2, in other words, not much at all. if PS4 is MUCH stronger than them, it will probably loose 3rd party support...
  21. Deniro

    General Art Berlioz's Drawings

    This has to be the best stuff I've ever seen on Zelda dungeon, awesome, I love your dark surrealism. and can I use the coloured picture as avatar? I'll of course Credit you :)
  22. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I'm sorry to say this, but I can't finish the Zelda II bosses, school and whatnot, I could post the sketches if anyone is interested
  23. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    claiming dark link too while I'm at it, all sketches done 'cept thuderbird and dark link EDIT: can't do more atm, homework and what not, will try to finish tomorrow
  24. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    that's one awesome minish :D I'm claiming Horsehead EDIT and helmethead EDIT 2: I'm claiming iron knuckle too EDIT 3:And Carock EDIT 4: and Gooma EDIT 5: and Barba EDIT 6: and Thunderbird
  25. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Sheik looks better with the red symbol, if you could also edit the eyes to be red in the sepia version (just use the hue adjustment) that would be really awesome Doesn't look too much like mido... done completely digital, wich is something I don't do very often
  26. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Link or my Pc is broken I'm claiming Mido
  27. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    WOW, completely awesome, and thanks for the kind words :) and sheik looks good too, I liked the brown version betterm, I'd think it would have been even cooler if the Sheikah symbol was still red though :) and Rauru is done, that pixelated thing I posted was the finished version 0.0 I was...
  28. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I could do Farore, the godess or the oracle? I am also claiming Rauru all colours taken from the NES palette
  29. Deniro

    If They Ever Make A Legend Of Zelda Movie?

    They should get Studio Gibli to make an anime based on Wind Waker or Minish cap, that's my opinion at least
  30. Deniro

    I Need an Anime to Watch!!

    Ranma 1/2 and Love Hina are both goode mangas, haven't watched the animes though
  31. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I purposely the whole thing this is best version
  32. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I'm only doing a deku scrub, I put (link?) since I wasn't sure if it would end up as a link or just a scrub EDIT: I'm probably not doing anything more today, but don't quote me on that looks best on a dark background because of the steam metal texture by fantasystock
  33. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Ganon is done sorry if it's too futuristic, my main inspiration was Space Marines from Warhammer 40k Metal texture by fantasystock Link to fullsize: http://imageshack.us/f/713/steampunkzdganon.png/ Claiming deku(link?)
  34. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Gee, thanks, I'm probably doing one more today, since I am ill and have to stay home all day anyway I'm claiming Ganon(dorf?) since no has yet and he kinda needs to be included
  35. Deniro

    Next SSB Characters

    Tom Nook: he missed brawl, but it would be soooo cool B Slingshot ^B Fishing rod (grabbing onto ledges, like Zero Suit Samus) >B Net (grab and fling over to the other side) vB Leaf (becomes furniture when it hits the ground) >A Axe ^A Axe vA Axe grab: Fishing rod sideways Final Smash...
  36. Deniro

    Arrow to the Knee Joke/meme: Overused?

    There's still some fun jokes coming from it, so it's fine
  37. Deniro

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Work

    the skull kid looks amazing, on your other stuff, your quirky stuff are definetaly the best, your drawings have a lot of soul :)
  38. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Isn't the Idea of a collab like this to have stuff that don't match? BTW I'm done with two stalchildren, One stalchild in a hot air ballon and some background stalchildren, working on Keeta :) EDIT they are all done now, here they are piece by piece and here they are, somewhat arranged...
  39. Deniro

    3DS - Ambassador Programme - is There Any Way to Become One Now?

    you could always find someone with an ambassador 3DS and buy theirs
  40. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    done with two stallchildren, so it's just Skull keeta himself and the hot air baloon left, posting here when it's entirely done, but you can go to my thread to take a sneak peak
  41. Deniro

    Zelda Art Deniro's Zelda Art

    Thread necromancy at it's finest, but thanks, nice to see some more norwegians on here :) as a matter of fact, I'm done with parts of a new picture, for the steampunk thingie, more steampunky stallchildren to come! :) one more done :)
  42. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Yep, his first name is skull I think, I'm actually already done with the sketches, so it's just the long coluring process left :)
  43. Deniro

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I'm in if I can, doing skull Keeta and some stalchildren :)
  44. Deniro

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Pieces - Operation Moonfall

    most of these are awesome, but deku link has an... interesting, to say the least, head placement. Keep up the good work, I support the moonfall :)
  45. Deniro

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword - Fanart

    the drawing itself was a little strange, but the colouring was GREAT :)
  46. Deniro

    General Art My Drawings: Advice Welcomed

    Paint.net and GIMP are both free and good image editors. if you're more serious photoshop is the thing, but it's really expensive. looking forward to the action shot! :)
  47. Deniro

    Onilink89 Shop - Very HIGH Offers for Items

    I can trade you the psychic gem and the fist plate, will trade for Registeel, Latios, Zapdos, Moltres or Articuno
  48. Deniro

    General Art My Drawings: Advice Welcomed

    please get another image editor than Paint! other than that it looks pretty great, You should try drawing action pictures as they are great practice :)
  49. Deniro

    Your Favorite Three Series

    Zelda Pokemon Super Smash there tons of other great series, and especially great games, but all of these three I can honestly say doens't have a bad main series game Honorable mentions is Heroes of Might and Magic, Mario, Sly, Wario, Donkey Kong country, Monster Hunter, Okami and so on
  50. Deniro

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    Sleeping Zelda, people, this is inaccurate, even if it's official
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