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  1. CheeseXCrackers

    Did I connect to a Nintendo Zone hot spot?

    Earlier today I checked Nintendo’s locator page to see if there was going to be a hotspot at the mall I went to. The locator page said there weren't any at that mall, but I took my "new 3DS xl" with me anyways for the pedometer thing. Then while at the mall I checked my 3ds and I got six (I...
  2. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS What's the difference between "The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition" and "The ...

    So, there is no difference in the actual video game itself? 'Cause that's what I was trying to ask.
  3. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS What's the difference between "The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition" and "The ...

    "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Standard Edition" http://store.nintendo.co.uk/new-nintendo-3ds-console/new-nintendo-3ds-black-majoras-mask-3d-special-edition/11070030.html...
  4. CheeseXCrackers

    Will USA never get the normal sized "New 3DS"?

    Does UK get the normal sized "New 3DS"? If so, should I order one from there and order 3DS games from there too? I don't want to be holding a big fat heavy ugly XL. I think even the normal sized DSi is to big and heavy, I certainly don't want any XL. Should I wait patiently for USA to get normal...
  5. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS How do you feel about Majora's Mask 3D having less gloomy graphics then the original?

    It sounds like LoZ fans just like to complain. Twilight Princess: "It's too dark! Where are all the colors?! This game is too gritty gray!" Majora's Mask 3D: "It's so bright! What happened to all the gloom?! It should look darker!" ...
  6. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask 3DS comes out this Friday. Do I have any hope of getting these things?

    http://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-3ds/strategy-guides/the-legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask-collectors-edition-official-strategy-guide/119586 http://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-3ds/games/the-legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask-limited-edition-bundle/119692...
  7. CheeseXCrackers

    How do I add a tag line under my name?

    I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but how do I add that under my name?
  8. CheeseXCrackers

    Favorite Companion Character

    Linebeck. Then Tatl.
  9. CheeseXCrackers

    Is the 3DS XL like the DSi XL? Is the screen bigger because the pixels are bigger?

    When the DSi XL came out I watched a video that said the screen was bigger because the pixels were bigger. Is the same true for the 3DS XL and New 3DS XL? Are all XLs bigger because of bigger pixels? If so, why does Nintendo think big pixels is a selling point? Who actually wants big pixels?
  10. CheeseXCrackers

    Spirit Tracks How Can You Get a Lot of Rupees BEFORE the Trading Post?

    I'm playing ST again and I want a lot of rupees but I'm not far enough in the game to use the Trading Post. Is there a tree somewhere that has 100 rupees hidden in it? Something like that? I've been rupee grinding in the Tunnel to the Tower. Is there a better place to rupee grind?
  11. CheeseXCrackers

    General Zelda Do All LoZ Games (besides MM and PH) Take Place in or Around Hyrule?

    I'm not sure if I should include LA because Is that even a spoiler at this point? What about all the other LoZ games? WW took place above Hyrule. Do they all take place in or near Hyrule, because if not then I'd like to see a world map of where all the different LoZ games took place. Is...
  12. CheeseXCrackers

    General Zelda Would You Like to See More Spinoff Games?

    Why do Linebeck and Groose not have their own spinoff games?
  13. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS Fishing is Coming and Reworked Boss Battles

    "During development of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the Nintendo 64, part of the design philosophy revolved around an assumption that players would already have played the previous installment in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The remake looks to change that, letting...
  14. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS The Inverted Song of Time - Was It Overkill?

    I might cry if MM3D doesn't get a Master Quest. :(
  15. CheeseXCrackers

    MM-3DS Changes You Want To See In Majora's Mask 3D

    Don't you dare put Sheikah Stones in MM3D!
  16. CheeseXCrackers

    A Link Between Worlds Remake or Brand New?

    Unless they're making Majora's Mask 3DS, I only want new games!
  17. CheeseXCrackers

    Does WWHD Make MM3D More or Less Likely?

    It makes me afraid that we'll never see MM3DS. I promised I'd never play another new LoZ game until MM3DS, so if we never get MM3DS, well...
  18. CheeseXCrackers

    Should Nintendo Remake Zelda Games More Often?

    LoZ is dieing, and I can't believe all it will be remembered for is all it's stupid remakes. They clearly have no idea what they're doing over there at Nintendo. :facepalm:
  19. CheeseXCrackers

    Is The Wii U Deluxe A Limited Time Offer?

    I have to wait till I can get a Wii U but I want the deluxe one. If it is a limited time offer, how long will it be available?
  20. CheeseXCrackers

    How Old Is Ganondorf In Ocarina Of Time?

    How old is he?
  21. CheeseXCrackers

    Can Somebody Tell Me How the WiiU is Not Just a Giant DS with Higher Specs?

    Because it seems like it is. There's little you can do on the WiiU that you can't do on a 3DS. I played a demo of it today and I don't see how it's NOT a giant DS. I'm still waiting to be impressed. :/
  22. CheeseXCrackers

    Why Can't You Use Two (Or More) U Pads With The Wii U?

    How come only one person can use the U Pad and everybody else has to use Wiimotes?
  23. CheeseXCrackers

    Which Of The Three Goddesses Is In Charge Of Life?

    Which one is in charge of all the species and the way they evolve?
  24. CheeseXCrackers

    Nightmare Fuel in Zelda

    The fortune teller in SS *shudder*
  25. CheeseXCrackers

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    I did the exact same thing.
  26. CheeseXCrackers

    Queen Zelda

    Wait a minute, does that mean that Tetra's mom's real name is Zelda?
  27. CheeseXCrackers

    Why Is Bongo Bongo Upside Down?

    Any theories?
  28. CheeseXCrackers

    Things you find easy that other people find hard, and vice-versa.

    Something I think is easy but everyone else thinks is hard is the harp playing mini game in SS. I go there whenever I want some easy rupees.
  29. CheeseXCrackers

    Something Confuses Me About The LoZ Timeline

    Crap. >_< I am sick and tired of all the prequels. What are they going to do!? Make prequels until they get all the way back to Adam and Eve!?
  30. CheeseXCrackers

    Ideas For Link's Next Companion

    I liked Tatl too (but not Ceila), but some other people think she's annoying because she dings. My idea of a perfect companion would be completely silent, never asking you to talk to it. If you want it's advise, it's there for you, but it wont pester you begging you to talk to it like Midna and...
  31. CheeseXCrackers

    Something Confuses Me About The LoZ Timeline

    But that line isn't there in between "The Era of the World's Creation" and "The Era of the Goddess Hylia", doesn't that mean that a new game can't come before SS because the only era before is the beginning of time?
  32. CheeseXCrackers

    Arguments -against- a Female Link?

    There really is no reason to change his gender.
  33. CheeseXCrackers

    Something Confuses Me About The LoZ Timeline

    http://gematsu.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Zelda-Timeline.jpg At the top it says "Heaven and Earth created" then right below that it says Skyward Sword. Does that mean Skyward Sword is at the very beginning of the timeline and nothing can come before that unless we go back to Adam and Eve...
  34. CheeseXCrackers

    Ideas For Link's Next Companion

    I have the perfect companion. It's a fairy, but it will not speak unless spoken too first. When you do talk to it, it just gives you enemy analysis. It won't give you pointless information like Fi did, it wont tell you how to open a door like Navi did, and it wont force you to buy a sail cloth...
  35. CheeseXCrackers

    Have You Forgotten Heart Containers Before?

    I think I forgot to get the heart container once, but I don't even remember which game it was. But in SS after I beat the pirate ship boss, I decided I was going to get the flame first then the heart container. I didn't think I'd be warped back to the beginning after getting the flame, so after...
  36. CheeseXCrackers

    Spoiler Why The "Link Created Termina With His Mind" Is NOT True!

    1. Because he was turning into a Stalfos and going insane. 2. Break up? What do you mean? He got them back together. 3. Because he was going insane. 4. Because he was going insane. 5. Because he was going insane. 5-7. Maybe he always wondered what it would be like being a different species...
  37. CheeseXCrackers

    Post Apocalyptic Theory Really Not That Far-Fetched

    Yeah, but that would take years and years and years. I don't think Link was going that far back in time.
  38. CheeseXCrackers

    Post Apocalyptic Theory Really Not That Far-Fetched

    A while ago I saw a thread here talking about a post apocalyptic theory, but it got shot down really quickly. But it's really not that far-fetched, SS pretty much confirmed it in my opinion. How does an ocean turn into a desert!? Something bad happened there, apocalyptic events? And what about...
  39. CheeseXCrackers

    Actions Having Consequences

    LoZ games corrupted me. When I was younger my brother got some Elder Scrolls game, and when I played it I just broke into someones house, stole their things, and when I found out I could kill anyone I wanted, I killed someone. Then the guards started coming after me and I was like "What did I...
  40. CheeseXCrackers

    Will The DS Games Be Forgotten?

    No, because Linebeck is awesome.
  41. CheeseXCrackers

    Things You Thought Would Happen, Outcome Was Different

    In MM I thought I was supposed to let Sharp kill me and I would beat that part of the game as a zombie. In MM I thought the Gibdo Mask was going to be a transformation mask. In OoT I thought the Water Temple was going to be hard, it really wasn't that bad. In OoT MQ I thought the Water Temple...
  42. CheeseXCrackers

    Mandatory Tasks that You Hated

    I despise collecting the stupid triforce shards in WW. I don't think I've ever gotten all of those fairies. It's too much trouble for me so I always beat the game without the upgrades.
  43. CheeseXCrackers

    A Link Between Worlds Majora's Mask 3DS

    Sorry this is a little late, but you remember this picture http://www.zeldadungeon.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/mm3dsmockuplarge.jpeg right? Even thought it's fake, I got a little worried when I saw the timer on the bottom screen instead of the top screen. That timer really came in handy, like...
  44. CheeseXCrackers

    Should Link Show Emotion?

    I think Link's emotions and facial expressions were perfect in Majora's Mask, all the other games took it a little too far. Link is my link into the game! I need to feel connected to him, and if he's over there crying like a woman I'm not going to feel connected, and they might as well not even...
  45. CheeseXCrackers

    Rupee System: Liked or Disliked?

    Hated it. There are like no rupees in this game. I like it better when a game is littered with rupees, not in a rupee recession. And what was up with there being no items in the grass? The game practically forces you to buy all your items. I'm the freakin' hero here! They should give me those...
  46. CheeseXCrackers

    Zelda Movie Poll

    You should have added another option, "There shouldn't be a Zelda movie". Have you been to the theater lately? Do you see all the crap they're trying to pass off as movies? Remember Michael Bay's brilliant idea to make the TMNT aliens? I'm not saying a Zelda movie is destined to suck, I'm not...
  47. CheeseXCrackers

    Majora's Mask What Makes a Transformation Mask?

    You had to play the Song of Healing to get the Deku Mask, Goron Mask, and Zora Mask and they're transformation masks, but you also played the Song of Healing to get the Gibdo Mask and that wasn't a transformation mask (I thought it was going to be, though). Maybe you need to help someone pass...
  48. CheeseXCrackers

    Did You Begin Playing Zelda Games at a Young Age?

    I was seven when Majora's Mask came out and my brother got it when it was new.
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