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  1. HBC

    Sign Ups Settling the Surface (Skyward Sword RP) Sign-Up Thread

    Name: Cañatillo Age: 16 Gender: male Race: Kikwi Appearance: Small and round as all Kikwi, I have a black back and cream belly. Fluffy feathers cover me from my tiny feet to the top of my head, where six stiff stalks grow in a small cluster. A large bulb, nearly the same size as me, grows from...
  2. HBC

    What Remakes Do You Want?

    I want a Majora's Mask remake on the 3DS. I mean, OoT got one; it's only fair that its sequal should get one too. :) *total MM fan* I also would love a remake of some of the older Pokemon games, so that I could play them on my DS. I didn't get into Pokemon until Emerald, and that was just...
  3. HBC

    Males Vs Females Game

  4. HBC

    General Zelda Make Your Arrow

    I was wondering if someone would do Time Arrows. :P I have a different version of them though. :) When you shoot them at an enemy, it becomes temporarily frozen in time, so you dodge around it. However, you wouldn't be able to attack it, because technically, it's in a different time era...
  5. HBC

    Males Vs Females Game

  6. HBC

    3DS App?

    Alrighty. Thanks, Owl. :)
  7. HBC

    3DS App?

    Sorry, I don't know what you mean. :( I can't really describe any differently; I never actually used it myself. All I know is that it was something on the DSi, but whether it was something built in for the camera, or a game, or what, I haven't a clue. :(
  8. HBC

    3DS App?

    My cousin had a DSi, and there was one thing about it I always had fun with. She would take pictures of two people, and the system would tell her their possible relationship. It was always so much fun to see what it thought the relationships were based on appearances alone. Now I have a 3DS...
  9. HBC

    Cartoon Network Shows That You Want Dead

    Oh, boy, where do I start? Adventure Time, Gumball, Annoying Orange, and Regular Show are the ones I really dislike and wouldn't mind if they were blasted into space. A few others that I dislike but can put up with are MAD, Looney Tunes Show, Johnny Test, Tom and Jerry Tales, Pokemon, and Ben...
  10. HBC

    General Zelda Ever Had a Crush/strong Emotional Attachment to a Zelda Character?

    Link. When I was really little, he was my imaginary friend. Eventually, hie evolved into a character for my imaginary world. Then when I started thinking about boyfriends and what I'd want from mine several years back, he was the standard I set. He was the dream crush. Still is, I think...
  11. HBC

    Can You Read Maps?

    Not city maps. I can read Google maps fairly well. They aren't as messy or confusing to me. I prefer straight up directions, though. :)
  12. HBC

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Me too. It's one of my favorite songs. :)
  13. HBC

    General Zelda Link's Gender

    I'm a little hesitant to join in on this, but I think it'll be an interesting discussion, so I'll put in my two cents. I am for male-only Link. Most of the reason for this is because I grew up with him as my imaginary friend and, as I grew older, my dream crush. However, I have a few other...
  14. HBC

    Things You Refuse to Do

    I refuse to put up with sexist, racist, or anti-religious statements, unless I know they are light-hearted jokes. I refuse to be a sterotype. I will only do/like things expected of my age/gender/color/religion because I want to or feel it is appropriate.
  15. HBC

    The Anti-You

    Wow. I'm full of so many contradictions, I'm not sure what my polar opposite would be like. I know for sure that she'd be as obssessed with her appearance as I am indifferent, probably would prefer skirts and dresses when I'd much rather be in my pants, likes heels as much as I prefer boots...
  16. HBC

    Soda Thread

    I usually drink one or two sodas a day, although somedays I don't drink any at all. :) My favorites are Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Root Beer (preferably Barq's), and A&W's Vanilla Root Beer. However, I'll drink just about anything fizzy and sugary. This means no diet or zero. *shudders*
  17. HBC

    The Book Combo! (RPG)

    (sorry for taking so long to make a reply.) Sephira scowled as she left the hacking test. She had chosen the middle difficulty, just like she always does, but she failed miserably. She doubted she would have succeeded even if she had chosen the easiest one. Hacking was not one of her...
  18. HBC

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I went out for a jog this morning, then spent the rest of the day in front of the computor, grumbling about how much my legs hurt from the unaccustomed exercise. lol
  19. HBC

    Do You Prefer Handheld Gaming or Console Gaming?

    I prefer the console. I feel that the games on the console are better than most of the games on the handheld, and much longer. However, I very much prefer the handheld Pokemon games to the console versions.
  20. HBC

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because he has a special time-travel-proof safe. Why is my grass brown?
  21. HBC

    The 5 Zelda Games You Have Played the Most?

    My most played game is probably Majora's Mask. My absolute favorite and the second one I got. Ocarina, especially my original N64 one, takes close second, mostly because of being so long and being the first one I got. After that, I'm not sure. Probably Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess...
  22. HBC

    The Book Combo!

    I'm ready too. And yeah, hair is my weak point as well. Limbs, too. I can't ever seem to get them right. >_>
  23. HBC

    Zelda Art PREVIEW: BEN DROWNED - The Sequel

    Alright, I'll check it out. ^_^ Ah. lol
  24. HBC

    Zelda Art PREVIEW: BEN DROWNED - The Sequel

    Wow, that was great~ I loved the original BEN story, and you keep in line with it fairly well while still making it different and unique. Can't wait until you post the whole thing. :) btw, what are all the *s for?
  25. HBC

    The Most Difficult Boss.

    For me, it was the guy in Ages with four faces. I think he was the second one. What you're supposed to do is throw a bomb in the top when the red face is to the screen, but if you throw it in when one of the other faces is forward, he attacks. I cannot tell you how many times I died because I...
  26. HBC

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have a little OoT Link toy that I got when I was four or five, still have in pretty good condition, and a pillow with TP Link on it. :D I'm hoping to get a mousepad that has all the Links on it.
  27. HBC

    Which Game Was Your First?

    Emerald was my first game. I had been interested in trying the series for a while, but couldn't convince my mom to let me get it. When she finally caved, I called my cousin, got her input on the best game, and bought it. Loved the series ever since. lol
  28. HBC

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    I have a few favorite games. Emerald will always have a special place because it was my first game. SoulSilver is my favorite trainer one, probably because I have my Pokemon following me and giving me flowers when I talk to him. :D I also love Mystery Dungeon Sky, because it has a great...
  29. HBC

    The Book Combo!

    This looks like fun. I love reading, and I've read all those series, except for that Divergent/Insurgent one. :D Name: Sephira Eferie Item:a miniture Zora's Sapphira hanging from a slim gold chain necklace Appearance: Sephira is fairly tall, about 5'9", but slim like a swimmer. She has...
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