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  1. Lil'Link

    Young or Old Link

    Well, I dont know if this poll has been done before, r not. But I'v never seen it... What would you like to see more in a game? Old link, like in TP and SS? Young link, link in WW? Or maby bolth, Like in Oot? Mabey you cant make up your mind.. Put your votes in the poll, and if you want, you...
  2. Lil'Link

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    then that game would be REALY short... What if link didnt breack groses fall??
  3. Lil'Link

    Favorite Ball & Chain Enemy

    Well, the title is pretty strait forward... I was thinking of what I'd like to see in a zelda game, then I thought of the ball And chain Troopers, Dark hammers, And Ball and chain Iron knuckels (an enemy I made up)... couldent make up my mind, so I thought I'd ask you guys. Just so you know, I...
  4. Lil'Link

    Favorite Fishing Game

    What do you like better? The TP fishing game, or the Oot one? Please vote, and if you want, leave a post of what you chose and why. These are just opinions, so dont get mad if you dont agree... Thanks for read'n, and dont forget to vote, ~Lil'link :)
  5. Lil'Link

    Poll: Darknuts or Ironknuckles?

    Darknuts: Legend of zelda/ Oracle of seasons/ oracle of ages/Wind Waker/ Twilight Princess (Im probely missing one or two...) Ironknckles: The Adventures of Link/ Orcorina of time/ Majoras mask
  6. Lil'Link

    General Art Lil'link's Artwork

    when im done with the Dinolfos, I'll upload it... :)
  7. Lil'Link

    Favorite Enemy

    well, this thread is a bit diffrant... I was just curious of what you all like.. so,theres no poll becouse im talking about enemies in the hole game, and thats alot.. just put evrything in a post, for example: I like Darknuts from WW. There big, cool looking, and fun to fight Thats all...
  8. Lil'Link

    Ganon Uses Animals to Do His Dirty Work.

    well, i just want to point out something I realized. just so you know, Im not troling, complaining, or anything like that... this is just something I want to point out. You may also have noticed this, but 60% of his servants are animals... Wart hogs= Moblins, bokoblins... Reptiels= Lizafos...
  9. Lil'Link

    Link, Talk?

    Well, I think I'v seen this poll done before, but I'v never seen the results myself, and I think some other people havnt either. please vote weather or not you want link to talk and in what format. you see, link kinda already talked in skyward sword, when you reply to questions, so "You talk" is...
  10. Lil'Link

    General Art Lil'link's Artwork

    well, i already said i cant draw poeple, but I'll give it a try...
  11. Lil'Link

    Spoiler Difficulty Needs to Increase

    its just an opinion Heriod77777, im not baging on the hole series, and im not a hardcore gamer, im 12... evryones diffrant, to some people demis was easy, to others hes hard.. I didnt get him on my first try either, but take a chill pill. Im not trolling, (you are), or complaining... Not at all...
  12. Lil'Link

    Spoiler Difficulty Needs to Increase

    (this thread only has minor spoilers, so dot worry...)well, I just wanted to point this out... the dificulty had decresed drumaticly..... I was ecpecialy disapointed with SS, becouse all the stone slabs told you what to do... What Im partialy trying to say is: the riddles need to be harder. I...
  13. Lil'Link

    Please Recommend Which Zelda Game to Play First ?

    Ocerina of time!! thats what I played first, then Wind waker...
  14. Lil'Link

    Spoiler Why Navi Left Link

    I thought MM wasnt even about navi, they just needed an exuse for link to leave hyrule... but Im probely wrong...
  15. Lil'Link

    General Art Lil'link's Artwork

    I need to know the pose, srry, forgot to mention that...
  16. Lil'Link

    General Art Lil'link's Artwork

    Im trying to make-up for one of my inappropreate threads, so this is how im doing it... Im giving away free artwork! this artwork is free-handed, and colored in colored pencils, photoshop or black and white. you can request a peice of art in a post... only thing is, it has to be a place, or a...
  17. Lil'Link

    Spoiler Oot: Why Link is Stupid...

    sorry, i'v only seen the ending once in a video, must not remember correctly...
  18. Lil'Link

    Spoiler Oot: Why Link is Stupid...

    Unfortinantly, i do not have the power to delete this tread, but i can make sure no one else reads it... I wasnt in the decent mind when i made, this. I had just got done watching a seiries of imature movies, so please forgive me for my stupidity... I didnt realise at the time, until now when i...
  19. Lil'Link

    Poll: Darknuts or Ironknuckles?

    What would you like to see more of / like more? Ironknuckles, or Darknut?... Enter your awnser in the poll. If you want, you can add a post of what you picked and why... For example: I picked darknuts becouse their faster, cooler looking, and harder... Now these are just opinions, so dont take...
  20. Lil'Link

    Which Zelda Game Haven't You Played

    well, the only games i'v beet was WW, TP, SS, and Oot, but ive played evrything but LA, FS, FSA...
  21. Lil'Link

    Majora's Mask Link is NOT Looking for Navi?

    well, its whatever the creators wanted him to look for, but if link was real, im sure he'd look for Saria...:)
  22. Lil'Link

    Spoiler The Ending.

    No, I think he'll run away from zelda and start a new civilization, in the next thousand years the cicilization whould be know as Gureodo vally, and there will be a endles war against the two... jk
  23. Lil'Link

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Favorite Character What is your Favorite Character? I dont mean companion ether, a character as in anyone/thing in the zelda world.. For example: Happy Mask Sales man, Tingle, And Impa are all Characters. Please put your Awser in this format: Character: Game: Why I Like Them: Other commets...
  24. Lil'Link

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    Another thing I thought of was is the map. just like Koosholts said: you have to travel to the sky to get to other lands, this is non-troditianal.. you see, in all the other zelda games, nintendo cleverly connected the land, so this flaw is another thing they should of added.
  25. Lil'Link

    Favorite Cutscene!

    Ghirahim's dance..
  26. Lil'Link

    Spoiler New Game: Zelda's Side of SS?

    As you know, link wasnt the only one with an adventure in SS. Zelda and Impa had to go through all of the dungeons before link. I think that Nintendo could of made a game about this. Personaly, I might not of played it, but tell me what you would think of it. Do you think i'd work? or not?
  27. Lil'Link

    General Modern Favorite Companion?

    who's your favorite zelda companion? Navi, Tatl, King of the red lions, Ezlo, Midna, or Fi? My personal favorite whould be midna, tell me yours.
  28. Lil'Link

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time

    I'm totaly with you, Oot was the best
  29. Lil'Link

    Spoiler The Return of Demise?

    nah, he just like any other boss besides gannon, they use them once, the put ganon in the next..
  30. Lil'Link

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    well, some people thought that SS was perfect, and others think it has flaws. Gameplay wise (Not story wise), what do you think it was missing. For example, as an enemy, I was hopeing for some darknuts... Also, at the end, Demis shuold had been harder. This thread is under "Spoilers" so feel...
  31. Lil'Link

    Link Vs. The Horde

    i kinda enjoyed the hord, although, by the time i got to the boss, i only had like, 3 hearts... i think it shuolda been a bit easeir, no archers,and all of them drop hears. but i also think it should be harder, with more moblins and stuff...
  32. Lil'Link

    Best Zelda Bosses (People's Choice)

    I say stallord..
  33. Lil'Link

    Ocarina of Time How long did it take for you to beat Ocarina Of Time. How hard was it?

    well, i played it for 2 years, had a 4 year rage quit on the forest temple, then beat it in another year... so about 7 years it toke me...
  34. Lil'Link

    Link's Loftwing

    yeah, his loftwing realy sucks... i think the biggest reason is becouse it dosnt have a name...
  35. Lil'Link

    Legend of Zelda Series Coming to an End?

    the planet couldent support life without zelda!! If Zelda ended, the surface of the world would be burned in anger, and we'd be forced to hide under ground, becouse of the canables looking to eat you. The core of the earth whould explode, destroying evrythin [I]but[B] the canabels, then we'd be...
  36. Lil'Link

    Spoiler Did You Figure Out the Old Lady's Identity Before the End of the Game?

    I new it ever sence impa was introduced.. and Insanity is right, the hair and the tear gave it away.
  37. Lil'Link

    What if Pokemon Were Real?

    Well, it would probly wouldn't be legal.. I mean, puting animals in little balls and makeing it fight?? now way... they'ed also bring alot of desruction. haveing the power to electracute things, cause floods, and spew fire out of your mouth? puting it in the hands of someone, or even leting it...
  38. Lil'Link

    Idea for New Zelda Game

    I think a good game idea is to introduce Sky ships.. i mean, its not to advanced in tecnology, they already have trains.. and they could just say, "its made out of goron metal, super light wight, and strong" so no one has to question "how is that even posable!? and floating chunk of steel? it...
  39. Lil'Link

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Good Game?

    I think it was a very "Dark" zelda game, but it was still realy good.
  40. Lil'Link

    Did You Enjoy the 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD?

    I liked all of them, but i think my fav. is the guredo vally.. :)
  41. Lil'Link

    Harp Playing During The Credits

    I'd try... but i'm still trying to beat the imprisoned for the 3rd time..:(
  42. Lil'Link

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "STOP IT YOU BRAT!" -the old lady in the kitchen, after breaking all the pots. (skyward sword)
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