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  1. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 337!

    It's a tie between the Interloper and Imprisoning War. I chose the Imprisoning war because it has fewer votes
  2. PalaeoJoe

    Should future Zelda games build consistency around Breath of the Wild?

    I don't know if (or how much) they will continue to build off of BotW's Lore/time line placement. We don't know what stories they plan to tell in the future, so it is hard to guess how the next games might build on Breath of the Wild's world and story. If future games had nothing to do with...
  3. PalaeoJoe

    Do you want the Triforce to feature more prominently in future games?

    It would be great to see some games that featured the triforce more prominently and give us more concrete lore about it. I feel like the lore of the triforce is not contradictory but that it isn't solidly fleshed out and isn't always consistent. Although I want to see this, at the same time I...
  4. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 314!

    I would Like to see a continuation of any Link's story we haven't seen in more then one game. But out of all the Link's I would like to see the Hero of Time the most. Despite already having two games, or maybe because of such. I/we have gotten fairly attached to the HoT, It would be nice to see...
  5. PalaeoJoe

    Will the toilet feature a bigger role in the next game?

    Yeah I was thinking the toilet could be our next warping device.
  6. PalaeoJoe

    Beedle vs. Tingle

    I feel a Tingle.
  7. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 303!

    If bottles returning means reversing the innovation we saw in BotWs hunting/recourse collection and cooking, then no I don't want bottles back, despite missing them. That said, the next game should have more balance in terms of how the player can access healing items. I would like to see bottle...
  8. PalaeoJoe

    Are there too many Ganons?

    Yuganon is "pretty much a Ganon clone". Visually Ganon and Vaati are completely different. I'm sure there are parallels between them but don't see those parallels making them clones. Please explain how they are so similar? Regardless of your answer, a strong visual distinction alone, fits my...
  9. PalaeoJoe

    Should Link talk?

    I am open to Link talking. His strength as a character varies from game to game but as time has gone on the games have Portrayed him more like a character. So considering the addition of voice acting and the strengthening of him as a character, it would be logical to give Link a Voice. I feel if...
  10. PalaeoJoe

    Are there too many Ganons?

    When Nintendo uses a Villain other then Ganon(dorf) they always come up with something interesting. The overuse of Ganon will eventually catch up to Nintendo and he will become less compelling over time. They need to begin reusing other villains, there are very few reoccurring villains in Zelda...
  11. PalaeoJoe

    Do you want Zelda Switch to have a theme?

    Most Zelda games have at least one theme, of the ones that do some are stronger then others. Some have a dual world theme Ex. AlttP, OoT and the first half of TP. Some have one or more game mechanics that change much of how the game is played, Ex the masks and 3day-Cycle in MM, the sailing in WW...
  12. PalaeoJoe

    Who is Links mom and dad from Tp

    I agree that we can't know who Link's parents are. But we can know that one or both of his parents were Hylian. If you look at the ears of the residents of Oradon you will see that all their ears are round none of them exhibit the identifying phenotype of the Hylian people; pointed elf like...
  13. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 294!

    Just click the [Change Your Vote] button.
  14. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 294!

    I was going to pick Scaldera but then I saw Molderach.
  15. PalaeoJoe

    Dark Lynel Souls

    I understand that you meant that the air ships should be enemy encounters. When I was talking about them as dungeons I just thought that would be the first most likely way we might see any kind of Airship in the series.
  16. PalaeoJoe

    How Do You Pronounce "Bokoblin?"

    I pronounce it both ways. I think I pronounced it Like bo-cob-lin at first and later started to say Bo-Ko-Blin. I use both but like Bo-Ko-Blin better so I'm voting like cocoa. Edit: I don't know what the Japanese name for this enemy is but regardless, part of the reason I like Bo-Ko-Blin better...
  17. PalaeoJoe

    Dark Lynel Souls

    For quite some time I have been thinking that Zelda should implement some random/procedurally generated game elements. Things to make the adventure less predictable when you replay the game or revisit an area. Enemies with random locations are the best place to start. Although we don't need...
  18. PalaeoJoe

    Dark Lynel Souls

    First off, I hope Lynels appear in the next game and are just as tough as they were in BotW, and if the next game uses most of BotW's assets then I'm sure this will happen. I would like to see a powerful flying enemy. Maybe the Kargaroc should return and kick your butt. As Shroom was saying...
  19. PalaeoJoe

    What would medieval people think of Hyrule?

    What do you mean by "see"? Do you mean we travel back in time and show them on our switch? Or that we transport them to the magical Kingdom?
  20. PalaeoJoe

    Do you want Zelda Switch to be cel-shaded?

    I don't care much what art style any Zelda game uses as long as it works with the game and I think they have always found a fitting style for each game. That said, I want them to use BotW's art style/assets for the next game for the following reasons. Although I don't think BotW has the perfect...
  21. PalaeoJoe

    Zelda Maker?

    My question: If we ever see a Zelda Maker will we be able to make both dungeons and and overworld or just one of the two?
  22. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 274!

    Grim Reapers covered in Bats will always win. though I almost voted for the Eyegore.
  23. PalaeoJoe

    Were the Shrines Mini Dungeons?

    The "Lantern Caves" were the best thing in TP's Overworld, they were reminiscent of the many caves found in ALttP. Both SS and BotW would have benefited greatly by having more caves to discover and explore.
  24. PalaeoJoe

    If You Were To Get A Zelda Tattoo...

    "It’s a secret to everybody!" and "It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this." could be very funny if tattooed to the right part/area of the body ;).
  25. PalaeoJoe

    Breath of the Wild Do you like the Name they Gave "Zelda U"?

    I love the name. As stated above it is a play on "a breath of fresh air" and that is what it was for the series. The name perfectly describes what you will be doing in this game, exploring an untamed wilderness. People complain that the game doesn't have enough Towns and other things to make...
  26. PalaeoJoe

    Return of Shrines?

    You make a fair point about the shrines breaking up the flow of the world. The loading screens didn't bother me often, but it is objectively better to not have them. You are conflating the shrines and the loading screens. The loading screens are not part of the shrines themselves but a...
  27. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 271!

    I think the return to non linearity means that we are more likely to see the mirror shield "earlier" in a game. I say earlier in "" because it may not actually appear sooner in a game Per se, but could be acquired by the player sooner depending on what path they took in the game/what dungeons...
  28. PalaeoJoe

    Return of Shrines?

    I think we can all agree that shrines in the next game should be less common, more diverse and larger. They should become mini dungeons in the next game or atleast many of them should. As I pointed out in the thread about if shrines are mini-dungeons, some of them were and most were not. I...
  29. PalaeoJoe

    Were the Shrines Mini Dungeons?

    I think the answer to this question is quite simple. Some of the shrines were large enough and had enough rooms to be mini-dungeons and therefore were. While most of them were only large enough to be a room that could be featured in a proper dungeon or mini-dungeon or was large enough to be used...
  30. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 271!

    I always liked the mirror shield because it was more then just a shield. I like the puzzles that it is used for and in a new game I hope we could see brand new puzzles or more interesting versions of light puzzles we have seen before.
  31. PalaeoJoe

    Zeltic Rebuttal to 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    If we were talking about personal reasons to place the game in a timeline then I would agree that the DFTL has too many games and the CTL too few. But I would also argue that it would nice to finally see a 3D Game in the DFTL.
  32. PalaeoJoe

    Zeltic Rebuttal to 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    This is a Rebuttal to Game Theory's recent timeline video by a Youtuber who mostly makes Zelda Videos, Zeltic. Does Zeltic successfully disprove MatPat's timeline placement of BotW? What do you think of the points he makes?
  33. PalaeoJoe

    Another "Groose"?

    You are going to have to make a better argument for why Groose is like Linebeck and Midna. Midna and Linebeck are fairly bad comparisons for Groose if your main point revolves around there be a lack of, or "fake", character development. One major problem is that you have no evidence to support...
  34. PalaeoJoe

    BotW 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    But if BotW is at the end of the downfall time line then it doesn't matter weather or not he got the Triforce at the end of OoT but whether or not he had it at the end of the next latest game in the time line. So the question becomes "Did Ganon have the Triforce at the end of AoL?".
  35. PalaeoJoe

    BotW 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    That is probably the best answer. Another possibility, although this is purely speculative is that maybe all of link's travailing through time during the events of the game cause the time-space to be unstable allowing for other timeline splits to occur during OoT, a la Link being killed by...
  36. PalaeoJoe

    BotW 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    The other video I was talking about when I wrote that comment was this one about which Link is the strongest, there may be things to disagree with in the video but I agreed with Mat Pat's conclusion and he made some interesting arguments. As I was reviewing the previous video I came across...
  37. PalaeoJoe

    BotW 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    A agree only two of their Zelda videos have made any sense, this being one of them. And even here they said some things that were stupid, for example when they were talking about Hyrules' Geography they showed a map of Termina along with maps of Hyrule.o_O:gno:
  38. PalaeoJoe

    BotW 'Game Theory' Timeline Theory

    Game theory has placed it's vote on where in the time line Breath of the Wild goes in the Timeline What do you think the video got right and wrong?
  39. PalaeoJoe

    A return of the hidden Village ?

    I would love to see another hidden village, we might have to go on a mysterious quest to find it, following clues. Or the entrance could hidden behind a wall in a secluded area of the map, you could go through a small maze like the "lantern caves" in TP and at the end of the cave you could find...
  40. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 267!

    I think a Goddess Pearl, I like translucent spheres.
  41. PalaeoJoe

    Was Stone Tower Temple Hard for You?

    Stone Tower Temple was the second hardest dungeon for me, Great Bay Temple was more difficult. But I liked the level of challenge STT offers.
  42. PalaeoJoe

    Link's Failiures

    This is probably the best example of Link failing ^ Link also fails in the WW each of the first two times he entered the Forsaken Fortress. The first time he fails to rescue his sister, then the second time he succeeds in rescuing his sister but fails to defeat Ganondorf. And in SS, when link...
  43. PalaeoJoe

    Where did the cats go?

    My thoughts exactly. This is a silly question. When theorizing you have to distinguish between game features which are statements about the world and which ones are simply outcomes of developing a game. This is such a small detail, the presence or absence of normal animals in the game world...
  44. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 266!

    Maybe? What I think would be cool, if their were three characters in the one or more games who appeared like they could be the Golden Goddesses but were only hinted at being so, rather then explicitly saying that they were or were not the real Goddesses.
  45. PalaeoJoe

    Did BotW kill the future of companions?

    Companions are at their best when they contribute to narrative depth, assist Link with new powers/game-play and give us lore about the world. They are at their worst when they constantly interrupt game-play, give us (with out consent) useless or unwanted advice, and don't develop as a...
  46. PalaeoJoe

    Breath of the Wild Did you feel worthy pulling the Master Sword?

    Yes I did feel worthy. This is my favorite way that the Master Sword has had to be earned and this is for two reasons. It really did feel earned, in previous games getting the Master Sword was a given. Getting it simply required following a linear story and it was usually obtained after only...
  47. PalaeoJoe

    Mipha or Ruto?

    I don't want to chose but it isn't a hard decision. Mipha.
  48. PalaeoJoe

    Rito vs Zora

    I like Rito but they have only been in two games (unless ST idk, have not played). The Zora take 'The Sea and Cake'.
  49. PalaeoJoe

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 265!

    King Roam Bosphoramus is definitely the second best King of Hyrule. King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule is THE KING.
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