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    Graphic Requests

    I've got some small amount of gimp skills, but no drawing talent to speak of, so could someone whip me up an avatar? I'd like a headshot of a guy, about twenty, longish black hair, maybe a bit of stubble, and wearing a black hood. It doesn't have to be exactly that, anything would be awesome.
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    LoZ Roleplay Sign-Ups

    Name: Endin Alceaus Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Hylian Weapons: Knives. Many, many knives. Magical?: Telekinetic, though it's kinda tiring. Bio: He was raised by his mother, both of them scraping by one the money from her clothes shop. When he turned sixteen, he left, looking to earn a living...
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    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    !#$^$%$@$##@$!@ This's long. I'm too lazy to check the rest of the pages, but lets get 1,000!
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    Name: Theo Age:14 Fur colors: Dark brown, with streaks of lighter brown and green. Eye color: Green Enemy Pack or Main Pack: Main Pack Role in the Pack: He scouts for the pack and enjoys running around enemy territory Personality: He's reliable, but a joker and very curious.
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    Rate the Siggy!

    3/10 You need an image, and the text is too large.
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    Rate the Siggy!

    the image is stunning, and the hylian is pretty elegent, with the links not taking over you sig. 10/10
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    Mandi's Sig Shop

    Pixel size Width:400 Height: 150 Color's used I don't have any specifics, but kinda dark and muted would be nice. Image Sorry I don't have an actual image, but I need an cloaked man standing on a dead dragon. Text The Rough Heroes Font Ravenna- it's on ZeldaUniverse and is on the twilight...
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    3ds Colors

    I didn't get one yet, but I wish there was one with a black bottom half, and a sleeker feeling red top, like my trusty old lite.
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    Rate the Siggy!

    10/10 What is towel day, and how do I celebrate it?
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    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10, I love it! The light is kind of bright near the shield and lower body, but maybe you meant to do that. PS, could a FMA fan rate mine? It makes enough sense, but is FMA based, so yeah.
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    ZD Family Tree

    I'll adopt linknmike, but we're still living in the basement. We've stolen ms13's doughnuts by the way. If we're brothers in real life, I've adopted him in the game, and we live in MS13's basement, where does that put us? He's sitting next to me and says the basement. I have no argument. He...
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    Cool New Site

    I'm signing up now. Is it post Oot, or did Oot never happen? I need it for my backstory. Oh, and yor sig is amazing, simple but elegent.
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    Graphic Requests

    I'll see what I can do. Any specifics?
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    Rate the Avatar!

    5/10, It's too pink for my taste. Sorry.
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    Rate the Siggy!

    This is the definition of awsome. The dual Ganondorfs look good, the shadow is subtle, the text is easier to read then the last one, and you found (or made) a good render of Ganondorf that I've never seen (the one on the left). I can't help but give a completly serious 11/10.
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    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10, the poem is nice, and there's no bluriness in the picture.
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    The Username Elbow Game

    swwiftestphantom One letter off. Curse that extra w!
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    King of the Hill!

    Ha Ha, you fell for it! The hill in my basement is a fake, and when you teleported the fake hill to the original spot, you switched it with the real hill. I now have the real hill!
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    Rate the Siggy!

    I like the banner, and the sig itself is great, the swirling in the background and almost spraypainted look of the hylrulean crest are nice touches. EDIT: oops, forgot to rate, 8/10
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    How Would You Feel If…

    Like the world might as well end. How would you feel if link jumped through your window, smashed a pot, grabbed the family jewels, and rolled out your front door?
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    Rate the Siggy!

    The render is nice and well cut out, but the left is just a little bright for my taste. Still, I's a nice sig, with interesting use of light effects. 9/10
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    King of the Hill!

    I claim the real hill, having substituted a fake hill the last time I played and, with great effort, pulled the real hill into my basement.
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    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    Blay-z Star. easy enough. dang thirty character limit!
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    The Username Elbow Game

    mikaukincarnate One letter off! *looks sad* My sympathy to whoever has to type my name. And make sure ther's only one r in warior. I like spaces too, remember that. Mwuahahahaha!
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    Rate the Siggy!

    The background is quite cool, and while the the link seems a little bright, the sword sticking out makes up for that. 8/10
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    Rate the Siggy!

    I like it, even though it's a bit dark. The blue makes Josh stick out. The banner is a little bright, and I don't like the stripes. I give you 8/10.
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    Wind Waker Pirate Version Sign Ups

    I've got nothing, just because I don't know what will happen. You should name it yourself, and anyway, the thread seems to be dying. you should start pming people or something, if you still want to write the story, that is.
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    Ocarina of Time Big Scratch at Lake Hylia

    I think the tree and scratches will show up in SS, not important or anything, you might just see a huge wolfos scratch a tree when you walk onto the island, then it attacks you. They did say there would be field bosses. But in OoT, they probably planned a miniboss battle, then said forget about...
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    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    My brother angered me and I'm doing this to humiliate him. Lets see how long it takes for Hawk to find out... ~Linknmike
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    Rate the Title

    8/10, as it is funny and invisible! Plus chinese, but I had to go look it up, so I woun't rate that. It's still a cool idea. Fine, 9/10, happy? P.S. I'm not (very) insane, at least I think I'm not. When my psyciatrist went insane, Not all my multipule personalitys were cured. The rest of us...
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    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Somebody drank it. What's a gene pool?
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    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 The left button looks good, but the right one... eh. What does "Join me and HoM on here" mean, by the way?
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    Realistic Fights

    That would be cool, and I would look forward to that in a game, but I don't think nintendo would do it, as tons of fans wouldn't like it. Still, that would be super fun, and add realism to the game.
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    Twilight Princess Save After Beating Ganondorf

    Sadly, after you win, you win. The credits roll and you are back at the title screen. It would be cool to see hyrule as it should be, not ruled by shadows or an evil king. We would have the questions answered of what happens to everybody, but it was not meant to be. However, this lets us write...
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    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Answer three, just gimme a billion dollars. Why did a n00b die here?
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    King of the Hill!

    Your unseemingly gigantic vocabulary pulverizes thou. I claim the hill.
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    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    I would have to say Percy Jackson and the olympians. They ripped out the plot, Made the actors 5 years older, got rid of the main villen and made a new one, gave the hero extra powers, and made a subplot where the whole thing was "a quest to find the pearls", making the whole thing a...
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    Twilight Princess Sequel with Colin As Link

    It would be interesting to see colin as sequel character. By the end of TP, Colin seems to have matured, is braver, and no longer the teased little boy he was in the beginning of the game. In the credits, we see him with a ordon shield and a sword, seeminly a warrior (in training at least. Maybe...
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    Sorry I'm Late Boss...

    Sorry I'm late boss, I was jumping on turtles.
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    Wind Waker Pirate Version Sign Ups

    Sure, I won't. I just thought it would bring in more characters. I understand, I'm a (unpublished, un-computer-published, unknown)author too...sorta
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    Wind Waker Pirate Version Sign Ups

    I don't mind the wait. I could put a link to this in my sig to get more people if you want.
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    Wind Waker Pirate Version Sign Ups

    I'll make a cabin's boy so we can start soon Name: Theo Gender: Male Clothes: Brown shirt and pants Weapons: a small but sharp knife in his boot. Pesonality: Timid and peaceful, he wouldn't hurt a fly. He carries a knife only for protection.
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    Wind Waker Pirate Version Sign Ups

    seems cool. I'll play Name: Hawk Gender: male Clothes: dark green tunic-thing, with light armor over it, and brown pants. Weapons: bow slung on his back, and a thin dagger hanging from his belt. Has a staff with a hawk (what else?) carved on the top. personality: doesn't talk much, and is...
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    How Much "Link" Do You Want?

    Now that I think back to windwaker, the emotions do seem a little too exagerated. SS needs a ballence between the two. More emotion then TP, but a little less then WW. They're both are awsome games though.
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    How Much "Link" Do You Want?

    I want link to have more expressions. The mindless link puts me off the game and I felt more connected to the windwaker link. When link show's expression, he seems more like a real person, and therefore easier to connect with then a bit of software. I can understand the developers wanting us to...
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    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    I don't want too much, but I do want a little more content, or at least a release date. They need to push away the negetive reception. I personaly liike the graphics too, by the way. Pleeeeease nintendo! -Hawk :mastersword:
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    Sword Swinging On SS... Yay or Nay?

    I'm personaly hoping that there is a ajustment option. I might in the beggining want to swing my sword hard, but I want to be able to turn the nessasary swing down. That would probably apeal to a larger demographic, and have less basements ruined by thrown wiimotes. -Hawk :mastersword:
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    What Will the ESRB Rating Be for Skyward Sword?

    I think SS will probably be E10+. The trailers don't seem to show blood, and it has a lighter graphics style then TP. the graphics seem more cartoony because of the cell shading, and don't seem to deserve a T rating. There is a small chance it will be teen, but it just doesn't seem likely. M and...
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    The Answer Game

    You miss. Why do the twili not notice their king is crazy?:cooky:
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    The Answer Game

    with their mouth. how do you store a twenty foot tall monster in a colored ball?
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