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  1. the walrus cat

    Spoiler Ganondorf - a garo master?

    I was mostly excited about the similarities in their design, so looking back on it my theory is a reach. I generally buy the theory that the triforce holders don't have counterparts, but I don't recall any in-game evidence directly suggesting this has to be true. Tingle is clearly a counterpart...
  2. the walrus cat

    Spoiler Ganondorf - a garo master?

    Today I was replaying the final boss fight of Wind Waker and noticed something I don't think I've ever seen pointed out. Ganondorf in WW seems to be based on the concept of the garo in MM. He holds two katanas under a large concealing robe, just like the garo. However, they also share extremely...
  3. the walrus cat

    Did New Year's Eve Inspire Majora's Mask?

    In the midst of New Years celebrations, and replaying Majora's Mask simultaneously, I couldn't help but notice how similar the Carnival of Time festival is to New Years celebrations. Practices such as shooting fireworks, drinking Chatteau Romani, and opening the tower door at 12 am mirror...
  4. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask Stone Tower Temple, Hard or Not?

    I found the great bay temple harder. The stone temple is also difficult at some parts. The main reason these two temples are so difficult is because of the variables that the changing water currents (in gb temple) and flipping the tower present. If you change one of these at the wrong part of...
  5. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask Hardest Dungeon in Majora's Mask

    Easily the great bay temple. The varying water currents are confusing, each time you change the flow, its a shot in the dark trying to figure out if the correct path through the dungeon is open.
  6. the walrus cat

    A Link to the Past Why Do You..?

    It is Probably the greatest game for the SNES. Its aged quite a bit now, but it was still a very important game in the series.
  7. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    Ocarina is 98. Paired with the release date on virtual console, its more probable that a MM remake will come out in 2013 (if it does). Because it is the superior game? That is debatable I guess, but I would hate to see OoT remade but not MM. In addition, I don't really see how you could say MM...
  8. the walrus cat

    Sarcastic Words

    "Yeah, I like (fill in the blank with something relevant to the situation) too."
  9. the walrus cat

    What Instrument Do You Play?

    I play the guitar. I also play the bass a little bit.
  10. the walrus cat

    Band Name Ideas.

    I'm going to have to disagree. Irony is one of the greatest things in band names or song titles. For example, if you're in a brutal death metal band then "rainbow ponies" is a pretty good name.
  11. the walrus cat

    Do You Know Anyone Named Link in Real Life?

    I'm pretty sure Link isn't an actual name.
  12. the walrus cat

    General Classic How Many Girlfriends Do You Think Link Has in All of the Classic Games?

    Wait, Saria? I thought she friend zoned link or vice versa? Hm, Perhaps I need to play OoT again.
  13. the walrus cat

    Who is Your Favorite Singer/Band??

    Out of the options listed, Breaking Benjamin, but I really don't like any of those artists. Anyways, there's not much point in making a poll for these kinds of threads, unless you expect everyone to listen to the same 5 singers/bands.
  14. the walrus cat

    Spoiler Link's Death

    I didn't quite say they were mothers, I said surrogate mothers, which means they had no genetic relation. But you're correct about their relationship to Ganondorf.
  15. the walrus cat

    Spoiler Link's Death

    I thought it was explained in OoT that Koume and Kotake were Ganondorf's surrogate mother's, however I am not remembering quite what part of the game this was stated... Could someone please confirm where it said this (and what game)?
  16. the walrus cat

    Will the Nintendo 3DS Be an Important Console for Zelda Games?

    I doubt the 3ds will be too important for zelda, but I do think it will play a larger role than other handhelds, especially if we see more remakes.
  17. the walrus cat

    Link or Mario, Who Would Win in a Fight?

    Mario dies from making contact with a walking hazelnut and inflicts damage upon his enemies by jumping on them, on the other hand link has access to his bow, sword, bombs, and all kinds of other items. Situation #2: Link puts on the Fierce Deity Mask and annihilates the overweight plumber.
  18. the walrus cat

    Spoiler Link's Death

    Koume and Kotake probably went into hiding after Ganondorf's plans were revealed on the Child timeline. Seeing as they're mages, I'd assume they would have a much easier time finding Termina than any other character. So perhaps they decided to start a potion shop in the swamp and avoid any...
  19. the walrus cat

    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Espeon, Xatu, Persian, and Arcanine are my favorites.
  20. the walrus cat

    SSBB Characters

    Also, I don't know if its fair to expect them to change this in the next smash bros game, but Ganondorf is pretty badly represented, as he's basically just a captain falcon clone. It would have made more sense if he had the magic attacks he uses in the OoT boss battle, and a sword(s) like we see...
  21. the walrus cat

    SSBB Characters

    Young Link, but with masks (like pokemon trainer) and his final smash is fierce diety. Also give adult link the power to turn into a wolf, like sheik and zelda.
  22. the walrus cat

    Who is Your Favorite Singer/Band?

    Megadeth Led Zeppelin Nirvana Sonic Youth Death Atheist Cynic Smashing Pumpkins etc,
  23. the walrus cat

    What Are the Fun Little Things You Do When You're Bored?

    I play the guitar or go outside and shoot some hoops.
  24. the walrus cat

    Monkeys in Majora's Mask

    So I'm sure many of you have read theories that the kokiris turned in to Monkeys in between OoT and Twilight Princess. However, is it possible that the Monkeys in Termina were originally Kokiris? Possible evidence for this... A) The monkeys reside in/near an area very similar to the lost woods...
  25. the walrus cat

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    The water temple can be annoying, but its one of the more interesting temples in OoT.
  26. the walrus cat

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D's Rating

    This also seemed strange to me.
  27. the walrus cat

    Ocarina of Time New Ocarina of Time 3DS Info

    So you can play the master quest version too on OoT 3d? Awesome.
  28. the walrus cat

    Ocarina of Time Are You Ready for the Terror?

    I'm not scared now, but it will surely be an fun temple to go through.
  29. the walrus cat

    Things To Grow On

    I'd like to see more about the deku scrubs.
  30. the walrus cat

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    Man this is such a difficult decision! J/k, Majora's Mask.
  31. the walrus cat

    Do You Think That Majora's Mask Will Be Released on the 3DS?

    Hopefully it will. I'd prefer a Majora's Mask remake to a new game, I must say. It would also get me to buy a 3ds.
  32. the walrus cat

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D's Rating

    A little bit of red blood isn't going to get zelda an M rating. T maybe, but I highly doubt we'll ever see a M rated zelda game unless there's actual gore or swearing (unlikely).
  33. the walrus cat

    Favorite Band?

    My favorite band would be Megadeth.
  34. the walrus cat

    Doom Metal

    I have not listened too much to the doom subgenre, but I think it's pretty cool.
  35. the walrus cat

    Real Music

    Not all mainstream music is bad, but I despise how certain artists are objects for promoters/producers to sell to the masses. Auto tuning, shallow, generic lyrics and repetitive synth bass/percussion stop me from enjoying most modern pop/mainstream hip hop artists.
  36. the walrus cat

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D's Rating

    I'm not sure, but hopefully there's no green blood.
  37. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.

    All of it! There are so many good songs in MM, easily one of my favorite game soundtracks.
  38. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask Was Majora's Mask Hard for You?

    It had its moments. The time system was the main catalyst for difficulties, but I did rather like having it in the game.
  39. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask BEN?

    Yep, I, and likely several others have seen the Ben stuff. Kind of creepy I guess, but I wouldn't take it seriously.
  40. the walrus cat

    General Classic Which Well Do You Think Was Creepier, The Bottom of the Well or the Empty Well in MM?

    Bottom of the well by a margin. The design was just scarier in general, and the redeads in bottom of the well are more difficult to avoid than the gibdos in the empty well.
  41. the walrus cat

    Majora's Mask I Think MM Should Be Remade

    I agree, OoT could use a remake more than majora's mask. Its an older game, there's more to improve upon and obviously it is a much better decision commercially. Even with that said, Majora's Mask is one of my favorite games of all time and just for the enhanced graphics and portability, I would...
  42. the walrus cat


    Its an interesting idea, with the evidence that there are many similarities. The only flaw is that there wouldn't be a reason for kokiri to change into monkeys. Also one thing I find interesting is that in MM, all (non monster/enemy) races present in OoT hyrule exist in Termina. Deku scrubs...
  43. the walrus cat

    Which Game Holds the Most Nostalgia Value for You? (CLASSIC TITLES ONLY!)

    Oot and MM for the better visuals, audio and gameplay. Idk, I guess I'm just too young to appreciate lttp and the older games,+ the 2d games are just kind of shallow, at least playing them within the past decade or so.
  44. the walrus cat

    Wtf?! Mm!

    First of all it would make the game a lot harder and extremely annoying to have to collect your items again, and second the likely explanation is that since link was carrying those items with him, they traveled along with him, but I'm not quite sure if this makes much sense..
  45. the walrus cat

    Locations From Past Games That You Think Should Return in Zelda Wii

    There needs to be an area like Ikana, that would be epic. And Termina in general: the whole damn place, there's nowhere in Termina that I woudn't rather see imitated above anything in hyrule. I don't care whether they're similar or the whole games set in Termina, its all equally good to me.:clap:
  46. the walrus cat

    Which Race Do You Want to Return in Zelda Wii?

    I'd say deku above all, but out of the options you posted, kokiri.
  47. the walrus cat

    Prequel to Majora's Mask!?!

    I'd love to see another game based around Termina but there isn't any evidence for that.
  48. the walrus cat

    How Difficult Do You Want Zelda Wii to Be?

    I want it to have MM objectives (like flipping stone tower and such) instead of wandering through rooms aimlessly, maybe even time restraints but be more like Oot difficulty (simpler puzzles).
  49. the walrus cat

    The Song of Storms Paradox

    What everyone else said, or it was just an inconsistency that nintendo though would be interesting to throw in there.
  50. the walrus cat

    Spoiler The Poe Salesman

    Either the guard or the little kid in the graveyard. The guard might have just ended up in Kakariko village or was killed by Ganondorf, but from his dialog and location it seems fairly likely. The little boy seemed like he wouldn't become so evil if he was supposed to be the poe salesman, but...
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