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  1. HookShotFTW

    Most Interesting or Weird Character

    Probably Phoeni (the hand in the toilet), or Cawlin the short guy in grooses gang type thing.
  2. HookShotFTW

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    3/10 have seen you a couple of times
  3. HookShotFTW

    Wikipedia Link Game!!

    Ocarina of time (item)> Wind Waker (item)> King of Red Lions> Great Sea> The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass> Characters in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom hourglass> Nyeve> Prince of Red Lions... Phew. Next go from ReDead to Superb Soup.
  4. HookShotFTW

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    Then the deku princess/marin would hate her. What if the Master Sword shrunk to the size of a toothpick and lost it's evils bane powers again!?
  5. HookShotFTW

    The Master Sword's Pedestal

    Well when you [SPOILER] Go back in time to the temple of time I always assumed that that was the same from OOT and a forest overgrew it, going back to SS the trees are probably naturally there and the hylians cut it down but it eventually came back. As for WW the royal family probably built...
  6. HookShotFTW

    Spoiler The Fire Sanctuary and the "Bird" King

    Is all I have to say about this
  7. HookShotFTW

    King of the Hill!

    Aha! that was a fake hill my robots built for your arrival and it explodes in 3..2..1...I claim the (real) hill
  8. HookShotFTW

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for living in the temple of time!
  9. HookShotFTW

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but the explosion of awesomeness from Oshawott being erased from existence happens to explode on you. I wish for a klondike bar...
  10. HookShotFTW

    Weird Ways In Which Skyward Sword Has Affected You and Me

    Yes in Twilight Princess In the lakebed temple I find myself repeatedly trying to run up the stairs and just falling down
  11. HookShotFTW

    Majora's Mask Lost Cutscenes!

    This was a beta cutscene..I assume that they changed a few things before it was released. Also if i'm correct the great faries are always that size
  12. HookShotFTW

    Rate the Avatar!

    7.5/10 A bunny thing named Mieu....?
  13. HookShotFTW

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but you have to go through thunder dragons lightning round..ON HERO MODE! I wish I owned Wind Waker
  14. HookShotFTW

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because dogs rule the world. Poukisa pou m moso nan bannann?
  15. HookShotFTW

    Spoiler Link Reincarnations and the Spirit of the Hero

    I always assumed that they're like what many people assume demise's hatred to be..so the hero's spirit sort of inhabits they're body just as demise's hatred inhabits ganondorfs body.
  16. HookShotFTW

    Zelda Riddles

    Zora Mask........? From OOT and MM
  17. HookShotFTW

    Zelda Riddles

    Saria from OOT? (Thirty Characters)
  18. HookShotFTW

    I Need an Anime to Watch!!

    Two nice ones are Gurren Lagann and Full Metal Panic, Gurren Lagann only has 17 episodes I think but Full Metal Panic has three seasons/series, I said series because The second one: Fumoffu has a more comedic feel and the third: ironically titled second raid is more serious. The first is more of...
  19. HookShotFTW

    General Classic Which Would You Prefer

    The ambassadors already have MC and LoZ i'm pretty sure but if one were to come out for all 3ds owners which would you prefer? And no this isn't a poll that will effect if they do or not just me being curious, personally I would want MC seeing as it just seems more fun and I haven't played it(I...
  20. HookShotFTW

    ALTTP and TP Question.

    Triforce of Courage and Triforce of Wisdom
  21. HookShotFTW

    Beta OoT Links to SS

    Looks photoshopped but was I the only one who noticed he had the fairy ocarina and the MS?
  22. HookShotFTW

    :) Battle of the Links! :(

    Oh yeah forgot about that..although I would be interested to see him as a 3d boss
  23. HookShotFTW

    :) Battle of the Links! :(

    Could I take Dark Link he's always been cool to me and I think he should've been a full boss and not a mini boss
  24. HookShotFTW

    The World of Zelda in the New Smash Bros

    I think seeing as each game the Link is updated according to the latest incarnation we should have... Link (SS) He would basically be the other links but with customized items such as a beetle that would work like pits arrows in brawl but slower and better handling, a whip that would be...
  25. HookShotFTW

    What Do You Think Aonuma Meant by Set Sail in a New Voyage?

    He said that Skywards Swords Voyage was over so I assume he's just saying that this "new voyage" is just a new Zelda game
  26. HookShotFTW

    Kikiwi Plushes and Kikiwi Elder Pillow

    If it's a Bucha plushie it has to make the Kyuu-Kyuuuuuu noise when you squeeze it
  27. HookShotFTW

    Zelda Restaurant

    They would have Fried and Baked Cucoo, Ham imported from Outset island, and Hylian Loach. To drink would be Chateau Romani, Lon Lon Milk and Red Potion. Also It has to have this music
  28. HookShotFTW

    Spoiler Why Can't the Master Sword Do Skyward Strikes in Other Games?

    I would have to say that it did have the ability just well, you know nobody knew
  29. HookShotFTW

    Most Difficult Part

    The Boss Rush on Hero Mode and those Tadtones!!! Seriously tadtones are 75% of why I don't like the last quest of the game!
  30. HookShotFTW

    Fun Things to Do in SS when You're Bored

    I like to play a game called, Pumpkinforce I gather as much pumpkins as possble and try to shape out a triforce. Also for some reason I find it extremely amusing to stab a pumpkin then hit people with it..mostly to see there animations for that..probably
  31. HookShotFTW

    General Modern Spirit Tracks Pirate Ship

    Thanks it worked! A mod can lock this thread now
  32. HookShotFTW

    General Modern Spirit Tracks Pirate Ship

    After you find Carben in Papuchia Village and try to go to the ocean sanctuary a Pirate Ship comes. After you beat the rat things a huge guy comes out. I attack him as much as possible but everytime he comes and gets to carben, any tips for beating him?
  33. HookShotFTW

    Question About Triforce in SS. Sorry if There is Already a Post, Im New Here :S

    I assume after all that time SS link would die
  34. HookShotFTW

    Anyone Notice This?

    It might not be practical seeing as arrows cost money but if you shoot the shiekah stone with a bow and arrow it gives 1 rupee each time!
  35. HookShotFTW

    Online Play in Future Zelda Games

    I would say NO the closest thing I would want is some sort of leaderboard for mini-games or something
  36. HookShotFTW

    Spoiler Which Zelda Game Would You Make Better and How?

    In Skyward Sword I would make you learn the
  37. HookShotFTW

    Majora's Mask Poll: Fierce Deity Link Vs. Ganondorf with Majora's Mask

    Portal 2? Also, Majora's Mask has "Godlike Power" I presume although ferce dieties mask, well I've seen what it could do. If Ganondorf can transform into Ganon and pull the trick with the Master Sword except with fierce diety's sword I could see Ganon barely winning..
  38. HookShotFTW

    What Exactly Does the Triforce of Courage Bestow?

    I always assumed it implied that he had earned the so called "Hero's Spirit" and the courage to be called the Hero.
  39. HookShotFTW

    Where Would Your Vacation in Hyrule Be?

    I'd probably stay in Kakariko village in TP, chillin' in the kakariko village spring maybe stop by death mountain. That reminds me of the dolphin island promo in super mario sunshine..someone should make a video like that..
  40. HookShotFTW

    Fat Foes

    I'd have to say a moblin from SS:
  41. HookShotFTW

    Zelda's "Super Princess Peach"

    I really liked what nintendo did with Super Princess Peach, maybe having a meter you have to have full to transform into shiek from zelda or vice versa would be interesting
  42. HookShotFTW

    Forest Temple

    *Sigh* I've beaten the game twice and once on MQ can a mod lock this thread?
  43. HookShotFTW

    OoT-3DS Navi's Not Annoying

    "Hey Link are you getting tired? Why not take a break, if you do remember to press start and save" Yep, totally not annoying
  44. HookShotFTW

    Skyward Sword Hero Mode Boss Rush Help

    I don't know why but in my first playthrough of SS I did it in one try(maybe because I thought it dissapears forever after you lose) all my other regular playthroughs,2-3 tries Hero Mode? Too many, seriously does anyone have any tips on beating 8 bosses on hero mode?
  45. HookShotFTW

    Saddest Zelda Song

    I would have to say Fi's Theme
  46. HookShotFTW

    Skyward Sword Boss Rush Hero Mode HELP!!!

    A good place to get rupees is, if you have enough treasure you can sell it at night in the antique ladies house
  47. HookShotFTW

    Spoiler Why is There a Lack of Zelda in Majora's Mask?

    Maybe her terminian counterpart is...the deku princess?
  48. HookShotFTW

    OoT-3DS Was This Here Before?

    Probably not all of them but: A poster of SS link at the side of the bombchu shop (inside), Another poster of SS link in Gerudo fortress, sort of newspaper with saria(?) and the skull kid with his skull mask a poster with a kokiri that looks sort of similar to Mido and one of a deku baba in the...
  49. HookShotFTW

    Why the "official" Timeline Looks Like It Does

    Well I quickly understood the first split timeline but this kind of blindsided all of us the closest thing I can think of it is that the what if timeline is right after link gets back with the spiritual stones and the child era is different than after he comes back although it just seems like a...
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