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  1. LumiGem

    How Tall (short) Are You?

    I'm around 5'0
  2. LumiGem

    Zelda Art Cucco Revenge Squad on a Meat Tray!

    I like it! LOL Poor Link!
  3. LumiGem

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm out of school, woohoo :D
  4. LumiGem

    Backwards Username Game.

  5. LumiGem

    National Anthems

    I have heard The Star Spangled Banner too many times to count. But UK's anthem, "God Save The Queen"...OMG THAT'S AN AWESOME ANTHEM.
  6. LumiGem

    Whats Your Favorite Disney Channel Show?

    The Lilo and Stich TV series
  7. LumiGem

    What Would You Do if You Discovered a Hidden Room Under Your Backyard?

    I'd probably be happy for it will be my private room for me and only me! But i'd make a search of what's in there. If I find out that it's practically a bug hotel(more specifically for cockroaches, spiders and/or potato bugs), not a chance will i go in there.
  8. LumiGem

    What Wouldja Do if You Went to Sleep in Your Room, then Woke Up in a Strange Place?

    I'd probably walk around and see where I am, maybe draw a picture or two of what I see.
  9. LumiGem

    What Would You Do if Your Worst Nightmare Showed Up at Your House?

    My worst nightmare are cockroaches. It would be dozens of them... I'd be so scared I'd have to die to get rid of the thought :(
  10. LumiGem

    What Color Are Your Hair and Eyes?

    Brown hair brown eyes. The usual :\
  11. LumiGem

    General Zelda Mini Games You Hate

    Any minigame involving racing or skydiving. Well basically anything that needs speed and/or has the typical if-you-don't-get-it-absoleutly perfect-you're-gonna-start-all-over-again thing. It's worse when you have to do them! :(
  12. LumiGem

    General Zelda At What Point Did You Feel The Most Powerful?

    When you fight and beat the final boss...you get that feeling of victory running through your veins. YEAH! NO ONE MESSES WITH ME! xD
  13. LumiGem

    Which Disney Movies Do You Think Have the Best Songs?

    The Little Mermaid: Part of Your World The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: Hellfire Mulan: Ill Make a Man out Of You Tarzan: You'll Be In My Heart
  14. LumiGem

    If You HAD to Date Any Video Game Character Who Would It Be & Why

    Lucario. I've always had a crush on him but it was a LOT stronger when I was 7.
  15. LumiGem

    Would You Rather

    Awesome nerd! :) WYR Be as small as a Polly Pocket for all eternity or Be as big as a double-decker bus for all eternity?
  16. LumiGem

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Got to watch the Croods in theaters :)
  17. LumiGem

    Your Least Favourite Pizza Topping

    Title says all. In my opinion, peppers and tomatoes(not including tomato sauce) must stay off my pizza at ALL TIMES. >:(
  18. LumiGem

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    RIP Fruit shaped trix 1984?-2006 :cry:
  19. LumiGem

    Have You Ever Cried for the Loss of a Pet/animal?

    When I was little, my dog Oreo ran away and we never saw her again. A few years later, my beloved hermit crab Hermy died. Boy did the tears flow...
  20. LumiGem

    Which Games Do You Wish Were Longer?

    All I got is The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
  21. LumiGem

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    Grey shirt, grey sweatpants, and orange socks.
  22. LumiGem

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    No way. I feel uneasy around younger kids, I am not throwing my future life away for some bratty kid. Sorry for sounding mean...^_^;
  23. LumiGem

    Silly Childhood Fears

    ReDeads in Oot. I would turn the volume all the way down every time I encountered one.
  24. LumiGem

    Cartoon Network Shows That You Want Dead

    I agree with Triforce Hermit, I can't stand Naruto. >:(
  25. LumiGem

    Browser Skins

    Made it myself :D sorry, it's a bit small
  26. LumiGem

    The Mane 6 Will Become the Mane 7

    Oh yeahhhhh! :party:
  27. LumiGem

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I almost got a detention twice thanks to my horrid history teacher. Also there isn't much going on in Fanpop >:(
  28. LumiGem

    Cartoon Network Shows That You Want Dead

    MAD, Annoying Orange, and Johnny Test. Get these crapshoots outta there!
  29. LumiGem

    Tastes You've Grown Out of

    Butterscotch candies, Kraft and sugary cereals (excluding Trix).
  30. LumiGem

    The Anti-You

    Well i'd be.... -A wannabe rebel -one of the worst people in my school -mean and heartless -sexually active -cat hater -i'd squeal and masturbate to the latest "teenage heartthrobs" (Justin Bieber, 1D, etc) -dress to almost nothing -all the guys want me but I have to swat them away like flies
  31. LumiGem

    What Do You Get on Your Hamburgers?

    Meat, american cheese, maybe lettuce, ketchup, mustard, and maybe some bacon :)
  32. LumiGem

    Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter

    Crunchy is ratchet, creamy's the way to go.
  33. LumiGem

    How Do You Say 'Caramel'

    Cay-ruh-mel. I can have weird pronunciations on things.
  34. LumiGem

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    its 2013 goshdarnit I WANT MY HOVERBOARD
  35. LumiGem

    Majora's Mask Deku, Goron, or Zora?

    Definetly Zora.
  36. LumiGem

    Which Gun Would You Use In a Last Stand?

    M1911 pistol
  37. LumiGem

    If You Needed to Save the World In 3 Days What Tools You Bring?

    A baseball bat(for combat, pathetic i know), My 3DS, and toffee-covered peanuts.
  38. LumiGem

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    Santorini, Greece. I'd also like to go to Japan and China.
  39. LumiGem

    What Is Your Favorite Way to Warm Up?

    Turn on my heater, wrap get under the covers, and play a few video games. I'd get a hot cocoa while I'm at it, too. :3
  40. LumiGem

    I Hate...

    Tomatoes I hate...
  41. LumiGem

    Your Concerns?

    Bugs. :sick:
  42. LumiGem

    Greatest Rivalries in Gaming

    Kirby VS. Meta Knight Link VS. Ganon Samus VS Ridley Sonic VS Perfect Dark Gaia
  43. LumiGem

    Best Looking Link.

    SS Link. :love: <3<3
  44. LumiGem

    What Was the First Game That You Ever Played?

    Bugdom on the Mac..SO FUN
  45. LumiGem

    Favorite Ways to Unwind in a Zelda Game

    Playing the Lighting Round in SS, Fishing in Oot, & playing the fighting game in ST.
  46. LumiGem

    Nintendo Virtual Boy

    Heard of it a bunch! It looked pretty cool, but when I saw a AVGN video review on it, the only game that seemed appealing to me on it is the Robot Punchout, WarioLand and Vertical Force. Also, if they said it was portable, they were deathly wrong. I don't own one. Good part? No headaches and...
  47. LumiGem

    What Are Your Favorite Disney Animated Movies?

    The Lion King The Lion King 2 The Lion King 1/2 Mulan Tangled The Princess and The Frog Pocahontas The Hunchback of Notre Dame Alice in Wonderland Aladdin Yay for Disney movies! The good ones, not the crap that comes from Disney Channel! (High School Musical, 16 Wishes, etc >:()
  48. LumiGem

    Do You Prefer Summer Or Winter Weather?

    Summer gets so hot it's possible to fry an egg on your skin Winter is when you get to have hot chocolate but it can get real cold. Yeah, winter.
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