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    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    I've only needed zero because I buy hardware that has games, don't charge for online, is reliable, and isn't all about first person shooters. Yup! You can play core games with it, just like the Wii. What does Kinect have? Kinectimals LMAO!!
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    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    You are right, I can't afford to be buying like 20 360's just to get one that works. At least Sony as more exclusives and it's not all about FPS like the 360. What does the 360 have? Halo? Lol. Every other game on the 360 you can get on either PC or PS3. Kinect is trash, it's good for casual...
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    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    That's why Bill Gates is rich. Have you ever wondered why you can't buy a PC at retail without Windows? Exactly. They made the retailers sign a contract that doesn't allow them to do that. Hey at least I'm not the one making ignorant statements. It's not my fault that you wasted your money on...
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    Top Ten Games That I Want To See On Wii's VC

    I don't know if anyone has said this one yet, but one of the games I would love to see in the VC is Diddy Kong Racing. :D
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    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    That's not just me, and the idiot is you. I wouldn't call a teacher who has had a lot of experience with computers, and knows A LOT of the programming languages an idiot. That's how Microsh*t makes money, by making poor hardware and poor software design. Of course, what could I expect from a...
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    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    I refuse to believe anything made by Microsoft has been fixed. They probably just added more time to the "self-destruct timer". LMAO. @OP, if you want to give money to a company that purposely leaves holes open in their software, make it easy to f*** it up, slow down your hardware then fine. My...
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    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    100% agree. @OP, just get a PS3. It's cheaper in the long run, and you can get most of those games listed above for it. Plus you get blu ray, free online, God of War games, Little big planet games, no RROD, etc.
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    Top Ten Games That I Want To See On Wii's VC

    This is possible, they released Super Mario Bros 2 The Lost Levels and a few other ones. They mark these titles with a Japanese flag and the word "Import" and they also charge 100 more points for them ($1).
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    Mario Sports Mix Commercial

    Me too! I tend to like silly stuff like this! :D Haha! I would LOVE to get a suit of my Mii! The face parts on the masks remind me of the potato from Toy's Story because he can detach his face parts and put others, etc. :P
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    Mario Sports Mix Commercial

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqaFvf2Tsjc&feature=feedu The puns! They BURN!! Lol! So what do you guys think of this? Mii shoots, mii scores!! XP Lol Stupid puns! PS: I want a costume of my Mii! :P Lol, that'd be an awesome/ creepy Halloween costume!
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    What SHOULDN'T Nintendo Do with SS?

    Errm, no. Dual layered = more stuff so I say do it. If your Wii has problems then send it in for repairs. The Wii has no problems reading dual layered disks, if it does then you have an old Wii that needs to be repaired. What I dont want to see in SS: -Tingle -Ganon/dorf Pretty much sums it all up
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    E3 2011?

    That's possible but even if it was true, the Wii's successor won't be released this year because this is the 3DS' year. It doesn't take Microsoft that long because they just basically copy and paste the code from the previous version and give it a new design with some bugs fixed (even though...
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    Pokemon White or Skyward Sword?

    Exactly. I was planning on getting Skyward Sword before the 3DS, but it looks like it might get delayed :L
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    SS File Select Name

    Link, I've always wanted to name the File after me, but also Link to keep his name. I can't do that so I have to name my file Link :L
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    E3 2011?

    That is your opinion, don't need to make it look like a fact because it really isn't. "Just because it's delayed, won't mean it will be broken. " Exactly, just like Brawl, it wasn't broken. You just contradicted yourself.
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    E3 2011?

    oh gawd, I can just imagine it; "New Nintendo console coming in 2012, Zelda Skyward Sword delayed, launched first on the new console then on Wii" I hope it's not Twilight Princess all over again!
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    3DS Virtual Console Games Are Easy To Make!

    $10 dollars for a Gameboy game? Not going to happen, Nintendo 64 games on Wii are $10 and are way more advanced.
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    3DS Virtual Console Games Are Easy To Make!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pt15vDtNH9U#! The light next to the 3D slider that says "3D" isn't on, so it doesn't support 3D. It would be a dumb business move for Nintendo not to add GBA games. Look at the Wii's Virtual Console, they added Comodore 64, Arcade games...
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    3DS Virtual Console Games Are Easy To Make!

    They have to make an emulator, test that it works, get the game rated again, etc. The Wii Virtual Console games aren't expensive, so I doubt Nintendo would charge more than $5 for a Gameboy color game. I think it'll be like this: GB - $2 GBC - $5 GBA (When they put it on) - $8 It makes since...
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    Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    On the Wii's successor, if they are going to make another Mario game on Wii, I would like a 3rd Galaxy.
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    A New Pokémon Game on Wii?

    Oh Gosh, I would LOVE this!! Please Please be true!! I LOVED Colosseum and XD!! I've been wanting a true Colosseum-XD style sequel on Wii for a long time! I hope they give it online modes and other cool stuff! :D
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    Link Talking Would NOT Be the End of the World As We Know It.

    At least the CDi games make awesome YouTube Poops! XD They aren't "official" though, Nintendo didn't publish or make them. They weren't even on a Nintendo system.
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    The 3DS May Be Region Coded

    You could just use hacks to play imports btw. I haven't because I don't import. Don't we have that already? Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart DS, etc?
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    Should I Get the Wii?

    You could get the Component Cables, it ups the resolution to 480p (that's as high as the Wii goes but it isn't so bad)...
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    Wii Remote Sound Effects?

    I wouldn't doubt it. I liked the sounds in TP. One thing that bothered me is that since I am using an HDTV, you can literally HEAR the delay (it's not that bad, but it's a little annoying) when you hear the sound it makes when you solve a puzzle.
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    Skyward Sword Demo Music: Not Skyward Sword's?

    This is what people were talking about:
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    April 2011 Release Date?!?!

    Nintendo doesn't get the dates wrong, they are the ones that MAKE the release date. The are also the ones that announce if it's going to be delayed or not.
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    Challenging Games Needed!

    Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros Wii. Kirby's Epic Yarn can be challenging if you are OCD like me and don't like losing the Beads. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is pretty challenging too!!
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    Who Should Be in the Next Smash Bros Game?

    I think it would still work, they have the axes, they could punch, they have the nets, and the other in-game items. They made Mr. Game and Watch and Peach work even though they don't really fight in their games.
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    Your Opinion on Emulation

    But that doesn't mean it's right to do. You are obviously for it, ran out of excuses, and keep posting the same thing.
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    Brawl Vs. Melee (Vs. N64?)

    Of course they are "darker and dustier" they have more detail. CoD wannabe? I call it Nintendo polishing their games. Melee looks like clay in my eyes, and those aren't even screen shots. Here is a better comparison: Brawl has more detail and it looks more "metallic".
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    Items from Previous Titles You Want to Return

    Like others have said, I really really REALLY hope Nintendo brings back the Magic Meter!!! I really miss that green line on my screen! I like to think it won't be in so I'm not disappointed if it doesn't return. I would be VERY sad if they don't bring it back, TP/PH/ and ST didn't have the...
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    Metroid: Other M?

    You should also get Metroid Prime Trilogy, 3 awesome games (Prime 1 to 3) for the price of Prime 3, awesome packaging, all in one disk, Prime 1 and 2 have been enhanced (slightly better graphics, 16:9 widescreen, and Wiimote + Nunchuk controls (Love the controls! They are better than the GCN...
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    Who Should Be in the Next Smash Bros Game?

    Lol! That's the whole point! xP! Ressetti is supposed to do that like in Animal Crossing if you reset without saving he'll be in front of your house ready to start nagging you about how you have to save before you end the game. To all saying Master Chief; he won't be in because he is Microsoft IP.
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    Who Should Be in the Next Smash Bros Game?

    I would like to see: -Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy/ Super Mario Galaxy 2) -Daisy -Birdo -Toon Zelda/ Tetra -Toon Ganondorf -Zant -Krystal (from Starfox) -King K. Rool -Dixie Kong -PKM Trainer w/ Johto starters -PKM Trainer w/ Hoenn starters -PKM Trainer w/ Sinnoh starters -PKM Trainer w/ Unova...
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    The Moving Generation

    Ditto! Another issue with Kinect is that since there is no controller, you can't really make a "core" game unless they dumbed down the controls a lot. You can't play Kinect while you are seating down, which is something I don't find appealing.
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    Your Opinion on Emulation

    First of all, do some research before you post because the games on Virtual Console ARE the original thing. Are the ROMs you use on the emulators for their original console? No. VC isn't useless, it's a LEGAL way to get old games. VC doesn't have every game because it would be a stupid business...
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    Your Opinion on Emulation

    *cough* Virtual Console *cough* I emulate as well, but only games that aren't in VC, or if I own them. I also emulate to try games before I buy them from the VC.
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    Metroid: Other M?

    I say give it a try, I personally loved it. It does have flaws though (Im looking at you stupid pixel hunting sections!!). It was weird at first, but I got the hang of the controls as I kept playing. The prime series is better IMO, but Other M is still good.
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    If You Could Ask Shigeru Miyamoto or Eiji Aonuma One Question, What Would It Be?

    What about Nintendo of America? Nintendo also has 2nd party studios like Retro Studios in Austin, Texas. Retro Studios made Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3. They also made Donkey Kong Country Returns. Anyway, I would ask Miyamoto if he could give me a tour of the building and meet all the people...
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    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    I disagree, the TP models were just flat images on top of polygons. Skyward Sword has the models made from polygons, not flat images. There was a video that showed what im saying but I cant find it.
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    Lets Count Forever! by 100's!!!

    1900, cant wait for skyward sword and donkey kong started playing with his DS lite in DKC returns because I havent moved for a while.
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    Sword Swinging On SS... Yay or Nay?

    Ha! I'm glad i'm not the only one that does that too! I also love the idea! I got the new Wii Remote Plus for Christmas and I can't wait to use it in Skyward Sword! :D
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    Transferring Items from Wild World to City Folk?

    It doesn't really "move", it just copies it to City Folk so you can still play on WW. You need another WW game, or find someone who'll hold them for you online. I could hold them for you if you want
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    Brawl Vs. Melee (Vs. N64?)

    Try changing the deflickter (or whatever it's called) setting, I have it set to "Look sharper, but a little jagged". I have my Wii on an HDTV with the official Nintendo component cables set to 480p and 16:9. Brawl looks better than melee to me. I also have Melee set to "Sharper but a little...
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    Brawl Vs. Melee (Vs. N64?)

    I like them all. Melee is the most competitive, but like FierceDeity said; Brawl is more fun. N64 was the first one, and I have memories of me playing it as a kid. Also, the online on Brawl isn't bad. It only lags if you or your opponent have a crappy connection (Someone is streaming something...
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    Golden Sun

    Fire Emblem seems really fun, but I don't know what game I should start with. I've been thinking about starting with the Wii game. I would recommend the first 2 Golden Sun games as they are fun too! I got them on an emulator, but I haven't played much because it doesnt feel right... I hope they...
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    I remember Alison (The chick from Nintendo Week) saying something like if you get stuck try going backwards by revisiting levels you have been to. Try that. I have the demo and I really enjoyed it! This game is on my to-buy list for WiiWare games. I want to get World of Goo first though, I like...
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    Christmas Loot!

    I got Donkey Kong Country Returns Kirby's Epic Yarn Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars Sin and Punishment Star Successor Golden Sun Dark Dawn Mario VS Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem A Mario mushroom that has candy inside 2 Mario shirts White Wii Remote Plus White Classic Controller Pro A...
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    What Games Did You Get for Christmas 2010?

    What I know i got for sure is Kirby's Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country: Returns, I know because my grandmother sent me those and I can't open them until tomorrow. I don't know what my parents got me from my Christmas list though I can't wait 'til tomorrow!! It's gonna be so much fun! :D
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