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  1. bbevington90

    Hyrules Geography - My Theory - There Are 2 Hyrules

    That's not what I meant. I'm just saying that Nintendo has absolutely no intentions in tinkering with overall storyline when they are creating Hyrules, so basing things on where things are in Hyrule, etc. doesn't necessarily work. I was a little harsh in my previous post in this thread, so I'm...
  2. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time I Found...

    That's how much I spent ($30), but I probably could have done better on ebay or amazon, as I just jumped on the first copy I saw at Gamestop. I'd shop around a little bit if I were you. Good luck
  3. bbevington90

    Who Would Win?

    OoT Adult Link can use magic. Light arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, whatever he deems necessary. He has both the Master Sword and Biggoron's Sword at his disposal. Has spells like Nayru's Love to protect him and Din's Fire to engulf everything around him in flames. TP Link would give him a run...
  4. bbevington90

    Hyrules Geography - My Theory - There Are 2 Hyrules

    This thread is for the most part, pointless. Nintendo doesn't care about geography at all. When they make new games they develop new Hyrules based on what they feel works best for the game, not an overall storyline, or how the previous Hyrules were. You can theorize about it if you want, cause I...
  5. bbevington90

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    Oracle of Seasons/Ages At least AoL was interesting because of the challenge involved with it. OoS/OoA just doesn't cut it compared to other Zelda games in my opinion. They have relatively uninteresting storylines and there's nothing all that new about them. Same gameplay as LA. They're...
  6. bbevington90

    The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda, Game Two.

    I'm still doing the second quest, I'm using a map/walkthrough though. It's just easier that way, because the dungeons are sort of oddly placed.
  7. bbevington90

    What Do You Normally Have Equipped?

    OoT: Left-C: bow/slingshot Down-C: Ocarina of Time Right-C: Longshot/Boomerang (or whatever I need at the time) MM: Left-C: Bow/whatever random item I need at the time Down-C: Ocarina of Time Right-C: Bunny Hood/Mask I need at the time WW: Y: Bow/Grappling hook while sailing Z: Wind Waker X...
  8. bbevington90

    What Zelda Might Be the Best First One

    I'd pick Twilight Princess to show someone. I'd be afraid that with any other game they'd either say it's outdated and not be into it, or it's too "kiddy," then not want to bother with any other game. Twilight Princess looks phenomenal, has a pretty decent story, gameplay that kind of holds your...
  9. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Think the Prizes for Finding Gold Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time 3d Are???

    It would be really cool if they added a new item to replace the Stone of Agony reward, but if they were feeling lazy it's probably gonna be a rupee of some kind, maybe a purple (50) one.
  10. bbevington90

    What Was Your First Zelda Game?

    This has been done before, but not with a poll, the poll makes it much better :) ALttP for me, although the first game I owned was OoT
  11. bbevington90

    I Need A Little Help Here

    I've been told it is so long as you own the game, but that seems like something that is made up to me, it's most likely illegal no matter what. Honestly though, a TON of people have them, and the likelihood of anyone knowing or caring that you have one is extremely small. I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. bbevington90

    Which Game Had the Best Hyrule/Termina Field?

    Well, I love OoT, but it has the worst Hyrule Field. There's nothing to do in OoT's Hyrule Field other than the Big Poe quest and a couple heart pieces, and it's a little big considering there's nothing much to do in it. TP is second, because considering how huge it is, there's not a ton to do...
  13. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time What Did You Hate About Ocarina of Time?

    OoT is my favorite Zelda, so there's not much I don't like. I still hate the Water Temple, as it still annoys me even though I now know how do complete it (kind of... I still don't know where exactly to go, but I do know the basics). I half-hate the starting at Kokiri Forest/Temple of Time, and...
  14. bbevington90

    General Classic Losing Interest? What?

    It's fairly normal, the main problem I have with Ages and Seasons is that the game doesn't really change anything up. It's just collect 7 or so things and then fight the main boss. There's no cool sidequest to do, and nothing to look forward to. They're 2 of my least favorite Zelda games, so the...
  15. bbevington90

    Has a Zelda Game...

    I've definitely victory-danced. When I'm in a particularly sticky situation (i.e. one or two hearts left but fighting something strong) and I manage to fight my way out of it, I usually get pretty pumped up.
  16. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Goron City.

    Yeah, they're talking about a YouTube user who's username is Adamwestslapdog. I don't know what else he's done, but he has done voice-overs for OoT and MM at the least. The OoT one is actually quite funny, and I haven't got around to seeing the MM one. If you go to YouTube and search "Ocarina of...
  17. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think Finding All the Emerald's is Easy?

    Jabu Jabu's Belly can be tough if you're not sure what's going on. I got stuck my first couple times through it
  18. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time Do You Find the First and Secound Boss Easy?

    Oh man. They're extremely easy. But they're also the first two 3D bosses to ever exist in Zelda, so they kind of had to make them easy.
  19. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time The Truth Behind Bongo-Bongo

    Could you please site a source as to how you know this? Cause if it's just fan-fiction, you should probably say so.
  20. bbevington90

    Best Helper in Zelda Series

    I can't necessarily say whether or not Ulrira is, but I would say that Sahasrahla definitely is. He's the one who you connect to telepathically with those stones. He may not be part of the plot for the most part, but it doesn't mean he's not a helper. If Epona can make the list as a helper, when...
  21. bbevington90

    A Hero of Time; To See, or Not to See?

    I actually just watched the Hero of Time movie (although I can't say how I got my hands on it), it's OK for what it is is probably the best way to describe it. A ton of effort when into it from the looks of it. It doesn't really follow OoT exactly, it's more loosely based on it. The fighting...
  22. bbevington90

    Spoiler Triforce's Power

    I think the idea is that it returns to the Sacred Realm, where it's the safest from the greed of evil. If it didn't go back, you'd have thousands of enemies trying to break into where it is to use it, which would create tons of havoc.
  23. bbevington90

    General Classic Favourite Classic Zelda Game

    Ocarina of Time!! Epic game, and it was also the first I owned as a kid. I had played ALttP with a friend together before OoT, but didn't own ALttP until I had it for GBA.
  24. bbevington90

    Ocarina of Time Epona

    Get Epona. It's really easy to do, as long as you have like 60 rupees, and she's extremely helpful for getting around. If you don't get her, not only will you not be able to go places quickly, but you won't be able to complete the Biggoron Sword quest, which at one point requires you to go...
  25. bbevington90

    Majora's Mask Hardest Part of Majora's Mask?

    I had to turn to a guide to get that one, and that's actually what it said to do :) The hardest part of the game for me was the Stone Tower Temple in general. It was a tough, but really fun dungeon. It's my favorite in the Zelda series
  26. bbevington90

    A Link to the Past A Link to the Past's Most Frustrating Boss

    I voted Moldorm, that battle is just plain frustrating. I've played that game quite a few times, and I still have no good strategy for staying on that platform. Sometimes, I get lucky and the battle is easy, but other times I wanna throw my controller out the window because I just can't stay on...
  27. bbevington90

    Majora's Mask Majora-Kamaro ?!?!

    I'm sorry, I don't particularly understand the original post, could you please clarify what you mean MikauIncarnate?
  28. bbevington90

    Zelda's 25th

    Pretty intense that it's gonna be 25 years. I probably won't do anything, though... maybe just play Zelda for a bit.
  29. bbevington90

    Top 5 Favorite LoZ Games.

    5) Legend of Zelda 4) Twilight Princess 3) A Link to the Past 2) Majora's Mask 1) Ocarina of Time Honestly, MM is a very, very close number 2. OoT has so much nostalgia factor combined with awesomeness that it wins, though, and always probably will. It's definitely my favorite game of all time...
  30. bbevington90

    Is Ww Intended for Children???

    I don't always know what people are talking about when saying WW is ridiculously easy. Maybe I just suck at Zelda, but I actually found it somewhat difficult. The fighting was decently easy (but it always is). The puzzles were decently difficult to figure out at times. Honestly, the Triforce...
  31. bbevington90

    What's your favorite minigame?

    I'm pretty sure this thread existed at some point, but oh well it might have been a few months ago now. Anyway, my favorites were always the OoT Shooting Galleries and that couple's mini-game in MM. I don't know which day (I wanna say Day 2?), but there was a game where you throw bombs into...
  32. bbevington90

    General Classic Should Zelda III Be Done?

    Another 8-bit Zelda would be a waste of time, to be honest. I don't think casual fans would take too kindly to an 8-bit Zelda being released. Heck, I love the Zelda franchise, and I would be angry too. I'd much rather them put time and energy into a spectacular game with the best visuals, etc...
  33. bbevington90

    Who has beaten majora's mask completely?

    I've 100%'ed MM as well. I needed a guide for a lot of it, though. The Anju & Kafei quest was too complicated for me to figure out when I was 10 or whenever the game came out. I wonder if the game was new and I hadn't played it before if I could figure it out now... hmm...
  34. bbevington90

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I was able to get 100% eventually. The skulltulas held me back from it for a long time, but I finally went to a guide to get those. Other than about 35 skulltulas I couldn't find, I did the rest without a guide :)
  35. bbevington90

    Link As The Hero Shade

    I don't know how much evidence there really is to support the Hero's Shade being a specific Link, but I think it's decently fair to assume that it is a Link. I don't know who else from the past would be seeking out TP Link in that way to help him learn moves. Locke is right though, the weapons...
  36. bbevington90

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm currently playing a bunch of games (I tend to get game ADD :lol:) Xbox 360: Madden NFL '11 NBA 2K11 Halo: Reach GC: Tony Hawk's UG 2 Twilight Princess (3 Heart Challenge) FSA tWW (2nd quest) OoT MQ (Although I'm on a bit of a hiatus with it, as I'm extremely stuck to a ridiculous degree on...
  37. bbevington90

    What's Wrong with the Forest, Fire, Water Dungeon Trio?

    I agree. I don't mind that the elements are there, but it'd be nice if it was switched up a bit. It does tend to be easier if forest is first, like in OoT where Link probably would've naturally checked in on Kokiri Forest first, considering that's where he grew up and that's where his friends...
  38. bbevington90

    Zelda As a Blonde or a Brunette???

    Blonde Zelda has always felt perfect to me. Most likely it's because she was blonde in Ocarina of Time, and that was the first game I owned, and it's my favorite. I also tend to like blondes in real life too if that makes a difference.
  39. bbevington90

    Using Guides

    I use guides when I'm really stuck on something, because a lot of times it's something stupid I'm stuck on. For example, when I was in the Lakebed Temple in TP, I was in the room where you get the first key, and I could not figure out how to get it to save my life, so I had to look at the guide...
  40. bbevington90

    Spoiler How Did Zant Get Out?

    First of all, I wanna say that I searched for my question in the forums, but it didn't come up. OK, moving on from that... I have a simple question. Midna says that her tribe was banished to the Twilight Realm a long time ago, and that she's a descendant of that tribe, and so is Zant. So, how...
  41. bbevington90

    Time Spent Kidnapped

    Is it possible that in some scenarios Ganon kidnaps Zelda in order to lure out a Hero and kill him so that Ganon can have free reign over what he wants to do and no one will stop him? This could work for the Mario games too. Lure out Mario so that he can get rid of him then take over the land
  42. bbevington90

    Adventure of Link Do You Like It?

    I don't like it all that much. Not all because of the leveling system, mostly because it's so hard. Leveling systems are fine, but in AoL's case, there's too much grinding involved, which I hate doing, it's not any fun
  43. bbevington90

    The "Way" Between Hyrule and Termina

    Actually, I don't think they know about it. I tend to think that original drop-off when Link falls for a while is the waypoint. The area where the Deku Butler's Son is is just another part of that world, kind of under Termina. Maybe the door to the Clock Tower is something that is normally open...
  44. bbevington90

    LTTP and FSA Link Are the Same

    I'm glad people agree with my timeline haha. I've always thought FSA was right before ALttP as well. Here's the rest of my timeline ......../--WW/PH--ST--LoZ/AoL OoT-- ........\MM--TP--MC--FS/FSA--ALttP/OoX/LA I've always felt that FSA fit very well right there. I mean, Hyrule is essentially...
  45. bbevington90

    The stone door in clocktown's basement

    The six day challenge is legit, I've watched someone do it, and it's mad ridiculous, I could never do it. But no, you can't get back to that initial forest stage, as much as I've always wanted to.
  46. bbevington90

    Least Favourite Character From Each Game You Might or Might Not Own

    I like this thread haha I had some fun with a few of these as you'll see LoZ: Old Man. If you know the secret, don't beat around the bush, just tell me what it is straight up! AoL: Every useless town person ALttP: Link's uncle: Wow, you made it to the hallway in that dungeon and you already...
  47. bbevington90

    The "Way" Between Hyrule and Termina

    Well you can attribute that to the Skull Kid I think. I mean, the mask gives him the power to do a ton of other crazy things, so I would assume it could allow Epona to hit the ground softly. Remember, it's not like Epona was alone in that drop, the Skull Kid stole her. I've always assumed that...
  48. bbevington90

    What's your favorite location?

    Hmm, I really like this question, I actually have to think for a second... OK, in OoT, my favorite place is probably either Zora's Domain or the Temple of Time. Zora's Domain is just so cool and peaceful, and the Temple of Time is just plain epic. And the Great Bay Coast is a layup for...
  49. bbevington90

    Is Having Link As the "link" Between the Player and the Game Really Necessary?

    I just want to mention that the projecting of yourself into Link isn't something you do on purpose, it's to make you feel like you are Link, and that you're not necessarily controlling Link, but yourself in the games. I personally don't care if Link has a "character" or not, but I just wanted to...
  50. bbevington90

    Are Rereleases More Canon Than Original Releases?

    I agree for the most part. Certain games were originally created for different reasons then they are meant for now. Originally, OoT was supposed to be a prequel to the events of ALttP, but since then, it's been said that that isn't the case. A lot has changed since a lot of games were released...
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