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  1. Ooccoo Watcher

    Majora's Mask: Stone Tower Help

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section - I haven't been on the forums in a while. Anyways, I'm in stone tower, just got the boss key, and I came back to the entrance room. I lost all of my arrows fighting the eyegore that gives you the giant's mask, but haven't defeated him. Where can I get...
  2. Ooccoo Watcher

    General Modern Skyward Sword and Wind Waker Help.

    Thank you. Also, at the part where you have to hit the stone slab where Jabun is, the slab isn't breaking off its top part even after 15-20 hits with bombs.
  3. Ooccoo Watcher

    General Modern Skyward Sword and Wind Waker Help.

    I am at the part where you are supposed to beat demise...but I have tried when the ZD walkthrough says its available to you. What's more, the person in the bazaar that Im supposed to talk to has a yellow bubble over his head like he should. He also says, "theres been strange noises from the...
  4. Ooccoo Watcher

    General Modern Skyward Sword and Wind Waker Help.

    I dont mean to be ungrateful, but I know where the bathroom is and I know where the lady and the man are. I try to talk to both before I start the quest, but when I go in front of the bathroom, the hand doesn't say anything like it should. Should I only talk to either/or man/lady and not both?
  5. Ooccoo Watcher

    General Modern Skyward Sword and Wind Waker Help.

    Reply - I have finished the pictograph quest now. I had completed it several times before this playthrough, its just that the quests wasn't triggering. As for SS, you need the hand in the toilet to activate before you can get Cawlin's letter in the first place, and the hand is not activating. I...
  6. Ooccoo Watcher

    General Modern Skyward Sword and Wind Waker Help.

    In, WW when I am doing the pictograph quest I select all the pictographs and then talk to lenzo but he just says the same thing he did before. In SS, When I am doing the hand in the toilet quest, I talk to the person in the bazaar, then the person in the skyloft academy kitchen, but then when I...
  7. Ooccoo Watcher

    The Many Sequals to OoT; ALttP in the Timeline

    I think AlttP Happens on the adult timeline at the same time that TP happens on the child timeline, in the parallel universes. This is because AlttP and TP have many similarities. Otherwise, they are just a retelling of the same story, but the former seems more likely.
  8. Ooccoo Watcher

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

    415. Isn't this technically trolling
  9. Ooccoo Watcher

    Best Videogame for Each Genre

    Best Fighting Game-Brawl Most addictive Videogame- Super Mario Galaxy. That's all I can think of for now.
  10. Ooccoo Watcher

    Majora's Mask Termina's Epona?

    Epona is not alternate because "got rid of her" means gave her to Romani.
  11. Ooccoo Watcher

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    My newest game is Paper Mario from the Wii Shop Channel Purchased yesterday. :P
  12. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Thats what I think, and I said it!! I think jumping to igmeoys right at the begginning is suspicious, so I will Igmeoy you myself for that.
  13. Ooccoo Watcher

    Ocarina of Time Three Heart, No Shield Challenge.

    There is a glitch in which you can skip mido. You must go into the tunnel where you recieve the sword, back out of it, and when the black bars are still on the top and bottom of the screen, press A to check the sign. Then if you throw a deku nut WHILE checking the sign (yes, you can) you can...
  14. Ooccoo Watcher

    Spoiler What Sex is Sheik?

    If you want the true answer to the sex of Sheik go to the article in the article section titled "Sheik-Man or Woman, Male or Female", and read it.
  15. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Guys, 1 letter isn't enough to narrow down your suspicions to a few people. Yes, we know that one of three of the people with 'M's in their name is scum, but we should still be aware of other suspicious people.
  16. Ooccoo Watcher

    Triforce Quest

    Ahem, did ANYONE look at my post?? Yes, I know CB did, but ANYONE else?
  17. Ooccoo Watcher

    Triforce Quest

    Hi. I just got an idea for the battle system that we might be able to implement. I know its a little late for it, but here it is: You must challenge someone to a deul--Example: BIg Mac: "SW, I challenge you!" When something like that happens, then it goes into an earthbound/pokemon style of...
  18. Ooccoo Watcher

    Kaepora Gaebora True Identity in OoT...???

    In OoT, Zelda is, in fact, the sage of time, also known as the leader of the sages. She is the seventh sage. If KG is the reincarnation of a sage then he can't possibly be Rauru, as Rauru would have to be dead before KG came into being. He was probably some never mentioned sage.
  19. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Vote: TheGreen Excuses, excuses, TheGreen.
  20. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    I read your accusation and I just have to say: Thanks for bringing up the accusation of me that was made for the very same reason of that of two posts above. ;) As for the lay low part, My 21 year old sister was came home from college for the week so I was busy hanging out with her.
  21. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Woah, woah, woah, woah. Hang on a sec. Why is everybody accusing me. But really, Draco, to skip straight to a vote is a little harsh. IGMEOY: DracoMajora
  22. Ooccoo Watcher

    Dabombster Vs. Baysiderulez

    I liked Bay's. It was nicer, with the background feel.
  23. Ooccoo Watcher

    Twilight Princess Magic Armour = Rip Off

    Yeah, you pretty much got the whole situation down. Except that it looks epic when you wear it.
  24. Ooccoo Watcher

    Majora's Mask Why the Adventure?

    I don't know, YOU could stop playing if you want. Yeah, go ahead. I don't know, it was probably because Link owed The Happy Salesman Majora's Mask. And we all know Link NEVER forgets a promise.
  25. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Vote: Zelda_8 You just seem too suspicious.....Trying so hard to repel the accusations....
  26. Ooccoo Watcher

    Epona Name Fun

    ^ I did "Yo Butt"!! It looks like some people have ad similair ideas to what I did. I thought I was insane when I named my horse that!
  27. Ooccoo Watcher

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    ^ Editer!! I think Josie's a guild member because he says he forgot what his role was.
  28. Ooccoo Watcher

    The Zelda Series Can Relate to Anything!

    Wow. That's amazing. Those are actually the qualities that I try to live by. Never realized I got it from Zelda. :bleh:
  29. Ooccoo Watcher

    Link Through the Years.

    TP link. Even though TP is not my favorite Zelda TP is my favorite link
  30. Ooccoo Watcher

    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    TLOZ: Tequila, ay ay ay!! TLOZ: The Zelda of Legend
  31. Ooccoo Watcher

    Ganondorf Is, Fat?

    I'm so suprised that I'm the only one not defending Ganny. He's fat in every game except OoT, and in OoT he needs MAJOR plastic surgery. although the below video justifies him.
  32. Ooccoo Watcher

    Zelda Art Custom Modded Legend of Zelda SNES. Just Finished!

    Those were so awesome, I wish I had those skills....you should do that as a buisness.
  33. Ooccoo Watcher

    What Other "fandoms" Have You Been a Part Of?

    Believe it or not, my first fandom is The Legend of Zelda. I suppose you could say I was into Pokémon for a while, but I didn't go into anything as extreme as a forum, so I don't really count it as a Fandom.
  34. Ooccoo Watcher

    Hunting Poes in Real Life

    Oookay...I still don't get it, your friend didn't take your word that it was garden lights??
  35. Ooccoo Watcher

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Pretty good, I like the combination of Modern and medieval, and the combination of Zelda Characters.
  36. Ooccoo Watcher

    Most Frustrating?

    Most frustrating time? When I had almost gotten all the stray faiiries in Great Bay but had to turn the clock back.
  37. Ooccoo Watcher

    Hunting Poes in Real Life

    Kind of wierd...but why did you check out the lights in the cemetary even after you checked it out by yourself the other day?
  38. Ooccoo Watcher

    How Many of You Thought That Link Was Named Zelda at First?

    To be honest, I hadn't even heard of Zelda until my sister's boyfriend lent me a copy of ALttP. It was pretty obvious from there.
  39. Ooccoo Watcher

    The Best Sidekick Ever

    Its a close one between Ezlo and Midna, and heres the reasoning: Ezlo Ezlo was just a witty, humorous character that provided tips on occasion in a quirky way. He has backstory, (yes I know, not nearly as much as Midna)and looks ridiculous. Midna Midna was the most helpfull out of all the...
  40. Ooccoo Watcher

    No Bolded Words In SS

    Well, it doesn't really matter to me, as they bold random places and the dialogue they say gives away hints even without bold.
  41. Ooccoo Watcher

    How Long Does Tri-force Shard Hunt Take?

    To be honest, the triforce quest's difficulty is very, very exagerated. ««Sorry, can't spell. But for me it only took about 2 hours, without a guide. You just have to look at the IN-CREDIBLE chart often and you will be finished before you know it.
  42. Ooccoo Watcher

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Storyline

    I might be the only one on ZD to agree with you. The whole thing seems kind of redundant. To add to your breakdown of the plot here is the main plot: You chase a guy who stole the ocarina of Time, part of the theft included two TINY TINY fairies, that can knock you off your horse. :S You get...
  43. Ooccoo Watcher

    How Much Do You Play the Wii?

    I'm addicted to my wii. When I'm not on ZD, I'm on my my wii. If I'm not on ZD or the Wii I'm at Gym practice. That is the story of my life. ☻
  44. Ooccoo Watcher

    Link....Using Guns???

    No. Because of this.... You got the Master bazooka! This holds the bullets of evils bane, even though you can kill yourself with it! Later in the final boss room...... Ganon takes out a machine gun and starts firing at Link. Link: Machine Guns are no match for bazookas! Link Shoots Ganon with...
  45. Ooccoo Watcher

    Signatures of True Beauty

    Yeah, what are those tech sigs for, anyway? They look really cool, and there some of the best sigs I've every seen. Do you have to have some "right" to use one? Why is Zenox your apprentice?
  46. Ooccoo Watcher

    General Art Get Well Quilt-Card for Zeruda

    My MS paint picture itself: And the direct link: http://i38.tinypic.com/xlwjfq.png
  47. Ooccoo Watcher

    Din's Fire

    Everyone has been mostly correct, other than the fact that you need to be a child in order to get din's fire.
  48. Ooccoo Watcher

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Signing Up Thread.

    Could you please change the text color of the roster? I can barely read it....
  49. Ooccoo Watcher

    Zelda Riddles

    Correct.....Way too obvious.....not too good at this type of thing..............
  50. Ooccoo Watcher

    Zelda Riddles

    Subject: character Blinding, Piercing Light I give you but a Master of disguise and seeker of the shadows I appear not what I am I dwelled in a place where People are foolish Should be pretty obvious....
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