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  1. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Excellent finale guys. Man, I feel so empty now that I know it's over. It's really over... Gawd, I reaaaaaaally need more Avatar episodes. With Korra or maybe even the new Earthbender Avatar as a new series, though I think it will never happen. Loved every bit of the finale. The fights were...
  2. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Was There an Area in a Game That Made You Quit Playing?

    Guess it's a cliché to say the Water Temple. But I actually had problems finding the Kokiri Sword when I first played the game. I was 4, couldn't ready English, we didn't have the internet for walkthroughs and it was the first time playing Zelda. Man, the game was hard then :P.
  3. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    Just found this picture and remembered this forum. Though it would be fitting
  4. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    YES! YES!!! WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE!!! Oh man, this was a 20 min rollercoaster ride! I absolutely loved this episode from the beginning untill the end. It was amazing that Toph joined forces with the rescue crew to save Sue and her family! The tension between Beifong and Toph was great, I loved...
  5. Mask-Salesman

    MM-3DS If MM Were to Add Any New Masks, What Would You Want to See?

    I'd love a new transformation mask more then anything, but I don't know in what one should transform in the MM universe. There are other races in the Zelda lore offcourse, but they don't appear in MM. Maybe a Time Mask, which gives the ability to reverse, stop and speed up time? Reversing would...
  6. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda What is Your Most Hated Zelda Misconception?

    That it's a kiddy game full of colours with no depth or difficulty. I really had to defend the series at various occasions in my life against some ''badass'' Call of Duty/FIFA players. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy FIFA as much as any one, but the Zelda series will always be special to me. And it...
  7. Mask-Salesman

    Marvel or DC?

    God, that's hard. Depends on so many factors. My all time favorite must be Batman, from DC. The fact that he's ''just'' human but still manages to be one of the most awesome superheroes stands for itself. The DC animated movies are also always very awesome, like the Flashpoint Paradox or Under...
  8. Mask-Salesman

    Really Depressing Songs

    It's not actually a song in the meaning that it has actual lyrics, but I'd still say it's okay for this topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPLdULCbjFI
  9. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Top 10 Shocking Behaviors of the Hero of Time

    Lol, some of those things kinda blew my mind. I've completed MM more then 6-7 times, but it's awesome how some things can still amaze you. Trying on the Bremen mask when fight the henchman of Igos Du Ikana?! Lol? I really never knew about that. But then again, it was this same forum that blew...
  10. Mask-Salesman

    What Are Rupees Made Of

    I always thought it was some kind of glass, concidering how easy they are to smash and how they explode in tiny little pieces. The reason I always thought this was because of the shooting range in OoT with the slingshot and bow. However, it would be very logical if that dude used fake rupees...
  11. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    ...sabre's beam? Because a longer or thicker beam doesn't mean it's more powerfull, it's personal to the Jedi/Sith that uses it. Anyway, I can't repeat enough I find the new sabre awesome. I got that *yay* feeling when I saw it, just like when I saw Darth Maul's double sabre for the first time.
  12. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    Why would the new sabre be impractical?
  13. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    ...with Zaheer for closure of her problems. I do hope that she finally is back to her original self now, so she can finally go kick some Earth Empire ***. I was kinda disappointed that Toph didn't take down some mechs harvesting the spirit vines, I was kinda looking forward to that. I guess the...
  14. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    I don't really see why the original trilogy is so much better then the new movies. I liked them both, but they're just different. The storytelling in the original movies was superb, but I really love me some good CGI action, like in the newer films. I'm really looking forward to the new movies...
  15. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Zelda Video Thread

    @ Djinn Lol, long time since I've seen that MM one. It's so creepy xD. "Three days little village" I always found 'The Real Legend of Zelda' animated series to be pretty funny, especially when I was younger. I used to spend hours on Newgrounds just to look at animated videos. They had a lot...
  16. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    I download all the episodes. Plus, I though most episodes were available to see on Youtube after a while. You could check that out.
  17. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    This weeks episode was... meh.. I never dislike these kind op episodes normally. It does give you some insights on the characters, but come on, at least give us some new footage from the past? Maybe only a few? I kinda get the feeling like this is a 'goodbye' episode by the creators, summing up...
  18. Mask-Salesman

    Twilight Princess Warping.

    Because only beings (or inhabitants) from the Twilight can use the Twilight Warp Gates to transport themselves. Guess they just don't work on your average Hylian. Apparantly not since Link can use them as a human. These warp point are also visually different from the normal ones spread all...
  19. Mask-Salesman

    MM-3DS Favorite Part of Majora's Mask

    I just love the themes and meaning in the game. I didn't quite grasp all of that when I was younger and played the game. But playing the game as an adult I learned to love it even more. Plus, the gameplay is also very different from other Zelda's with the different masks.
  20. Mask-Salesman

    MM-3DS Which Was Your Favourite Majora's Mask Transformation?

    Because Feirce Deity kinda took the fun out of boss battles and was only available in the boss rooms? I love Feirce Deity Link and the whole mystery around the character. But it can never add up versus countless hours of pointless swimming in Great Bay and the Beaver Hideout (is that the name)...
  21. Mask-Salesman

    MM-3DS Fishing is Coming and Reworked Boss Battles

    This meme comes to mind instantly I've always liked the fishing mini-games in the Zelda series though. I've always found them to be... kind of soothing. You can finally get away from the responsibilities and dangers of the outside world. Just think of the extremely soothing music (Kakariko...
  22. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Rank the 3D Zeldas from Hardest to Easiest

    Well, I'd have to base it on my first playtroughs, since I can finish games like OoT for example with my eyes closed these days. But that's not really fair too, since I've played OoT when I was like 7-8 years old for the first time, and SS when I was 22-23. So, it's much easier offcourse when...
  23. Mask-Salesman

    If You Could Pick One Element to Bend, Which One Would You Pick? (Avatar/Korra)

    I kinda agree with you. I'd pick Earth myself, but in the series I find water to be the most OP element, at least when it's available. The biggest weakness offcourse is the fact that it's not always around, even though Master Benders like Katara can filter the water from thin air and living...
  24. Mask-Salesman

    If You Could Pick One Element to Bend, Which One Would You Pick? (Avatar/Korra)

    True, but so far known only two benders were capable of combustion, so that should be taken of then as well. But that's not the point :P. It's about what you think is the most usefull/cool/awesome sub skill.
  25. Mask-Salesman

    If You Could Pick One Element to Bend, Which One Would You Pick? (Avatar/Korra)

    So, I've seen a lot of people that are into Korra on these forums lately. The bending in the series has always fascinated me and I've often wondered how awesome it would be to be able to do this myself. So, my question is, if you could be a bender, which element would you bend and why? You can...
  26. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Lol, that's kinda how I feel. I really want Korra to regain her honor by blowing that entire army away.
  27. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    So, what do you guys think of the upcoming event? Mercedes kinda predicted it. THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! In the blue corner we have Kuvira. Young, in the prime of her life, extremely capable with earth- and metalbending. Agile, fast, much endurance. In the red corner there is Toph however, who...
  28. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    I'm not training to rain on your parade mate, sorry if it came out that way. My point was that I find ATLA and Korra series where romance doesn't have a place. I hated that Korra/Mako/Asami triangle in the previous seasons. The great thing about last season was that there was almost no awkward...
  29. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Why the hell would that be a good thing? I will never, ever understand what the fascination with the love life of the main characters is. Can be just me, but seriously, Korra and Asami? Dude... o_0 I really liked the episode as well though. Korra finally gets some of her badass-ery back and it...
  30. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda If You Could Pick the Next Zelda Game, What Would It Be and Why?

    I'd like to see a Zelda game that gives more attention to the religion(s) in the Zelda universe. Ganondorf finally wraps his head around the fact that he won't be able to conquer the Triforce. So his next plan is to steal the power of the godesses them selves and succeeds at this at one point...
  31. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    I don't know. Don't you think age is an important factor? Fysically she can't be as fast and agile as she used to be. She has further developped some of her abilities indeed, but I don't know if she could keep up with the youth and power of Kuvira. I'd like to think so though :P But about...
  32. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    That would be extremely epic. Though Toph isn't what she used to be I think. Wouldn't have a clue who would win that fight.
  33. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    I really don't see why my personal situation should have anything to do with a cartoon. If you recognise yourself in characters or situations from a show, you might like the show more or better. But that doesn't mean that if I never experienced such a situation (not saying I did or I didn't) I...
  34. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    I've just watched episode 6. Man, I'm so extremely disappointed in this episode. What the hell are they doing?!?! Why, after 6 winey episodes, is Korra still a weak, tormented individual that looks like nothing she has been before?! I mean why? I knew they had to give her some time to recover...
  35. Mask-Salesman

    How Often Do You Visit The Movie Theatre?

    I go once every 2 months I think. Depends on what movies are being released. Actually just came back from watching Fury in the cinemas this evening. That movie was awesome. Had to see it in IMAX.
  36. Mask-Salesman

    MM-3DS Changes You Want To See In Majora's Mask 3D

    OT: IM SO EXCITED! Finally it's here! I have no clue what should be improved in this remake. I'd love a master quest mode, like in OoT 3DS. But other than that and the improved graphics, they shouldn't change anything about this masterpiece.
  37. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    About Varrick and Zhu (or Ju?) Li abandoning him? I don't but it. I think she is still loyal to him and she's playing Kuvira to plot an escape! God, this week is taking forever. Can't wait to see a fully healed Avatar Korra in action. Is it possible that, now that she's the first Avatar metal...
  38. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Favorite Fights With Human-like Enemies

    Iron Knuckles are epic enemies, but I also enjoyed that one boss from TP. You know, the one that rides a huge hog and you have to face him multiple times. It was fun fighting him in the wooden cabin right before the Arbiters Grounds (where the cabin is set on fire) but the most epic fight was on...
  39. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Next week's episode will be awesome, I just know it. Can't wait to see what Korra is going to do. Is the Korra (or any Avatar) a match for an entire army of earth/metalbenders? The avatar state is powerfull, but is it as powerfull as it was before? Since the Avatar State draws it's power from...
  40. Mask-Salesman

    The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies

    I for one can't wait for the movie. I love huge, epic fantasy movies like this. Some fans seem to dislike the fact that such a short novel is translated into three movies and a lot of things are added, which didn't even happen in the book. For instance, Legolas was never in the original book. I...
  41. Mask-Salesman

    Ocarina of Time Anybody Know Where to Get a Replica Ocarina of Time at a Cheap Price?

    What an insight on the topic at hand! OT: I'd try the auction sites if you plan on not spending to much money. Maybe Craigslist or Ebay to get one cheap. But, as Djinn already said, these won't be the best quality. Depends what your budget for this is. Maybe if you're lucky you can find an old...
  42. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Maybe season 3 set the bar to high? Every single episode was fast-paced and filled with action, without forgetting to give the main characters more depth. This season, in comparison with the previous one, seems unbalanced.
  43. Mask-Salesman

    M Night Shyamalan

    This :P! So true! Raped my favorite cartoon!
  44. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Having a Companion Be the Villain

    It could be an awesome plot twist! For instance, what if Midna was working with Zant all along just to gather the Fused Shadows? That would have blown my mind. I'd love to see it, as long as the build up is good.
  45. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    I still think this season need some more pace. I've just watched the new episode and it had so little relevance in it. TLA had much more episodes each season, so there was time for some goofy episodes. Korra doesn't have that time, which is why episodes like these bother me. I'm the biggest...
  46. Mask-Salesman

    PlatinumGames Developing a Legend of Korra Game

    I really think the game itself will be kinda mediocre compared with other games in the same genre. But I am a huge Korra fan however, and I'd love the chance to play as the Avatar. I'm actually kinda curious how going in the Avatar State will be like gameplay wise. Hope they don't use quick time...
  47. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Your Ideal Zelda Game

    The normal elements in any Zelda game, but then in a vast, Skyrim like world. Lots of exploration and random events. And maybe that epic civil war on the side. A more realistic looking Zelda would be awesome as well.
  48. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Which Link Faced the Hardest Quest?

    Lol, that was pretty gruesome indeed. Poor SS Link :P
  49. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Yeah guys, I know it's not anime, just a figure op speach for me. I hate saying cartoon, it's downgrading. I'm not that much of an anime fan myself, so forgive me my ignorance. OT: I'm still not getting that ''wow'' factor from this season. Maybe last season set the stakes to high, but I'm just...
  50. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Top 3 Creepiest Bosses in Zelda?

    Puppet Zelda beats pretty much every boss in creepyness. Zant was pretty good though, and I hated to get in the water when fighting Gyorg. Felt like it was me swimming in the game.
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