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  1. Pokemon

    What Do You Consider Cheating?

    Altering the game to a state where it is different from what the original developers intended it be; to give yourself an advantage of some sort.
  2. Pokemon

    Physically Attractive Traits

    lol wasn't going to say this but definitely in my top 3 now that I think of it
  3. Pokemon

    Do You Want a Kid Icarus Uprising Sequel?

    If the dev team learns how to make controls for a game then sure. Kid Icarus Uprising wasn't as good as people said it was, but it wasn't TERRIBLE. So why not, as long as the controls don't suck as bad...
  4. Pokemon

    Best Relationships/romances in Gaming

    Beat me to it.
  5. Pokemon

    I Ordered a Ouya

    Oh my gosh. How will this system even run?
  6. Pokemon

    I Ordered a Ouya

    If the OUYA succeedes it'll be awesome...but I don't see it happening. :/
  7. Pokemon

    In General, Are Video Games Educational?

    Yeah. Edutainment games don't count; as they suck and don't teach you anything. I won't go into detail (because I'm lazy) but one example is the game "fold it". Look it up. It caused people that played it just for leisure to solve an AIDS problem that scientist couldn't even solve. You can also...
  8. Pokemon

    Kyoot Animals :>

    You guys are silly. Obviously its baby corgis. EDIT: I just realized Dan just totally necro'd this thread.
  9. Pokemon

    How Long Does It Take for You to Get Settled in with a Group of People?

    1. Like, seconds. 2. Pretty sure I do 3. At first I hate them, and then I understand them.
  10. Pokemon

    Games You Play Online

    Every game I play is online... League of legends Guild wars 2 Planetside 2 Starcraft 2 Counter strike GO And thats all I can think of right now.
  11. Pokemon

    Behavior: Online vs Offline

    Wow. Why is everyone here super outgoing and crazy online, but a totally shy person offline...? Well, me online and offline changes about this much. Oh. You didn't see? Well that is because the online me and the offline me are the same. Yaay.
  12. Pokemon

    The Laundry

    I do the laundry for my family most of the time. Otherwise if I don't it doesn't get done :P
  13. Pokemon

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    At school, the choir is selling chocolate and I was joking with my friend to bring two dollars to school tomorrow so she could buy her and I chocolate, and she said "ok". So I guess I'm getting free chocolate tomorrow...
  14. Pokemon

    Should the Smash Bros Series Put Larger Focus on Story?

    LOL It is a fighting game. 'Nuff said.
  15. Pokemon

    How Many Friends Do You Have?

    The amount of friends I have...is over 9000 I know way too many people
  16. Pokemon

    41 Questions - A Personality Test

    Personality Test Results - 41 Questions Why are most people so dang introverted around here?
  17. Pokemon

    The Scariest Book Series You Have Read

    Fifty Shades of Gr- what...nope...totally haven't read that... But Seriously; I haven't read it, but I've heard one sentence too much.
  18. Pokemon

    Mega Man X

    lol. I made this thread so long ago (flippen necromancers). I understand what your talking about, its definitely not like THE Mega Man games, but the creators named it MEGA MAN command mission so I'm going to call it that. Who said I needed to play a mega man game? I've played almost all of...
  19. Pokemon

    How good Are You at Dealing with Loss

    I'm super stoic: on the outside and even on the inside. Loss never lasts forever, so I don't cry over spilled milk.
  20. Pokemon

    What's the Big Deal with NintendoCapriSun?

    Its a flippen LP. Even if you didn't say your LPs suck I would know they probably do, because Letsplaying isn't supposed to be a walkthough. It CAN be, but you don't have to always talk about the game. The best lpers don't sit there and 100% talk about the game. That would be boring and make for...
  21. Pokemon

    How Would You Describe Your Sense of Humour?

    What....how the poop do you even answer this question? Seriously I have no idea how I can even explain my sense of humor. Screw it. I'll just name what my sense of humor isn't. First, I don't laugh at people getting hurt or made fun of. I don't know how people find joy in the depths of their...
  22. Pokemon

    Spoiler The Best Video Games Ever Made

    Okamiden wouldn't exist if they waited to get it on the 3DS, and the 3DS wasn't even announced the year it was released.
  23. Pokemon

    Spoiler The Best Video Games Ever Made

    I'm sure this thread has been done before MANY times, but I sat and thought about this for awhile. This isn't about your favorite games or most nostalgic: try to put that aside for now. I'm talking best video games that excel in every single category a game can have, whether it be aesthetics to...
  24. Pokemon

    Who Has Been the Kindest to You in Your Life?

    My older brother. Not much more to it.
  25. Pokemon

    Starfox: Should It Die?

    Wait....it isn't already dead? Seriously a new Starfox game hasn't came out since the Gamecube. Letting it die...I don't know, maybe I would be sad: I liked the games, but I don't see why there is a reason to let it die or live on. There are reasons for letting die and letting it live. Making...
  26. Pokemon

    With PS4 Announced, Do You Think Wii U Is In Trouble?

    Well your cool... My point is the Wii U doesn't just need to have good games: it needs innovative games that create unheard of game play experiences. The game-pad has huge potential, but I'm afraid that only a small amount of developers will see this and an even smaller amount be able to deliver...
  27. Pokemon

    With PS4 Announced, Do You Think Wii U Is In Trouble?

    The WiiU already has been in trouble. The Ps4 will beat the WiiU unless the WiiU gets some good and super innovative games AND good developers to jump on the WiiU. The Ps4 is just going to put the WiiU in more trouble than it already is.
  28. Pokemon

    Are You Close to Your Siblings?

    The only person I have any good connection with would be my 2nd. Oldest brother. My sister is always gone and I've seen my oldest brother 3 times in the past 3 years. So....
  29. Pokemon

    Do You Use Home Row when You Type?

    Really? You have to be a ****** to not use the home-row. Unless of course you haven't learned how...but really...
  30. Pokemon

    One Hour.

    Man.... greatest. topic. ever. Seeing as how the world would practically be my sandbox; I would.... -kill the president (why not) -do some things I shouldn't say -blow up everything I could, because explosions are cool -kick some certain people Man, I don't even know...there is so many...
  31. Pokemon

    Favorite Musical Instruments

  32. Pokemon

    Your Top "5" Favorite Consoles?

    1. N64 (first console and all) 2.Gamecube 3.PS2 4.Gameboy Color 5.Nintendo DS and a sixth (because I'm a rebel) 6.Wii
  33. Pokemon

    How Do You Say 'Caramel'

    I hate people who say care-a-mel: sounds gross and stuck up. I obviously say car-mul.
  34. Pokemon

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    Right now - sweatshirt and basketball shorts Usually - Nothi- I mean...^this
  35. Pokemon

    Console Gaming Vs PC Gaming

    I would tell you guys that you are idiots and be mad that this thread was made simply to start an argument. BUT I WON'T. Because that is untrue. PC gaming has (I'm talking NOT the 90s) and pretty much always will have the upper hand in these types of things. PC gaming does almost everything just...
  36. Pokemon

    Rayman Legends No Longer Wii U Exclusive

    Wow...never knew there were such butt hurt Nintendo fans here. Seriously this doesn't even pertain to what this thread's topic is. ANYWAY. I'm glad Legends is going multi-plat. Its a great game, and many people should deserve to play it. Ubisoft probably did it because almost no one has a WiiU...
  37. Pokemon


    Nope. Never cosplay. Never have and never will. Its fine if other do it: its cool, but not for me.
  38. Pokemon

    Is There Anything WRONG with Being Opinionated?

    Is it ok to have an opinion? Sure. Are some opinionated people friken annoying? Yes.
  39. Pokemon

    Romantic Advice Please?

    I'm sorry bro. Its ok to keep having feelings for her, BUT don't get stay too attached and don't disregard every other girl because of her. Just stay up and try to be positive. I'm sure you you'll find someone just as good and probably even better soon. -Pokemon
  40. Pokemon

    Romantic Advice Please?

    You did what you were supposed to do. Just because she is beautiful doesn't mean you should like her at all: that says nothing about a person, and you proved it yourself. Remember when you said you aren't the best looking kid on the block, but your still nice. Well she probably could have been...
  41. Pokemon

    What Do You Do to Earn Your Allowance or Pocket Money?

    I don't get allowance. Never have. I just mow lawns to get money, otherwise I'm broke.
  42. Pokemon

    Do You Believe In Surrendering In Online Games?

    Yes. Especially in League. When your whole team are idiots I rather not waste my time playing. But not when I know we can win. I have been playing League for a long time, and I know when we can and can't win, BUT I don't believe in surrendering when there is even a small chance of success
  43. Pokemon

    Favourite RPG Combat System

    Valkyria Chronicles.
  44. Pokemon

    Favorite Clothes

    Really I don't give a crap what my clothes look like, as long as they arn't aeropostle/hollister/acrombie....man I hate those brands <___<. ANYWAY...Your never going to find me jeans or button up shirts: I always where shorts and usually a really baggy jacket or shirt. Sometimes I will where...
  45. Pokemon

    Do You Ever Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?

    ALL THE FRIKEN TIME. And its always totally random....so annoying...
  46. Pokemon

    What Do You Consider the Golden Age of Gaming?

    The golden age has yet to come... ^___^...
  47. Pokemon

    What's the Worst a Game Has Made You Do?

    Almost pee/poop, and scream and laugh historically. To what game? Demon's Souls....
  48. Pokemon

    What is Your Favorite Hair Color

    Black or brown...wee so original.
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