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  1. LolGames4U

    Kid Icarus-Is It Worth Buying?

    It's not really anything like the original; I haven't bought it yet because of Xenoblade TODAY, but it got fantastic reviews. If you're looking for a good on-rails shooter, I believe it is quite good in that respect!
  2. LolGames4U

    Which is Better Diamond,Pearl,Platinum

    I love Platinum because of the Distortion World, better graphics, and Giratina. I'm not a graphics fangirl, but you know. Added bonus.
  3. LolGames4U

    What's Your Favorite Anime/Manga?

    Code Geass, as evidenced by my avatar and siggy! :D
  4. LolGames4U

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for not being awesome like yours truly! :D
  5. LolGames4U

    Graphic Requests

    Hey there! I would love something with Lelouch from Code Geass in it and maybe a cool Zero or Lelouch quote...I might ask for something for my new blog/YouTube/FaceBook/Twitter campaign stuff with a new name! Thanks! :)
  6. LolGames4U

    Using DS or 3DS?

    I have a DS but it's at the top of my closet and I haven't played it since I got the 3DS on March 26, 2011. So I play it on my 3DS, even though the resolution is somewhat crappy!
  7. LolGames4U

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought SSX last month and it's FANTASTIC!!! There are a few games I want to order and I'm planning on getting Xenoblade on Friday!!! WOOT!!! Still trying to persuade my mom to let me play M games like 999, Half-Life 2, Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid games. :(
  8. LolGames4U

    Favorite Movie

    IN NO ORDER!!! Harry Potter (as a series) Pirates of the Caribbean (series) Michael Jackson's This Is It Inception Memoirs of a Geisha Titanic Catch Me If You Can Star Trek Jurassic Park Finding Nemo Legally Blonde
  9. LolGames4U

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    Sweetness! How many people get consolation prizes? So here goes my list! It changes all the time, but you know. Weekly standings! ;) 1. Portal 2 2. Twilight Princess 3. Ocarina of Time 4. Metroid Prime 5. Final Fantasy XIII (haven't played VII yet!) There are plenty of runner-ups as...
  10. LolGames4U

    Video Game Characters That You Want by Your Side During a Zombie Apocalypse.

    Samus Aran (Metroid games), Gordon Freeman (Half-Life games), Atlas and P-body (Portal 2), Black Bird (Angry Birds), and a gaggle of Pokemon. I choose you!
  11. LolGames4U

    Favourite GameBoy?

    GameBoy Advance! I have it and always wanted an SP but I got a DS instead. :) I have so much nostalgia with the GBA; I was too young for a Color or original, so one of my first gaming systems was the GBA. Pokemon Ruby, Yoshi's Island, Pokemon Pinball, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town...ahh...
  12. LolGames4U

    3DS Vs Vita

    Super subjective, but I think the Vita. Guts-wise, the Vita kicks the 3DS to the moon in terms of graphics, processor, 3G ability, and a bunch of others. Neither had a very impressive launch library, but the Vita has FIFA and Uncharted. 3DS had NOTHING worth $40. Still doesn't have many good...
  13. LolGames4U

    Does Anyone Here Play Chess?

    I was in chess club in 3rd and 4th grade but I hardly play it anymore. Seeing Penny learn it on Big Bang Theory makes me want to play it again though...I know 2- and 3-move checkmates, but the problem is finding someone stupid enough to make those first dumb moves! :lol:
  14. LolGames4U

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    That's how I got into gaming! I rented SM64 first but Paper Mario was up there. Those were the glory days - paying $7 an hour for the first games of my life. :D
  15. LolGames4U

    Terrifying Creatures

    REDEADS. I hate them SO MUCH!!! They're like dementors from Harry Potter but they HUG/do unspeakable things to you. Wall Masters scare the crap out of me because then I'm back at the beginning of the dungeon, and Dead Heads are just f*ing scary, OK!?!?!?
  16. LolGames4U

    Majora's Mask The Experience

    It's such a morbid and depressing game and the atmosphere reflects that quite well. I like how the Clock Town music speeds up and the moon gets closer - it really adds to the panicked feeling and the "ohmygod I can't escape". The Anju and Kafei side quest is also highly emotional and intense -...
  17. LolGames4U

    Twilight Princess TP Cannon Glitch/Trick

    HEADSHOT!!! Ahahah that's really funny! SUCH a pathetic way to die!
  18. LolGames4U

    Favorite Overworld Area In A Game

    Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess, and the map in Donkey Kong Country Returns (I love the atmosphere in it and the music and everything!!!!).
  19. LolGames4U

    General Modern Zelda Game W/ Best Dungeons

    I loved Twilight Princess' dungeons, especially Lakebed. I loved it being like a big mansion, similar to OoT's Forest Temple. Snowpeak was also another incredible dungeon - it was somewhat easy but I loved it! Goron Mines had the magnetic Iron Boots and that had a lot of innovative level design...
  20. LolGames4U

    General Modern What Twilight Princess Did Better Than Skyward Sword

    Honestly, I don't like Skyward Sword. Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Zelda's and it's the best in the things you pointed out. I LOVE TP's overworld - the feel of it is beautiful with the darker atmosphere. Skyward Sword just fell flat on a lot of counts that it shouldn't have, given the...
  21. LolGames4U

    Youtube Accounts

    I used to be LolGames4U and did Let's Plays and video reviews for a little over a year but I closed it last month with NO REGRETS!!! I feel so much better now!
  22. LolGames4U

    Favorite Videogame for Every System

    NES: Super Mario Bros. 2 SNES: Super Metroid N64: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask/Super Mario 64/Mario Kart 64/Mario Party (the games of my childhood!!!) GC: Wind Waker Wii: Twilight Princess PS: Final Fantasy VII PS2: Final Fantasy X PS3: Final Fantasy XIII GBC: Pokemon G/S/C GBA: Metroid...
  23. LolGames4U

    Least Favorite Video Game Ever

    I've played a fair amount of bad games but I RELLY hate Ice Climbers!!! I don't know why Nintendo HAD to pick that for an Ambassador game! NOT WORTH IT!
  24. LolGames4U

    Favorite Developers?

    Square Enix, Nintendo, Retro, Rare, VALVE!!!
  25. LolGames4U

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask

    Bunny Hood dominates! I'm so afraid of time limits, especially when there's a moon that's going to smash into the planet (In Soviet Russia, moon land on YOUUUU!!!), but the Bunny Hood relieves some of my anxiety because I can run faster!
  26. LolGames4U

    General Classic Favourite Overworld Theme

    I chose Twilight Princess just because I feel that it portrays the vastness and epicness of the universe in this game. It's so awesome! TP's Hyrule Field has the best atmosphere to me.
  27. LolGames4U

    Any Anime Fans?!

    My fave animes are Lucky Star, K-On!, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Fruits Basket, and Chobits! I've been an anime fan since I was nine or ten! My parents got me Fruits Basket and Lucky Star and I became a Japanophile (OTAKU AND PROUD OF IT!!!!)!!! I...
  28. LolGames4U

    Valentine's Day 2012 in Gaming

    Just got it pre-ordered today! Geez I'm going to be SO broke between Abyss, Vita, and SSX!!! Agh!
  29. LolGames4U

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    Uh...I think I first played Ocarina of Time. Or else the original Zelda at a friend's house on his NES. But the first I owned was (and I still have it!) is Ocarina of Time.
  30. LolGames4U

    Valentine's Day 2012 in Gaming

    I really want to get Tales of the Abyss; may go pre-order it after church service this morning. I also want Tekken 3D Prime Edition, but I'll probably get it later.
  31. LolGames4U

    Graphic Requests

    Request for YouTube Avatar! Hey there I'm a YouTube Let's Player and game reviewer and I just noticed that my avatar is outdated - I finished my Metroid Prime LP a bit ago and am now playing Ocarina of Time. I currently don't own Photoshop (hoping to remedy that situation soon, though) and was...
  32. LolGames4U

    OoT-N64 Water Temple Game Breaking Glitch

    Pull-out walls? Hmm I think you might be confused...check a walkthrough or a few. And when in doubt, lower the water and play the Song of Time in front of it. There are no game-breaking sequence glitches in this game so you didn't break it.
  33. LolGames4U

    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen in Your Life?

    Fahrenheit 451 - We read it in school last year and watched the movie with it. It's TERRIBLE! It was made some ungodly age ago and it's just AWFUL. The Art of Getting By - What a waste of millions of dollars. Woman In Black - I just laughed the whole time. Daniel Radcliffe, I love you. But...
  34. LolGames4U

    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    I always do "Link" or "LINK" (inside joke of mine) because I always think of the hero as Link and I'm a girl so that would be double-awkward for me...
  35. LolGames4U

    Mario Party! What's Your Favorite Mini-game from Each One You've Played?

    I LOVE Skateboard Scamper, Mushroom Mix-Up, and a few others from the first one. I'm not positive of all the names so I won't make you guess, but some from 7 and DS are good. It's funny that I found this thread because I was just listening to Mario Party music on YouTube! :D
  36. LolGames4U

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I have been playing Skyward Sword on and off but I'm only on Skyview Temple! :cool: Also Metroid Prime (I'm in Phazon Mines), Final Fantasy XIII, Atelier Totori, FIFA 10, Ocarina of Time, and Animal Crossing when I feel like it.
  37. LolGames4U

    Most Nostalgic Video Game Music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ405s9tkYY My favorite video game when I was five or so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAPk5UT6Yrg&feature=related More of my childhood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug7z7wYRc8k More. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1qHyKw0fLI&feature=related...
  38. LolGames4U

    Linear Vs. Nonlinear Zelda Games

    I would love games that split off with alternate endings and good/better/best endings (Metroid!!!). Non-linear Zelda is better I guess than linear, maybe, just because you have more choice, but I really don't mind! They're all good!
  39. LolGames4U

    What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

    Twilight Princess! I love the size of Hyrule Field and the atmosphere of it; it's such an immersive, beautiful world I love to lose myself in. Other than that, Wind Waker because of all the different islands with their different events and purposes. However, sailing on the Great Sea sucks.
  40. LolGames4U

    Post Your Zelda Scores

    I love writing reviews and I often post them on my blogs (http://lolgames4ublog.wordpress.com/ just saying) but here are my quick scores! Stay tuned for full reviews on my blog and YouTube channels! (lol shameless self-promotion!) LoZ: 8/10 AoL: 7.5/10 ALttP: 10/10 LA: 8.75/10 OoT: 10/10...
  41. LolGames4U

    What Zelda Should I Play Next?

    Ocarina of Time, then Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, then Wind Waker. After that, just play whatever looks good with remaining!
  42. LolGames4U

    How Long Are You Willing to Wait for More Zelda?

    I'm willing to wait because I want perfection and I know Nintendo won't disappoint! And I'm working on beating all the games I have backed up for years past, and hopefully 100%ing them, so I have plenty to keep me busy! And I'm only on Skyview Temple in SS! Stupid school keeps interrupting my...
  43. LolGames4U

    Kikiwi Plushes and Kikiwi Elder Pillow

    I LOVE having video game stuffies! I currently have a Kirby, 3 Yoshis, a Mario, and a couple Pokemon (or else I unfortunately got rid of these during a sad Pokemon period in my life :(). I really want some more official Nintendo plushies! The Kikwi would be ADORABLE!!!
  44. LolGames4U

    EShop Demos Incoming! (Starting Tomorrow!)

    AWESOME!!! I REALLY want to try Solid Snake; I'm not allowed to play M games but I would love to try it anyway! :D
  45. LolGames4U

    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    I clicked no but then thought about it for a while...and changed my mind to YES! His attacks could include showering FABULOUSNESS on people and licking their ears. And of course a sword, but that's not as exciting as throwing FABULOUSNESS on everyone, is it?
  46. LolGames4U

    Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones

    I've been playing this game a little bit but not as much as the other Ambassador games. It's good and I have a road trip coming up so I'll probably play it some more. I'm always a fan of a good RPG.
  47. LolGames4U

    A Story of GameStop Sacrifice

    I love GameStop! The only problems I've had are with game shipments being delayed (Mario Sports Mix, Professor Layton and the Last Specter) and they didn't get posters for Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm a 'regular' at the GameStop closest to my house; when I preordered Super Mario 3D Land the guy who...
  48. LolGames4U

    Creepy Pasta BEN Majoras Mask

    BEN is a little bit of old news for ZeldaDungeon-ers, but yeah, Cleverbot does that. It "learns" from previous conversations, so anyone who went before you typing in stuff about BEN (me included a while ago), Cleverbot will repeat it.
  49. LolGames4U

    What's YOUR 2011 Game of the Year?

    Portal 2 is my game of the year! It's such an amazing game with incredible gameplay, physics, characters, writing; it's just so AWESOME!!!
  50. LolGames4U

    What Do Your Parents Think of Gaming?

    I've been gaming my entire life and my parents understand it's a huge part of me. I want to own a game studio and go to college to major in video game design and they've never been anything but supportive. My parents helped me start up my YouTube channel of Let's Plays and reviews, getting me...
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