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  1. MsNerrrrd

    General Zelda Dropped-off

    I thought that an article like this might prove to be helpful to some, as it sure at the moment is to me. The name of the article, titled as 'dropped-off', means that you have either by your own will, or because of school and work, or other personal issues you may have in your life, literally...
  2. MsNerrrrd

    Zelda+Link ?

    Let's leave that to the fanfiction.
  3. MsNerrrrd

    General Zelda Completing Sanctuaries Prior To Accessing Dungeons

    Yes, I would like to see more of these 'sanctuaries' in future Zeldas, but not in every single one. Once, twice or even thrice in a game, though preferably once. If there were to be more, they should connect them somehow, like, one secret shrine dedicated to Farore, second for Nayru and third...
  4. MsNerrrrd

    A Link to the Past An Old Lady in Kakariko

    Uhm... Truth to be told I'm rather confused...
  5. MsNerrrrd

    General Zelda If You Could Pick One Zelda Item from the Whole Series to Own, What Item Would It Be?

    I'd never choose the hookshot. I'd choose the DOUBLE hookshot >8D
  6. MsNerrrrd

    The 5 Zelda Games You Have Played the Most?

    Hafta say: 5#: ST, 4#: SS, 3#: OoT , 2#:,WW 1#: TP
  7. MsNerrrrd

    Most Overrated/Underrated Zelda Game?

    I was about to write a huge story about the entire subject, until I realized that Europe has different rating- systems, and I thought that I would blow it up.
  8. MsNerrrrd

    In Which Game Did You Enjoy Fishing the Most?

    TP. The Fishing Bond was so beautiful and peaceful! Although fishing in general was appealing as well c:
  9. MsNerrrrd

    Your Ideal Zelda Easter Eggs

    References to older games.
  10. MsNerrrrd

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    I use Link, since I'm a female, it's quite frustrating to have the character given a name of a female, but still referred to as a male -_-. And it's more original anyways.
  11. MsNerrrrd

    What Zelda Game Would You Like to See Remade?

    Du'h, MM 3D!!
  12. MsNerrrrd

    What Did You Think of the Shield Deteriorating in Skyward Sword?

    Hated it. I wanted the Magic Meter to replace it really, for more than anything. But it did have it's good sides as well. You know, the whole ying yang- thingy? Good has it's bad sides, bad has it's good sides? Since the meter added a nice challenge to the game, and you could purchase Sacred...
  13. MsNerrrrd

    Which Water Dungeon is the Best?

    Lakebed Temple. Though I hated it the most and it was the most frustrating temple in the entire game, the design was FABULOUS. The staircase and all, the water level changing- thingy (:d?), and the over-all look and location of the dungeon was brilliant. And the boss was great too. The battle...
  14. MsNerrrrd

    Are You a Roller or a Walker?

    I roll, save for MM where I use the Bunny Hood, and in SS I jog.
  15. MsNerrrrd

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 33!

    As it's only in terms of the looks, I'll go with Phantom Ganon. The whole painting- thing made it so unique, as well as the ending of the battle as the real Ganon banished it's phantom into the 'Gap between Dimensions', which added a little mystery too, and the over-all feel of the battle was great.
  16. MsNerrrrd

    Am I the Only One?

    I've seen more brutal deaths in videogames, it wasn't that scary. But remembering how young I was back then... it was actually quite frightening.
  17. MsNerrrrd

    Spoiler Easter Egg, or Completly Legit Story Element?

    Hate to break it... But no, it's just an easter egg. Having a character in a game it doesn't belong into, etc., makes it an easter egg. However, cross-overs a different thing, but generaly speaking, their just easter eggs. Atleast the examples you spoke of.
  18. MsNerrrrd

    Cheap Deaths in a Zelda Game

    Placing a bomb in ground, then accidentally slashing at it -_-...
  19. MsNerrrrd

    Favorite Version of Princess Zelda?

    SS Zelda, and TP Zelda. SS Zelda because, she is NOT a princess, but more of a friend, and she has a very sweet personality, and in overall, seems like a very nice person. TP Zelda, because, she IS a princess. She has that 'royal-air' surrounding her, and is more distant and honorable character...
  20. MsNerrrrd

    Why is It Link Never Lives in Castle Town?

    The Hyrule Castle Town is more of a place for snobby, rich, top-class citizens. And Link isn't a one. And if he'd live there, there wouldn't be much adventuring to find Zelda or go to Hyrule Castle, (since that's usually in the games) and if Zelda's already near Link, I don't think it would feel...
  21. MsNerrrrd

    Skyward Sword Bosses

    They were... nah, OK. Since they weren't necessarily bad, but not what I had waited for.
  22. MsNerrrrd

    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    It's a draw, since I hated both. Main reason being, that both had creepy enemies that followed you around with a stressing tune playing. And I friggin' hate enemies that follow you like a shadow, so... Twilight Realms=Zant's hands, Silent Realms=Guardians. As I voiced my opinion, I disliked...
  23. MsNerrrrd

    Saddest Zelda Song

    Serenade of Water and Song of Healing.
  24. MsNerrrrd

    Favorite Sword From What Game and Why? :sword: ----> :mastersword:

    Master Sword. Gotta stick with the legendary blade, y'know.
  25. MsNerrrrd

    Favorite Pairings?

    I'm not a big fan of pairings in fanfiction, but to name one, it'd be Link x Marin.
  26. MsNerrrrd

    Create a New Race or Expand on the Old One

  27. MsNerrrrd

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 30!

    Dark Link all the way. (Whoah, I was the second voter :0 sjgr)
  28. MsNerrrrd

    Spoiler Favorite Link?

    TP Link, because he was awesome, he was drop dead handsome, and did I mention good looking too?
  29. MsNerrrrd

    Aliens in Zelda

    I don't wish to see aliens in Zelda, who resemble little green men with huge heads and enormous eyes. But aliens like "Them" from MM were interesting (though it was never confirmed if they were real aliens, but it's most likely) and those kind of aliens are welcomed to future Zeldas, if they...
  30. MsNerrrrd

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 29!

    I loved the Ocarina, and as much as I would LOVE to see it in future Zeldas, there's a chance that it'll mess up the timeline... So, no, just to avoid the risks.
  31. MsNerrrrd

    Earliest Zelda Memory

    I can't name the first one, but ONE of the first ones, and very memorable ones as well, was in TP, when you discovered a Howling Stone, and you had to howl a song from an older Zelda- game, ah, the rush of nostalgia~~
  32. MsNerrrrd

    General Modern Giant Cucco Boss! Cucco Dungeon!

    I dunno about you guys, but I'm up for it!
  33. MsNerrrrd

    Customizable Link?

    I would love it, yet loathe it at the same time. I'm a very, VERY traditional person, and I like things to be done in the way they always have been. I think having the transformation masks, and other tunics and boots, are doing the job decently well. Yet, I can't help, but to imagine how great...
  34. MsNerrrrd

    Is Ocarina of Time Really the Best-made Zelda Game?

    Even though, I'd state that OoT was a magnificent game, and one of the most legendary Zeldas ever, and it earnt a very special place in my heart, I'd be lying if I would claim it to be the best Zelda ever. I think, that what made it so popular that time, was that it sported the things every...
  35. MsNerrrrd

    If You Could Harness the Power of Any Playable Song in the Franchise...

    There are too many from where to choose from. Song of Healing, because there are too many pained and troubled (both physically and mentally) people in this world. Song of Storms, because I love storms, rain, and water. Song of Time because I make mistakes I regret later, and would like to...
  36. MsNerrrrd

    How Old Is Ganondorf In Ocarina Of Time?

    I don't think that it has been never officially answered, since he might actually be a lot more older due to his magical powers, than it normally would be estimated, but in his physical appearance, I'd guess in his late fourties? Dunno, I'm bad at guessing someone's age.
  37. MsNerrrrd

    If Hyrule Had T Shirts...

    A one with a picture of a ReDead saying: "FREE HUGS!!"
  38. MsNerrrrd

    Wind Waker with Graphics on SSBB That Toon Link Was Portrayed In?

    Are you talking about a WW remake with SSBB/TP graphics? Or a completely new Zelda- game? In my opinion, it might be a rather interesting option. Both of them, I mean. But a new Zelda would be better. Not that WW isn't great, it is.
  39. MsNerrrrd

    If Hyrule Had T Shirts...

    A T-shirt with a picture of the Triforce, reading: "May The Triforce Be With You..." Or a one with a picture of the Moon from MM, reading: "Moon apocalypse survivor"
  40. MsNerrrrd

    Favorite Dungeon Theme?

    Even though it's not a dungeon, Temple of Time from OoT. Love it. I also loved the Tower of Spirits (the first floor) and The Stone Tower Temple.
  41. MsNerrrrd

    The Best of All Worlds

    It's a tie between MM and TP. MC also had a nice one though.
  42. MsNerrrrd

    What Language Do You Play Your Zelda Games In?

    English. Since my language isn't available in the games, I have to stick with it. And it doesn't really bother, since I think that it would sound rather stupid if the game were to be in my mother tong.
  43. MsNerrrrd

    General Modern Do You Think That Zelda Games Are Getting Easier or Harder?

    Yes, they are notably more easier, compared to the older ones. I think that Nintendo should raise the difficulty- level quite a lot. Nonetheless, I wouldn't stop playing the games nor supporting the franchrise, even if they'd be even more easier from here on, even though, I don't want that to...
  44. MsNerrrrd

    Minish Cap Opinions

    Good luck with it. MC was one of my favourite handheld Zeldas, hope you'll enjoy it.
  45. MsNerrrrd

    Create a Main Villain

    I just want more Ghirahim, to tell the truth :embarrassed:
  46. MsNerrrrd

    Zelda Games You Have Yet to Play/beat

    The fact is that even though I'm quite the Zelda- fanatic, and I know every games plot, and other details quite well, it's a shame that I haven't really beaten, or even played that many of them. And they are the older ones, meaning all down from OoT. They have been bullying me ages, since it's...
  47. MsNerrrrd

    Favorite Songs/Themes From Any Zelda Game?

    Du'h, the frog choir from OoT!! No, but really... I really like the Zelda- music in general. But to name my ABSOLUTE favourite theme, it'd be the Song of Storms. The melody is so soothing yet cheerfull. And I like rain too:)
  48. MsNerrrrd

    Darknut Vs. Iron Knuckle

    If we are speaking about the desing of the enemy, then Darknut. If the battle, Iron Knuckle.
  49. MsNerrrrd

    The Legend of Zelda Without Link?

    No. In my opinion Link IS Zelda. And before I'll get a whole bunch of mad fanboys screming that: "THE PROTAGONIST IS NOT ZELDA, IT'S LINK, U HAVE PROBLEM BRO???!!", let me clarify myself: I'm not talking about the character Zelda, but instead the Zelda- games. When I said that Link is Zelda, I...
  50. MsNerrrrd

    Naming Pets After Characters

    If I'll ever get a cat, it'll be black, and I'm gonna name it MidnaC:
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